CRMLS Compliance case #01278953 and 01280279

OCT. 1, 2022 UPDATE  Oct 3 update.   MLS still down 9:13am  Still down 9:28

CRMLS you have your money, all 35,000 pennies of it.  PLEAAAAASSSEE

Gerald opens his eyes for first time in 2 weeks Sept 27th

reinstate 10/3/22 since you control the associations’ ability to reinstate on weekends.   I’m dying out here and you posted DNR on my access.


PHOTOS proof below I paid are INCLUDED herein plus my affidavit, TO SHOW $350 OF MY KID’S INHERITANCE you extorted is in your INTUITive hands.

I hate wasting peoples time since I have only 30 more years to practice; I’m retiring when I turn 100.  TIME AGAIN WASTED OF LORI, my Compliance expert.  I even hate wasting your CRMLS certified TECH BOT WHO FLIPS THE SWITCH FOR US SERF BROKERS OF RECORD. 

And serfs we have become.

CRMLS: You have your $350 pounds of blood and I just lost opportunity for at least three listings and possibly more after paying $2000 for an AM station Oct 1st (I know pocket change to you guys but none of you have 11 kids) morning real estate seminar today (Oct 1) brought in new business that needed quick response.   And got zero.

Bring back the beaver’s dam Brokers On Line Terminal System.  At least, we could get data, the only real and primary need for working brokers from a multiple listing service like CRMLS.  Instead you have become a marketplace of related products instead of taking care of your Optimus Prime purpose: working with the brokers who pay your paychecks, posting our broker cooperative listings and photos WE create.  I really think it’s time to return to a spirit of service and helping each other.  You have become a Biden-o-Bama police state instead of making YOUR jobs easier as well.

Hey folks; this ISN’T the same market as January!  My focus remains, no matter the market, after 1/3 of a century practicing real eState, the needs and wants of the client, the owner and buyers.

Lori and CRMLS: thank you Lori for helping me on Saturday when I was desperate after discovering I was banned from my real estate brokerage’s lifeblood, the current CRMLS platform after tons of password tries.

I couldn’t imagine the CRMLS pulled another snatch and grab.

I was completely unaware until i couldn’t open my CRMLS account due to human DoS i was screwed.  SPAM rides again.  One hour after the excellent seminar I paid for and had leads to immediately follow up.  Instead since CRMLS illicitly blocks my local association PWR from turning on the MLS locally.  Does CRMLS ever make a mistake?  When you make them, I’ll be your fall guy, you can kill thousands of dollars in income for families and businesses, although not all have 11 kids and 23 grandkids

The original issue that got the CRbots to remove the four photos (in the post/blog below) without thinking, reasoning or understanding why brokers need more not less control of the current system…is STILL in play.  And the only reason as this BS is happening, is because YOU GUYS at CRMLS took down perfectly rational photos.  Now, you are the Design Cops too?  Plus there is no method on the weekend (real real estate people WORK the weekends if their clients need them.

  1. LOOK BELOW IN THE SUBMITTAL SECTION!  There was zero “branding” in the words photoshopped on the four. None. The excellent Steve Roscoe pointed out no words or numbers can appear on a photo or it will be denied acceptability by the CRMLS photo gods.  But if NOT branding what on God’s green earth gives you right to kill our businesses over words and numbers ON a photo?
  2. But this makes absolutely no sense, especially with the nasty $250 fine for human failing or this;
  4. THERE WAS NO LOGO, MILLENNIUM 3 WORDING.  ARE YOU SAYING NO PHOTOSHOPPING OF IMAGES IS ALLOWED ANYMORE? then why do you allow cropped or edited photos? EVERY CROP IS AN EDIT. ARE YOU REQUIRING NO NUMBERS OR LETTERS (ALPHANUMERIC) ITEMS ON ANY PHOTOS ON THE crMLS?  Is the CRMLS artistic team working to get EVERY listing with boring bland same same photos?
  5. Problem is there is no difference, brokers should have the right of positionality and to edit their agents’ photos without Gestapo level fines!!  NO difference between words posted below the picture or on the line below having the words when NO BRANDING OCCURS.  Can CRMLS get back to first cause and purpose for your existence?
  6.   If you look closely at the photos, the CRMLS Jan6 style commission misses the reality the words made more sense, from a physical representation (not branding, which used to be something we did to a horse’s rear)

It turns out you email CRMLS stuff and I receive it on my inbox but your three emails of Sept 20,21, and 29 went to SPAM.  That’s where, as the pictures show I found the two recent emails in SPAM and paid your blood money.

I had no contact, text or phone, from anyone on the review panel or CRMLS.  All communiques since I appealed went to spam.(sept 20, 21 & 29).

Timeline from Sept 20th on…i had heard NOTHING or seen anything.  I finally called PWR compliance, Lori Smith and interrupted her personal time on SAturday for this.

Timeline: CRMLS Allison S on Tues Sept 20th 9:12am:

Dear Len,  Thank you for submitting your request for a Citation Review of Case# 01280279. CRMLS has completed our review of the case and related evidence and has filed the request with your Association for further processing.
At this time, payment is not due pending the outcome of the hearing if you have not already paid, however, your Association will be in touch regarding the next steps in this process.    To chat with a Compliance Analyst, click here. To contact Compliance via email, please respond to this message or email  Allison S.
Compliance Analyst California Regional MLS   15325 Fairfield Ranch Road, Suite 200
Chino Hills, CA 91709 (  F 909.859.2051   E

Timeline CRMLS Sept 21st  Dear Len Beckman

This notice is to inform you that Pacific West Association of REALTORS has completed your Citation Review Request and has upheld the Citation issued to you for violation of CRMLS Rule 11.5.1 Mandatory submission of Photograph/Rendering (except Biz Op). Please click on the link below to review and pay your invoice online no later than 9/28/2022. Thank you!CRMLS

________________CRMLS.  Understand LIFE happens while we are making plans. NEVER heard you were reviewing, never heard the 3 realtor panel had been impaneled, nor the results…nothing__________________________________________

Timeline Sept 27 Archangels feast day.  I got a call and had to make a very  early morning drive to Hemet, CA Kaiser Permanente on an emergency call for brother in law Gerald’s ventilator situation.  He had not opened his eyes for two weeks, kept alive by ventilator.

.  I STILL had not seen the Sept 20-21 emails even though I continue to receive CRMLS product sales notes in my InBox.  There was a time phones were used for CALLING or even TEXTING; I understand you are NOT allowed to call on something as serious as this.  Perfect Murphy timing was the Kill Switch, like a typical abortion at Planned Parenthood, happened on a Fri/Saturday.  Greater question: is it a CRMLS requirement we have email, especially with the massive spam that often includes non-spam because of volume and non stop grifter and prostitician blasts?

Don’t you EVER call, especially a 70 year old veteran broker who donates time for real estate related, pays the union political fees, helps with local realtor meetings, PWR events, supports charities affiliated and generally is a reasonable guy?

I arrived about 1:30 pm at KP Hemet and began praying silently for Gerald, pictured above.

His wife (my sis in law) and his daughter were at his side.  About 3pm, after others visited and wife & daughter left, I began a verbal prayer asking “Heavenly father, we are present here with Gerald who has been a good servant, with his wife xxx and daughter yyy at his side. I am asking…”

AT this point, he opened his eyes and looked at his daughter who were nearest his face.  After finishing my prayer and could see it was best for the two to be with my bro-in-law alone, I left.

Found out later he closed his eyes minutes after I finished praying; then about 3:20 or so, he opened them again for his wife XXX after the daughter had left.   Real estate is a part of life and life is a part of real estate.  I am hoping his wife will come to the Lord through this…but look at the picture to the left. This is HUMANITY, the thread of life, a wisp of wind that might last 100 years or before prebirth at the licensed kill mills.  My point is simple: what we do is deal WITH the lives and dreams of real humans.

<<Here he is looking at his wife and still alive between 3 and 3:32 Tuesday Sept 27.  As you can see CRMLS, I was a bit busy 9/27 and following days and not checking through my SPAM box.  Busy the next two days with the follow up.  We all will die someday and should be prepared of course.

  Unexpectedly, Gerald died at 3:32pm;

Please pray for him (and yourselves since no one but God knows when the clock stops for US)  if you believe in a joyful eternity but Gerald did have last rites recently.

If you DON’T believe in God or foreverererereever and ever, oh well, that’s your cross. You WILL live forever! I can help by explaining that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, but YOU have a woman’s and man’s right to choose.

As you can see, this is two days before the final ax notice seen below which ALSO went to spam and no kind, compassionate or professional call, even a text from CRMLS staff.

You WIN, you had me in the corner of the cage so I hope the passive aggressive kill switch operator is happy.  You win, you got my money.

Point is CRMLS, as you can see in Gerald’s eyes, a picture is worth a thousand words and controlling what goes ON a picture should be the province of the broker not the techies.

Unequal application of procedures (do you ‘root’ out EVERY photo with a number or letter on it?) is not right and if someone wanted to VIO every non natural information conveying letter/number, you’d need to hire 100 more compliance folks. 

AND your unilateral removal of all four (you could have left one up!) WITHOUT notifying me was outrageous, since you must have known it would FORCE a violation.  Still have no idea what reprobate with time on their hands vio buttoned in the first place.  Because your compliance expert told me a violation button had been hit to start this sick saga

I thought it was licensed adults that practice real estate  I honestly appreciate the CRMLS workers hard work but could some sane MLS exec see how easy you can make their work. The VAST majority of your violations are picture related.  I agree no branding should appear including the CRMLS logo (CRMLS is branding) since the images are about the property, but editing a photo, using words and numbers SHOULD be the province of the broker.

As there are numerous examples on the thousands of CRMLS listings currently that the brokers/agents are NOT paying $350, please consider a change.

Spend it wisely.  I will direct under separate cover, peacefully to my association and your leadership some suggestions so some other dad of 11 isn’t beat up on.  I have never violated any colleague broker.  Maybe just maybe CRMLS might emulate the spirit of what we are about.  A kind and gentler cooperative effort with the cooperating brokers.


Timeline Sept 29  Found in SPAM on Oct 1st.

This notification is being sent to communicate that your MLS service has been suspended due to the non-payment of fines.

Due to the suspension of your access to MLS Services, payment must be received in full within 2 business days,

or a new broker must be appointed (please contact your local association for assistance re-appointing a broker).

If neither occur within the 2-business day timeframe, all Active agents within your office will lose access to MLS Services until the fine is paid in full and the violation(s) is corrected.  The outstanding citation and fine was issued for the violation of MLS Rule 11.5.1 Mandatory submission of Photograph/Rendering (except Biz Op) with an associated fine of $250. To review your invoice, please click on the following link:


Zillow towers near OC Airport. I made sure the top floor ‘branding’ is not visible; these folks have not been the most cooperative brokers…

I don’t want my MLS fees or any other brokers/agents fees to rise as well this December; but you are opening us all up to litigious possibilities.  The statement in red needs a little parsing and reviewing.  CRMLS might consider modifying it.

Not all your brokers are grifting, constant violating, troublemakers trying to skirt the rules and cheat, steal their next deal. Some of us work honestly, put the clients first and try hard to help each other have a level playing field for buyers and sellers to use your services

Legally, you are implying that CRMLS OWNS my and other brokerages, even though you are a SERVICE PROVIDER with services paid via assessments of fees on ALL brokers and the agents they supervise. 

Your statement is a new broker must be appointed through an association.  These are bonafide threats.  You have the right to shut down participants with equal application of the law, but you have ZERO right to threaten to kill a man’s business and livelihood as if you are Leftenant General Garland/ 

I wouldn’t wish that guy on anyone.

Now in summary:

~~~~~~~~~PREVIOUS SUBMITTAL THAT APPARENTLY WAS VOTED DOWN is below.  I HAD NO KNOWLEDGE of such until oct 1st afternoon SINCE EVERYTHING CRMLS SENT end of september WENT TO SPAM except advertisements for CRMLS products. 

IS ANYONE AT CRMLS ALLOWED TO USE A TELEPHONE?  I apologize for not looking for your warnings in SPAM while my brother in law died Sept 27th. I wasn’t notified of the hearing until after except in the SPAM folder.

I’LL SPRING FOR an analog land line phone; I’VE BEEN WITH EVERY ITERATION OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCE SINCE THE BOLTS SYSTEM in 1988 AND IT SEEMS WE ARE REGRESSING PEOPLE!  I bought Anacomp head per track disk drives in the late 70s and hard 33mb Priam peripheral disc drives for $2441 each for miniComputer MAI Basic Four, not too far from this building in Irvine: the Zillow Towers near the airport.  Point is simple: we CAN’T let technology replace the human factor in our business; it relies on brokers working with brokers. Staff people doing the HUMAN thing and not rely on technology for every jot and tittle.   And, no tinfoil hat stuff,  the state of golden disarray on the Blessed Sacramento is more than happy to take over this business as well as others, SacraDEMento and DC.  


Do you remember the last time you saw a phone booth? Where and when?Thank you CRMLS: let’s work together to streamline our efforts together, to save you time and energy that is wasted on enforcement that is NOT yours to be responsible for.  I will see if a Tardis is available for your Chino office; i teach a class most Thursdays near you at Grand Ave Park and I will have it delivered.

AND SOMEDAY, LET’S TAKE THAT R2D2 RESTRAINING BOLT OFF THE RANGE PRICING, ESPECIALLY AT THIS MARKET TIME. 85% IS INCREDIBLY FOOLISH. It’s another interference in the free market cooperative efforts of listing brokers.



TRYING TO SURVIVE ANOTHER LOCKOUT.  Here are seven photos of paying the $350 since CRMLS does NOT trust me obviously or believe I am important enough after 33 years to CALL or TEXT direct.  My cell is 714 267 1413  

But, it’s obvious, we are just numbers today and only allowed to practice because we pay unjust fines

CRMLS Saga photo 1

CRMLS Saga Photo 7

previous submittal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

RE: 2716 Via Montezuma  Compliance case #01278953

My favorite CRMLS compliance handlers!

Thank you for reviewing the information; if you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to call 714 267 1413.  The saga goes back to January, 2021 and continues.

Here is the pertinent history that the Compliance officer may not have completely understood.

PW21158207 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,299,999 A 07/19/21 17:32:36 ABECKLEN
PW21029683 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,299,885 H X 06/26/21 01:00:28 MatrixSystem

June of last year, this very troublesome listing expired while I had it on hold status. My bad.  (At least you didn’t fine me for being human for this one)

For the record, the owner is a lovely 82 year old widow, whose husband passed away two Decembers ago.  Her daughter & two young grandchildren (age 25 & 29) have made it impossible to see internally, since the home is currently auditioning for a real life POD packed to the gills; she has occupied Mrs. Wiemann’s rental home for 15 years, preventing mom and dad from even occupying it for a short time.  Dad is gone, mom is not.

Last year,  I did not see that the artificially intelligent Matrix system had expired it WHILE on HOLD, on June 26, 2021 until later.

I reinstated it, with the same photos, on July 19, 2021.  Since CRMLSComp has to make life and death decisions, some need a bit more tender care.  Your excellent chat lady explained CRMLS can’t make decisions, yet it was your system bots who made this one.

The pictures were in place for almost a year, until some curmudeon, instead of calling or texting me like any good real estate professional would, complained to you. I just don’t understand, since you will not release the person, place or thing that happily empowered themselves and pushed the vio button.

Since we live in a post Constitutional world, where people can FBot or be a Twit and cowardly push a VioButton (no vaccine for that guy, one gizmo I have NEVER in my 33 yrs as a RE person of interest, pushed.), this fine piece of anti-cooperation wasted your time, mine and at 70, my days are numbered much more boldly than yours.

Historically, I see a price of $10 million (actually happened) for an Orange County listing NOT in Newport Coast, I call the broker as a cooperative fellow (foundational to the MLS system of which CRMLS has grown to be a behemoth BORG of smaller systems (a good thing) and suggest it might be a typo.  He was most thankful

Flash forward to 7/7/22.  Help me understand.  Your anonymous wimp complained I had text communication on photos?  Right?  Or was it something else, frivolous and you noticed an English word appearing on my meager photos. 

I have included them here since I did not see the bad boy notice until this week when I saw the final notice telling me my real estate broker days are over unless I pony up $250 by August 6th.

I feel like my fave CRMLS people are becoming Hunter Bidenesque.  If Mr. Complainer (no lady would complain or was it a lady?) did NOT complain specifically about text or written words on the photo shopped photo (is that another no no, altering photos for consumption?) then what was the real reason?  There have been 16 months of patient agents and brokers, not to mention buyers, waiting to get in as the saga unfolds.

I have seven offers, and about 100 people who want to see it, give or take a few with the Bidenomic rise in interest rates, once the tenant’s attorney and my client’s attorney resolve the matter.

If any of you practice real estate, you may have heard about the “tenant school of discouraging potential buyers”; Via Montezuma’s tenant owns the school.  It’s the little things and she used Covid only three times.

You back up to a golf course and all of a sudden 25 golf balls in the back appear just before we should the buyers.  Or things like “It’s a great house and we love to put up with using half the electric and one water appliance at a time” coming out of the little 20 something angel who doesn’t want to move, what with a $2500 monthly rent for a $1.3-1.5million home.

So, if I take an hour and locate in the CRMLS database about 100 listing’s pictures with text on them; let’s say an address number, or “Congrats to my spoiled child graduation” sign, or a No Solicitor sign, to comply with the small print, I should hit the vio button on all of these?  “Inclusion of text or written communication” is an open ended issue, or should be.  Brokers should be able to help buyers and their agents with visuals; read the captions on the pics you took down.

When I reread the July 7, 2022 notice, it was time stamped 8:50am.   Six (6) minutes later, I thought i was reading 1984:

July 7, 2022 8:56am. Case 01280279 “Because CRMLS Staff removed all photographs under case#01278953 , this listing violates the CRMLS R&R  11.5.1 ‘at least one photograph or RENDERING that accurately displays a substantial portion of the exterior structure of the property.

I can see the conversation in the break room in Chino Hills:  “Hee, hee, hee, Len, we removed the four photos you had, did not tell you and then SIX MINUTES later, violated you for not having a photo.”  This seems more “1984” than “Animal Farm” or even, God forbid, more unlimited pronouns and woke bizarro.

I admit it: I am not perfect!  I am just practicing real estate.  It served me well for my 11 kids and 21 (current tally) grandkids.  My saved contacts history on this listing is very long, but that’s what dedicated agents/brokers do: “what’s best for our clients is best for us”.  That’s the meaning of fiduciary.

But, tell me, you don’t think you could have left a photo up or even used a stock “rendering”, and CALLED me to say:  “Hey, Len, you need to put a pic up without words. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand pictures are NOT worth one word IF they have words on them.”  Good restatement of the infamous 11.5.1

Think this through: you gave me until 7/11/22 to do this.  I did not see it on my emails since it has been a crazy summer, i have30,000emails including spam, politician pleas, and the occasional legit one.

It did NOT appear on 7’7/2022 as a Matrix system enabled change in the HISTORY section.  here it is:

PW21158207 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,300,001 1300000.00 1300001 07/15/22 14:38:10 ABECKLEN

There is no entry in between 4/30 and 7/15 for the 7/7/22 photo strip tease

PW21158207 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,300,000 H A 04/30/22 00:02:54 MatrixSystem

Two things: a RENDERING is NOT a photograph.  Why do you allow renderings but no words on a photograph?  Yes, I understand no agent sales information (Zillow, Trulia and the other agent and buyer scavengers take care of that workaround) because it makes it difficult for agents trying to convince sellers’ prospective buyers that they are the perfect person to represent them.   That’s why “framing” is only thwarted IF the rule changed and the broker that owns the listing could be identified.

But CRMLS, in the world of truth and justice, the BROKERS are responsible for the content of their MLS submittals, that’s why brokers cooperate with each other: to make sure the buyer is the best, whether next door or China, around the world.

I just discovered, on another listing, that the CRMLS wants to decide what price my listing posts.  NOT me or my client!  Recall, Prudential Calif San Diego first came up with the range pricing years ago.  Today, it would be a decent tool in communicating the owner’s willingness to review offers less than list.

But CRMLS prevents this with their 85% bot in the pricing field.  You want to tell the world that your owner hopes for a $1,395,000 price but is willing to look at offers over one million, CRMLS locks down the price range field with an R2D2 restraining bolt.

Instead of a price range of 1MM to 1.395MM, a price range reasonable in this market,  it is restricted to a low of 1,185,750!  Preposterous: a broker should have SOME autonomy.  Meanwhile an Anaheim  house two doors down is marketed off MLS as coming soon for 3 weeks, and the San Diego agent sells it in one day at $950K when he lists it after I did.  So, just how fair is that to my client or my business?  If this rule wasn’t arbitrarily put in place (no reason for a majority of brokers to have a say either: we co-operate but we are NOT subject to each other in our business decisions for our varied clients.

I have spent a third of a century attempting to treat all comers fairly.

An example:

I recall a listing presentation a few years ago in a tract I’ve sold 20 properties in and the owner obviously had a dilemma; I asked her who my competition is, she said a friend of hers named Steve R.  I knew Steve, so I closed my binder and said “go with Steve!”  She had that deer in the headlights look like I was nuts but I explained, Steve will do a fine job for you.  I’d love the business ( I only had 11 kids at the time) but what the client wants, even if a different qualified agent, that’s how I work. 

My fave CRMLS code compliance officers, your job is not easy. It is a mammoth undertaking to police the MLS universe.

I realize.  But, it’s easy to see $250 for a human failing is a bit stiff.  I realize you guys will be hurting by next year’s dues time, since agents like loan processors and reps are disappearing faster than peanut butter at my house; but I plan to retire soon: when I turn 100.  But, must we front load penalty dollars to fill in the revenue loss?

Please look at these photos

No offending “steering” going on?  Do you understand my confusion?; yes, I tucked my tail between my legs like a good little compliant puppy dog and used the boring photos currently NOT removed yet by your anonymous ace complainers buttoning in.

Notice on the photos your fine staff removed:   NO identifications of who’s who (broker, numbers) and just a little humor.  I used these because it was becoming increasingly obvious this 2 year listing could pass my record 10 years for 1431 La Palma in Anaheim.  I got good comments from realtors (of course not the Chino technies) knowing just what that “tenant school” is all about.  In a way, we are in this together when a mother doesn’t want to remove her squatter child…and at 82, we must honor her feelings, and be delicate about how ALL are treated in these situations.

Truth be told, July has been crazy; we had our Ohio grandkids and parents, 4 under 3 years old (the kids not their parents) for two weeks, we ordained a family member, and my usual thousand emails a day have been compounded by a bug allowing an old email to infect…point is, when your staff removed and then cited 6 minutes later, I didn’t see the invoice and hand slaps until this last week.  I made contact with your office on chat, but after your fine chat lady when round and round, I found out …   anyways.

I’ll bring some eggs to the Chino office; I’m out that way at least once a week.  No, not to throw but to eat.  Organic from Beckman Ranch.  My gift to you for you reading this.

Regards, signing off, private id level xx-11 and hoping to change it soon

But, the responsibility of EVERY broker at CRMLS, and the staff as well, is to provide accurate access in a “willing seller, not so many willing buyers this week” marketplace.  Owners, investors and buyers depend on us to counsel accurately and represent them to the best of our abilities.  Sadly, often, we can’t do that due to circumstances…like the 85% rule, which, if I still have a brokerage after August 6th, I will bring up.

It’s probably timely to do so with the drastic market change and more brokers looking to tell the truth to buyers.  After all, we brokers should have a little autonomy in the tec bot controlled world we live in.  Thank you for reviewing this CRMLS, PWAOR…  I sincerely appreciate your time.

God bless, Len Beckman

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