AGarland’s Foolish Grab at the Southern White House

The “Stop Trump 2024” scam continues…

Let’s help the ASSociated Press’ Michael and Eric etc. see through this charade show game at the Southern White House.  But first, they must take off their BS blinders:
1) The CIC president IS the declassifier; everything at the southern White House, Mar a Lago was declassified.  
Unlike Sandy Berger’s Archive hijack of classified docs in his panties or the chief cattle futures expert and Russian hoaxster’s Sir Edmund Hilary’s  30,000 classified emails on her PRIVATE non presidential serve. Or Obamanation’s community organizer Barack’s 3 million docs in Chicago for his coming altar at the pharaohic palace library?  Movie sequel coming “The Night in the Obamanation Museum”
2) The weaponized Archivists had been to Mar a Lago twice; president Trump (get used to the two words together) greeted them once, the staff added a lock to a storage room AT THEIR DIRECTION which their June 8 FBI letter was “excluded” they say!  
Why didn’t the well paid librarians get a Uhaul and take 20 boxes (under 100 pounds without a centrifuge) north to Trump’s next DC residence (unless they assassinate him).
 NO, not the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north on Belmont Ave DC but to Nat’l Archives HQ. 
Google it yourself or use: 
National Archive Address. 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20408-0001.
Toll-free: 1-866-272-6272.

Pretty Boy’s Con show goes on. Like a pissant to PT Barnum’s Greatest

As it is, save money too!  There are numerous  Uhaul trucks in Florida with Calif. plates, thanks to UHaul’s top sales guy, the Greased Newsom. Hat tip to the gracious Jennifer Horn: I had explained the Carbonhater’s own body, stretched nightly next to his best friend’s wife, was 18.5% carbon and 65% oxygen.  Yet, the fossil fool STILL wants NO gas cars in OUR state while he slinks off to Montana ranch, Florida or the laughable DC white house.  Sorry Greased one: Jen IS right: he is 87%  polyvinylpyrrolidone, polydimethylsiloxane, gum arabic, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and gum tragacanth. Hair spray was invented in the 1940s as a way to keep hair from moving around during the day. The same types of polymers in hair spray are found in wood glues, but they are water soluble for easy rinsing.

Guvmint wastes more money than Gates owns, every single day; UHaul would have been a cheap way and not involve tons of FBI and local gerdarms for their usual heavy handed Garland Grab pre dawn RAID with Fishing Poles and German Stasi types.  No wonder they hate Trump: he symbolizes job loss and relevancy checks for 2 million of our

The OTHER “America”

employees in the DCesspool, called the Obamanation for short.

  They could have taken all the boxes twice but then Merritless Garland couldn’t make a federal case of the latest Stone Navarro show perp walk. 
SCNG, you are BETTER than this; at least, you could be again! 
They LEFT each time without the boxes that WH staff had packed up in Dec-Jan 2020,  before delivery TO the southern White House. 
Unlike the Clintons who made off with $175,000 in well marked Hilton bath towels and furniture previously, Trump didn’t pack the boxes. He was busy enjoying impeachment II and dealing with month 50 of the Democrap hoaxsters who own DC.
Sadly, despite their criminal gains, the Clintons STILL are trailer trash & real Russkie hoaxsters, with all apologies to mobile home dwellers.
3) The redacted laughable aff-o-divot said the “government wanted to protect the safety of a number of civilian witnesses…”  Really?  Call me skeptical! 
These poor bureaurats fearfully guarding the same storage room locked per the weaponized archivists?  Who, Eric CIAmarella, Eve’s Adam the Lyin’ Schiffter’s secret blower of certain whistles?
Doesn’t Garland realize we are on to his sordid game? Feigning 330 million parental terrorists’ violence so we front load “protection” from those poor school board leftists who love 1619 critical racism, hypersex and “what does semen taste like?” and “Masturing Master Bay shun” in San Diego Unified’s teacher’s reading, writing and ‘rithmatic training curricula?
By the way, when will Garland prosecute the criminals of BLM and Antifa from the 574 REAL riots of 2020?  After he jails mama bear parents caught asking questions at School Boards of America?  Who the hell ARE these people; they certainly aren’t honest Americans!

Kamala raided David’s apartment (bigger than Schiffty Adam’s Burbank pad) with 11 AG goons to steal his (NOT returned) intellectual candid camera property

ARMED Garland, like ARMED thugs of Kamala raiding Daleiden’s apartment that is bigger than Schiff’s Burbank  Condo, fears us struggling families outside the Potomac Zone?

Zounds of Danny Kaye’s hurting arm wielding often in White Christmas (no racial intent please) to Bing.  Sorry AGarland, your wimp status NOT on the SCOTUS is NOT getting better: you should recuse yourself from DC.
4) No, here’s their little secret plan:  the boxes were left on purpose to distract from massive failing Obama’s puppet Biden’s 70% disapproval rating 70 days until election 2022 day. 
Oh, and SCNG folks, here’s the lead in to the next step in the plan:
Read the last line in the donkey AssP article; it calls out surreptitiously the scam even seasoned fake newsies can see: (the word is under S in your newsroom’s dictionary). 
Read it slowly IF you can. Read:  “In addition, the aff includes a footnote from the FBI agent who wrote it observing that ‘ONE OF THE LAWS that MAY have been VIOLATED doesn’t even use the term “classified information” but instead criminalizes the unlawful RETENTION OF NATIONAL DEFENSE INFORMATION.”
Even a picture of a nuclear sub can be declassified without Trump’s arrest!
Does the Obamanation owned Dem ABCNNBCBS APost Times think we deplorable domestic terrorist parents are THAT stupid?  Hidden in plain sight is hoax number 1000 of the Trump era presidency.  He still owns a large chunk of the DNC Democrat Prostiticians’ minds.  EVEN when Obama, not the Donald, LIVEs IN DC pulling his godfather strings…The chart of godfather IV Dark Darth T~hater’s Obamanation to the left of Barack Hussein.
This little DOJFBI foothook was included so Garbage Garland’s Gang of Gambling misfits can later claim Trump had nuclear secrets in his possession?! 
Come on, nothing the OBama Biden favored and supported Persian Mullahs don’t already have with their whirling centrifuges… even when Slick Willie lost the nuke codes for a weekend we were not at risk.  Plus, the codes are changed daily. 
So lefty SCNG you could help: please call your fave AP leak receiver and tell them the NUCLEAR defense con won’t work, just as Hillary’s Hoax or Obama’s lead with his ass policies of Screw America the Alinsky way have failed.  Try something new: like let honest elections happen in 70 days, no mid flight night 5 state shutdown of the midterms. The continued Jan 6 insurrection fraud and Dr Pfaucinstein med malpractice hearings coming 56 days after Nov 8.  SCNG: in case you did not take 1776 history but the 1619 on your way to a Columbia urinal degree, 56 is the number of patriot founders who lost family, fortunes and their very lives signing the English Insurrectionist paper, we know as the Declaration of OUR independence.  From England in the 1770s and the Obamanation today from those who hate America, led by Dark Darth T-hater pulling Soros’ puppet strings with his cabal of regressive power mad separatists.  And they ARE separatists: two countries, Darth T-hater led Obamanation.  And the real America.
SCNG you are BETTER than this: stick to sports and comics and we will look elsewhere for the true news.  I’ve been an American citizen and California native for 70 years. A dad of 11  Grandfather of 23.  Still helping people with their real estate needs.  Homeschooler for 38 years.  Hoiles is gone but good journalism is STILL attainable as you phase out the celluloid version of your work product.
But if you are gonna scam us further, please don’t pull yet another Herr Viesmann gestapo destruction of Paul Manafort, an innocent man caught in the Dem’s hate filled toxic crosshairs.  Learn what real journalists and statesmen/women need: a heart of integrity with the fight of Hercules to keep America great after REconstructing what JoBama has destroyed in a mere 19 months.
70 days until Election.  56 more until seating of the new Congress 118th; Lizzie4prez’24 will NOT be there, by the way. Also rans, the list is long: The people of Wyoming have spoken. So will other more populous states.
Other liars like Schiffty Schitty Adam who never lives in his one bedroom condo on First Street in Burbank, Adam II Killzinger too will become noisy demoted.  Pelosi, the Schemer…unfortunately mumbles who knows how to snatch defeat out of giant victorious jaws, McC of Kentuckee may still hold the Senate. But AOC, Schumer, Natty Nadler, Kamalala, will be demoted as well by their sheer arrogance.  Joe, if he has any brain cells yet, still will be like King Thiden of the Rings’ middle earth, possessed by the father of lies’ son, satan (Schiff IS the father of lies this decade) and burning through and adding the latest half trillion of our $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  Of course, forcing rich Harvard kids’ debt (gender studies degrees are less than worth) paid by plumbers and gardeners will be shown UnConstitutional.  Ask Daniel Boone about socialistic takeaways.
I honestly pray for the Oz wizard to give SCNG the heart of a lion, cloned from the scarecrow and the courage of the maned one in Emerald City. 
 You could be much better; just because of cost, you must use the Ass Press, but  you can separate yourselves from their Democrap and become mature journalists. I will continue to pray for you and pay for my Sunday early edition; I will until I retire at 100 or Susan Shelley moves on; or you phase out paper completely.  Like the paper Trump is being conned over at the Southern White House.  Two words, lefties at the DNC.  We know.  Problem is, like the massive election2020 fraud, and EVERY planned act of the Demented DCesspool state, it costs us billions in wasted American wealth.  I know I will never get any of the climate god worshiping cultists to realize 12 man made CO2 molecules per every ONE MILLION (12/1,000,000) is NOT affecting the planet at all.  If they did (or even become scientific about those squirming preBirth little girls being sliced up for organ sales), their anxiety would kill them.   Faster than a Planned Parenthoodlum’s currette cuts up a living human girl above the birth canal.

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