Fossil Fools who ignore 12 per million and push Mean Green Deceit

UHaul trucks are STILL gas and diesel powered

Newsom is NOT a Democratic Governor; but he IS a totalitarian Democrat with science fiction ideas that destroy.  Like a toddler given free range with a hammer in mom’s china cabinet, he is a legend in his own mind, making dictats like he is Emperor for Life of our fossil fuels rich state.

The California Air Resources Board or CARB under Mary Nichols helped to kill off my brother William.  Bill had spent decades in auto transport; his company had just purchased brand new diesel engines at the beginning of this century; Mary Nichols, former CARB boss, used a fake diesel particulate study written by a fake degreed staffer to justify her tyranny.

“ALL engines must have an aftermarket emission system…”, code words for new and old diesel engines must have $150,000 in more nonsensical unelected bureauRat required regulated job killer equipment. Scientifically?  NO! Why?  Because we CAN demand it!

Amazing what a bureauRat can do with an East Coast fake sheepskin from a Manhatten UPS store.

Like Dr. Hien Tran.

Google it yourself:  “The Phony State Scientist Who Still Has a Job”  (hat tip to Joe Fleischman)

“In 2010, high officials of the California Air Resources Board learned that the author of a statistical study on diesel soot effects had lied about his academic credentials.

CARB’s Queen Bloody Mary

The researcher, Hien Tran, later acknowledged the deception and agreed to be demoted, only after his data were given another peer review, they remained the basis of highly controversial regulations that will cost owners of trucks, buses and other diesel-powered machinery millions of dollars to upgrade their engines. The Tran study concluded that diesel “particulate matter” was responsible for about 1,000 additional deaths each year.

But Tran’s data was grossly wrong – about 340 percent wrong…”

Queen Bloody Mary Nichols, despite discovering Hien Tran’s fraudulent credentials and fake study, still paid him $100K per year to continue.

Because, after all Mrs John Naum (an ExxonMobile lawyer hubby) is an envirogod, ruler of the Golden State realm on environmental cases.  Facts and truth don’t matter much to the elite enviros because they get in the way of despot dreams.

Now “Rock Star” (LASlimes claim) Nichols’ replacement at CARB is playing envirogod yet again, “honoring” our hairsprayed pretty boy’s latest totalitarian desires to kill new gas powered vehicle sales 13 years from now.  2035, the magic year featuring both large slot cars and brown/black outs.  No new gas vehicles despite excellent pollution control technology over decades.

Mr Panderer and Prostitician extraordinaire.  Just think about: our French laundry preening Luddite wants whole private industries gone BECAUSE he wants them…gone.

Command & Control government economies kill.  Stalin/Lenin demanded he not the market control the harvest, forcing socialist farms to make what HE wanted and millions died of starvation.  We seem to be working that way now as well.

But when you are emperor, no one but our little ones can see the truth, about your naked new clothes of fake moderation.

Edison’s discovery revolutionized the wood burning cave men; electricity IS the most important energy currency today.  How we get it is the primary question.

Teslas NEED electricity for their less efficient batteries charged daily. Electricity MUST be generated.  Some third graders learn that “useful electricity is created, not by lightning, but by nuclear, oil, natural gas, sun and moving air”.  Many of which are demonized as fossil fuels, as if energy sources as old as the earth are evil.

Well, not ALL primary students can think: if not stuck in the indoctrinational pubic schools system at least, where “what does semen taste like?” learning does not take precedent over science, math, English and history as in San Diego unified.

I like Musk as an innovator; don’t get me wrong.  In fact, a homeschooling high school youth company created two candles to honor him; I as of yet haven’t delivered them.

But even Elon knows you need fossil fuels to make electricity because the grid is grounded but not destroyed.  If only our prostiticians would get off their knees at the Sierra Club, or the two self-anointed dudes and a computer Natural Resources Defense Council complainers.  LET private industry do what the arrogant pubic public sector can’t, make wise choices when choice is allowed to reign.  As Zion Lights (Meigs excellent piece on what is really green) learned, nuclear actually could be a huge part of the solution after her stint at Extinction Central.

Recall, tree hugging, ie keeping growable (renewable) trees off limits gave way to plastics (oil based) and back to paper bags when the highly loved single use plastic bags were demonized, if the environmental cases just stayed in their Luddite dens and leave us parents and families alone.

Point is simple: government is inefficient and worse, the self anointed unelected CARBureaurats don’t give a damn what things cost. Federal, state and local governance is supposed to be minimal and support the country and communities: not become a country unto themselves like the ObamaNation has become in DC.

4th graders: What is the “grid”?  It’s just transportation wires on the electricity highway where generated electricity is shared among states and cities.  Some cities, like Anaheim, generate their own on their citywide grid.

Cognizant our hair sprayed legend knows we could be independent in natural resources, fossil fuel use and NO blackouts, he just doesn’t care.  It’s all about November 2024 for Aunt Pelosi’s spoiled prince.

Then, just this week: Gavin says NO MORE NEW CARS in California if they use gasoline.  TY Herr Adolf Stalin Marx Newsob.  You fit in well with the AOCians and Algore heretics.

Why 2035? 3 years after the fossil fool Newsom4Prez runs from 2024 to 2033? Not in his finest San Diego Unified wet decarbonized dreams will Newsom be anywhere near the white house like he was when Demento Joe was away.

Newsom, hell bent on being the Emperor of Environmental cases and green wackiness, puts into play his putrid green non science policies like killing gas powered cars 13 years from now.

No big deal, it’s just the private sector that feeds the lives of 330 million Americans. But Newsob wants to kill yet more whole industries blown away by this idiot fraud, just because he likes Teslas and magical electricity extracted like cotton candy on a tube from thin windy air or sunshine.  Recall, during the Dr Pfaucinstein Wuhan bioterror years (Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague), Newsob made planned parenthoodlums “essential workers” while shutting down schools, churches, restaurants and other luxury entities.  Thankfully, little preborn girls were still expertly extracted with curved currette knives by Newsob’s campaign donors.  Then sold on the open medical lab market for $715 per head and $125 per little heart.

Better put, he is a whore for votes, his lefty Luddite friends just want America destroyed and retooled.  Clueless about science, still thinking CO2 kills while NOT seeing squirming little preborn girls as human and alive. Bizarre, sad little tyrannical toddler.

We elected him as governor not in the role of D Carbonator!  And except for his special Recall ballot boxes, he’d probably have been gone and Larry Elder continuing to save the state.

Musk and many others know the electrical grid is maxxed and Guv D Carbonator has only his hair spray to tout as a success these last few years; other than scoring his best friend’s wife. He’s never worked a real job, he doesn’t give a damn about struggling families.  He trumpets the “state surplus” which is really family budget robbery of hard working middle class; instead of returning these tax dollars to their rightful owners, he panders away.

I’m hoping at least one of you reading this, previously took 4th grade natural science.

Pretty Boy Newsom wants to “decarbonize California!”.  Does he have a clue that for every 12 ‘man made’ CO2 molecules, there are ONE MILLION Godmade air molecules?

Problem is priorities: the typical lefty perverts on the school boards hate us domestic terrorist parents (AGarland’s words) asking questions.  As it is, SDUnified includes alongside math when to do semen taste tests (anyone remember the $144 million Mark Berndt LAUSD settlement for his blind taste test of his semen sugar cookies?)!

San Diego Unified’s middle school wet dream flash card Math department

Mastering Masturbation before Math classes for example now is front and center as well.  20 years ago, I suggested it is NOT a victimless process self pleasuring oneself on a Dennis Prager afterschool cable special…truth is still the truth.

Since math proficiency in LAUSD is 35%, let me help:  Al Gore in his seminal Algorean heresies tomes, claims 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere is androgenic.  In English parlance, man made.  3% of 400 molecules per million equates to: 12/1,000,000 carbon to air molecules are supposedly melting the earth, creating droughts one week, and floods the next.  While Newsob parties at the French Laundromat.

In fact, molecularly, there is no difference between regular CO2 and this supposed special recipe of man made CO2 (what, in a meth or fentanyl lab?) batches!

Notice how small the pie piece is for the demonized carbon dioxide.  1 CO2 molecule per every 2500 others is pretty tiny

When you boil it down: there is only ONE yes ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 other atmospheric molecules.  Whether photosynthesis or aerobic respiration. 1/2500.

I NEVER hear a SCNG science reporter explain these simple equations.  Truth and knowledge aren’t in many journalist’s thesauruses these days.

All this Kerry Krap about Paris, and carbon based climate change, is the foundational lies propping up other lies.

They even have Pope Francis the First concerned about 1 CO2 molecule per 2500 other atmospheric physics molecules like argon, oxygen and nitrogen causing major geophysical international changes.

Or could it be ALL prostitician instigated bull excrement?  Follow the money, Vatican!

And you know what happens when you heap other lies on a leafy salad lie base: you get another Adam Ant Schiffty Fabrication, like Ukraine prez to Trump faux calls and his fave Russian hoaxsters.  Or his daughter’s boyfriend, Eric CIAmarella.  Problem in the Obamanation HQed in DC, all the electricity powered truth detectors are burned out from continuous beep warnings: lie lie lie!

We are such lemmings to believe ANYTHING coming out  of the Dem playbook and its urinalists at the Dem owned ABCNNBCBS APost Times news stands.  Nicknamed appropriately “Pravda”.  Russian for Eve’s Adam Schiff’s unattainables.  Sadly, Adam lies deeper than a green shag carpet drenched in patriot’s precious blood, bright red.

Someday I will file a wrongful death lawsuit against Nichols and her lapdog Thien for her environmental case of particulate fraud. And his basic fraud work.

Bloody Mary, like so many of the panderers in public “service”, needs to be held to account.  They never are, it seems, in the company and country B, the Obamanation HQed in DC.

Speaking of pandering, Barack Hussein’s Biden and Newsom are cut from the same slimy cloth.  Out of arrogance, Biden unconstitutionally gives away the latest Trillion $$ to buy student votes by supposed “forgiveness” of $31 billion endowed Harvard’s students.  At least, street walking ladies are working the world’s oldest industry.  Prostiticians like Newsom, Obama and Biden?  Not so much, no honor among thieves.

Then there’s Mr Newsom, the Emperor of Environmental Cases

Of course, wildfires and reservoirs are boring, so Gavin doesn’t do his job.  But he loves running for the White House.

The truth is dangerous but God really does feed us via CO2; it is a beneficial gift and it does NOT change the weather and turn us to Mercury surface temps.  A little recombinant process of CO2, H2O & sunlight called ‘photosynthesis’.

Instead of governing, Newsom flies to Florida to become the presumptive Dem Prez 2024 candidate while we burn from his horribly mismanaged forest detritus and dehydrating with the 7 trillion gallon fresh water dumps into San Fran bay.  I guess there’s no klieg lights and glamour in potholes, reservoir holes but a lot of airtime for asset holes.

Let’s have a science chat:

“Governor D Carbonator: did you know your body is 65% oxygen and 18.5% CARBON.  And hat tip to Jen Horn, you are made up of 87% hair spray ingredients.  Things like  polyvinylpyrolidone, polydimethylsiloxane, gum arabic, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and gum tragacanth.  Add water and stir?

Photosynthesis FEEDS the WORLD with recombinant water, sunlight and carbon dioxide.  Yes, CO2 is CRITICAL to humans staying alive.

We don’t need Sacramento frat boy frauds but do need state regulators and revenuers to LEAVE US ALONE to keep our businesses operational. 570 riots with no law and order didn’t help in 2020.  Seems:  EVERYTHING the governmental bulldogs touch, turns to DCesspool swamp gas.

As it is, the California Air Resource Board is a bastard org that has outlived its usefulness; they are unelected enviroCrats who wantonly ignore science and decide highly efficient, low polluting gas powered cars must end their existence.

They link arms and knell, worshiping the Sierraclubbing god of stupid.  They don’t like you, they find a fraudulent study to pay $100K a year for, discover it is a fraud and STILL, as Queen Bloody Mary Nichols plays it, pushes the Eve’s Adam lie of the day and year buttons.

These fossil fools are long in the tooth and need to understand electricity is generated; it is NOT a naturally occurring resource like natural gas.

The reason we have blackouts is the CURRENT generation levels, especially with Sierra Blubbers interference,  is NOT adequate and a million charging stations are coming, quintupling down on the mess.  Of course: WHILE no one wants a nuclear plant, solar farm or doldrum wind eagle killing turbine orchard in their “back yard”.

These fossil fools don’t realize you can’t drive on solar tires; there are 6000 essential petrochemical based products used in every facet of life…you phase out gasoline and you drive the already hyperinflated prices through the solid opaque panels of this elusive greenhouse of green gases atop the troposphere.

Just don’t tell Pretty boy e-mental case Newsom there is NO solid glass panel around the earth in the troposphere.  Excess heat is RADIATED back into space.  In simple OC english, there IS NO greenhouse to trap those special essential gases.

And if you want a bag of ringer solution, for IVs, well too bad.  It’s stuck in the ground.  If you DON’T pull oil up, you don’t MAKE them!

Then there’s the president of vice who loves abortion but hates gas.  She got her start in Slick Willie B’s bed; continues her path near the Lincoln bedroom

Kamala’s mantra is interesting: “I prefer black babes extracted from Mother Wombs instead of black gold extracted from Mother Earth”.  Kill the kids but leave the oil in terra firma.  Hmm.  Something only a lefty loon could love.

Proof is simple for the simple minded one: she slobbered all over herself when her 11 AG goons invaded David Daleiden’s small apartment to “extract” his candid camera footage and computer equipment recordings of planned parenthoodlums discussing fresh baby organ pricing over salad and wine.

The lowlife AK47 (Anarchist Kamala 47th prez) STILL has not returned David’s personal intellectual property; once a baby killer always a baby killer and thug.

Point is, this is America, a land built on freedom to assemble our businesses, to create wealth, to help others; no one needs the leviathan DC government led by ObamaNational headquarters two miles north of the White House.  At least, no true citizen of our free land.  Less bureaurats and tyrants; more free enterprise by American citizens.

Want to know what happened to my brother Bill? And why Mary Nichols should have a wrongful death suit tossed at her smarmy assets?

You see, the misery merchants are in love with themselves; they only see their set of facts.  Nichols knew that Tran’s fake study was bogus but she continued on.

“But Tran’s data was grossly wrong – about 340 percent wrong.

That “landmark diesel law” grossly miscalculated pollution levels by 340 percent, in a scientific analysis used to toughen diesel emissions, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in 2010. “CARB had a lot of input in this legislation. They have a history if politics interfering with science and I have no confidence that this law is based on sound findings,” said Anthony Watts, an actual retired meteorologist and self-described greenie, who has followed the CARB and AB 32 more closely than just about anyone.

Independent scientists attributed the flawed work to a faulty method of calculation – not the economic downturn, as the Air Resources Board asserted — the overestimate was nothing other than a scam to promote the state’s flawed ‘green’ agenda.

Peer reviews show that Tran was way off, and eventually exactly where the 340 percent factor was identified.

But Tran kept his job and Nichols used his data in her quest to stop climate change. And in the meantime, many small businesses have been ruined thanks to the ARB’s regulations.”

UCLA’s Nichols just didn’t like competition for her lies: The Firing of Dr. James Enstrom is another tyrannical play.

“Bucking the highly fashionable notion that California’s air pollution is deadly, Dr. James Enstrom was one of only a few scientists willing to blow the whistle on the fraudulent science perpetrated at the California Air Resources Board…”

Sounds a lot like Herr Andrew Viesmann, persecutor par excellence, who lives above the law in his own apartment of tyranny; look what he did to Trump and Trump’s campaign man, Paul Manafort.  Criminalizing free political beliefs and speech.

Years ago, CARB was the same as it acts today: above the law, with impunity, destroying Californa one business at a time.

“It is often said the cover up is worse than the crime. Dr. Enstrom is living proof.

An attempt to muzzle scientific debate and academic freedom on a University of California college campus has been at the root of the wrongful termination lawsuit of Dr. James Enstrom from University of California Los Angeles – where Mary Nichols was listed as a Professor-in-Residence at UCLA School of Law.

Enstrom challenged the scientific research that the California Air Resources Board and California Legislature used to enact policies regulating diesel fuel emissions. And then he was fired.

Enstrom exposed the cover-up of “junk environmental science.” He also outed the phony scientist Hien Tran at the Air Resources Board, as well as the Legislature’s subsequent adoption of regulations stemming from the fake science.

Liberating Californians From Their Homes and Autos: Newsob and the loons

“I’ve heard Nichols say her goal is to “liberate” us from the burden of our own vehicles.

(BACK in 2010)Mary Nichols wants fewer cars on the road in California.  When asked about the economic ramifications of the Air Resources Board’s regulations, she has said she might be concerned if she was an elected official.”

Get the point? She thinks she is god since she doesn’t face the voters.

And although California already has some of the strictest pollution regulations in the country, Nichols is helping to lay the groundwork for more. “It’s on people’s minds right now,” Nichols said. “While the momentum is strong is the right time to act.” California Politicians Deaf to the Science…”

Google the whole story and ask yourself: this same body of miscreant fossil fools are back at it.  Telling a free people what legal efficient means of transportation they can or cannot use.  Based on lies and science fiction.

Again, Want to know what happened to my brother Bill? And why Mary Nichols should have a wrongful death suit tossed at her smarmy assets?

Bill lost his job when Queen Bloody Mary pretended the Thien data was real.  She knew it was bogus just like Hillary’s Steel clad dossier.  Yet, she shut down diesel trucks, old and new.  Bill’s company had just purchased brand new diesel trucks; then her tyrannical terrorist arm required hundreds of thousands of dollars of needless after market equipment.

Bill lost his job when the company had to sell off their new equipment to Arizona transporters.  Lost his health insurance and at age 55 in 2012, he hid a serious growth from the family.  Then Lost his Life ten years ago on Aug 31, 2012.

His death cert tells it: immediate cause Parotid Gland carcinoma, a treatable cancer if caught early. Other significant conditions: carcinoma metastasis to cervical spine.  It spread.  No thanks to Bloody Mary.

Problem with prostiticians and arrogant asses like Nichols is they just don’t care about others; they play with peoples’ lives and live for the mirror. They do zero cost/benefit analyses beyond how much campaign dollars that will come their way.

Kamala loved the $86,000 post non profit tax $$ she got for her Senate campaign from planned parenthood nor cal, for example.  Alittle more than half than the bag of quarters Blanche’s hubby Willie Brown tossed her way: $166,000 in two guvmint commissions.

CARB is frankly evil, destroying so much and hell bent are ruining more lives by 2035.  Sorry, but Newsom of a b (NewSOB) is just the latest northern california prick pushing for the white house.  Everyone knows Kamalala lacks intelligence without Joe’s dementia; she just doesn’t cut it.  Gavin will find out the same in 2023.

But it’s not new: Newsom’s “emperor order” hails from 2020.    Who the hell does this prick think he is?

“The car companies see what’s happening in China, in Europe,” NY’s enviromental case Sperling said. “Many of them have already made announcements about how they’re converting totally to electric vehicles.”
Thursday’s vote is the culmination of years of work; in 2020, Newsom signed an executive order mandating that all vehicles sold in the state must be zero-emission by 2035.
“What these new standards do is set the roadmap to get there,” California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Thursday.  California also got a boost from the Biden administration, which reinstated California’s longtime ability to set its own vehicle emission standards earlier this year. The Trump administration rolled back the California waiver in 2019.”
Would someone call Sacramento and explain you need to make electricity so Volts and Teslas can go farther than 10 miles.  With gas, you still localize renewable potential kinetic power in every gas station and car equipped same.
Or using liquified natural gas (LNG), the lowest pollution option since we are nuclear free, using coal and other fossil fuels to fire up the generators so Musk can build more
On March 5, 2022:

‘Hate To Say It’: Elon Musk Says US Needs To Boost Fossil Fuel Production ‘Immediately’

Really?  Smart man, this Musk fella.  Slot cars on a track while growing up did not run with the electricity off.  Same today for the larger electric cars.  But…

My brother is dead, 10 years this wed aug 31.  Is California and the nation soon to follow?
Typical of Dem leftist governmental policies, California can’t control dead wood on the forest floor; the Democrat elite run state can’t stop fresh water from pouring into the Pacific and put in reservoir bowls for future use.
They can’t see squirming babies as unDead, even on high tech computed ultrasonography screens in LIVING color.  Nor can they get horny Frisco homosexuals to stop passing Monkey Pox like it’s salty semen laced cookie dough (new SDUSD curriculum courtesy of planned parenthood perverts), just as the country’s pandemic of Donkey Pox may face a generational realignment Nov 8th.  One can hope.
If only Newsom would look away from his floor length mirror just long enough to see the truth. Keep his manicured hands off the private sector which pays the bills and from where he extracts outrageous gobs of tax $$.
See the forest for the trees and the fact, we free American citizens and California natives despise arrogant totalitarian tyrants like Aunt “Stretch” Pelosi’s nephew.  Just because he can steal his best friend’s wife without pain doesn’t mean he can steal our California dreams.
Nothing Bloody Mary Nichols can do will bring my #4 sibling of 11 kids.  Bill I pray is sequestered in heaven for a joyful eternity.
But don’t trust the shadow America: the Obamanation headquartered on Belmont north of the White House.  Obama claimed Trump wouldn’t leave DC.  But president Trump doesn’t have a twelve room mansion office 2 miles from the People’s House on Penn Ave.
70 days until Election 2022.  56 more until an interesting start to the 118th Congress.

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