Jen and Grant hit a Dodger homerun on CARBs and Open Books

The beautiful Caped Crusader of Conservative Chatter and her handsome mentor

Now CARB is going after Balboa Island’s 3 private Ferry boats that save (no one looks at enviro tradeoffs in their fiefdoms) tons of auto gas & diesel, not to mention draining Tesla Lith-Ion batteries, while using about 30 gallons of diesel per day.  Mary Nichols, the Queen of Delusional Environmentalism, can add the death of more private sector choices to killing new diesel engines a decade ago.  NOT to mention, the premature of my brother Bill, #4 of 11 kids now in their 50s, 60s and 70s

Outside of the ivory castle of wacky green environmentalism that has zero to do with science, facts DO matter.  As do the businesses like the Balboa Island Ferry since 1919 now a target of the anti Free Enterprise anti American CARB Democrap Destructors.

The Ferry runs 3 boats across the Balboa channel, saving autos a longer trip to the south end of the Peninsula or Newport 55fwy. 90 gallons per day for all three, is a drop in the bucket.  Go electric boats?  They don’t exist except on your backyard poll with D or AA batteries.

Flat bottom, no room for a ton of Lith-Ion batteries each; the recharge ratio would kill the business even further.  CARB was spawned in hell and Gov HairGel and his sidekick filmmaker HairBrushette sticks his electric people prod in the eyes of Red Staters and Republican conservatives like our beach areas.  Excuse: to protect the environment.  Sorry HairGel, you are an ignorant idiot. ONE yes ONE CO2 molecule per every 2500 air molecule batch has ZERO impact on God’s earth 93 million miles from the Sun He put into play.  Nothing to do with climate change, which changes the climate each climactic changing day.  Sounds a bit like Kamala “Giggles” Harris?  I’m not sure if she has even a half brain; God bless her for shagging Willie Brown’s bed to get ahead and make #2; adultery seems to run in the Democrat playbook.  Ask Eric Smallwell and his Chinese takeout spy.

Gov HairGel!  You gotta generate the electricity to charge up boats and cars, drones and more.  There is NO Zero Emission vehicle Mr President 2024 Hopeful.  You just MOVE the pollution elsewhere; nuclear and natural gas being the lowest polluting lower impact fuel but you don’t give a damn about science.  Just loving your best friend’s wife and his kids.

CARB puts out another life and business destroying hit job: the Ferry must go…

AM870 The Answer has an excellent drive time radio program here in Southern California.  While waiting a mere 110 minutes to mention I haven’t taken the Pfauci Pfizer poison (“one and done vax”?”) because it is experimental poison… but with NO covid20, 21 or Covid22 thankfully for this septuagenarian so far.

A million plus bad side effects and 30,000+ deaths, half the pregnant jabbed moms having miscarriage later, to me, says NO PFizer Pfoison or Dr Pfaucinstein for me.  OR ANYONE I know.

For two years I’ve had no vax but no Covid using prophylactic (Grant: means therapeutic) supplements: Zinc ionophores HCQ,  Quercetin &  Ivermectin/Strombectol Vitamins C and D3  NAC  Zinc  Balance of Nature   

Unfortunately,  Frontline Doctors are spot on but fired and suppressed by the bully Big Pharmaphiliacs at NIAID, NIH & CDC.  ‘Follow the money’ sadly is all too often the way to out corruption.

But I have saved a life…directly  (all glory to God and the truth)

Long before Pfauci vax fraud came to be, I helped save a life by providing HCQ to a dying relative.  He had an HCQ prescription for his Covid but pharmacies (oppressed)  were slow walking filling them because of the corrupt NIH and CDC secret gag orders.  I delivered from my limited supply the loading dose (2 per day for 5 days then once a week); three weeks wouldn’t keep him above ground.  He improved within a day.  Months later,  the relative shook my hand and said “Thank you for saving my life!”  I told him I can’t take credit.

But thank God, Pfizer’s Pfauci didn’t prevent successful therapies given to family and friends on driveways.  Rand Paul will have questions for him 3 days after the 81 year old resigns into megalomaniacal history.

Recall, HCQ was fish cleaning.  Strombectol/Ivermectin, though dispensed a billion times a year, was “ineffective” though it saved Uttar Pradesh’s 240 million from CoviDeaths.  I know Pfauci’s a Pfraud: I got a week of Facebook time-out, locked down, for sharing Fauci’s article that Chloroquines cure Corona virus infections dated back in 2005.  But different subject was gleaned during the 110 minute wait.

The profitable “non profit” Jen just found out gets OUR tax $$ due to leftist bias of the CARB killers. Gov creates nothing but spends without legal right to do so.

Grant, I looked CSE after you and Jen talked shining bright light on Guv  Newsob’s California spending.

You really hit one Dodger monster blast re: the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB) “donating millions to the Center for Sustainability and Excellence” out of Chicago Illinois

Dumb Q?: What does a Golden State tax dollar supported four letter agency have the chutzpah, let alone the legal right,  to waste millions on an out of state supposed “non profit” beats me!!  Governments don’t donate to other governments without oversight.  Well, except in Newsob terrortory

Simply, CSE are like Critical Race Theorists’ race baiting industry: CSE pushes ESQ; basically, the putrid greening of the world with fake science and leftist fraud environmental cases.

“ESG stands for E nvironmental S ocial and G overnance, and refers to the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or company. Most socially responsible investors check companies out using ESG criteria to screen investments.”  Jen and Grant, ever hear of Israel’s chronic divestment by Jew haters like AOC, Tlaib et al?  Just another division of the ObamaNation headquartered 2 miles north of the White House.”

And what the heaven is a Circular Economy but just more loony leftist mishmash for wasteful spending on the Algorean Heresy that man made CO2 is melting America and blamed for Newsob’s failures in wildfires and water conservation.

Maybe the OPEN DOORS transparency Jen brought up on California government spending needs to Windex the greenhouse windows a bit more.  It’s obvious just how deep the cesspool corruption has grown like algae blooms at Senator Melissa Melendez’s Lake Elsinore and Big Bear lake, which feeds Redlands.  Speaking of deep ladies, look to Lia for advice. Like the song “When a man becomes a woman” of CDC director fame, there is no shame left on the left of the left.

However, CARB is no innocent third party: in 2010, Grant, my brother’s diesel truck biz had to be sold based on an unverifiable fraud “diesel” study of particulate emissions. 

The “Dr.” counterfeiter was Hien Tran, with his Manhattan fake PhD diploma and a pile of shit fake study that rivals the Hillary Steel Balls dossier.  He and his boss crippled the trucking industry in 2010-

What did his boss do? The CARB chair Mary upped his salary to 7 figures.  Zounds of Petered Principal dept in DC.

Google it yourself; whistle blower UCLA’s Dr James Engstrom was fired because he outed the bit…  err fellow UCLA “professor”.

Short version: I should file a wrongful death lawsuit on CARB’s former president “Bloody” Mary Nichols who KNOWINGLY used the fake diesel particulate study of Hien Tran to force hundreds, maybe thousands of Calif truck businesses to close; my brother Bill’s trucks were brand new, and the CARB “solution” for a brand new engine was $150,000 more in aftermarket “smog” control.  She didn’t give a beaver’s dam who was hurt by her tyranny.  After all, envirogods are worshipped not questioned.

Grant, you sold your Texas truck business and you said “on air” today you couldn’t operate in Calif with 5 year old rigs.  Bill’s boss ended up retiring early after the forced selling his new replacement auto transport diesels into other states, where fake science, Sierra Clubbers and climate cultists did not own state government and practice Monkey Pox on each other.

It literally killed Bill because he lost his job and his health insurance. AT 55, no other job was available…

Bill got cancer, which he hid from us and died 11 years ago next august 31st.  Shortly after the mother of MY 11 kids went to heaven early 49 days short of 49 years, waaay too young.

Government tyrants come in all sizes; like Pfauci and Nichols are arrogant anti science fools.  Pfauci’s death toll is certainly in the thousands if not millions for his subversive, arrogant, money grubbing ways, shutting out successful Covid therapies to “PROTECT” his Pfizer Pfight to dominate the Covid solutions: WHILE 35,000 NYC elderly died at Cuomo’s bloody hands with St Anthony Pfaucinstein’s support.

Governments are supposed to protect those of us who elect them; Fed level, WE are the government.  In Newsob land, no chance stateside: we are STILL under emergency orders (probably to keep Planned Parenthoodlums as “essential workers”) for a disease I claim, as do others including fired ER doctors at Frontline like Dr Simone Gold and others has had successful therapies and NOT from a German CEO Boorla Pfizer or Moderna. Inexpensive chemicals that work.

Jen and Grant: maybe you can open that OPEN DOOR a bit more…

…to see just how much evil continues  during the world’s greatest med malpractice tyranny with Pfizer monopolistic confliction.  The weaponized bioterror virus Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, we knew very quickly, was beaten. And more renewable sunshine will discover deeper corruption at CARB, Coastal Commission, Ms. Ferrer, the Pfauch etc.

You just can’t trust the deep corruption of governance any more; as if we ever should have.  Tyrants, luddites and environmental cases just hate sunlight.  NOT just CARB’s fake CO2 fraud (man made CO2 is 12 molecules per million from THEIR science) and photosynthesis, just the rats scurrying when found out.

By the way, circular economy is just more deep putrid green new dealers:  “The circular economy is a framework of three principles, driven by design: eliminate waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems.  It is based increasingly on renewable energy and materials, and it is accelerated by digital innovation.”  Sounds so cozy like all these socialist watermelon (green thin on the outside, communist red insides) programs to separate American citizens, struggling families and free market capitalists from their money…and life.

Point is, like Mark from Climate Depot put it, it’s all a fraud.  Bloody Mary just hates cars in private hands and transparency in her Ruckelshaus’ stylve tyranny; in the articles on the 2010 Diesel Particulates fraud being outed, allows her arrogance to transform her Empress’ new cloths:

“According to legislative staffers, the California Air Resources Board, with help from Democratic Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, figured out a way to exempt itself from the state’s open meeting act.”  Jen and Grant, deja vu all over again with the Open Door progress.  Maybe there is hope.

“But Tran kept his job and Nichols used his data in her quest to stop climate change. And in the meantime, many small businesses have been ruined thanks to the ARB’s regulations.”  They just don’t give a damn.

Bloody Mary Nichols is the former Chair of the California Air Resources Board, where she occupied the attorney seat. She has served on the Board under Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (1975-82 and 2010-18), Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (2007-2010) and Governor Gavin Newsom (2019-2020).  She also “taught” environmental “science” at UCLA.

Someday, people will actually DO science and realize carbon dioxide is a gift, a benefit and NOT pollution.  It is critical to keep us alive.  Brown’s “cap and trade” scams basically charged businesses for releasing a trace food making gas used in Dr Pepper and dry ice.

The ARB created the cap-and-trade program to auction off carbon allowances to California businesses, forcing businesses deemed “polluters” to pay billions of dollars just for the privilege of continuing to do business in California. The “cap” in cap-and-trade is the legal limit on the quantity of greenhouse gases a business can emit each year, and “trade” means that companies can swap or trade emission permits among each other.

But even with all of this information, Nichols has kept her job.”    And my beloved brother Bill, one of 11 siblings of this dad of 11, is dead. 

Victim of the loony left’s continued march to the sea of insanity, creating phrases, words and non profits daily to screw us all in the real America. Science need not apply.  70 days until Election 2022; 56 more until 118th Congress is seated.

This Obamanation org chart needs updating. Coming soon.

Hat tip to the alternative government, the Obamanation 2466 Belmont Wash DC 90008

Where every excuse to destroy America is rewarded with book deals, spots on the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times (DEMedia) anchor desks and other “get rich quick” schemes.

godfather Obama continues 2 miles north of the white house. He, not Trump, is the president who never left the swamp on the Potomac.


Air Board’s Mary Nichols Is No ‘Rock Star’ – Part lll

Of course, newly discovered million $$ recipient of CARB purloined tax$$:  The Center for Sustainability and Excellence


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