$26,000 to $7 trillion, from Founders to Big Guv suckers

Daniel Boone was out campaigning for his seat in Congress; when he stopped by and asked for the vote of one of his constituents, the farmer replied with an emphatic “NO!”

“You voted in Washington to give a DC family $26,000 to rebuilt their home.  It is NOT the role of government to do this; it’s the neighbors and family’s responsibility.  If we allow this, there is no end in sight.  Sorry, Mr. Boone, no vote from me”.

What’s $26,000 among friends?  The farmer, it turns out, is an unheralded prophet.  The Dem Destructo team has recently taken $4 trillion-$7 trillion in IOUs, printed bucks our great grandkids will still be paying for.  $30 trillion is the ACTIVE current deficit per Rand Paul.

I’ll bet you have no idea how much land or distance a trillion dollars would cover:

A trillion dollar bills, laid end to end, would stretch 96,906,656 miles—further than the distance of the earth to the sun.

trillion dollars laid side to side, would cover more square miles than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware (JoBama Biden’s home state)combined.

A trillion dollars on skids would need to be transported by 478 semi-trailers.

30 trillion dollars?

Amazing how much debt we can fall into!

Same question, fast forward 200 years since the death of one of our first folk heroes:

What’s $7,000,000,000,000 among the cronies of the ObamaNational headquarters, current puppeteer of Joseph Rosinette Biden, a fallen away Catholic?  Pocket change.

The ultimate has occurred: longtime Democrat apparatchik John Podesta was just given the Amex Rhodium card, the check book with a $350,000,000,000 (yes BILLION) cash in the bank to spend as he see fits: how do you say “friends of Democrats” in the payee section.  Not to mention, putrid green is the excuse and carbon dioxide the demonized excuse for an unnecessary need.   That’s 29 million miles of dollar bills for the most partisan hack to spend.

AOC reaches out to her god Zeus or Jupiter.

Printing currency that isn’t real is called counterfeiting unless done by the misery merchants, the Democrat party of 1824 in 2022.  The heir to the oval office chair, Kamala, said there was zero inflation in July.  That is about as intelligent as Alexandria Ocasion Cortex User AOC claiming two negative quarters in a row, is NOT a recession: it is minus -50 cents.  And she, outside of tending bar and banning thousands of Amazon jobs from her NY district, got an econ degree of dubious value.

Yes, AK47 (recall, Kamalala WAS president 47 for three hours when Joe was taking a nap or having surgery; either works.)

But, the Dems LOVE to take money from the poor for their bonehead plans, enriching their cronies and robbing the treasury.  Of Gold?   Of course not, little is left.  No, taking gallons of ink to create from nothing fiat money.

Backed by nothing but lies of an out of control Congress, fueled by American Pravda and cranking up prices and creating scarcity.  9% inflation is NOT zero, Kamala…and hyperinflation is real.

Over a third of a trillion Solyndra dollars on the way.  We all know, with little effort, that the Obamanation is anchored and secure two miles north of the People’s (white) House; he and his cronies set up shop in 2017 on Belmont Ave DC in a 12 room office building known as the Black Ops House of the Obamanation of Desolators.

1:2500 and 12:1,000,000.  One CO2 molecule out of 2500 is the ACTUAL scientific biochemical composition of carbon dioxide in the air; the algoreans’ heresy is that 12 androgenic (man made) CO2 molecules out of EVERY ONE MILLION is the excuse the Sierra Clubbers, the ancient putrid green money grabbers via non existent man made climate change.

Our Church needs to do more.  God is NOT amused when we tell him we humans can change his atmospheric physics.  And then scam the sheep by blaming God’s great gift and food source, photosynthesis’ component, CO2 in the air.

Think about this: water, sunlight and CO2 combine to FEED the WORLD.  Due to the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth, we have the growing seasons; some of us have two sometimes three food growing seasons.

That which is grown via photosynthesis is used via aerobic respiration.  This is the food cycle; and the misery merchants, the Dem media arm, ABCNNBCBS APost-Times, promulgate the lie that, like a good Alinsky y Marx, we must stop producing so the terribly dangerous carbon dioxide is curbed.  Even though it is one of God’s greatest gift.

Econ 101-AOC

Next, the godless prostitician Gov NewSOB, the toddler totalitarian tyrant, BANS the most portable, highest power coefficient at the kinetic point, gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2035.  He has ZERO right to do so, because the government is NOT the private sector, and controlling our movement with Tesla locked to their extension cords as THE, not one of many, means of movement is pure evil.

He is screwing the poor and struggling families among us.  Subsidizing his NorCalif rich boys and girls promising thousands of Power Stations, when clean LNG exists to power cars.  He is banning ALL natural resources for barely renewable and certainly unreliable wind and solar.

I never speak for God.  But if He picked this time to triple digit california temps, then send in days of cloud cover, the proof is right in front of us.  Emperor Lucipher NewSOB demanded no cars but electric, then he banned us from powering our electric cars because the power grid was overloaded.  What an idiot he is, and shame on us for not impeaching him.  Stuffed ballot boxes might have saved him from recall, but the writing is ON the wall.

Susan Shelley is an excellent investigative reporter and battling this same indiocy pushed by ignorant prostiticians like Biden, Newsom, Pelosi, poser AOC and the Dem owned legislative houses.

During this Calif heat wave, she publishes the fact that natural gas generation powered 54% of our daily power needs. Give or take a per cent. Meanwhile Hairsprayed PowerBoy demands Califoreignians NOT buy gas-cars as he demands we put our AC thermostat at 78 degrees (such a poser liar), not use appliances like frigs or electric stoves between 4-9m.

With the cloud cover at week’s end, stopping solar generation in its tracks, our feckless toddler would say “don’t use power from 2pm-11pm.”  If Newsob had the ability, he’d CONTROL the thermostats from his ACed SacraDEMento mansion.


The power gods of Colorado. The People’s Republic of Colo-Wreckto just got the shaft by the power mad electric generator

Colorado ALREADY does this Stalinist thing: LOCKING thermostats

https://dailycaller.com/2022/09/01/energy-company-locks-home-thermostats-heat-wave/  for the details…

Killing off thousands of jobs, hyper hyperinflating cost of natural gas so he can brag to the silly greeny watermelonists (enviro green rind on the outside, commie (hate God) socialist red on the inside) about his prowess, NewSOB is destroying our great state. 

As he, like an out of control giant locust, moves on to the national scene via Florida ads.  What an absolute legend in his own diseased mind our governor is.  But Newsob puts the “-itarian” in total power.  He IS a child, gimme gimme (stole his best friend’s wife) Gavin doesn’t give a beaver’s hydroelectric dam what we think.

Unlike Daniel Boone, NewSOB does NOT listen to science, to reason or even his best friend’s pleas to leave his wife alone.  Like the Borg, he sucks in energy and California life, leaving more damage than 574 Dem riots in 2020.  He has his forward foot in Florida, prepping for the oval office and cares little for the fires he causes in my state.  I was here before the child-emperor was even thought of.

For three plus decades, I have battled this unscientific insanity.  Frequent requests for help to my Church go no where in lieu of the interfaith environmental committees hell bent on following the godless into oblivion.  Here are the Facts of Life:

Hints for the 2500 air sample quiz

1 per 2500 CO2 in air…   

12 Manmade CO2 per every million.

<<Notice how small carbon dioxide is, yet it feeds the world. Also, it does NOT affect the climate.

By the way, the earth’s atmosphere weighs about 5.5 quadrillion tons.  Puny man? between 170 and 350 pounds or so.

Climate change started right after creation but Adam and Eve did not belong to the Natural Resource Defense Council or abortion loving Sierra Clubbers.

First law: climate changes every second.


Election day is November 8, 2022. 56 days (like 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence) until the new Congress118 is seated.  WE have two countries: America the Beautiful.  #2: And the usurpers, the ObamaNation of Desolators who currently have the purse strings puppeted by Barack Obama’s team of Alinskiites.  The Putrid Green Party.

$26,000 19th century government leak.

$30,000,000,000,000.  Results in the 21st century of spending what we DON’T HAVE.  $30 trillion is a bill that’s due

God bless! Simple solution.  STOP spending by stopping Democrats from having any power lever or puppet strings to dingle dangle.  Our country needs honest, frugal statesmen and women.  No more misery merchants and/or the Eve’s Adam Schiffty liars of liars.  My 11 kids thank you.  Their 23 kids, my grandkids, do as well.


PS A trillion dollar bills weighs 2.2 billion pounds.  Remember this, please.  The climate change misdirection is what will kill us, worse than any foreign enemy could imagine





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