Box cutters vs Baby Cutters 9 11 revisited on anniversary 21

11 Boxcutters in the hands of foreign terrorists took down 2 large towers, part of the Pentagon and four airliners.  3000+ died and billion$$ were destroyed, costing $trillion$ to the American and world economy. AS this is written, before revision, it is the 21st anniversary of nine eleven.  YES, we will never forget no matter what the spoiled faceBots in their onesies do; after all, we have a nine eleven every day with a different sharp knife.

Today, Babycutters in the hands of domestic terrorists (no, not as the Dem hack AGarland the Less calls “parents”) kill 3000 DAILY just in America. Never to laugh, go to kindercare, graduate college, as a teen, get sex mutilated from boy2girl or girl2boy in a fancy transgressive hospital of your choosing, get married and have a kid themselves.

Yes, I know, none of the aborted ever get ovarian or uterine cancer, but that is to be expected: they are DEAD.  Sound a little crass?  Think what we preborn child must think.

Guns are nothing compared to the billion plus killed by these tools of the satanist surgeons at planned parenthoodlums LLC

The foreign America haters were not licensed to fly into the Twin Towers; the domestic little Americans’ haters are licensed to practice medicine but they instead use babycutters called currettes to slice out living human little preborn girls from moms, sell them (the babies NOT the moms) for parts after the lasses are drawn and quartered via Fedex to med labs worldwide.  If a mom dies, as they do, their first image is their preborn child on the way to paradise; they get buried while their child gets the bucket.

Bin Laden is pushing up daisies; meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is shipping out dead baby parts routinely and once a week PP Tustin’s Jon Dunn ships out orange and white containers filled with ex-living preborn children.  When you visit Auschwitz, you see piles of hair, suitcases, baby carriages but no gold or baby buckets.  The gold teeth were taken long ago in the 40s.

Don’t buy the crap the misery merchants are peddling.  The Biden Crime Family, under the tutelage of the ObamaNation, is peddling influence to the highest bidder, but the real America just wants to be left alone to live a great FREE life, work not suck on the government breast filled with spoiled murky milk;  not subject to totalitarian toddler tyrants like Emperor Newsom, fumbling JoBama Biden, the Willy Brown Hussy Kamalala and the rest of the power mad, environmental cases that are headquartered at Kalorama Black Ops House HQ!

All LIFE is precious, moms AND their preborns

Only 2 miles from the White House and their operatives spread across the real America.  Don’t forget that criminal Dem enforcer John Podesta now can spend $350 billion more of our tax dollars to the latest Solyndra suppliers of fraud sunlight projects.  CO2 is STILL one of God’s greatest gift despite the environmental Cases at putrid Green industries LLC.

We ARE two countries: the boxcutters and the babycutters are signified by the house that clintons, soros and barack built. For simplicity, I call them the Obamanation of Desolation. The real America is made up of hard working citizens who just want to raise their 1,3,5 11 13? kids, so when grandkids arrive, we have a natural human resource called living postborn USA lovers. A foundation of humanity renewed from the Corrupt Racist Theories, the New Gender du Jour crowd, the sex mutilators who think 7 year olds should choose their sex and knife wielding sex surgeons can slice off a penis, slice out the breasts or remake the vagina into someone’s miserable image, certainly NOT the God of the universe.

Amazing ChadOJackson in Uncle Tom II fleshes out this truth. Sanger loved the blacks as long as they were dead. She founded PParenthoodlums LLC. Case closed

IF you care about America’s future, it’s only 58 days until Nov 8.  56 days after that until the national Reconstructive Surgery on the former MAGA country can be scheduled, with the 118th congress coming to session.  Rand Paul, sharpen your scalpels for Dr Pfaucinstein the Pfraud med tyrant.  The Hunter for Red November movie remake. The Afghanistan August 15th Betrayal Review and other Biden successful failures post killing America’s energy supremacy, excellent economy, more Black and minority jobs, low unemployment and reduced regs to have America humming.  You know, Trumps 315+ ACTUAL successes while Dem anklebiters waste billion$ of tax dollars proving #45 is not guilty of hating America like they do, Assalinkies all!

America IS the most blessed nation on earth. If you don’t believe it, fly to Cuba, Iran, CCP etc.  They will welcome you with a hand to shake, the other with a knife to plunge deep inside your dorsal side

Time to reclaim our time, as the MaxiPad Waters barks often from her mansion in LA.  Time for law and order to return, not this 574 Democrat prostitician led riots and fake Steele Russia, Insurrection crud.

Two beautiful ladies, I love more than life. My vet tech daughter Larissa and Donna, currently resident in heaven

Sanctuaries for the criminals, including the 100 so far foreign terrorists (not planned parenthood baby killers) allowed in by the Biden Brigade and free to destroy our country.

God bless America.  God bless you!  Donna, who’s 11th anniversary was 9-9-22 will pray for you from heaven.  As we work together on earth to spread His Gospel of reconciliation and love.

This country has been so blessed, even with the scourge of killing little girls in kill mills like Sangertoriums and transgressive sex mutilation clinics and hospitals.  Pray for wisdom and a renaissance of Love. We DON”T need to kill little girls to succeed. EVERY pregnant mom has options, if only she would ask.  Thank you Jesus that we might live forever in joy.

~~Len  Dad of 11, 39th year homeschooling, 33rd year of real estate practice.


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