Catholic Church Bishops pull another Galileo vs the Climate Cultists and CO2

Revised 9 18 2022

Galileo is smiling from the heavens, I am sure.

It’s taking a dad of 11, 39th year homeschooling and general encourager of good education, science and guitar playing, to help set the record straight on CO2, photosynthesis, aerobic respiration and God’s power.

I admit I do mistakes; unlike the prostiticians, especially the ignorant Catholic ones running us into the ground, I am willing to admit it.

It’s time to set the record straight as an arrow and vindicate God the Creator, Designer and Atmospheric Expert.

And there is no better model than a $57 million building smack dab in the middle of the County of Orange.  Not the new Church of the Assumption pictured here, part of the new St Michael’s Abbey but the old Schuller 31 acres.

Currently, our excellent ordinary is Bishop Kevin Vann.  His brand new rector, I call affectionately “Bow Tie”, the Very Reverend Bao Tai. But today, we are using the massive glass and girders building as the best way to explain the truth about the Marxists’ push to the sea using God’s gifts as their weaponry.

It was a real estate bargain, a million less than Chapman College bid; this covered the BK debt, so Bishop Brown got the winning bid through.  Hours before, I had whispered in his ear in the Federal courtroom we were praying for his success.

The now Catholic Schuller patriarch & matriarch, who no longer dwell on the earth, wanted it to go to a religious institution; after all, Dr Schuller was a Reformed Church pioneer in the OC and his hope it would remain honoring to God and Jesus the Christ.  He had met the pope on some occasions and was a closet Catholic at heart, apparently.

First, 3rd grade biology. 

Photosynthesis is God’s incredible process for feeding His world.  NOT Newsom’s, Biden’s or his puppeteer Obama, certainly not AOC or Kamala, but God’s.  After billions of stars (which we discovered in Galileo’s time matching the Genesis and Hebrews accounts), planets, plants and animals, all the biochemical and photovoltaic processes were up and running.

God knew, even after angling the earth 23.5 degrees, He had to find a way to feed His new creations numbering two. Step forward: photosynthesis.  And it’s companion aerobic/cellular respiration.

Three items: trace gas CO2, H2O and sunlight, that ball of fire one million times larger than earth 93 million miles away. When combined with a little chlorophyll, we live.  So, CO2 IS a critical gas though only 1 molecule in 2500 other molecules like the big three Nitrogen(78%), Oxygen (20%) and Argon.  See how small CO2 is!!!

Why don’t the climate cult clowns blame Nitrogen?  or Oxygen? for the supposed man made heating up of the earth?

The incredibly ‘wise’ fake scientist Al Gore and his ilk, who still follow the anti-God Algorean Heresies, claim 3% of the carbon dioxide on earth is androgenic, out of the Latin rendered “man made”.

Would you believe that total’s 12 MAN made CO2 molecules out of EVERY million other air molecules.

12/1,000,000  Enough to trap heat on earth?  Ridiculous

Of course you don’t believe it! You’ve been indoctrinated for so long. Because it’s the truth, but all these sanctified climate change ambassadors from interfaith environmental cases in committees prefer heresy, error and total unscientific renderings to the true art of the Trinity.  The true infinitely complex renderings that keeps the earth clock ticking.

Part of the Church’s difficulties is we buy into the latest cultural science fads all too easily  Did you realize that the human body is made up of 65% oxygen, that dastardly carbon #2 with 18% etc.


Fast forward to new ownership.  The perfect model for greenhouse gases and climate change is the Crystal Christ Cathedral,which has 10,660 windows like these being cleaned by the excellent cathedral staff.

What we bought was not just a neo Cathedral, but the perfect climate change model for the God fearing and godless to “flesh out” this expensive reliance on Algorean heretical beliefs.

The misery merchants love Algorean heresy because it is the perfect method to control people, hurt families and snow the bishops, priests and prostiticians all at the same time.

The godless believe God doesn’t exist and couldn’t have created this 553 sextillion (553,000,000,000,000,000) mile WIDE universe, a sun to warm and light a carbon based human friendly planet 93 mill miles away.  Not to mention, conveniently slanted at 23.5 degrees so four seasons could result in two, sometimes three, growing seasons.  Important, since humans can’t live long on dirt.  And Jesus needed excellent models for his parables that contained agricultural truth and wheat, weeds, fruit of trees and more.  Would you believe God designed the universe around HIS not our, desire to teach humans about what He has in store for us after our brief time on earth.  In other more important words, God did not create man for the earth but earth for mankind; He wills all to live forever in harmony.

Unfortunately, the God fearing give up the fight all too easily.  Yet, by pursuing these putrid green ideologies, the green dealers INSULT God directly.  This is what is outrageous to me: watermelon radicals (anti-God socialist green rind with blood red communistic anarchist insides.  Ignorant scientists blame minute traces of CO2 so that they can do this:

Not to mention giving a reprobate hack, John Podesta a third of a trillion dollars American Distress Rhodium card to spend on his Demonrat and left radical cronies. $350 billion for the latest Obama Solyndra concoction.  don’t remember Solyndra and other “energy” projects that went bankrupt but enrich Obama’s colleagues and donors?  Look it up

I call them misery merchants and abbreviate the cabal as the Obamanation of False Witness Bearers.  Fake Scientists, too.

Here’s the bankrupt bizarre theory pushed for five decades that the Church subscribes to: The Androgenic CO2 Greenhouse Fraud.  It’s almost as bad as requiring Church workers (teachers, maintenance staff etc) to STILL get the failed Pfizer Pfauci “vaccinations” and not feeling responsible when myocardia or death happens. Pfizer and Moderna MAY be immune but the Church and leadership, our pope is NOT>

Again, the Galileo fail sets in:  The greatest medical malpractice tyranny in all of human history is STILL underway because our “leadership” buy the lie hook, line and sinking credibility.  When will we wake up, bishops?

OK: The CO2 Greenhouse fraud.  Our scientific indoctrinators, the elite of the elite, tell us we have this magic greenhouse surrounding the earth, maybe in the stratosphere, troposphere or xeniosphere.   I wonder if it was ‘built’ like the Crystal Cathedral girder/window system. For the record, the last window installed was by a Catholic worker named John Murphy from Orange County.  But, is this what Kerry, AOC, Decrapio, Algore and the other PhDs in atmospheric physics is talking about?

IF it is a greenhouse, it holds heat in while allowing God’s incredible wave/particle light through to make food and keep Adam and Eve’s descendants alive.  The purpose of EVERY real greenhouse is to propagate plant life, especially in cold climates.

Problem is, God designed HIS atmosphere to be radiative, to release heat back into space.  No way to deny this reality.  THERE IS NO GREENHOUSE SURROUNDING TERRA FIRMA.


But, Len, the leading scientists claim this.  What do you know that they don’t?

Nothing that you cannot find out with a little research.

One business size envelope is the total concentration of pure man made CO2 supposedly able to keep sun’s heat on earth.

OK, i’ll bite.

Christ Cathedral is surrounded by 10,000+ greenhouse clear panels.  Suppose each panel is made up, not of glass, but the exact concentration of the created gases: nitrogen, oxygen, argon and then in last last place at .04% is CO2 and teeny other amounts.

Believe it or not, for illustrative purposes, the CO2 content naturally would be only FOUR windows worth, like the four in front of the CC window cleaners above.

Algore’s Army contribution:  Using the sophistic climate change scientists 3% theory, the TOTAL androgenic CO2 content of the Christ Cathedral Climate Change greenhouse is a business size envelope TOTAL.

It’s the amount signified by the 12 androgenic portion of CO2.  Spread out across the whole superstructure, it has NO ability to block heat or retain heat on earth. Except to a science guy trying to garner million$ in grant dollars, it’s a fraud, fake analogy

The radiative atmospheric heat exchange goes on because God designed it to do so.  He did NOT want His earth to burn up just after He created it.

ONE business envelope, a little bigger than a wedding envelope…the idea the leftist loons are married to.

How can 12 man made molecules link up, among the million, to STOP heat on earth?  They CAN’T!  But it makes for great frauds perped on the Church and the earth’s dwellers.  Especially, under cloak of darkness, you morph from man made CO2, to man made global warming to MM climate change and then back to that demonic Carbon Dioxide, even tho CO2 is one of God’s MOST important biochemical process.  Without CO2, we DIE (no not Diversity Inclusion & Equity)  We starve to death.

They can’t prove a thing but the mainly anarchist godless party of slavery doesn’t care: they’ve worked so hard to transition from global warming once we found out the Dalton/Grand minimum (solar spots energy depletion) was underway this decade (ask Dr Valentina, the noted atmospheric physicist and solar scientist);  they switch to man made CO2 and the ingenious:

man impacts climate change so much, we gotta stop using the massive amounts of energy God gifted us about the time Noah sailed the flooded earth in the Ark.  OK, some believe the dinosaur demolition did not create the fossil fuels, God’s extraordinary gifts to a developing world.  Wherever they came from, they move us from 3rd world to 1st world, instead of burning wood for heat and energy, technological progress has us poised for a great future: until the Luddite AOC types appeared with their Sierra Clubber cards in hand.

Point is, Prelates: instead of bandwagoning with the ignorant godless environmental cases about stopping energy, depleting our national security petroleum reserve and ending 6000 petrochemical products we are SURROUNDED with, it’s time to HELP 3rd world countries with advanced agriculture technologies so worldwide famines are not ENGINEERED by billionaire false gods or just nature.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a dad of 11 solid 39 year homeschooling Catholic fan of having a world for my grandkids to live in.  The DEpopulators and abortion fanatics like Billion$ clubber Berkshire Hathaway’s Susan and Warren Buffet don’t give a damn while playing god, who/it turns out to be the father of lies, the devil.  Wake up Fr Spitzer.  Wake up Church leadership: where more power is, more responsibility resides as well.

Take natural gas, the super low polluting energy source that can power vehicles (LNG or CNG) and generate electricity so cities light up and giant electric slot cars can go a couple hundred miles.Think about it: gas or CNG puts the energy, stored in a tank, easily replaced within 5 minutes anywhere in America that drives the country to success!

For the Tesla elites: buy one if you want but don’t kill the perfectly fine less polluting internal combustion engined vehicles just because a few idiotic toddler tyrants like gov NewSOB, Obama, AOC or John Jetsetter Kerry say so.  Who died and left them as gods?  NOT God!

What’s wrong with the conflicted government bureauRats NOT picking winners and losers, sticking to their pubic service jobs like issuing licenses at the DMV, and letting the private sector (read American citizen families) alone to enjoy the cheap gas of just 20 months ago before this reprobate Catholic influence peddler Obama Joe stole the show and is puppeted by the ex-president who never left Washington?  DC?

How much evil, embarrassment for the Catholic faithful, when so much good, low inflation, low unemployment, rising wages, very low gas prices happened during four years of making America an excellent place to live…again.

OK, just lost some of you because you equate meanie tweets as time to shoot the president with the faithful Catholic Melania.  We need leaders who will fight for the good of the country, the Church and AGAINST the evil of hell’s worst being dealt. NOT wusses and weak leadership.

REcall, simple truths:  The Devil LOVES to upstage God: promote abortion instead of child birth. Divorce instead of covenant life long marriages.  Fatherlessness instead of God’s well designed family unit of male (husband), female (wife) and 1-15 children, give or take a baker’s dozen.  Point is: why do we left the misfits control the language, theology, truth?

Flashback four centuries.  Galileo discovered, due to technological optics advancement, what God had told Abraham thousands of years before: there are billions of stars.  NOT Tycho Brahe (1620’s) 1000 stars. Billions.  Even my beloved CAtholic bishops must agree what the genesis astronomy scripture means, confirmed by Paul’s treatise to the Hebrew peoples.  Realize God revealed his astronomical wisdom and precise nature via a test of the father of so many Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Judge for yourself:

God said: “I swear by my very self—oracle of the LORD—that because you acted as you did in not withholding from me your son, your only one…”  Abram ie Abraham passed the test.
17 I will bless you and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky AND the sands of the seashore; your descendants will take possession of the gates of their enemies…and in your descendants all the nations of the earth will find blessing, because you obeyed my command.”   Change out the blue with an equal sign, a mathematical device creating an equation: 
countless as the stars of the sky AND    =     the sands of the seashore
Parse the verse:

“countless…stars of the sky=sands of the seashore.  Before Galileo, we only knew the countless sands at the beach and in the desert.  After Galileo, the stars, formed in galaxies spread throughout the cosmos, numbered in the countless billions.”  Both sides of the equation, basically match.  

Beloved bishops and laity, this promise was echoed just three years ago most historically:

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa remarked, when the Abraham Accords were coming to fruition, that “we were all sons of Abraham, and he had always believed that Jews, Christians and Muslims must understand and respect each other.”  If you never heard of the Abraham Accords, it was the work of Jared Kushner and team during Trump’s presidency that led to numerous Arab countries normalizing relations with Israel; also the US moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the City of Peace, symbolized in a unique way that the Jewish people really mattered to God…STILL.   So thousands of years ago:
Think God kept His promise to Abraham?  In 2020, there were 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide (Arabs are 20% of that total).  2.2-2.5 Billion Christians.  14.8 million Jews but then they are recovering from the occultic Hitler’s depopulation efforts to eliminate Jews worldwide. And his protege, confidant and current CEO emeritus of planned parenthoodlums, LLC.
Margaret Sanger, as you probably know, helped the National Democrat Socialist party draw the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935.  You may have heard of her: she was recruiting black ministers to help with her nagging problem:  blacks and minorities still alive in America.
Which political party relies on Sanger’s companies to garner campaign dollars? You tell me.  It’s not the Green, the Independent or the Reps. Vice president Kamala received $86,000 from planned parenthoodlums for her Senate run.
There is significant FOIA generated proof out there that PP extracts girl parts from preborn little ones and resells them.  In case you missed this, here’s one purchase order from University of Texas Med branch for planned parenthood gulf coast to buy the parts supplier “Dr” Regan Theiler, abortionist work product at her other job running UTexMed bio lab.
It is the party of liars, who relie and rely on the father of lies, the devil. Eve’s Adam Schiffty is the prince of lies based on his years in Maryland and DC.
But the most expensive lie that is persisting remains what this model is all about:
God can’t control the climate; the weather. The heat emanating from the earth. But we know intuitively, nothing makes sense when you look at the numbers.  Nothing.
Gov Newsom, playing god yet again, stated NO MORE NEW cars that use compressed natural gas or other petrochemical like 87 grade gas.  After 2035.
No science, let alone common sense at the base of this proclamation which is more of a suicide pact with the devil.

Bishops, it is NOT too late to do the right thing: become relevant on this. 

Climate change has occurred since God created the atmosphere.  WE can’t control it except to create nuclear winter over Iran or elsewhere.  Not a good idea.

The same God that could design and create a universe He would have to send His Beloved ONLY Son to be killed, is the same God who controls the trace critical gas and the amount of nitrogen, Oxygen and argon surrounding the earth.

Climate ALWAYS changes.  And puny man, even with his putrid green massive tax dollar waste ($350billion stolen from starving and struggling families being spent by John Podesta for Obama~Biden) is PURE EVIL.
Can any of you speak up or does peer pressure squelch your tongue?  As for me and my house, as Joshua once said, we will serve the Lord.  All the days of my life.
After reading this, and you absorb that the poor are being oppressed and the Church saddled with misery over 12 androgenic man made CO2 molecules per million, and CO2 is an iconic gift for all time from the Trinity that we might live well on earth and peacefully for eternity.
People have to eat, prelates.  But we don’t have to worship the golden Kerry calf, with its NewSOB translucent emperor clothes draped over its horns, since it IS a false god created to insult the Living God’s immense capabilities.
He proved He made a lot more than 1000 stars, formed into the constellations to tell Salvation History, and that ALL of creation was preordained to lead mankind to know, love and serve the Being that never BEGAN.  And will exist forever.
Beloved Bishops, family and friends!  CO2 is NOT carbon monoxide.  Look at the graphic below and tell me, with God as your witness, that you still believe CO2 is killing us even with the Supreme Court idiotically calling it pollution.
Atmosphere Composition

Composition of the air is NOT science fiction. But it IS lied about by the putrid green dealers who deal fake science

Look at the tiny black block of carbon dioxide.

3 is the number of the Trinity; we celebrate Mary’s intercessions in history at FAtima on the 13ths in 1917 possibly because her Son Jesus died on Friday the 13th in the Hebrew month of Abib/Nisan.

God uses numbers for so much symbolism throughout time.  But there’s nothing symbolic about these numbers:

Nitrogen is 78.1% of the atmosphere

#2, Oxygen is 20.9% of the air

#3, Argon is 0.93% of the atmosphere

CO2, 400 parts per million.  Molecules MADE by man and woman total 12 manmade CO2 molecules per MILLION.


PLEASE, stop helping the Marxists kill our families by their fraud anti-God vain doctrines, Bishops.  Have the courage to tell the truth at a time so much corruption plagues our land and the world.

God will hold me and YOU accountable for what we teach the next generation; as well as what the “sheep” believe about God’s accomplishments.  Man is inconsequential in how the climate changes worldwide, but NOT in whom God and for whom He made the universe.  Just not a fan of making God look like an incompetent dolt in managing His biochemical atmospheric physics processes.  The godless, mainly anarchist Democrat fake scientists hate America AND God, evident by their putrid green dealings.  If, great leaders of the Church and friends, you don’t see this, honestly I CAN’T help you.

But I will try.  Video coming soon.  Any comments or questions, great ones?  or your usual silence?


I disagree with their conclusions but credit for the air model:



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