Mr. Wilson, I have a proposition for you re your love of prop 1

Mr. Wilson: what does 1957’s Little Rock Nine have to do with Proposition 1’s killing a prebirth kid for any reason? 

Historically, the 8 of the 9 blacks who broke the 1300 white kids “barrier” at Little Rock High are still black AND still alive.  Yet, the Dems love of browns & their Mexatel fentanyl border doesn’t help the blacks discriminated against when a woman’s right to kill bodies can’t go to ANY school.  With all due respect, let me call you Lefty Larry Wilson(LLWilson)

From the real news desk:  When a black mom aborts, the black kid is a living being (debate the name and size, ok) but now DEAD. 

Yes, Larry…dead.  And rarely does a black mom’s kid turn out to be white or green, red but dead.  Generally though the melanin has not expressed itself by the time she is killed, so there’s no proof.  But genetically, black begets black is not a stretch.

And LLWilson, the operand is you can only be DEAD if just previously you were ALIVE.  Tricky how honest medical science works.  Just don’t ask an abortionist whether they are killing a live or dead child…other than Dr Boyd, they won’t answer.

Fascinating, LL Wilson, how you used blacks in your uno proposition push, the fave target of your Democrat party; just like the KKK, Jim Crow and other separatists methodologies.  Ever watched Hidden Figures, Kevin Costner and his sledge hammer?

Wanna know what real black segregation is?

Location. Location. Location.

Planned parenthood kill mills located where the money is, near minority havens in inner cities where black and brown provide the raw material for organ “donations” sliced out of black and brown mothers who happen genetically to have black and brown prebirth kids inside of them!

You talk tough, Lefty Larry, but a mom’s right to choose her car’s color is a bit more inane, you think?  YET you never tell us what choices “a woman’s right to choose” are.  The left got your tongue or are all Democrat heinous views shortened to five words and an ellipse?

Like most lefties, Larry, you abbreviate your thoughts and make up words du jour.  “A woman’s right to choose…” WITH the facts, never ends with lettuce, tummy tucks or an electric or gas powered car, black or white in complexion.  Personally I have a black complexioned car and five black complexioned grandkids, but I look at them (the g-kids) as children not commodities to be marketed to DaVinci BioMed systems or some other end abuser.

LLWilson, your preferred five word And it certainly doesn’t end with a “woman’s right to choose to keep her kid” or “…to take her (yes pronouns apply after AND before birth to little girls) home to  her nursery for a joyful life, maybe 80 years long.

No, Lefty Larry, your obsession, using the racial distraction of bused little rock black kids is:

“a woman’s right to choose… to have her little black girl killed using a satanic scissor-handed surgeon at PP and then her smaller organs are sliced out and sold to the highest bidder”. 

  I know LL, too long for journalist soundbites.  But, you are filled with opinions NOT journalistic truth.
Have you ever thought beyond your arrogant leftie nose?  What about all the unemployed guardian angels your Dem friends are creating? Will the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north of the White House ever admit that day 24 AFTER the baby is born, you really shouldn’t kill the kid in Virginia with Gov WrecKid Ralph’s baseball bat?   How did we sink so far into the gutter.

THAT is what Proposition 1 is about Larry. At least Susan Shelley gets it; why the mental block sir?

God bless your soul, LLWilson, but since Little Rock, black relations (outside the Martha Vineyard’s NIMBY left mentality of owning other humans and rejecting 50 brownies) have improved tremendously. We elected a leftist half-black full fascist president twice; outside the toxic DC world, we get along unless incited by the DNC and prostiticians.  Thanks to the Dems and Sanger, blacks are aborted 9 times as often as non blacks. Watch Uncle Tom I&II for more information.

As it is, PP IS the most racist org on earth and its founder, Maggie Sanger, mentored Hitler’s party by consulting on the 1935 racial laws of Nuremberg. No, LLWilson, this is NOT conspiracy theorizing but reality.
We all know how that Hitlerian aid, helping him dehumanize CERTAIN humans, resulted in Sanger’s unintended sanction of big people abortions (12 million including 6 million Jews,Poles, handicapped and other on the wrong side of Adolf’s CHOICE.)
THEN ABORTION smaller people.  Age, Location and Size, the only difference between Larry Wilson and Lakisha Wilson and dead aborted little Wilson.  By the way, mom Lakisha died with baby Wilson.
30 years before McCorvey vs Wade (err RoeWade) codified baby Jews and black killing before her little head presents and the good doctor moved her to the delivery tables of America.

Pro-choice, pro-choice, pro-choice. LLWilson, when you have a lucid moment in front of the mirror, look at what you see.  Larry, you are just a bigger version of what’s INSIDE a woman at 3 months, 7 months or Pete Singer and WrecKid Ralph Northam’s “NOT a human until 25 days AFTER birth”!  
The PROCESS from fertilization is incredibly complex and mystifying.  A couple just recently found out they were to have rare identical three: triples who will be tough on mom and teachers.  Larry, you may have heard of sex selection abortion, a form of killing off girls in China because men are more valuable when you can only have ONE or maybe two kids.
Now, China is realizing they have screwed up: by interfering, they have a gentrifying population with a godless leadership who blew it.  Yeah, the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague was a great move for their dynastic dreams, but now that JoBama Biden just declared the China Virus pandemic is over, it’s time to expose the most egregious medical malpractice in human history with the firing of Pfixer’s Pfraud Pfauci.  He jackbooted successful therapies so he could push his “emergency” vax for royalties and more.  Suppressed and lost thousands of jobs and businesses, retarded childhood education progress (except for the active homeschoolers who ignored G Lucipher Newsom and the DCdc/ FDA lapdogs) and will be investigated 106 days once the 118thCongress is seated on Jan 3, 2023.  LLarry, the left has had free reign to invent pronouns, genders, energy facts, climate details, corrupted racial history; the list is long as will be the healing.  Parents are NOT domestic terrorists, LLWilson!

There’s no denying that when you stop a beating prebirth heart, it’s called KILLING even MURDERING a perfectly fine HUMAN BEING of the two and only real genders/sexes MALE AND  FEMALE. 

 No LGB, maybe a trans or two, ever bore a child.  I know, soon men will have artificial wombs installed but let’s leave that to the future.

Larry, check your calendar: Little Rock happened in Sept. 1957.  Today, the only black and browns who can’t attend high school in America are those black and browns targeted for death at Planned Parenthood or other kill mill.

23 years later, in 1980, a Silicon Valley company I did business with called Acuson had invented the earliest computed ultrasonography device, with 4D imagery of the former “blob of tissue”. PP’s worse nightmare: the TV screen INSIDE mom’s wombs.  Commonly called an ultrasound.

A rare pregnancy with three identical kiddoes.

No more murky pics, Larry and Dem tomfoolery.  Your blob justification for anhilation (after conception/implantation thru birth) doesn’t work anymore.

 Ever seen a ultrasound image of your child; I’ve seen 11, Larry.  You really should look at one: it will impress you how much the image reminds you of your son.   
After that technological “window into the womb” event, the murky imagery gave way to High Definition babies swimming inside moms; the “blob” excuse couldn’t be used rationally (except in the scary movie of the same name) because the thumb sucking, kicking squirming product of conception was undeniably a human child just awaiting his or her time to come into the daylight. 
Dems just can’t.
  So Larry do you know what the Dem lefties, your friends did next?  I can tell you because I was on the board of a crisis pregnancy org at the time.
Drum roll, please:  “blob of tissue”, “product of conception” gave way to your fave: “a woman’s right to choose…”  Five words and ONE ellipse. 2nd place was “every child a wanted child” or my favorite misdirection: “rape or incest”.

‘A Woman’s Right To Choose…’  ~~Larry’s fave abbreviated Dem phrase

NO HONEST doctor, med dir., Covered California transplant from PP could ever say it is NOT human anymore. If something is organic and moving, it is ALIVE (ok except for the headless chicken for 17 seconds)

Lefty Larry, it’s all in the wording, isn’t it.  Like Luke getting trained by Yoda, you’ve never looked in the mirror at your humanity and seen your shared name, Lakisha Wilson, over your shoulder.  Like he saw his father & future.

Mr. Wilson, the reason you disappoint me, is instead of growing up and seeing the whole picture,  you pull the same Democrat misdirection and word invention protocols out of the dust bin of history.

Instead of being a man of integrity and telling the truth, you name call worse than I ever could.

If you would say the truth that you, deep in your conflicted heart know to be real, that your friends in DC, at the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north of the white house in the Kalorama district where Ivanka and Jared Kushner used to live, and even honest reporters at SCNG know:

WE ARE KILLING A LITTLE PREBORN HUMAN (NOT AN ALIEN FROM MEXICO OR OUTER SPACE) BEING, a short time after the mom discovers she is pregnant.  Lefty Dem blue ink, of course.

Like Norm Crosby on Crack, your clients & opinion friends twist ideas and words into soggy pretzels no one can decipher.

This shows intellectual dishonesty and a lack of maturity, Larry. At least long time New Mexico abortionist, Dr Boyd, claims he is killing a human being, a little boy or girl.  He mans up and tells the truth.  You don’t, LLWilson.

I KNOW you are a nice guy but you are trying to influence the hundreds that follow your columns; why not do it with the truth so people can choose.  OK all ten people.

I don’t mean to embarrass Ms Shelley, but her reasoning opposite your column is much more lucid.  And your malapropisms are no excuses for NOT helping your fellow woman.  A conflicted woman, being pressured to act against her eternal nature to nurture and have the child, is in need of GOOD counsel, not the Larry Wilson Cheering Section shouting:

“Lakisha, kill your kid. You’ve got a life to live and don’t need some crumb crunching, rug rat curtain climber ruining your life”

Larry, think for once.

Take your  Quote: “about 57% support a woman’s right to choose for any reason.”  REAL Cute, Larry!

No investigative journalist reference to which pol or article, what this euphemistic choice is. Like, planned parenthood only gets 3% of its money from little Jill kills at their neighborhood kill mills.

But read it without the jumbling&mumbling, the abbreviation magic:

“ 57 out of 100 whomevers support a woman’s right to choose to have her daughter dead because I gotta work, I will get fat, I will have to miss too many yoga classes, the time’s just not right to keep the kid alive.”

 The classic Larry “rape” and “incest” comes out as if it’s smart to execute the preborn daughter for the sins of the rapist father. I realize, like most male lefties, you haven’t a clue what you are asking.  You prefer to pound hard on a vulnerable, traumatized woman instead of getting her much needed help.  It’s outrageous!
Trust me, Lefty Larry, I know more about this than you might think I do or seem to. 
I did a 30 second video of a woman outside PP a while back; she opened up and publicly thanked her raped mom for giving her life; Patti would not exist UNLESS some prolife person gave her mom other alternatives to child sacrifice. There were plenty of Larry Lefties around to encourage her to kill her kid and endure a life of emotional misery.  And Larry you are a nice guy but I damn well am glad you weren’t in Patti’s moms group of Job’s counselor friends telling her: kill the kid, it’ll only grow bigger etc.
Frankly, Democrats make the best groomers and I’m not talking about the latest MAPs (minors accessing pervs) who like sniffing little girl hairs and playing with 10 year old gonads:
Dems are experts at taking advantage of the crisis moment, using fabricated words because she is VULNERABLE.
But if you evaluate a group of aborted raped mothers and other raped moms who carried to term and kept or adopted out the little girl, the vast majority of well adjusted, not acting out, women are the ladies who allowed life to grow from a bad start. 
LL Wilson, would you like to die if your dad robbed a bank or tortured an innocent wilson like Lakisha?  Of course not, sir!
NO child should be punished with death for the sins of her father.  That’s what the rare pregnancy from rape child believes.  But NOT the LLWilsons.
LL, dig deep:  The raped women who kept their children thru birth remained recovering victims, not cooperating with the killing of her precious child.  No one will accuse the mother of murder, the usual LLWilson misdirection to justify kid kill mills; but remember, the woman LIVES with HERSELF for life, long after the asshole is out of her life.  I know a 60 year old woman who still regrets her abortion; she is among thousands, maybe millions, who in the quiet of the night think about what happened.
And the victimized moms can look back and say they did NOT become the perpertrator of evil, and make a second victim of a Bidenistic rape, should Tara Reade have been impregnated with Hunter’s half sister IF JoBama raped Tara as alleged.  Alleged of course like Hunter’s laptop from Russia still in Fed Bungling Inc. Chris Wray who STILL has Hunter’s crime filled laptop after 2 years.  I guess like Mr Pillow’s cell phone, already being downloaded, names leaked, a man’s successful business being destroyed by Larry’s friends on the Jan 6 Pulitboro of BS, the laptop is just too toxic for today’s FBI brass.  Back to killing babies…

Lefty Larry, IF you want to be the adult, then TELL the truth.

A good counselor HELPS women see there are options, all of them!  Not just your local chop shop kill mill for little Jills and Bills!  Women love to talk about this as a solution.  It NEVER is; serial rapists or MAPs or groomers have their male evidence removed, but the mother lives with her decision for life!

One of our sidewalk counselors uses roses as a gift for distressed moms driving out of PP, as well; she was forced 33 years ago to have sex and got pregnant; after the abortion, her boyfriend picked her up at a Southland PP.

His loving, affectionate mature response, Larry, like most men who prefer depositing semen inside a woman and then moving on:

“what took so F#$%%$$ing long?” 

The poor little ass…18 years old, he got her pregnant and all he wanted was the evidence of his treating her like an object, gone.  After all, no one expects the Lefty Larrys to look at the original purpose for reproductive rites: we call it ‘marriage’.  Larry could look it up if he doesn’t understand what the greatest human ability in the universe, to produce a child has to do with a covenant lifelong relationship.

I’ll call her Meg, Meg was mortified and broke up.  It has enabled her to get healed, and be the best true advocate for the truth.  While the wackjobbers rabid pro-aborts go demonic with the handmaid tale graphic displays of who really wins: Hell.

Plus our neutering nattering culture, like Boston Children’s surgeons, is obsessed with slicing off teen girls’ breasts and castrating young men in the interest of trans—xxxx.  Larry, I will admit it, I am ‘trans-”   DEabbreviating I am TRANSparent, happy to help another with the truth.  But being transparent about truth, I am willing to dialogue on these issues. But unfortunately, the radical left refuses any one else’s viewpoint.

But, where does the “dialogue” happen?  On the life and death sidewalks outside kill mills. In fact, I call the sidewalk outside PP, Family Planning Inc, the place where:

“heaven meets the best God has created with the worst hell has to dish out”.  It IS life and death, and even more than a risk for the preborn little ones, girls AND boys.

LLWilson, did you know moms die who were perfectly healthy, age 22 or 33 or 18, before they walked into PP?

A big one, Larry, is the in-crisis mom could DIE (actual, not Diversity Inclusion Equity)on the PP meat table or days later with complications.

LL, these “doctors” aren’t brain surgeons, sir. It’s more than just risking her life under the knife, 5 months (avg time left) isn’t forever and you don’t risk dying on the table of a guy paid to process as many prebirth kills by piece work.  Trust me, sir, your death culture demands 6000 women’s health centers tell a grieving, conflicted mother the finer points of a “MD” shoving a sharp knife up her vagina, through the birth canal, into the little girl sleeping or awake inside her womb…and KILL IT.  The IT is a human being ready for life.  Not a proposition 1 slave soon to be sliced out and sliced up for resale.

Lefty Larry, as a thorough journalist, have you EVER looked at the Freedom of Information Act invoices and purchase orders of planned parenthood gulf coast with University of Texas Med Branch? $150 for a liver or heart? Shipped free via UPS to the top bidding lab?  The most egregious example, covered in Sen Blackburn’s Infant committee meets, is Dr Regan Thieler. An abortionist at PPGulf, she ‘bought’ the remains of her killings as the medical director at the UTexas medical labs.  Talk about double dipping!  But, hey, the sacrament of the Wilsonian Dem party is every kid kill is legal up to and after birth. And monetizing the remains makes all kind of sense to the left necromancers.  A whole lotta guardian angels were unemployed during Thieler’s work; she is now at a famous Boston hospital.

Worship as you will, Larry, but God WILL have questions for you on this in your future.

Larry, I’ve helped women stay alive for 40+ decades.  And have had conversations, without the bully PP tactics of the DEMolition party, with other humans about this.  Problem is, Dems and PP win when the mother doesn’t get ALL the truth.

Today, the Left just had 576 riots with no arrests; they turned a Jan 6 FBI supported fake Trump insurrection into a star chamber of Leftist lunacy.  Not to mention, some of your indoctrinated true believers continue to vandalize and burn down innocent and generous Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  Wasn’t JoBama’s energy, economy and life in America.  G Lucipher Newsom’s mantra is “Kill mills are essential.  Kill gas cars, coddle criminals and don’t forget to choose to kill living humans”

 Our putrid green ex AG Kamala, who raided David Daleiden’s apartment with 11 of her goons has a cute 2024 presidential matra too, reflecting her preference for dead babies over live natural gas and oil:  

“I prefer extracting live black girls from mothers’ wombs instead of extracting liquid Black Gold from mother earth. I am Kamala, who slept with a Brown giant and got $166,000 a year legal sex payback, and I approve this message”

The worst ignominy Larry, is what lefties ignore: the inconvenient truth that WOMEN DO DIE on the abortionist’s table; called “twofers” in the industry(two deaths for the price of one) like NorCal’s 18 year old Holly Patterson. Maryland’s Maria Santiago and Jennifer Morbelli.  

There’s Cree Erwin-Sheppard. Buffalo’s Jamie Lee Morales.  Cleveland’s Lakisha Wilson, by coincidence, having the same last name as yours truly, Mr. Larry Wilson. 
 I know, I know.  Just a coincidence that she’s black and dead, thanks to PP, Dems and evil; and you are white and alive.  
Larry, you may never figure it out but race is singular: there is ONLY ONE human race, just different cultures, countries and colors.  And your party can whip out the right “racecard” faster than Philadelphia’s Dr Kermit the Killer could slice out a living child, but it’s ALL nonsense.  The difference is non-existent with only two options: Male and Female as God originally created, just like the endless gift of Carbon Dioxide so many putrid green leftists demonize for profit.
Sir, EVERY human comes with 30+ trillion cells, DNA and manifested recessive genes forming a totally UNIQUE, never repeatable human being for 80 years of life, or 8 minutes until organ removals for the prebirth girl at Death Central and sent to DaVinci Biosciences.
Lefty Larry, IF and after you have read this, you will ALWAYS think of Lakisha Wilson: she was once alive on earth.  Lakisha. At night before you sleep, think of her, even, if you are Christian, PRAY for her: because your friends got her early release.

Of course, don’t forget Chicago’s Tonya Reaves, who died after a botched second-trimester abortion at Planned Parenthood, this one in the Chicago area. The nation’s largest abortion business paid the young woman’s family – including her young son — more than $2 million for taking the woman’s life.

Larry, the list of dead mothers is long but you don’t give a damn. Maybe some time in your life you convinced a young woman to abort your baby; sorry if this is true.  You ARE a father even with your little girl in heaven.

Is it because, after all, women are too stupid to be treated like a human and get informed consent (including SEEING the baby’s image at planned parenthoodlums central), to make a decision that affects her life forever.

Do mothers’ lives matter?  Or must you be black to be considered valuable?  The whole mantra “black lives matter” is silly.  OF COURSE THEY ARE.  Crazy thing about black lives, not only do they die on the streets of Chicago by the ton, they are strategically aborted nine times as often as non-blacks thanks to PP’s marketing plan to the inner city.

Please LLWilson, STOP using the childish outlook on the rape issue: ANY rape is terrible, even the suppressed Tara Reade’s alleged rape by Crazy Jo Bama; but killing a kid for the sins of the birth father is NOT the right message.  Treating her like a victim who can overcome this adversity IS!  Of course, you tell the woman that it was NOT her fault that some asshole violated her vagina with his semen jabbing penis, a true act of violence by a family member or the US-DEM-Mexican border human trafficking coyote.  She needs love, help and to get counseling during and after the child is born. Alive.   Of course, crisis pregnancy centers provide more than free diapers: they help with post abortion counseling, because they care about the mother and family, not just the prebirth child.  Saddest thing, I have NOT heard ONE Lefty Larry condemn the vandalism and burn down of CPCs, crisis pregnancy centers, by the rabid anti-life pro-abort criminals arsonists.

Not one, Larry.  And certainly not YOU!  Quick question, have you ever met an aborted child that can speak for herself?

I have.  Would yo like to meet her?  No, she’s not in a grave…

Believe it or not, Lefty Larry:  Rape pregnancies remain very rare (truth be told, Roe v Wade’s Roe rape was a lie Mr LL) for biological reasons and rape vics who carried to term are much better off physically, mentally  and psychologically.  But go ahead Larry wave your “Rape is why we need to kill the little inside girl signs in the opinion and news room.  You, sir, are the classic “toss the baby out with the bathwater” advocate because frankly you are clueless, NOT marking sex “F” on your scorecard, nor able to think beyond the left’s abbreviated intelligence dictionary of phrases.

Lefty Larry BE the GROWNUP! Help others see the truth, hear both sides.

When I consult with ladies on the PP driveway for 17 seconds at 22fwy and Tustin, I start by giving them a rose. It’s amazing what a rose means to 99% of the ladies out there. One of the best advocates for women, life, and decision making IS a rose:  Lila Rose, who just had her first child.  After I hand the rose when the car rolls down its window:

I ask what’s up and if they are getting pregnancy results or prepping for an abortion, I give the lady or her transport hubby, boyfriend or girlfriend (as with lesbian lovers in a jeep recently) plus a fly sheet for FREEE services, including 2nd opinions that include a free ultrasound where the woman is treated like an adult and shown the image. UNLIKE planned parenthood who don’t want the moms to see the squirming product of conception because it hurts their main business.


Your friends, Mr Wilson love to demonize the 6000+ women’s health centers that give them the WHOLE story, not just how to lose 7 pounds in 3 minutes in stirrups in the kill mills.  How adult are these rabid free clinic haters who vandalize, paint, firebomb places of sanctuary refuge called “crisis pregnancy centers”?   You probably approve because after all, the Democrat left is the agency of truth, health, help for the little women in need.  Well, NOT the little women inside the bigger women in need of a mentor to give her real options that will keep her alive (unlike Tonya Reaves who saw her Maker 12 hours after her baby was killed at PP Chicago, the murder capital of the world for black young men.

And Lefty Larry, if you really think Sanger’s Soldiers give a balanced view of the mother’s life, because IF she is pregnant, sir, she IS a mother…if you think they emphasize the moving object on the ultrasound screen is as alive as a puppy dog, you are the fool.

Abort Inc. is a business, sir; the Democrat campaign funds generators (Kamala enjoyed the $86,000 she got for the Senate run as her donors ’86’ the babies).  PP worries more about the bottom line than the truth, as if they are Emperor Newsom’s compassionate women’s health centers.

Female moms are not afforded informed consent.  When their little girl is shown, 75% or more keep their kid through birth for the last 5 months.   Your buddies aren’t stupid Larry at PP; they don’t want to lose their precious money.  Helping the competition at Crisis Pregnancy Central is NOT their cup of tea.

Newsom says DeSantis has kids; that Gov hair gel has kids too, born from his best friend’s wife.  But, Gov Newsom’s favorite kids are those packaged after killed, processed for delivery to your favorite organ experimentation lab across the world.  Kind of like Dr Mengele’s love of twins during the 3rd Reich.

Larry, I wish you the best.  But, the real pathway to adulthood is NOT through the Democrat Left wide road.  IF you are a Christian, ask Jon Dunn what he would have done if he owned Planned Parenthood in Bethlehem around Jesus’ birth.  Would he have suggested, as Singer, and Gov Northam put it, to kill the Savior before He gets a whiff of the cave’s farm animals; better, would he have consulted with Mary and Joseph to let the pediatrician governor (not of Judea but Virginia), kill the Kid with a shepherd’s stick then sell off His organs to Hebrew U for medical experiments?
After all, Lefty Larry, Joseph was NOT the birth father and Mary was to be stoned if the locals got wind she was pregnant, not from Joseph but Another.
It’s easy, armchair quarterbacking with other women’s lives, and misusing the exceptions: someday, we will kill off the elderly because we manufactured scarcity in a world of technological explosions of food production.  It actually proves we are NOT OVER populated but populated with too many servants of the devil who prefer killing little girls for parts, like Larry’s friends in the Obamanation of the Culture of Death.  Reagan was right: most of the people who cry “Abortion!” or “A woman’s right to choose…” with an ellipse are ALREADY born.  AND there’s plenty of arable land to feed the world if not for the billionaire boy’s club working against their corporate interest and killing as many brown, black and chinese humans as possible.  Even Susan Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway fame, pushes hard for planned parenthood’s genocidal programs; she interfered in Texas recently for her “cause”.  Funny how your leftist Dem friends love the blacks and browns better dead and at a parts lab or the 50 browns shipped to a military base from Martha’s place with the sign: “The Vineyard is YOUR town UNLESS you are the browns from DeSantisville.”  Hypocrisy is a self expletive.  Dems practice hypercrisy daily.
Larry, there is a glimmer of hope that you will wake up to what is really going on, more than just selling baby ribs while savoring Memphis ribs.  
I can’t help you make the transition; I CAN and will pray for you. But each time you recall, every night before you sleep, Lakisha Wilson, remember she might have your last name but she is dead and gone.  TY to your misery merchant friends at the DNC, who prefer power over people, death over life, and undefined “choices” which are NEVER needed to be exercised now that medical technology is advanced. 
 IF you are a Christian, you might recall God saved His last act of Creation for His most beautiful and perfect being, woman.  Only she possesses the Godlike quality of “co-creating”, with her husband’s help, the NEXT human to promote the survival of the species.  What did He do? He rested because He saw it was good.  But to the DNC, Larry’s lefty bar boys and the DC swamp, giving a kid a chance to LIVE is just not in the cards.  
Today, the more the DNC left and their indoctrinated masses kill off their children, the more important large Catholic families become. Less lefties, more traditional people of faith.  But God desires ALL to live forever happily.
 I have 11 kids, 23 grandkids (5 of which are black) and still love life after 7 decades.  Larry, you too, could start living and loving life as well.  You will ALWAYS remember Lakisha as you close your day, but ask for forgiveness for playing satan these many years, promoting the killing of innocent life in a world dying for the Truth.
Lefty Larry Wilson, by the way, Lakisha says “Hi!”

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