Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg, the Sin Police and their FACEbots

zuckerbergRevised 9 26 2022

Mark and Priscilla, congratulations on your sixth child, your third child on earth and soon to be delivered.

Curious: what’s it like to take out a contract for hits on 3,000,000 little girls & boys while having your own girls on earth?  Three million kills is a bit steep to please your depop pals, although Mark will get the Lifetime err Deathtime Achievement Award from his Billionaire’s Boys Depopulation Club’s next poker fest..

Most bizarre thing is you get billionaire status and you destroy America (Sorry Georgie Soros) or destroy the next generation that would use your products (Zuckerbergers, Susan and Warren Buffet) IF YOU LET THEM LIVE!!

New banner: Mark kills a million prebirth little babies for EVERY Priscillabot that pops out of her womb.

The number 3 stands for the Godhead, the Trinity.  But in Mother Zucker and Papa Mark’s castle it is

3 in heaven (miscarriages); 3 little girls on earth. 3 MILLION little girl kills at the kill mill via contract hits.

You look so happy in the photo above yet…

Making up for dead Democrat babies, I have 11 kids and 23 grandkids; 5 of which have black complexions, not bad for a 1/2 Polish, 1/2 German real estate broker to help alleviate the baby deficit in America.

However, I didn’t do the heavy lifting, Mark!

My wife and mom to the 11, Donna did, each time.  Just as Priscilla has done for your five and almost six.  Three in heaven I believe.  But, the Zuckerbabies are NOT ones and zeroes, or inorganic blobs of silicon formed into ASICs or phone innards.  They are EACH distinct, never repeatable, unique human beings that differ from any other human, even Mark, in only age, size and location.

Mark and Priscilla, the “location”, like any of your basement dwelling Censorbots, does not make the Zuckerkid or bot any less or more human: like real estate, where location location location is oft mentioned, the location of a human does NOT change its humanity.

Now we’ve had a good run with 11, but I’m not picking winners or losers in the baby race; yet the Democrat misery merchants are hell bent on NOT having kids of their own;and any kids they don’t want, end up in some medical lab as FOIA information releases have proven.

The usual $125 UTexas Med paid for each little girl’s heart and $715 paid by Yale Med for a head, not of lettuce, but of a fully formed born prebirth child.

Mama Zucker, truly, it IS sad when a mother loses her child, whether by miscarriage, as you have or by an intentional misscarry: abortion.

Maybe you didn’t realize the three miscarriages, Mama Zucker and Papa Mark, are REAL children, just not on earth anymore; their location is elsewhere. You have a 50/50 chance of meeting these three children in heaven IF that becomes your final destination.  The big IF since you reject God’s son, Jesus to your peril. It’s not me preaching but your willful ignorance from the Creator Who made your kids NOT you and Mark.

Does your grandmother Chan no longer exist because she has died and rests somewhere forever?  No, you still consider her as a person THOUGH she bore your father long before you married Mark.   I am praying for your success as parents daily and for Mark to become the better version of himself, in fact, best version of himself.  Soon would be great….maybe stop being a biased thought cop and allow the free flow of ideas on your platforms…and inside your family.

I think these realities just don’t make your top ten but once you have a child, your world views often change IF you allow yourself to be a thinking adult.

Of all couples, you two need to start thinking in the real world before it catches up to you.  But, matter of fact, your Facebook censorbots hate me posting the truth.  This is a serious flaw in Mark’s campaign to rule the world, control the narrative and bully anyone who doesn’t look or think like him. 29 days in Censorbot jail because I used his fave med hack, Dr Pfaucinstein’s, article.  I believe Mark is MUCH better than this, but he’s lost control of his people.

I’m on 27 25 day FB suspension for posting a legit NIH NIAID august 22, 2005 article, back when Mama Zucker was a teen girl.  Big question is, you are a section 230 entity: why does ANYONE advertise on the chief propagandists and suppression couple’s, Mark & Priscilla’s, platform anymore?

You disrespect your advertisers, your clients, your users…all of us are serfs outside the giant moat around Zucker Castle.

At any moment in time, with zero oversight by the first couple of formerly face diapered media consumers, their toddler censorbots make unilateral ideological decisions that lean farther left than the Tower of Pisa at 26 degrees (that’s the Giza Pyramid passageway inclination angle, you know the largest world icon pointing to Jesus the Christ.  NO aluminum hat here…just research)

Dr Mama Zucker, what did I do?

Confession: I posted a peer reviewed article from Dr Pfaucinstein’s team (aka St Anthony Fauci, NIAID top dog who’s paid $400k), the highest paid unelected bureaurat in history not including his suppressed royalties and wife’s $$.

And mother Zucker, you are a doctor; i didn’t know you only hire censorbots with medical degrees.

Chloroquines worked in 2005 and work today (zinc ionophores like HCQ, Ivermectin/Strombectol and Quercetin) but are suppressed because Dr Pfaucinstein makes zero royalties from the successful alternative treatments for Covid22.  Gotta follow the Pharmabuck$ to see the truth.

Censorbots are paid $15 an hour and aren’t the smartest tools in the tool shed, which is want you want as CEOs.

The artice was from a prestigious medical peer reviewed medical magazine, Virology Journal dated Aug 22, 2005 from Fauci’s National Institute of Health

The title and contributors of the article Facebook hates and censorbots love to throw tantrums over:

‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection & spread’

Priscilla, I know Mark is talented, dropped out of college (or was that Farmer Gates?) and has done pretty well for himself, but explain why?

Why you let loose your bottom dwelling Censorbots on faithful users, advertisers (in a free enterprise, non socialist world, some orgs rely on capitalism and ad dollars) and other foolish people who believe section 230 stands for free access and exchange of information.

I assume you are using that unbiased back up super lefty censorial Adam Schiffty clone SNOPES for your justification for repeated lockouts. Just like you loved locked out businesses for Covid19 thr Covid22?

But when you go to the dual pajama wearing hacks’ site, it’s a pile of gobbledegook about hydroxychloroquine (the #2 suppressed successful medicine in the world of America by Pfizer Pfaucibots) not applying to THIS Corona virus. What is that, separate but equal?  IS FBook immune to lawsuits because you interfered in the free exchange of research like the CDC and NIH has engaged in.

Take the #1 prescribed a billion times a year for Covid22 Ivermectin, the Nobel Prize scientist designed drug found super successful in stopping China viroweapons, whether 2002 or 2022.

And the mental diseased “arrogant nihilism” has no cure but firing for the Pfauch after Nov 8th.  Despite all the facebook shenanigans to try and steal ANOTHER election.

You guys must be woke more than just for 2am feeds: no free exchange of data between medical theorists, just the indoctrinated “DO it my way” monopoly of scientific failure that 3jabs+3boost+Paxlovoid yields, is EVIL and suicidal.

How much better, like the man’s life I helped save BEFORE Pfauci’s Pfailed Pfizer jabs with HCQ combined with extent therapies.

Yes, since your castle bubble is impenetrable, I have a personal experience with saving a life BEFORE the touted multi-pfizer pfailing government promoted, Democrat indoctrinating Pfauci royalties “vaccination” program. 

Mama doctor Zucker, you should be interested in the story but, well, plagiarizing a movie like ObamaJo plagiarizes life, you can’t HANDLE the truth with your boyish looking hubby. 

Although I do wish you well in raising your daughter while you invest in the slaughter of daughters from other mothers.  Your “sin” is a sad one: 3 million prepaid prebirth little girl kills.

3,000,000 dead little girls at an average kill cost of $300 (PP claims abortions cost 0-$750 so I went conservative). 

No wonder Planned Parenthoodlum Silicon V is ecstatic with $992.2 million!

Physician Mama Zucker, answer me this: IF your hubby’s company had created a new variant, let’s call it Meta, that failed repeatedly, would you name it a


A breakthrough is a scientific, medical ADVANCEMENT not a miserable failure that the Dem- pharmacological-medical-CDC-FDA complex hides and distorts. Any 6th grade biology student knows this.

A DISEASE that defeats multi-vaxx attempts leading to Covid22 is NOT a Breakthrough.  It’s a BREAKDOWN!

Yet, the supposed “one and done” jab Pfizer vaccine that Twitterfacebook CDCFDADemocrat promotes as the ONLY way to stop Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague now is three jabs then 3 boosts and when the hypervaxxed STILL get Covid22 (we need to label it by year now), guess what Mama Zucker!

The greatest medical malpractitioner comes up with latest Dem verbum du jour:

REBOUND!  Thank you Dr Pfaucinstein…

while ignoring the scientific facts that a MILLION+ bad side effects and 35,000 vax deaths does not make a successful vaccination program, mRNA or not.

Mother Zucker, you are too young to remember, but Covid1’s vax program was abandoned after 50 deaths…

50…but a million bad lifelong side effects and 35,000 dead doesn’t stop the Boorla_Pfauci steamroll using OUR tax $$.  VAERS is not a badge of courage but the results of the breakdown of American medicine.

Facebook plugs their ears and closes their eyes. You CAN’T deliver your challenge because the censorbots PREVENT it.

Mark and Mama ZuckerB: tell me you aren’t embarrassed by what your formerly friendly platform is doing to us loyal users.

Bytheway, a “rebound” is what Kolbe Bryan used to do, before he was killed senselessly because the helo pilot couldn’t see.

Paxlovoid, as JoBama calls it, helps the Breakthrough Covid22s get SEVERE symptomatic expressions of sickness.  A vaccine is supposed to work ON the malady NOT the patient’s future: Pfizer’s is at best the worst of the various therapies. At the very worst since Pfailure is it’s middle name.  Anyone looking outside the suppression matrix of FB, Twitter et al, knows this.

What therapies am I talking about? Dr Mama, you should know, the ones that Dr Simone Gold and other fully qualified doctors were fired over.  And the ones the cabal of Pfauci Pfizer, CDC & FDA lied about, fabricated obvious Big Pharma Pfalsies, so people would think horse for Ivermectin and fish tanks for HCQ.

What outrageous megalomaniacs like their white haired leader with all his NASCAR labels!!

Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin and Quercetin, the common zinc ionophores that helps kill Mao Tse-Xi’s Wuhan BioTerror weapon of choice.

Combined variously by real doctors’ suggestion/prescription, with D3, C, Zinc, NAC and other VERY successful therapies to stop Covid22 in its well designed tracks.

In the real science world, a failure is not the end of the world.  That’s what the SCIENTIFIC METHOD is about.

However, when Pfauci & Pfriends get paid to win not lose, as they collect royalties, it’s hard for them to tell the truth and let go of the vaxx experiments from their deeply bloody hands.  The greatest medical systemic malpractice in history, as we all may find out after the 118th Congress is seated.

Which medically proven results-driven cures, like Facebook censorbots, are suppressed by the Pfaucinstein Industrial-Medical-CDC-FDA governmental consortium that you support, means Facebook, the company that gives Mama Zucker the ability to keep having babies while she supports killing another mother’s child, is EVIL and NIMBY

NIMBY: Not in Mom’ Back Yard.

Why? Why: Because the megalomaniacal Pfauch wanted to PROTECT his stature, grease the experimental vax rails, and have a last “success” and protect his royalties/immunity scheme for his buddy Dr Boorla, the dog doctor CEO of Pfizer Pfauci LLC.

Not like you people doctor Mama Zucker, as a doctor of animals, as CEO of Pfizer and owner of NYC penthouse that JoBidenBama lover Leticia James can’t take away.

Honestly, I don’t envy your money: you have lots of it, Mother Z and Pop Mark, so you virulently hate Trump; I get that and you do all you can to Soros (a verb) elections to kill his chances.

Fine, your money, your choice.  By why pay for other mothers’ daughter slaughter to the tune of $992.2 MILLION?

My regret, since I was buying 33mb Prian disc drives before Mark stopped pooping his diapers, is opportunity lost that Facebook could have been.  What a blessing when people find other friends and relatives, a big plus on your platform.  But how evil as you used it to undermine legitimate campaigning and voting in 2020 (and probably before)

But what about a mother’s right to choose (as opposed to “women’s…) to KEEP her kid?  Priscilla, you got yours after various attempts, and should CELEBRATE LIFE coming out of other mothers!

How selfish is it to bear three girls and kill off three million by PPproxy?

I get you follow weird ideologies and love killing little girls so much (actually few businesses can kill off their future customers and exist like Berkshire Hathaway and the Tech Tyrants) even though Dr Mama Zucker suffered several miscarriages and then God gifted you with a beautiful little girl. Then another.  EVERY abortive mother feels regret, many for life!

Both look remarkably like Mark and Priscilla too! Yet they are UNIQUE, like EVERY prebirth kid on earth and in the abortuary’s crematorium.

This is why I say I wish you the best in raising your 3 girls on earth while your three miscarried, one a boy and two little girls, pray for your conversion from heaven.  They want you and their earth sibs to join them someday, not live forever forever forever and ever in hell.  But as a mom, it’s a “woman’s right to choose…heaven or hell”.

After all, “female choice” is the sacrament of the left, delivered by slicing out perfectly joyful girls.

Among my 23 grandkids, 3 were miscarriages, but are nonetheless named and celebrated in our reasonably large family.

After all, if AOC, Kamala and their Dem leftist friends keep aborting their kids, like Hollywood barrenwood actresses have, someone’s gotta have the kids to keep humanity alive.

Priscilla, you know of what I speak.  Despite your billion$, you have an emptiness money nor Mark can fill.  Instead of joyously promoting life and opportunity for the poor, 3rd world and America, you thrive like vultures on death…not supporting the beauty of the culture of LIFE.

I don’t mean to be mean, but the truth is the truth. REcall:

Sept 22, 2015 article tells us you gave $992.2 million to planned parenthood front group in Silicon Valley; NOT to the 6000+ real women’s health free centers across America.  Funneling it through a middle woman, doesn’t change the results: 3 million dead girls and boys is an ominous use of your blessings.

“Now that Zuckerberg and his physician wife are expecting a baby girl, it’s especially significant to note that they support an organization dedicated to accessible women’s healthcare. It’s no secret they struggled to conceive, and suffered several miscarriages. In an age where healthcare costs are on the rise, and the average American paycheck is on the decline, affordable healthcare is not something to be flippant about.  We’re proud of anyone who openly supports women’s rights, but it’s especially powerful when a public figure makes a bold statement. Hopefully, it will encourage others to do the same.” ~~Kveller, a Jewish publication to help Jewish families raise kids.

Flippant?  Come on, grow up you two.  The usual Dem word pretzels are amazing.

Does anyone remember how cattle cars helped with sex selection killings going into Auschwitz~Berkinau?  Of the 60 supposed sexes, the Nazis only took in two for DEMolition: male and female. The chimneys spouted human smoke for 7 years and 6 million Jews are GONE.  Like your miscarriages Mama Zucker AND 63 MILLION prebirth little American girls, never to post on FAcebook, never to go to kindergarten or find a cure of cancer.

Today’s sex selection abortions are much more “humane”.  Hmm.  The saddest thing, with your physician MD license, you haven’t a clue of what the universe is about.  Unemployed guardian angels would rather have been there to help the Maxes of the world orient the rivers of life.

Well, Mark and Mama Zucker, your generosity at least got the attention of Veep Kamala, who got $86,000 from Planned Parenthood for her Senate run, from your largesse.  Look how she turned out after bedding down a Brown mayor.

Previously mentioned, I am a dad of 11.  Since Democrats and leftists are killing off their young, it behooves large faithful CAtholic families working hard to fill in the birth dearth void that the eugenics eunuchs are pushing on the world.

Many Facebook countries are paying couples to HAVE babies, while Mark and Mother Zucker pay to have little girls KILLED at the local Jill&Bill kill mills founded by hyperracist black hater Margaret Sanger, who employed black ministers to help with the cause of eliminating blacks and browns.  “useless eaters’ she called them.

I take offense because after all, I am the grandfather of five beautiful black kids now growing up daily, NOT killed off by the Zuckerberg Depopulation initiative as part of the Billionaire’s Boy’s Club.  I am not the least jealous about other peoples’ wealth but sad it is when wealth is used to destroy not build up the future.

We NEED families having 3, 5, 11 kids because the left refuses to have kids. Even more Zuckerbergs. AS you are the rare exception, you must understand as a couple there is plenty of room and food in the world.

And FACEbook could have been part of the solution, with its immense reach and ability to use technology of good, not mowing down millions of innocent humans both prebirth and on earth.

You just have to take time to research, push the Alinsky asses out of the way and let Americans do what they do best: RAISE their families with an economic (pre Bidenomics) environment only 20 months ago had CHEAP energy, food prices, low unemployment, wages rising.  Does it hurt Mark, Max and Priscilla if other families are ALLOWED by the self-anointed to live, risk, succeed on the greatest land and country on God’s green earth?  His green, not AOCs.  IF Mark had been a biologist, he’d see the green fraud simply: believing 12 manmade carbon dioxide molecules per a million (12/1,000,000) MELTS the earth is outrageously ignorant.  Though every day Dem as they lie and lie like Eve’s Adam Schiffty does when his lips flutter.

Until JoBama Biden took the oath and killed our natural resource energy dominance that was making the world safe and prosperous.  Imagine if Joe wrote an EO that limited FACEBOOK to 10% of its following because he wanted it done.

This is what your arrogant basement dwelling PJ censor clones do day in day out.

Which is my quandary, Priscilla, to understand Mother Zucker: you struggled to GET pregnant and STAY pregnant; it’s in the news and well known.

Congratulations on finally,Mark Zuckerberg's second daughter is here and her name is August | South China Morning Post you are expecting your 3rd daughter; not too long ago, in China, you would have had to smuggle #2 out of the province to keep her alive after you bore her in secret.

Speaking of China while your company of idiobots bans basic research papers as “community standards violations”, Covid1 was found first 20 years ago in Quangdong province last 2002.

Oh yeah, in CCP’s China who have perfected the art of bioterror.

The well designed viroweapon would not have been pandemic if Fauci had not ACTIVELY BLOCKED non NIH successful therapies like Dr Wallace, Dr. Gold; he looks like Rumpelstiltskin and acts the same: it’s all about HIM, the megalomaniacle Dr Pfaucinstein; his monster is the greatest medical malpractice in history.

Look up Uttar Pradesh, India for their successful use of Ivermectin to cure and keep healthy 240 million people.  You MUST have access to the internet!

Even ivory tower types like you must suspect we’ve been had, seriously scammed. 3 jabs + 3 boosts = one and done vaccine? Outrageous stretch of failure.

WE all know Fauci’s a totalitarian tyrant rivaled only by G Lucipher Newsom, but he has real blood on his hands, locking out medical research, interaction and efforts by clinicians not royalty rabid NIAID hacks.

Have you no compassion for the women who are forced to abort post rape (killing a child for the sins of her father), ‘boyfriend’, husband or scum perv?   Talked into actions ‘against interest’ that will haunt them for a lifetime, with lies and fear mongering?

Not ALL mothers like you can live behind Qing dynastic castle walls with ocean wide moats to protect them from the world…AND their worst enemy, planned parenthood.

Here is the article your family business bots are complaining about and banning me for 29 more days.  I will copy Marsha Blackburn, who did amazing work on her Infant Lives committee a few years back and not keen on FCC section 230 giving special treatment to former free and open media companies.

I don’t want to hurt your business, but do you really think killing 3 million prebirth kids is pleasing to whatever God you pray to or worship?  That’s what your stock donation translates into. 3 million little Priscilla’s and Max’s sliced out of their mothers wombs, using knives up the vagina and through the birth canal.   It SHOULD gross you out BECAUSE YOU are the cause.  Not Covid or cancer, your friends at planned parenthoodlum, LLC.

The link:

America USED to be a place where we can dialogue about differing opinions, practice the scientific method, disagree without Mark’s Censorbots bullying us into a corner.

Read through the play by play regarding the silly shadow banning process: you claim violation.  Then, when you ask for why we disagree and we try to reason, you shut us down.  I have attached proof, but you probably like you boyish looking man really don’t give a beaver’s dam..

Section 230 no longer makes sense.  You are an oligarchy of suppression with out of control censorbots

Pictured here is the process. Ban Len.  Then wave community standards. Next give a chance to challenge.  Text back, oops, we are too busy for you slimy dads of 11 who’ve been with us since the beginning.  We can’t process your rebuttal…

Because we don’t give a damn. Still, we will pray for Papa and Mother Zucker’s very eternal soul. Heaven is the place many of your targeted kills end up.  Will you end up there?  You can IF you repent and follow Christ.  Hard to do when you are a billionaire with friends like Susan Tx PP lovin’ Buffett and others. Priscilla, you ARE too precious to NOT live happily in heaven.  NO Facebook or Censorbots there, trust me.  Better Trust God.  He owns all that you survey…and own.  Good luck with #3.

At least, you, as the elite mom, can enjoy new life while you help the other moms make their quotas of dead babies for organ donation central.  If only you had the courage to be a real woman (don’t ask Jumanji Jackson Brown what a real woman is) and live up to God’s standard: He created billions of stars, planets, plants and animals but saved the last for two.  After Adam or the first man as Dr Leakey calls him, God created His created His greatest design: the first Priscilla, called Eve, who unlike trillions of roaches and flies, was just the first of billions.

Finally, God bless your next and future children.  In the bible, and in Hebrew, Priscilla means “ancient” meaning you are an old soul, beautiful, motherly but with her husband Aquila, she was a tent maker: God can use anyone or anything to further His kingdom and God will equip us when He calls us…I pray you will have this conversion experience with Mark WHILE you are still alive to right your ship of state.  Yes, some journeys take longer than others. Have patience.

After all, great power and wealth requires great responsibility.  The ability to respond is yours.  Blessings to you and Mark

The Beckman Ranch 11   Len & Mary Beckman, the blessed parents of 11 great kids and 23 grandkids.

Mark & Priscilla:

we will pray for you as we pray for another Mark Houk, a dad of 7 just terrorized by 30 FBI agents, as General Tyrant O Saurus Garland’s Army of goons, stormed his Ohio home at 7am recently. Another notch on his bloody belt that includes Roger Stone, Mar a Lago, General Flynn, Mike Lindell and so many Jan 6th victims.  Garland ALMOST was a member of SCOTUS and he’s making up for lost time going after school board domestic terrorist parents.

Ohio Mark’s crime was telling a 72 year old sailor mouth to stay away from his 12 year old on the last Fatima date, Oct 12, 2021 under a dismissed FACE act case.  Meanwhile, Mother Zucker’s hubby, Mark wrote a stock check buying the dismemberment of three million American children.  In case, Priscilla, you never killed kids as a doctor, the routine is simple.

They indoctrinate the mom, hide the ultrasound picture (violating informed consent medicine) from her, stirrup her legs.  Then they shove currettes, sharp knives shaped like a terrorist’s scimitar, up her birth canal thru the vagina, into the womb and carefully kill the surprised little girl.

Next step is to carefully, like a Dr Mengele twin experiment, the organs from the rest of the child’s body and ship to places like UTexas or Yale for experimentation.  By the way, yale paid $715 for an intact baby head for their Pfaucinstein style work.

We hope you wake up, Mother Zucker and Papa Mark.  Your eternity is a lot longer than being in the wait state of an overused cable connection.  Forever is NEVER ending, whether in heaven or hell.

If you love pain, think back to your two deliveries, Priscilla and feel that day in and day out never ending.

That’s hell.  Heaven is a lot better place.  God bless

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