Leftenant General Garland’s Army hates God’s created prebirth babies and domestic terror parents

FBI raids home of pro-life sidewalk counselor, traumatizing family’s children

Amazing how Eva Braun’s hubby scratches his way to the surface occasionally.

Leftenant General Garland’s Goon squad continues to amaze. Again and again, I say it: I do not demonize 30,000 FBI agents; I have friends in federal law enforcement and the majority of the 30,000 are solid, good servants of the law and order crowd.  AS the loon left continues to support criminals and crime.

I do this because I beleive it and realize that Wray of sunshine and LtGen Garland are like reeds in the wind, here for so short a time in the eternal scheme of things.

But for self-preservation such that the DOJ doesn’t unleash their blue coats on my family and I because we believe that thing pp surgeons’ take out is NOT a product of conception, nor cancer but a pre-Kindergarten human child.  Biologically, scientifically, even intellectually, it’s HUMAN, ALIVE and deserves not getting the same treatment as Auschwitz cattle car-ed Jews, Poles, Hungarians and the handicap

EVERY human deserves a chance at life since there is only one of each of us.  Even if LtGen Garland deFACES the FACE act with poor legal maneuvering, a woman deserves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, before she decides the most critical medical decision of her life, whether 12, 22 or 42.   (Any FBI or DOJ staffers reading this, please read the testimony that follows…I am NOT the enemy)

Len’s testimony regarding his actions at Planned Parenthood and other kill mills:

For the record and my NSA/FBI/Calif. file:  I am the dad of 11 grown children.  We homeschooled them for 38 years thru high school.

I weekly voluntarily stand and pray in front of Planned Parenthood’s flagship HQ at 700 S Tustin.  Since I do not want to be perp walked like Mr Houck, Stone, Manafort and others proven innocent of wrong doing, I give this “affidavit” to show I am NOT in violation of the Clinton FACE act.

I do NOT intimidate mothers driving into the facility nor try to block cars entering off Tustin Ave near the 22 freeway.  Unfortunately, the FACE act is misinterpreted by the current DofJ and its leadership, and the FBI; and too often, as in the case of Mark Houck, the kill mill shill escorts will lie because planned parenthood promises to misuse tax dollars in “defending” their lies. I have never defaced a PP, Family Planning Assoc and other kill mills in my 40 years of speaking up on mothers and the preborn; unlike what the death culture has done to 70 (and continuing) free pregnancy and women’s health clinics by rabid ideologues across America.  Their violence, undoubtedly, are overlooked, just as 574 violent rioters in the so-called “summer of love” was praised by VP Kamala and the Left (herinafter used to refer to anarchists who desired the destruction of America).  No prosecutions occurred just as the Jan 6 biased hate for people listening on the mall, sharing recipes like grandmothers.  

For their protection, I do NOT belong to any of these CPC groups either.

I am friendly to the security guards and all that enter or pray (and/or when proaborts and kill mill shill escorts antagonize us peaceful, anti-violence people on the public sidewalk.

But sadly, truth does NOT matter to Leftenant General Garland.  He misuses, in fact turns them into lockstep Goons, the FBI for his nefarious criminalized political  escapades.  Like a true Marxian Democrat and imitating stasis, Garland intimidates parents, blasphemously calling them domestic terrorists for his politically left leftist team of anarchists.

For the record, I often bring ROSES as gifts to give the ladies as they LEAVE the parking lot heading east before they turn right onto Tustin.  This does not cause traffic issues on the public thoroughfare.

If they stop, I give them the rose with a sheet showing them various places that will provide all they need for free. I do not charge for this service and often they say thank you.  I do not discriminate either; since men can’t have babies, I give them to the woman in the car or to the male driver ON the sidewalk/driveway ribbon soas not to be falsely accused by the deceitful clinic worker or director when they call the Orange police.  As is commonplace with the abortion loving left.  Truth is NOT in their vocabulary, as the tape of Mr Houck’s experience with Mr BilL will show

I thank the PP security personnel for their service, often leave them with a rose for their wife or girlfriend. A rose is a gift women often appreciate; and it helps begin the healing should the mom exiting have had the misfortune of allowing the killing of her preborn child. 

That healing process can be as long as decades.  Since I’m 99% sure that when the PP ultrasound image, used to decide which sharp knife currette or baby kill method is necessary to en, shows a forming or formed baby, the clinic worker rarely if ever shows the mother the picture or does it fleetingly without telling mom she has a child in her womb.

Thank you LtGen Garland for leaving me and my family alone.  WE are FOR life, not violence or killing little girls like the orgs you defend as you apply unEqual Justice to those who see living little girls as much better than killed, carved and sold as organs. We will PRAY for your conflicted soul, sir and that you will come to know eternal Truth.

~~End of Len’s testimony regarding his peaceful, respectful actions to help women get the truth.

Sadly, under FBIDir Wray, if you don’t have a Democrat decal on your file or DEM sign in your yard, let alone believe in justice for all, you could end up like any of the following:

Roger Stone, 900 or so peaceful Jan 6 Capitol visitors, Paul Manafort, General Flynn, Peter Navarro, Mike Lindell, and Mar a Lago.  Paul’s book is almost as eye opening as Mr Kushner’s regarding how devious the Marxian Democrats are in all their dealings.  I STILL have the freedom as a non illegal alien native California American citizen to respectfully share my opinion.

For the record, the only death on the infamous Dem misappropriated Jan 6 Capitol tour, was a Trump supporting, Air Force vet named Ashli Babbet shot in cold blood by a BLM supporting CapCop. Someday this will be revealed.

We know his name but for some Garland directed reason his name is hidden, just like Mr BilL’s has been hidden though it is the public record.

While the adults from 2016 to January 2021 helped build back our country making America a great place to live, with low unemployment, gas prices, natural gas energy prices, high black and Hispanic employment, the Abrahamic Accords that brought peace in the land where Jerusalem houses our embassy…

While great was happening, the likes of the incompetent tricky Alinsky’s Obamanation continued their treachery.  And the massively incompetent continuation of the Obama admin with incompetent failures.

Methinks the AG has a God complex having been a judge and missed out on SCOTUS. No one is ABOVE the law

Imagine, Leftenant Gen Garland could have become a SCOTUS member.  Congressional oversight questions will have to wait until Jan 4 2023, but why is it when all these peaceful patriots and good Americans, who volunteer to come in to Fbi offices prompted by Garland Goon tyranny, they are ignored or told no need to.  Maybe the local office doesn’t know what is going on or the General keeps his new targets under raps until the golden moment.  But, the preferred method, apparently, for Garland’s Goon squad:

At 6 or 7am like at Stone’s place or Mar a Lago, they are subjected to NaziStasi tactics as if they are destined for Auschwitz Berkinau in a cattle car.

Their homes are surrounded; usually just a bunch of 25 FBI agents, pulled from real crimes or some amphibious crafted blokes like at Mr and Mrs Stone’s place; guns drawn and loaded for bear.

Too many of the agents probably had no idea, and those that did had no choice or don’t care.  Like Pfaucinstein, Garland has a lot to answer for. Which should happen after Jan 4th ’23.

Number a peaceful Mark & Ryan-Marie Houck,and their CAtholic homeschooling family of 7 kids, in those terrorized by out of control anti-American domestic tyrants.

You may remember, after the Virginia election hat trick, LTG AGarland primed the domestic parental terrorists scam very well; receiving a memo from the public National School Boards team, he was ‘warned’ parents are going khaki and camo, crashing local school boards with AR-47s and Glocks, pinning the frightened boarders to their chairs while the parents gave their 120-180 seconds of public questions and demands. What a pile of rot even the most left leaning teachers’ unions could come up with.

How dare these kids’ parents object to corrupt racist theories, rewriting the Merriam-Webster grammar pronouns and manufactured sexes & genders.   I know, this sounds surreal, because it is FALSE. Boards don’t own the kids; parents do and are the primary educators according to God’s plan.  The left has been loading up boards with their anarchists and finally parents are waking up to the woke wacky tyrants of Soros inc.

The Dept of InJustice, due to this massive burgeoning national emergency at teech school board meets, had Leftenant General Grant’s memo out and about in days…collusion isn’t just a Russian issue.  Imagine, there are hundreds of innocent citizens from the DC Capitol STILL incarcerated, some in solitary and others with no charges…after 19 months.

Saddest reality is Loony Lizzie Cheney and two Adams wouldn’t know the truth even if God sent it down on two stone tablets.  Not that they care, what with the stage lighting bright and the Dem owned media ready to lapdog.

Of course, some remember vice president of community banking and America, Kamalala, had her 11 goons rob David DAleiden’s planned parenthoodlum related candid camera videos from his personal home.

What’s with the limp wrist left reaction, always uses their temporary power ilicitly? Kamala hated Daleiden so she acted like the lefty she is.   True to form, Kamalala STILL has not returned David’s personal goons-gobbled intellectual property from her Calif. Attorney General days.  Why?

Little Dem goddesses like Anarchist Kamala 47th “prez for an hour while Biden was colonoscopied (AK47)”, using the Brown sleep system are impervious to law and order.  Like LtGen Garland.

What is it about killing little girls that is sooo important to the Democrat party of slavery founded in 1824? And Leftenant General Garland, Biden, Kamala, AOC etc.

We all know the party is hijacked today by anarchists (AOC Tlaib etc)who prefer blacks and browns sacrificed in honor of St Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of black terminations and other useless eater elimination programs.

Easy to prove: they locate their kill mills near minority inner city areas, especially in Blue Coat enclaves like LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC (who has 51 abortion mills), the list is long.

One or two Democrats defy the implied Dem Chinesque ONE Child per Family policy: Priscilla, ie Mother Zucker and Papa Mark and babies, come in threes.  They have 3 involuntary miscarriages in heaven, 3 on earth (one still inside mama) and 3 million more contracted forced abortions the Zuckerbergs offered to the devil god, to kill off.

No, hyperbola… FB Mark signed the death warrants for three million (3,000,000) little black and brown prebirth kids by taking out a contract with the kill mill thugs at PP NorCal (Silicon Valley) for $992.2 million a few short years ago.  I wonder if Mark&Priscilla have offered Jen&Gavin Newsom some of their 3,000,000 prepaid abortions for the governor and his wife’s new abortion biz:  The JeNewsom Abortion Tours.

Their motto is “No MOM left behind” and offering free abortions to 57 Obamanation states plus terrortories.

3,000,000 dead perfectly alive little girls... but Mark and Priscilla have their six, three girls and privilege of the Depopulation Award from the Billionaire’s Boys Club.

ObamaJoe likes to sniff little girls’ hair; Zuck likes to snuff little girls prebirth.  Both will FACE God not FACEbook execs.  Chances are OBJoe’s meeting is a lot sooner than Papa Zuckerberger.  Pray for them to reconcile and repent. NEVER a bad idea for an eternal experience.

Leftenant General Garland and his Goon army keep pushing the misery merchant unhinged anarchist left envelope.

The Houck Family vs OBidenbama’s political policing Gestapo

Mark with his Rosary; an escort in the background

But, just as Dobbs dispensed with RoeVwade, Leftenant General Garland really overstepped with Mark (no, not the baby killer Facebook founder), Mark Houck.

Garland’s bizarre anti-American family incidents are mounting and why ANYONE would give their vote to any Democrat prostitician is beyond the pale.

Mark’s crime was helping women make an informed decision, weekly driving two hours, often with one of his kids to a Pennsylvania kill mill.

The Houcks homeschool their 7 children.  Not locked out from biologic truth, homeschoolers tend to recognize that thumb sucking, squirming ultrasound girl actress IS human and actually alive; unlike the death doctors and satanist surgeons that work for Jon Dunn at Orange’s PP HQ, who name every kill as Payday.  With all due respect to the excellent candy bar.

Mark IS a homeschooling father of seven; he protected his 12 year old from a virulent potty mouth bigot disguised as a client escort; the PP volunteer wasn’t escorting any pregnant person (probably a woman/mom) at the time, but in the face of the minor spouting his vile. In fact, he followed the two Houcks and Mark pushed BL away from the child and the man fell.

Oh my, did that spring forth the death culture’s violence trigger!  No harm no foul EXCEPT in the misery merchant world of Democrat activism. BL, the 72 year old antagonist got a bandaid for his abuse; he filed a lawsuit and it was dismissed because he never appeared.  In comes the DOInJ, the DC Dept of Injustice and the AG with 30,000 fed bullies investigating anything that can set Trump to hell (still wedged in the left’s mind) or go after God.

Now, even though there’s little proof this even qualifies for the kill mill and church specific FACE act, Garland’s Goon Squad continues the Alinsky Democrat destruction of civil discourse.  ‘Accuse without reason, indict without truth’ is their banner

“The FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic) Act makes it a federal crime, with potentially steep fines and jail time, to use or threaten to use force to “injure, intimidate, or interfere” with a person seeking reproductive health services, or with a person lawfully trying to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship. The FACE Act also prohibits intentional property damage to a facility providing reproductive health services or a place of religious worship. The measure, passed by Congress with 17 Republican votes and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, was introduced in reaction to the increasing violence in pro-life protests in the 1990s.”

Why it doesn’t apply:

First, the 72 year old pulled a Danny Kaye on Mr Houck; he insulted Mark in front of his 12 year old, addressing the KID not the dad, which is invasion of privacy, violating parental rights and more: “Your dad’s a fag” and other kind drunken sailor words.

Your dad’s a fag! ~~Mr BilL’s affectionate reference to Mark Houck needs to be deciphered

Maybe Mr BilL never took biology.

There are two genders/sex, sir. NOT 60. Adam and Eve, not Peter & Chase.  Also, notice the Obamanation~OBiden media, as usual, outs and quickly identified mom and dad Houck as evil assailants, as a form of intimidation.  But they oddly hide BL’s name (as if he is a vulnerable pregnant woman and not an old coot defending death) so we will just appropriately call him Mr. BilL.  Poor oppressed elder abused Mr. BilL!  REcall the famous Mr Bill from SNL?

But Mr BilL knew Mr Houck, it wasn’t just a brief encounter.  He may or may not have known he was a CAtholic seven children homeschooler who came weekly after a two hour drive to help save lives and tell moms the truth.

Mr BilL figured with deep pockets Abort Inc., he could lie and lie and be covered, especially with child abuse actions he took.  The video will prove unless Kamalala energizes her Goon Squad to steal the video before it is produced.

Planned parenthoodlum and abortion kill mill alinsky tactics are well worn and known.  Except maybe to the “truth, justice & USAway” hyperpoliticized Garland’s gang.  Here’s how it works.

By antagonizing Mark&Son, hoping for a reaction, was just a well worn despicable abortion kill mill tactic, to get him to do something to the kill mill shill escort so Mr BilL can claim he was assaulted.  No matter that he shouted obscenities at a minor, violated the minor’s private space… And when Mark DID defend his son, the poor old man fell over as if Mr Houck tried to emulate a typical blue coat Philly city criminal bashing jewelry cases with impunity.  THE CASE WAS A FRAUD AND CLOSED.

I think back to one Friday mid day; I supposedly had the police called on me by the med director, because a man complained I had touched his truck outside PP Orange County HQ at 700 Tustin. I was told by the security guard, whom I gave a rose to for his wife.  No one showed; no cop wasted his time for another “false alarm”.

Most hours I am out there with the prayer warriors, I have ROSES for the abused ladies coming out and driving away after their baby was unceremoniously carved out of their wombs.

I knew it was BS, because the guy was driving OUT when the alleged assault on his truck took place.  I had a small plastic bucket for the roses… but Orange police have to treat the kill mill baby snuffer director as an intelligent human and answer the complaint.

Threats are one of their fave tactics, because they hate competition for baby parts.   Recall, the OC DA Mr Rackaukaus got a $7 million settlement from Hillary affiliated DaVinci Biosystems, for buying baby parts from Planned Parenthood, including Tustin/Orange.

I an an equal opportunity helper.  Though Sanger’s soldiers in planned parenthood kill at will, I never would.

So, i must try and help the delusional Mr BilL and his biolgy challenged mind, a fag is another word used for a man who inserts his penis in other men, like TRANSportation secretary Pete and his house husband Chase.

Most homosexuals do not bear children, since as of yet, men are not equipped with fallopian tubes, eggs, wombs and other female (the OTHER sex) reproductive implements.  Here the happy couple sit in bed after the delivery of their new twins…as an adoptee grandfather with five black grandchildren living back East, ADOPTION is a much better option than ABORTION.

Of course technology screams on, and Mr and Mrs Pete and Chase now are in possession of two young children; but Mr BilL would not equate the two.  Maybe Mr BilL meant the word ‘fag’ (isn’t it a cigarette?) as a derogatory, commensurate with being a kill mill shill escort.

“Little Houck, your dad’s a Camel or Lucky Strike!”  Maybe not.  Doesn’t have the emotional dig Mr BilL was hoping for.

The Houck Alleged Assault.

The date of the fake band-aid resulting incident was unique as well: the 104th anniversary of 70,000 witnesses viewing the dancing sun in Fatima, Portugal.  Catholics and Protestants prolife warriors often honor Virgin Mary, who appeared six times on the 13ths of successive months back in 1917.

Segue:  What’s with these proaborts using Catholic feast days for evil (like Epiphany Jan 6th and the Aug 15 Afghanistan massive betrayal by ObamaBiden)?  Is it their devil leader trying to pot shot God more and more?

Facts matter:  Mr BilL was a baby kill mill escort on Oct 13, 2021, not a pregnant woman nor with a pregnant woman when he got in Houck&Son’s face.  Face, the same act name that Leftenant General Garland is misusing like any good left prosecutor does.

Escort Mr. BilL’s Elizabeth Black ‘health’ clinic where Mr Houck prayed and counseled weekly after a two hour drive

Reproductive health is the code word for killing a mom’s kid inside planned parenthood or other kill mill.  As if killing a little girl is healthy, but to the AOC loon squad, abortion is the ultimate sacrament of the Church of Satan, where human sacrifice is a MUST.  God is NOT a fan of killing His creations by other created, mentally deranged humans.

Certainly NOT hyperbole:

PP really is a satanic temple, where they sacrifice human cargo on their stainless steel altar tables, but the Houcks did not try to destroy the building or signage; that’s what the pro-abort shock troops do to crisis pregnancy and women’s help/health centers but Leftenant General Garland can’t find his glasses to investigate those perps.  Same with 574 riot rioters.  That’s unindicted rioters, looters, arsonists and criminals at 574 Riots at leftist stronghold Spring/Summer 2020 approved by the Pelosi/Obama anarchist Dem cabal, just as Pelosi and Bowowzer DC mayor refused to protect the Capitol with 10,000 offered National Guard troops.  If the Damnocrats want to understand how to use the National Guard, call Gov DeSantis…

Left and LtGen Garland: why is your biased soooo pronounced?

Houck did not use force to stop a 9 month pregnant mom; he did not intimidate Mr BilL(that was Mr BilL’s technique feeling invincible and feeling his octagenarian oats protecting his baby kill mill: BL was the unidentified identified intimidator of Houck and Son).

Here’s the background report: Joe and Ashley Garecht created the crowdfunding page for the Houck injustice event by Leftenant General Grant. Notably, the couple’s daughters in 2019, then just 13 and 15 years old, were harassed by then-State Rep. Brian Sims (D) for several minutes as they prayed for unborn children outside a Pennsylvania abortion clinic. These Democrat prostiticians have NO respect for women except as shills and pawns for their nefarious desires.

Based on sources, prosecutors alleged that on October 13, 2021, Houck assaulted a 72-year-old man referred to in the indictment as “B.L.” (whom we call Mr BilL) outside the Planned Parenthood Elizabeth Black Health Center in Philadelphia.

According to a Justice Department press release, Mr BilL was allegedly trying to escort two patients out of the clinic when the defendant aggressively shoved him to the ground.

In a second instance, Houck was charged with “verbally” harassing Mr BilL outside the facility before pushing him down violently and causing injuries that required medical care.

In true Clintonesque Alinsky style, Mr BilL (whose name is in the public record), BL accused his target of what Mr BilL was doing.  Verbally taunting, trying to get a rise by accosting young Houck, the dad did what real dads do: protect their family.

Unfortunately, though the incident was adjudicated and thrown out, the General doesn’t give a damn.  He has another target, and will work it for his rabid anti-American lives views.

Truth is NOT endemic to the radical baby kill mill lovin’ Left. They live for death and money; so Leftenant General Garland cheated and read MORE into the situation EVEN after:

The Houck~Mr BilL case was dismissed because  Mr BilL failed to show up for court, a court case HE initiated.  How much more BS must we put up with?

DOinJ, specifically the General making the Mr BilL fraud assault as a federal case is idiotic and endemic of Dark T-hater: Dark Obama and Biden’s Trump hate.  But Leftenant General Garland may have just pulled the Rubicon, the red line he crossed proving he hates families (domestic terrorist parents), keeping prebirth little girls alive, God, life, CAtholics, homeschoolers, large families and more.

To say Leftenant General Garland’s latest blunder is outrageous, is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I wonder if the Left General will press federal hate crime and elder abuse charges for the scumbag who shot this unarmed 84 year old woman:

An 84-year-old volunteer canvasser was shot in the back while campaigning door-to-door in her own community for pro-life issues.  According to a Sept. 24 statement from Michigan Right to Life, on Sept. 20 a “heated conversation” took place between one of its local volunteers and an occupant of a home in Odessa, Michigan, a small community near Grand Rapids.

As the volunteer was leaving the residence, she was allegedly shot in the rear part of her shoulder by a man that had not been a part of the discussion. Grand Rapids TV 8 reported on Sept. 23 that the wounded woman drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Department to report the shooting.

Probably not: like Mr BilL, she had an owie.  The kill mill shill escort ended up with a band aid on a finger that Oct 13th; this lady, all 84 years of her, just got shot by the left’s fave target, a gun, in the back as she left a home.

A line and tyrannical, totalitarian action that proves Dem leftist attorney generals may LIVE in America, but the last thing they are, is an honorable American citizen.   Pray for Nov 8th results and the seating of the 118th Congress on Jan 3, 2023.  Three days before the Left’s worshiped date.  Jan 6.

I will update as time moves on.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of Life.  I am blessed with the greatest 11 kids, and a new stepmom Mary because mother Donna left earth 11 years ago.  The rest of my life is dedicated to Help1Some1~2 day and help the most vulnerable among us.  Lied to mothers forced to abort their living little girl or boy.  And the child who deserves to have a chance to be attorney general someday; Leftenant General Garland is seeing the writing on the wall and knows his time is very limited.  So he is doing everything he can to lie about people who love America.  Pray for his soul as he torments so many without the Dem union label.

“…But Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, disputed that account, in an interview with the far-right, Catholic antiabortion news outlet LifeSiteNews on the day of his arrest, maintaining that it was her husband who was the true victim.. She said the patient escort had verbally harassed Houck’s 12-year-old son, who’d accompanied him to protest outside the clinic that day. ~~Philly Inquirer”

Finally, proof that Biden no longer should serve as our president. Buffalo’s Compasscare Pregnancy Care free clinic was firebombed. Like the other 70 incidents at CPCs, there are NO arrests. And as Garland’s goons ignore two arsonists because of their political bias, criminals run free.

The most acclaimed law enforcement agency in the world with all the technological prowess only third to the NSA and CIA, refused to enter this federal crime arena.  The clinic director GAVE their video surveillance tapes to the Buffalo Police.  No intention to chase the criminals (maybe because they were black or Mexican? Who knows).  All Compasscare does is protect mothers, give them the truth so they, as adults, can decide whether to keep their child.

Now, believe it or not, the Buffalo Police refuse to return their tapes because they claim the pro life clinic will enable those elusive “right wing” arsonist extremists to do the same thing.

Got it?

Now, believe it or not, the Buffalo Police refuse to return their tapes because they claim the pro life clinic will enable those elusive “right wing” arsonist extremists to do the same thing.

The clinic director has to SUE for their property to be returned.  Just as that political whore Kamalala refuses to return a non violent candid camera jockey’s recordings 8 years after she had 11 of her goons (or thugs?) butt bounce inside Mr Daleiden’s apartment grabbing thumb drives, computers and more.

I guess it boils down to the obvious.  The Democrat party leaders have their lead feet in hell and have no clue just how perilous the writing on their walls really is.  Biden is closer statistically and actuarially, but when Newsom meets his namesake, Lucifer, it won’t go as he plans.

AOC, Pelosi, Newsom, Pete & Chase, Mark and Priscilla, Jill and Joe, have time until their time is up, to return to the God of their youth.  Last Wednesday, Sept 27th, I was visiting my 60 year brother in law in a Hemet hospital room.  He had not opened his eyes for two weeks, on a ventilator.   AS I began a prayer for healing and hope, he opened his eyes and looked at his youngest daughter’s eyes.     A little time later, after I had left, he again opened his eyes to see his wife and within the hour, he passed away and into the next world.  He had the last rites of the CAtholic faith; he was lucky.

My message to the Leftenant General, his boss Obama and puppet BidenoBamaJoe and the other evil doers, you have NO guarantee how many years, days, hours even minutes you have on earth.  I wish all to live forever, but that is your choice.

Just as Mark and Priscilla can revel with their three daughters for a time, what about the 3,000,000 little preborn girls they have paid to die?  Newsom and Jen may use those contract hits for their new JeNewsom Abortion Tours, Inc.  But, the governor may not be aware even he with the cute face and greased 50s hair, cannot escape without repentence.

But Leftenant General Garland, your time as attorney general will soon end.  You know it as does your Maker.  28 months from now you will be out of a job.  Yes, accolades by the Demonic Left, but the Police State status you enjoy will no longer be yours to torture parents and those who disagree with your godfather and owner, Barack Hussein O and Susie Rice, etc.

Life is precious, worth living and needs to be defended.  God bless America and God bless the mothers being lied to by the demons of destruction that plague this great country.  Pray for the Houcks who carry the torch of freedom.  And the Boston clinic director, mystified by his local police’s theft of his property.


Dad of 11 engaged and Pro Women staying alive inside and outside the womb. Comments anyone?

Stacey Abram flunked biology btw.  She doesn’t see the obvious heartbeat as real on a sonogram because it’s bad for Democrat demon business.


Additional information on the Houck miscarriage of justice tragedy








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