The Battle of Lepanto and FOR America with ONE proposition

History repeats, sometimes.  But do we learn from it?

Oct 7, 1571 was an eventful Sunday naval battle in world history.  Meanwhile, Proposition 1 is a mountaintop battle in 2022 by a satanist governor name G Lucipher Newsom and his buddy’s wife, Jen pushing two new flagship businesses:  AborTours Inc. and AMA approved Teen Sex Mutilations UnLtd.  Pelosi’s nephew, the Abortion King, strikes yet again.  

“On Sunday 7 October 1571 the combined Christian fleets under Don John of Austria achieved a significant naval victory over the Turks in the Straits of Lepanto.

Thousands of Christians were liberated, the Turkish fleet was destroyed, and they suffered their first great defeat at sea.

In gratitude to God and Our Lady, Pope Saint Pius V ordered an annual commemoration to be made of Our Lady of Victory.

In 1573 Pope Gregory XIII transferred the feast to the first Sunday of October with the title Feast of the Most Holy Rosary since the victory was won through invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Painting by Paolo Veronese

In 1716 Pope Clement XII extended the feast to the whole Latin Rite calendar, assigning it to the first Sunday in October. Pope Saint Pius X changed the date to 7 October in 1913. In 1969 Pope Paul VI changed the name of the feast to Our Lady of the Rosary.”

The Wiki version: “The Battle of Lepanto was a naval engagement that took place on 7 October 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of Catholic states arranged by Pope Pius V, inflicted a major defeat on the fleet of the Ottoman Empire in the Gulf of Patras”

This painting by Paolo Veronese helps see the timeless story that few in modern godless America understand: the battles are not just on earth, but in the spiritual realm.

We know from the historical books, God created the angels before the universe was created for man, and before Adam and Eve were made in His image. One of the most beautiful & powerful rebelled and became what we call satan or the devil.

He/it hated humanity first, then vociferously Mary and her Son, Jesus.  One tool that is centuries old, the rosary, has amazing power then and in today’s world.

St Dominic traditionally received the rosary, an active prayer tool string of 53 beads, some medals and Christ crucified.

Back to Lepanto, 400 warships were involved in this decisive battle between the Christian world and Muhammed’s Islamist descendants.  The story is a good one to see as it unfolds today in of all places California and the US., as well as Biden bizarre African & Middle East failures especially Afghanistan, which occurred on another Marian feast day, the Assumption (4th joyful rosary mystery ) Aug 15, 2021.

From Michael Novak:

For those who know little history, today’s battles with the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East may seem new and unprecedented (Novak wrote this in 2014 before Trump and Kushner’s amazing successes with turning back ISIS and the Abraham Accords. It is not new.

In a.d.  622, Mohammed set out from Medina to conquer the whole Christian world for Allah by force of arms.  Within a hundred years, his successors had occupied and pillaged every Christian capital of the Middle East, from Antioch through North Africa (home of Saint Augustine) and Spain.  All that remained outside Allah’s reign was the northern arc from Southern France to Constantinople.

What we are seeing in 2014 (and continuing through Biden’s August 15, 2021 fail in Afghanistan, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and other anti-life clashes between good and evil) has a history of more than 1,300 years — a very bloody, terror-ridden history.

Except that today the struggle is far, far more secular than religious — a war over political institutions and systems of law, with almost no public argument over religious doctrine.

Edward Gibbon, in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-78), describes how tall Islamic minarets could have been seen in Oxford before his birth, and the accents in its markets would have been Arabic: “The interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.”

Gibbon was writing about the decisive battle of Poitiers in a.d. 732, when at last a Christian leader, Charles Martel (“Charles the Hammer”), drove back the Muslims from their high-water mark in Western Europe with such force that they went reeling backwards into Spain. From there, it took Spain another 750 years — until 1492 — to drive Islamic armies back into North Africa, whence they had invaded.  Even so, the Islamic terror bombers who just a few years ago killed more than a hundred commuters in Madrid did so (they announced) to avenge the Spanish “Reconquista” of 1492.  For Islam, to lose a territory once Muslim is to incur a religious obligation to wrest it back. (Len’s note: you can see that in Isis resurgence in Biden’s fueling the international terrorists with his blatant incompetence.  20 months of misery merchantile failure)

It had been a marvel in 732 that just over 100 years earlier, Mohammed had launched his army from Medina, to conquer in rapid-fire succession so many of the most glorious capital cities of Christianity — Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Hippo, Tunis, Carthage, and then all of Spain.  More amazingly still, Muslims very quickly went farther into the Far East than Alexander the Great ever had.

Even today, in the eyes of political Islamists, the expansion of Islam is far from finished.  The dynamic obligation at the heart of their Islam is to conquer the world for Allah, and to incorporate it all into the great Islamic Umma.  Only then will the world be at peace.  Submission to Allah is the reason the world was created.

For more than a thousand years after 622, southern Europe had to give active military resistance to the “Saracens” (as the Islamists came to be known in the West).  For 600 of those thousand years, a huge sea war ensued for control of the Mediterranean, but war by land was not called off.  The Turks who took over the Arab world expanded their empire in all four directions on the map.  For more than a century they made attempt after attempt to take down the largest and richest of the Christian capitals, Constantinople, whose walls they finally breached in 1453.  There followed great plunder, huge fires of destruction, the desecration of Christian basilicas and churches, murder, and torture.  Thousands of Christian men, women, and children were marched off toward slavery in the East.

A long line of great warrior sultans sponsored Turkish advances in shipbuilding, gunnery, military organization, and training.  By the mid 1550s they had slowly conceived of a long-term offensive, a pincers movement first by sea and then by land, to conquer the whole northern shore of the Mediterranean.  Their ultimate aim was to take all Italy; then all Europe.

First, in 1565, they launched a massive sea attack on the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the strategically placed island of Malta.  They were repelled after an epic siege (which in itself is one of history’s great stories).  A later northern pincers movement by land was aimed at an attack up through the Balkans, for the conquest of Budapest, and then in a northeast arc into Slovakia and Poland.  In this way, the Muslim forces would essentially encircle Italy from the north.  The capture of Vienna — and thus the cutting off of Italy, for easy conquest — was the prize most sought.

Because by 1540 the Reformation had begun separating the Christian nations of the north from Rome, the sultans soon recognized that the Christian world would no longer fight as one.  The next hundred years or so would be the most fruitful time since 632 to fulfill the destiny of Islam in Europe.

At last, Don Juan of Austria, the younger brother of the king of Spain, an illegitimate son, stood erect and summoned allies to repel the much-anticipated Muslim advance. He aimed at leading a large fleet to go after the new Muslim fleet preemptively, before they could depart from their home seas.

1.  The Preliminary Battles of Malta and Famagusta: 1565 and 1571

Each new caliph of the Islamic empire was expected to expand the existing Muslim territories, in order to fulfill Islam’s mission and gain for the leader the necessary popularity and legitimacy.  So it was that in the pleasant springtime of 1571, an entire Muslim fleet under Ali Pasha was ordered by the sultan to seek out and destroy Christian dominance of the Mediterranean Sea, all the way up to Venice.  During the summer, Ali Pasha raided fort after fort along the Adriatic shore, picked up thousands of hostages as slaves, and sent at least a small squadron to blockade for two or three days the approaches to St.  Mark’s Square in Venice, not least to plant a seed of terror about worse things to come.

Meanwhile, another large Muslim force soon conquered Cyprus, inflicting ritual cruelties on the defeated population of Nicosia, setting fire to churches, beheading the older women, and marching all younger Christians of both sexes into slavery.  The Muslim armies then headed north for the fortress of Famagusta, the last Venetian stronghold on the island, the “extended arm” of the trading posts and protective forts of the Venetian navy in the entire eastern Mediterranean.  An army of 100,000 opened the siege, against a force of 15,000 behind the walls.

Under the energetic generalship of the elderly General Marcantonio Bragadino, the small band of defenders held out for week after week, despite receiving more than 180,000 incoming cannonballs.  The defenders ran so short of food that in the end they were eating cats, until finally they consumed their last one.  The Muslim general was outraged by the length of the siege, which had already cost him 80,000 of his best men even though Famagusta’s fate was sealed from the first days.  Yet there were still long days, and sometimes nights, of hard hand-to-hand fighting just outside the walls.  Muslim losses kept getting fully replenished by sea, and the Muslim forces grew stronger as the Christians got down to their last six barrels of gunpowder, with only four hundred men still able to fight.

On August 1, General Bragadino finally accepted surrender terms, which guaranteed safe passage of all his men to sail home to Venice, and safety to all citizens of the walled city.  He walked with the full scarlet regalia of his office out from the walls and down to the tent of Alfa Mustafa, the victorious commander.  There the two leaders conversed.  Then something went wrong, and Mustafa grew visibly angry and called for his men to behead the full complement of 350 survivors who had laid down their arms to march out with Bragadino.  All 350 bleeding heads were piled up just outside Mustafa’s tent.

For more than a thousand years after 622, southern Europe had to give active military resistance to the “Saracens” (as the Islamists came to be known in the West).

Mustafa then ordered Bragadino’s ears and nose chopped off, and forced the man to go down on all fours wearing a dog’s collar around his neck, to the jibes, mockery, and horror of the onlookers.  Bags of earth were strapped over Bragadino’s back and he was made to carry them to the walls of the fortification, and to kiss the earth each time he passed Mustafa.  As the old man grew fainter from the loss of blood from his head, he was tied to a chair, put in a rope harness and hoisted up to the highest mast in the fleet, so that all survivors of the city might see his humiliation.  Then Bragadino’s chair was dropped in free fall into the water and brought out again.  The tortured Venetian was led in ropes to the town square and stripped.  At a stone column (which still stands today), Bragadino’s hands were tied outstretched over his head, and an executioner stepped forward with sharp knives to carefully remove his skin, keeping it whole.  Before the carver had reached Bragadino’s waist, the man was dead.  His full skin was then stuffed with straw, once again raised up to the highest mast, and sailed around to various ports as a trophy of victory, and finally taken back to Istanbul for permanent exhibition.

Meanwhile, Don Juan had put the Christian fleet of some 200 vessels on course toward Lepanto, where Ali Pasha was refitting his vessels in the safe protection of an impregnable harbor.  When a fast corsair dispatched from Famagusta arrived to deliver the tale of the dishonors visited on General Bragadino and his 350 surviving soldiers, the blood of the Venetians boiled.  They now allowed no question of turning back.  They were determined to avenge the horrors suffered by their comrades in arms.

The young Don Juan was buoyed by this new resolve.  Now he would be able to keep the vow he had made to Pope Pius V, to seek out and destroy the threatening enemy.  The young admiral — he was 22 when he became commander of this fleet — felt confident in his battle plan.  He had taken care to have his whole fleet rehearse their roles in the quiet seas of the Adriatic just before turning toward Lepanto.

Don Juan and many of his men spent much of the night before the battle of October 7 in prayer.  The fate of their civilization, they knew, depended on their good fortune on the morrow.  The uncertainties of the changing winds and choppy seas, and the speed of the two onrushing lines of ships rapidly closing on each other, would create unpredictable havoc.  The odds against the Christians in ships were something like 350 ships to 250.  But the Christians had a secret weapon.

2.  The Greatest Sea Battle in History: Lepanto, October 1571

For more than three years, Pope Pius V had labored mightily to sound alarms about the deadly Muslim buildup in the shipyards of Istanbul.  The sultan had been stung by the surprising defeat of his overwhelming invasion force in Malta in 1565.  The savagery of Muslim attacks on the coastal villages of Italy, Sicily, Dalmatia, and Greece was ratcheted upwards.  Three or four Muslim galleys would offload hundreds of marines, who would sweep through a village, tie all its healthy men together for shipment out to become galley slaves, march away many of its women and young boys and girls for shipment to Eastern harems, and then gather all the elderly into the village church, where the helpless victims would be beheaded, and sometimes cut up into little pieces, to strike terror into other villages.  The Muslims believed that future victims would lose heart and swiftly surrender when Muslim raiders arrived.  Over three centuries, the number of European captives kidnapped from villages and beaches by these pirates climbed into the hundreds of thousands.

The reason for this kidnapping was that the naval appetite for fresh backs and muscles was insatiable.  Most galley slaves lived little more than five years.  They were chained to hard benches in the burning Mediterranean sun, slippery in their own excrement, urine, and intermittent vomiting, often never lying down to sleep.  The dark vision that troubled the pope during the late 1560s was of even more horrible calamities to befall the whole Christian world, bit by bit.  But unity in Europe was hard to find, and even more scarce was the will to fight for survival.

Having seen Muslim ferocity firsthand, however, the Venetian public was determined to contribute a fleet to the task.  Their support was crucial, for Venice was in those days the shipbuilding and gunnery capital of the world, producers (for a profit) of the most innovative, most versatile, stoutest, and most seaworthy armed vessels in the world.  The best sea captains of Venice were the most eager to avenge their friends and fellow citizens.

For years, Venice had preferred peace with the Muslim East, in order to carry on their lucrative international trade.  Now there was a cause that took precedence over the traditions of commerce.  Genoa, too, contributed a fleet under their famous but now elderly Admiral Andrea Doria, these days a less-bold warrior despite the glory of his earlier exploits.  The Knights of Malta, the premier sea warriors of the time, offered their small but highly skilled fleet in support of the pope’s appeal and agreed to work cooperatively with Don Juan.

Don Juan, whom his contemporaries described as a modest and humble man, characteristically set aside his own ego for the sake of the cause that engaged him.  He pledged to the armada a large contingent supplied by Spain and Portugal.  By the end of September 1571, eager to get their job done before winter turned the seas choppy and unfit for battle, the four distinct parts of the Christian fleet sailed past Italy, hugging the coasts, sending teams of observers to land to pick up the latest intelligence on the Muslim force.  Finally, they learned that an enormous Muslim fleet, nearly 100 ships larger than their own, was sailing near to land toward the Gulf of Lepanto.  No more talking, Don Juan told his leading admirals; now, “Battle.”

Don Juan, whom his contemporaries described as a modest and humble man, characteristically set aside his own ego for the sake of the cause that engaged him.

Keeping the Knights of Malta in reserve just a short distance behind the main battle line, Don Juan assigned the impassioned Venetians the important left flank, with its leftmost ships close to the shoreline.  He himself commanded a hundred vessels at the center.  In plain sight was his capital ship, the Real, its banners of leadership visible to all.  To the right flank he assigned the venerable Andrea Doria and the Genoese fleet.  The plan was to hold his ships in as long and straight a line as seamanship in a besetting wind would allow, while heading directly for the Muslim line.

At his front, however, Don Juan placed a nasty surprise for Ali Pasha.  Six new, taller, sturdier ships packed with cannons (especially in the bow) and heavily laden with lead and shot placed themselves a mile forward of the Christian line.  They looked flat on top, like merchant ships.  No one had ever seen such ships before.  They lacked a bow rising up skywards, the one necessary weapon for vicious ramming.  For the purpose of these new galleasses, as they were called, was not to ram oncoming ships but to blast them with an array of cannons.  Their shot could carry a mile with great accuracy.  When the galleasses turned sideways, they could blast with even more cannons, designed for shorter ranges, often aiming their cannon just at the waterline of their foes.  They had the power to sink a smaller, lighter, faster Muslim galley with a single burst.

At first, the two fleets spotted each other on the horizon as single masts.  Then they were visible in small numbers, and only as the two fleets closed to about two miles of each other could any one of the 200,000 sailors, marines, and janissaries on board catch a glimpse of the lines and dispositions of the fleets.  The Muslims preferred to attack in a crescent rather than a straight line, but the winds at their back and tricky tides from the shoreline to their north forced them to straighten up their lines.  Those who gazed on the massive array of ships and sails were filled with awe.  One of those to be wounded in this battle, the great author Miguel de Cervantes, later wrote of “the most noble and memorable event that past centuries have seen.”  Just over six hundred ships in two amazingly orderly lines, each stretching three miles from end to end, silently bore down on one another as the distance between them closed.  A sense of destiny weighed upon all who watched and waited.

The huge green battle flag of Allah — his name embroidered on it in Arabic some 29,800 times — marked out the tall capital ship Sultana, on which the fearsome young admiral Ali Pasha held command.  Pasha was puzzled by the six more or less flat barges out in front of the Christian lines.  His own armed soldiers were reliant mostly on clouds of arrows.  His sailors had mastered the arts of ramming, and of disgorging massive boarding parties onto the enemy’s slippery decks, then beating down their defenders by a sort of fierce land warfare out on the open sea.  In those days, sea warfare was like land warfare, only carried out on open decks side-by-side instead of in open fields.  Ship was lashed to ship, sometimes a dozen together.  Hand-to-hand combat was the key.

There is no point here in giving the whole narrative of the battle.  Suffice it to say that in the center, the volleys from the galleasses out in front destroyed one Muslim vessel after another.  Masts snapped, the oars of the galleys were shattered, and huge holes opened up the thin wooden sides of the galleys to the boiling sea.  The Muslim ships that were not sunk were easily boarded by the Christian ships coming alongside, built a little higher, and amply supplied not only with boarding nets but, even more important, with ranks of the old-style predecessors to rifles — arquebuses — directing point-blank rifle balls into the unarmored flesh of Muslim archers.  It is true that in a few cases whole clouds of Muslim arrows felled many in the Christian ships, including the great Venetian commander Agostino Barbarigo, who was shot in the eye.  But most of the Christian warriors wore the latest in body armor, which often repelled wooden arrows harmlessly.  Nonetheless, at least one Christian ship was later found aimlessly afloat, with every single man dead or wounded.

At the last, the two capital ships Real and Sultana clashed head-on, and Don Juan led the final boarding party which in its ferocity drove Ali Pasha to the aft poop, where he soon fell with a bullet in his eye.  The Muslim admiral’s head was cut off and borne aloft on a pike to be mounted on the bow of the Real.  The seas around were filled with cloaks, caps, struggling bodies, the vast wooden wreckage of battle, and, floating in the churning water, large splotches of red blood.

On the Christian left, the Venetians attacked with almost blind rage and broke the line of the Muslim right with relative ease.  They were aided by a revolt of the galley slaves on board a number of Muslim vessels, who in the explosions on board had their chains broken, and poured up on deck swinging their chains to left and right.  So great was the Venetian fury that even after the battle, many of its sailors spent hours using their pikes to kill Muslim sailors and soldiers struggling in the sea.  They tried to excuse their bloodlust by saying that they never wished to see those men sailing against the West again.

In four hours the battle was over.  More than 40,000 men had died, and thousands more were wounded, more than in any other battle in history, more even than at Salamis or, in years to come, at the Somme.  Never again did the Muslim fleet pose a grave danger to Europe from the south, although of course Muslim fleets kept busy expanding their bases on the African coast, harassing Western ships and territories across the Mediterranean.

Technology, especially that pioneered by Venice and by oceangoing Portugal and Spain, had made the decisive difference.  As Victor Davis Hanson writes, it was to capitalism that the victory was owed, for it was open markets that spurred competition to keep improving gunnery and ships, and it was the great merchant and commercial cities that built these new technologies.

After Lepanto, the arts of gunnery replaced the arts of the bow and arrow, however deadly for many centuries those weapons had proved to be.  Ships were made stouter, taller, and more able to carry heavy armaments — and new methods had to be sought to replace locomotion by galley slaves.

As news of the great victory of October 7 reached shore, church bells rang all over the cities and countryside of Europe.  For months, Pius V had urged Catholics to say the daily rosary on behalf of the morale and good fortune of the Christian forces and, above all, for a successful outcome to the highly risky preemptive strike against the Turkish fleets.  Thereafter, he declared that October 7 would be celebrated as the Feast of “Mary, Queen of Victory.”  A later Pope added the title “Queen of the Most Holy Rosary” in honor of the laity’s favorite form of prayer.  All over the Italian peninsula, great paintings were commissioned — whole galleries were dedicated — to honor the classic scenes of that epic battle.  The air of Europe that October tasted of liberties preserved.  The record of the celebrations lives on in glorious paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and many others.

Symbols of Good and Evil: the Rosary of our Lady held by father of seven Mr Houck and an escort for a woman sacrificing her life at planned parenthood.

The first Sunday in October commemorates more than just earthly victory won. It shows us how REAL the second Eve in history, Our Lady of the Rosary, continues to be involved in God’s plan. Bernadette at Lourdes where the Knights of Malta still take the malades (sick and infirm) for the healing baths.

The miraculous image of Dec 12, 1531 on Juan Diego’s cloak happened 40 years previous in the Americas, while the Ottoman Turks and the Holy League continued the war of a millennium.

The faith of the Aztecs, believing they must sacrifice thousands of their fellow “Mexico City inhabitants” to the war god, Huitetc. came to an end for millions.

Half a word away, and 10 years previously, when Spain’s Hernan Cortez arrived, followed by a dozen Franciscans walking barefoot from True Cross (Vera Cruz), caused 175,000 to convert to Catholicism.  Yet, after the Nahuatl Aztec culture was seen in plain sight in Mary’s message of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 10 MILLION more came to the Faith.  No one can deny the continued influence of Mary and her converts throughout the Americas, especially here in southern California and the USA.  The Truth has the capacity to correct many errors IF fought for with determination.

My kids hate it when I discuss politics as part of life, but it IS!  I overdid it as they grew, but Beckman kids, please forgive your father for trying so hard to inform and protect you.

A muslim woman speaks of her faith’s desire to NOT abort the Gift in the Womb.

Centuries later, Mary appeared to three young people in Fatima, Portugal over six dates, all 13s, in 1917.  The town was named for Muhammad’s favorite daughter by a Catholic prince who married a beautiful Muslim girl. He renamed his city out of love for his wife.  Yet her messages were numerous; one very important one refers to Russia specifically, a country with a megalomaniacal strongman, and its conversion.  As Lepanto, it was anchored by a terrible world war different only in the number of countries and their names.  Mary did her job but did we do ours, with the secrets revealed.  Pick up a newscast today (an honest one) and you read or hear about the Megalomaniacal Putin, Ukraine, death and more death.  The Chinese enslave millions of the Muslim Ughers.

Tossing you a bone and an odd one.  Not to mention the Giza Pyramid, which means ‘border fire in the middle’ is not what many believe.

Like the miraculous Shroud, I have studied this undeniable Christian relic for decades, the last of the world’s wonders…and maybe the first to appear.

In fact, it is a cause being considered as a Catholic relic or holy site, even in its disheveled condition, brought about by Arab block robbers.

You may not know it was once covered by 144,000 brilliant mirror cover stones that over a few centuries was cannibalized by local Arabians after a convenient earthquake made the multi-ton finely honed blocks available for minarets and mosques.  But it took centuries to remove the massive number of super heavy blocks, leaving but a few below the sand line for study.

This new work is principally by my humble dedication to unearthing its marvels that exist today but it is an open source cause.   So many facts, so little time.

Did you know the 8 sided pyramid (viewed as such at dawn and dusk at the two Solstices)has an angle and vector built into its passageways, that points over the Solomonic columns on the Egypt/Saudi border previously known as the Passover Exodus exit/entry and continues over the House of Bread (Beth’Lehem), the place where the center of the world, of His Story, history, Jesus the Christ was born.

In fact GizaP is BUILT purposefully (2623bc) ON the EXACT CENTER OF THE WORLD. On the day Jesus was conceived and died, March 25 (Friday the 13th hebrew month of Abib), it used to shine its brightest with ZERO SHADOW.

Lots more for another time.   I believe God placed it so that yet another proof of His existence, and His plan for the human race.  Trust me, people, man doesn’t “create” CO2, nor does he change climate to melt the earth. 12 man made CO2 molecules per million air, is insufficient to ruffle a dog’s hair let alone cause Ira’s Tampa or New Orleans Katrina to get 140mph winds. Such fossil fools in our midst. But we Church are culpable in not teaching truth to the godless mind numbed fear mongered in our world.

Fast forward to today, where many Catholics who have fallen for the devil.  ObamaJoe (puppet of Barack and his money dog Katzenberg) is like Lord of the Rings King Theoden,  mentally deranged and oppressed by hell, much like Biden is today.

Biden insults the God of the Universe and His Son, Jesus by receiving the Real Presence, the Eucharist, unworthily while deep in mortal sin.  Pray for this sad soul 33 days until Nov 8th, an electoral change this Oct 7th; Pelosi is another, who has sold her dark soul to Gavin’s new namesake.  His mom had such hope for HairGel Gavin, but alas…


Newsom proposes in Prop 1, an actual death sentence through 7 pounds and birth day, to KILL EVERY little girl and boy from all 50 states.

His mom named him Gavin Christopher but his new formal middle name is lucipher, honoring his beloved god of hell.

Think this hyperbole?  What do you call inviting the nation’s degreed sex mutilators from Boston and all points in between to come to California, without parental consent, to have our teens’ supple breasts sliced off for AMA trophy cases and little boys’ penises circumsliced off at the crotch for NO GOOD REASON.  Teens are clueless, as apparently some parents, of what their future will be; why slice off their God given sexual identity, setting up years of dismal emotional and mental turmoil?  The nerve of these “neo Dr Mengele” of the national socialist party of Germany!

At least Dr Mengele just worked on twins for the most part, aborting one and torturing the other.  Gender affirming surgery, what a pile of crap.

What happened to ethics in medicine?, from the most egregious medical malpractice in history (Covid Vax fraud, suppressed successful treatments, hidden research and follow up data etc) to disemboweling and denuding our young of their human sexual identity for a bunch of perv freak doctors who now are begging the Left’s Leftenant General Garland for “protection” from real citizens over their “gender affirming surgeries”.  Follow the money, anything to make a buck.

God, who feeds us with CO2 based food via photosynthesis, CREATED infinitely intricate female and male entities with 50 trillion cells, and intensely unique deoxyribonucleic acid blueprints.  NOT to be 58 other pretend “genders”.  lucipher laughs on how stupid we are on earth.

lucipher (light-bearer), the gifted archangel became satan when it refused to worship the God that made him/it.  And Gavin, who has his lead foot in hell, emulates his god in all that he does.  The 10 commandments are not suggestions; when God said do not lie, cheat, steal or kill, He was serious.  Ask Moses.

Basic biology except to the climate cultist Dem left who believes “science” precedes “fiction” except what they want it to be

Obama’s lapdog bag men Katzenberg and Soros, are similar to Newsom’s lapdog bag man, Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg; Mother Zucker BOUGHT 3 million little kid kills, abortions with a nasty 992.2 million dollar donation to hell’s hospital on earth, planned parenthood silicon valley.

The irony is nauseating…tech’s advance could do such great things for humanity but it is squandered for the loony beliefs of a couple with three miscarriages and three little girls they keep alive in the Zucker Castle while they kill off millionse blacks and mexican children before they have a chance to live.  By the MILLIONS.  Evil abounds, but remember grace abounds more.  I know, they are part of the Sanger Eugenics, with their little cult depopulation seances at their Billionaire Boys Club coven meets.

But, the Battle of Lepanto changed history. 40,000 men died to push back Muhammad’s belief that his god wants EVERYONE who doesn’t follow Muhammad’s Allah must die.

The Jews, their half brothers and sisters whom the Islamists call “infidels” and the Christian world, whom modern Islamist terrorists (not all Muslims are terrorists) call “crusaders”.

Often, great wrongs involve much human tragedy to be righted.

600,000 died to end American slavery (as opposed to African, English etc forms of slavery) in 1865; today we have the least racist country on earth IF you don’t follow the left’s misery merchants revisions (1619, Corrupt Racial Theories, personal pronouns etc).

But, the real battle, intrinsic to the survival of humanity on earth, has seen 2.3 BILLION little girl/boy kills so far since 1973. Billions more will die unless we win the battle of FetalKil, the drug and opiate of the diabolic Democrat party today.  How can ANYONE be Catholic and give one vote to a Democrat is well above my pay grade.

Fentanyl, which China has exported before and after it designed and exported the bioweapon Corona virus -02,-10, -22, with enhanced delivery, to the world, is the #1 killer of people 18-45.

But, for the fully alive preborns, abortion, which chemical version I call FetalKil and its generic FetalNyl, will lead to MILLIONS dead each year.

G Lucipher Newsom has declared MY native state for 70 years, home to 40 million and declining, a sanctuary for killing little girls and sex mutilating young women and boys protected by Garland’s Gang’s Gender Affirmation project.  Sickos and perverts…

parents, where the heaven are you?

I know where Paul Vaugh is, the father of 11, for peacefully protesting for life. In the hands of the evil Garland, who selectively applies the FACE act against honest people who don’t believe in child sacrifice

Then there’s Kamala, who slept in the Brown Bedroom, hopes for the Lincoln bedroom and got her $166,000 in walkaround money the old fashioned way from Slick Wille while his wife Blanche objected.  Now she’s the president of vice and has an accurate mantra. She favors killing energy AND little girls:

“I believe extracting little Black girls from Mother Wombs is preferred to Extracting Black Gold from Mother Earth.”  I am Kamala and I approve this message.  Sanger is clapping from hell for her excellent student.

Illinois now has a mobile chemical weapons van that delivers the abortion kill pill and early abortions on the road.

Designed to hit the states it borders, now Abort Inc. can deliver hell’s best to Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Indiana.

We have no southern border but the satan sacrament of the Democrat leadership RV can deliver it to five other states with no borders too!

God has blessed America in so many ways.  But too many of us have been asleep at the switch.  School boards worship the teachers’ unions and defy common decency by indoctrinating the young because the left has infiltrated the realm they hate: having children.  UTLA cicely is a BLM staffer and adherent to hating God.  Like so many others.

But Proposition 1 is our battle of, not Lepanto, but who will be King of the hill.  Emperor Hairgel, the toddler tyrant king of evil or the real king: the King of kings.  Newsom, like former Catholic ObamaJoe Biden, have power given by God not man.  The writing is on the wall for both.

As I say often, “It is a great day to be alive!”.  Let’s KEEP alive our greatest natural resource, even if Kamala prefers them dead and carved up into saleable organs, our young, both INSIDE moms and in our homes.  The LIFEBLOOD of America.


The left can abort all day long if they must; but at least, respectful Godly young will be the recipients of the Promised Land of the Americas. If you look beyond the left looney universities, their own little worlds of wackiness, there are thousands of growing large families across america.  We just finished 39 years of Catholic home based fully functional education of our 11; Covid was a road bump not 2 insane years of buy the Pfauci lie of total shutdown.

EVERY parent homeschools their kids from birth and many were forced to try it; some succeeded, many did not.  Truth be told, no longer the best kept secret though still hated by the ideologues and teachers’ unions:

HOMESCHOOLING IS A CHOICE, NOT A CRIME…A LIFESTYLE WORTH CONSIDERING.  And many have successfully.  Some bishops believe in it emphatically, since it honors the canons of the Church and the catechism in which “parents are the primary educators of their children”.  Tell that to Leftenant General Garland and his Goons of Chaos

Turning back evil methodologies continues long past LePanto

Homeschooling Renaissance is underway, Parents peaceful rebellion (sorry Left Gen Garland, they are NOT ‘domestic terrorists”) continues following the Virginia three wins; education, criminality, border rebuild, equal application of the law for law and order, DefEnd the Police…NOT the roaming lawless and disorderly led by the Obamanation of Desolators.

Good and evil has been a battle from the early days of Creation, with Cain and Abel.  Let us continue the “battle” for the souls of America and its SOUL by confronting everywhere evil exists.

Especially on the platform of the Culture of Death, the Democrat national committee, alternate governance of the ObamaNation 2 miles north of the white house and in our neighborhoods.

Abortion at ANY time until birth brings up the demons’ cheers from hell, but heaven dictates: ALL lives are PRECIOUS, unique, NOT repeatable and sacred.

Len Beckman

Dad of 11 39th year homeschooling dedicated to Truth, Justice and Life





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