America’s Kristallnacht in the 2020s RSVed via OCBoard of Supes

Can our Orange County, Calif. Board of Supervisors ALL be this ignorant?  Can they be snowed by our public health apparatus? Yet again? This time by making a federal case pandemic declaration  over the common cold.  Honestly I don’t think so; all five have brains and staff to feed them the truth.

By the way, Dr Chau, to prevent overrunning the ERooms of the OC, why not recommend to parents countywide:

~~~I am NOT a doctor, just a parent of 11 kids and 24 grandkids who reads and researchs: ~~~~~~

How Can I Help Treat RSV if My Child is Sick?

According to the CDC, most RSV infections resolve on their own within two weeks.

If your child is sick:

  • Give them plenty of liquids to stay hydrated
  • Manage fever and pain with over-the-counter medications like Tylenol (acetomenophin) or Advil (ibuprofen).

According to the Mayo Clinic, “use of nasal saline drops and suctioning may help clear a stuffy nose,” especially if your child is too young to blow their nose on their own.’


But sans doing the obvious, let’s begin CoVid II RSVersion.  First step is to induce fear:

“CDC surveillance has shown an increase in RSV detections and RSV-associated emergency department visits and hospitalizations in multiple U.S. regions, with some regions nearing seasonal peak levels. Clinicians and public health professionals should be aware of increases in respiratory viruses, including RSV.”

Stage 2 public health cancer is declaring a local emergency:

NBC article:  “According to the CDC, a drug called palivizumab is available to prevent severe RSV illness in certain high-risk infants and children, like premature babies or those with congenital heart disease and chronic lung disease.

“The drug can help prevent serious RSV disease, but it cannot help cure or treat children already suffering from serious RSV disease, and it cannot prevent infection with RSV,” the CDC says on its website.

There is currently no vaccine against RSV, but Pfizer is testing one, with promising results so far.  (Pfizer, where have i seen that company before?)

Data shows that when the shot was given to women in their late pregnancy, the vaccine was highly effective at protecting newborns against severe cases of the respiratory virus.

Pfizer plans to submit an application to the FDA for the vaccine’s approval by the end of 2022.”

Stage 3 of this cancerous growth in fake medical tyranny:

Get a local jurisdiction to couple fear with suppressed research and bring in $56 billion richer Boorla Pfizer and Dr Pfaucinstein’s monster team.   Patsy was easy:  OCBoard of Supervisors on Nov 1 (the chicken little “sky is falling” event), a Nov 2nd meeting then hastily called Nov 8th meeting to approve the local “emergency” declaration.

Nov 8. Supervisors’ Hearing Room.  The date and place I testified twice to caution with facts, among 20 other concerned critically thinking local PARENTS.  God knows the far left anarchist Dems & Deep Staters hate those persons of periods and producers of children.

To be transparent, I am sure Dr Chau and his OC Public Health Care Agency has no subliminal agenda and does excellent work.  Their missionDr.ClaytonChau is: The OC Health Care Agency (HCA) is a regional interdisciplinary health jurisdiction and an accredited health department, charged with protecting and promoting individual, family and community health through partnership and coordination of public and private sector resources. Many of the HCA’s services are preventative in nature and therefore are not readily apparent to the public. Some examples include food protection, monitoring the quality of ocean water, mental health services, alcohol and drug use services, communicable disease control, public health field nursing and public health clinics.

This must come under Dr Chau’s Communicable Disease Control of the Common Cold area.

Having 11 kids, there is nothing more precious than keeping our young, prebirth and postbirth, healthy and alive. I wish modern medicine included prebirth babies “choiced” to death for the sin of existing.

But, I thank Dr Clayton Chau, MD, PhD, MASL.  I hope, Dr Clayton, you pay as much attention to the dying prebirth babies at Planned Parenthoodlum HQ on Tustin Ave at the 22, as you do for seeding the latest prePandemic for RSVirus and the smoothly inculcation of the RSVax by Pfauci’s Pfavored Pfizer, already $56 billion fatter on our Tax $$ for their Pfailed vax pogroms.  Dr. CC, you must know this prepandemic declaration will spread faster than the common cold to nonDoctor Crazy Hair Ferrer (LA) and by now, Dr Pfaucinstein has got wind of it.  You sir are the “point of the spear” unless you act soon.  Calm the fears while chasing the Sacramento funds for overworked health providers.

“Over three years, the pharma~pubic health CDC NIAID NIH FDA consortium got away with so many lockdowns, mandates and tyranny with their CoVax pogroms to counter a disease that had successful solutions in place for Covid19-Covid22 long BEFORE the CoVax arrived; the new Knights of Broken Glass ie the admin state’s medical tyrants of pubic health is trying again with the common cold.  But not all Public Health agencies have directors like Crazy Hair Ferrer, not a doctor: we have an excellent Doctor Chau running our OC agency.

When will the Obamanation, comprised of far left Democrats, compliance statists & cesspoolian DC varmints, stop their endless guinea pigging of American citizens’ children?

Giving life to Citizen Reproductive while killing mom’s little girl; Infecting their minds with fake racialist bias against the singular human race, depersonalizing us with made up “genders”, jabbing us with forced toxic chemicals.

Drug Cos do great things in developing cures, like the amazing cure for Onchocerciasis (commonly called River Blindness) using Ivermectin (ever heard about this drug?); but when they lose sight, river and other blindness, to their primary call to “Do NO harm”, their cure can be more destructive than the disease.

Like Dr Chau’s push for Local PrePandemic Powers and funding from our Creepy Porn Greasehead Newsom’s bag of quarters in SacraDEMento.   I see yet another expansion creep coming on.

To quote a wise trucker: “Your Democrat Government wants to inject toxic chemicals into your body…there is something fundamentally wrong with this picture.”  John is over the target: “Ask people what they do to cure the heart damage from forced shots on them by the Democrats.  Ask people what they do to cure the brain damage from forced shots on them by Democrats.”   It’s not just the Democrats, it’s all human enslavers who believe they are God.

Yes, what DO we do about curing myocarditis, blood clots and many others of the millions of Adverse Side Effects reported and the other 99% NOT reported by clinician interference (VAERS) now that we know the miraculous Pfizer Pfixes PFAIL!

Look, suppressed scientific truth is one of the keys.   For example:

They have the sheeple believing 12 CO2 molecules per million air molecules locks heat on earth and melts the planet; this fraud is out of control with Biden & 100 world leaders now piling on to rob trillions more for their evil pursuits at latest “climate change and dollars” confab in Egypt.

Climate changes but not by anything man can do.  12:1,000,000 carbon dioxide is impossible to do anything but what God intended: to FEED the WORLD, combining CO2, H2O & sunlight in that long forgotten scientific processes, photosynthesis and aerobic respiration.

OR worse:

ignoring biologic realities in killing a perfectly living child, believing it needs death more than life; why can’t they convince them the common cold (RSV) is the latest hyperpandemic that needs a saviour, another mRNA “vaccination” pogrom STARTING with the very young”  Let me repeat the NBC/LA report line:  There is currently no vaccine against RSV, but Pfizer is testing one, with promising results so far.  (Pfizer, where have i seen that company before?) ~~Len Beckman in the post-Constitutional bizarro world.

The process of conditioning a free (American) people is not new.  Look to Nov 9-10, 1938

84 years ago, Kristallnacht was the precursor to the 2020 Summer of Love and the ongoing Decade of CoVax Pharma Pfraud.  A little (non 1619) history should suffice.

Kristallnacht, (German: “Crystal Night”) , also called Night of Broken Glass or November Pogroms, the night of November 9–10, 1938, when German Nazis attacked Jewish persons and property. The name Kristallnacht refers ironically to the litter of broken glass left in the streets after these pogroms. The violence continued during the day of November 10, and in some places acts of violence continued for several more days.

October 2019, Communist Science Sinos released a well designed bioterror virus, possibly with Dr Pfaucinstein’s special enhancements, into their city-wide human petri dish, Wuhan.

Soon Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague swamped the 11 million WuHan city dwellers; Xi banned intraChina flights OUT OF and INTO Wuhan country wide except for flights to Spain and Italy.  The hyperventilation of the SARS disease and worldwide infestation was underway. Our NIAID minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels’ counterpart today, St Anthony Pfauci began his pogrom to push for his career crowning CoVax.  In true Rahm Emmanuel fashion, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The pretext for the German pogroms was the shooting in Paris on November 7, 1938 of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by a Polish-Jewish student, Herschel Grynszpan. News of Rath’s death on November 9 reached Adolf Hitler in MunichGermany, where he was celebrating the anniversary of the abortive 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. There, Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, after conferring with Hitler, harangued a gathering of old storm troopers, urging violent reprisals staged to appear as “spontaneous demonstrations.” Telephone orders from Munich triggered pogroms throughout Germany, which then included Austria.

Flash forward to 2019-2020. People died en masse at Washington’s Life Care Center and in NYC. The majority victims were elderly and the infirm in Covid’s early months.  Trump successfully shut down China flights Jan 31st but this did not prevent Spain & Italy from being blanketed by Chinese factory workers to infect the West.  Arguably, the migrant Chinese workers were unaware they were the transmitters of medical terror.

Just before midnight on November 9, Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller sent a telegram to all police units informing them that “in shortest order, actions against Jews and especially their synagogues will take place in all of Germany. These are not to be interfered with.” Rather, the police were to arrest the victims. Fire companies stood by synagogues in flames with explicit instructions to let the buildings burn. They were to intervene only if a fire threatened adjacent “Aryan” properties.

Science fiction is easily malleable and spreads to the ignorant like, well, the common cold.  In short order, mainly Democrat Blue governors like Cuomo, Whitmer, fanned the fear,  interfered with the private sector, killing thousands of businesses by their edicts with shutdowns and silly mandates totally arbitrarily applied.   Next, that 2020 spring and summer, they stood by like Goebbels and Heinrich Muller did in Germany to allow 574 riots, calling them peaceful protests with minimal law enforcement protecting the vulnerable… while millions of Americans lived in their own “concentration camps” with ZoomSchool teachers ticked off that parents hovered in their OWN kitchens while they spewed indoctrinal poison at their kids.

In two days and nights, more than 1,000 synagogues were burned or otherwise damaged. Rioters ransacked and looted about 7,500 Jewish businesses, killed at least 91 Jews, and vandalized Jewish hospitals, homes, schools, and cemeteries. The attackers were often neighbours. Some 30,000 Jewish males aged 16 to 60 were arrested. To accommodate so many new prisoners, the concentration camps at DachauBuchenwald, and Sachsenhausen were expanded.

Already, churches and what the government declared “non-essential” were shut down. Of course, Creepy Prn Greasehead Newsom declared his pet planned parenthoodlums as “essential workers” in March 2020 (nothing more essential than killing and harvesting prebirth little girls) and the rest is revisable history.

Starting this one crazy summer, with mask waivers and non spread “chits” in place while innocent citizens stayed home, anarchist riots destroyed  billions of dollars of private property, despite the Covid lockdowns, 50 cops killed, hundreds more civilians, as DefUnd the Police gained ground, cashless bail and coddled criminals ran rampant in NYC, Minneapolis etc.

The far left mainly Democrat Blue governors, mayors and BLM leaders, the Knights of Broken Glass, did not consider massive protests a super spreader because the face diapers were magical in allowing mayhem without disease to proliferate.

Nov 1938: After the pogrom ended, it was given an oddly poetic name: Kristallnacht—meaning “crystal night” or “night of broken glass.” This name symbolized the final shattering of Jewish existence in Germany. After Kristallnacht, the Nazi regime made Jewish survival in Germany impossible.

Nov 2022 America: have our collective wills been broken, like the storefronts of Jewish businesses throughout Germany? Are we mice or men of courage? Are we wimps or women of valor?

A main developer of the memory ribonucleic acid, mRNA, Dr Robert Malone states emphatically this vax is NOT an appropriate application for the technology.  Meanwhile, primary successful therapies like zinc ionophore based Strombectol/Ivermectin and Plaquenil/Hydroxychloroquine, (ironically, in 2005, the same Dr Pfaucinstein claimed “chloroquines” successfully took out Corona viruses) were successfully treating patients.  Worldwide by proxy, since “sunday sunday” helped Africans avoid Covid, the success stories would have helped tremendously except for Dr Pfaucinstein and his suppressors lying about horse dewormer and fish tank cleaners to pull off his career crowning event.  Thanks to the modern Goebbelesque propaganda sweep, this got these well trained American doctors docked and/or fired, even though they SAVED lives (including NY Jews, ironically). Unspoken, CoVax chasing has killed the inviolable doctor-patient privileges via the Federalized indoctrination of imposed medical fake facts.  When an ER doctor Simone Gold is fired for helping her patients post ER, she like hundreds of other doctors, is fired, censured and all too many, stripped of their medical “license”.  

Can America tolerate this pandemic of evil; not talking about the treatable diseases, but the Ruling Class that is intolerant to Truth

The cost of the broken window glass alone came to millions of Reichsmarks. The Reich confiscated any compensation claims that insurance companies paid to Jews. The rubble of ruined synagogues had to be cleared by the Jewish community. The Nazi government imposed a collective fine of one billion Reichsmarks (about $400 million in 1938) on the Jewish community. After assessing the fine, Hermann Göring remarked: “The swine won’t commit another murder. Incidentally…I would not like to be a Jew in Germany.”   

Dr Federman, call your office!

$5 trillion in unneeded Democrat confiscation of American familie$ future wealth, by killing energy (It’s the energy, stupid Joe.  LET IT FLOW, it’s not YOURS to traitorously steal), hypercritically hyperinflating gas, groceries & governmental girl trafficking & prebirth killing, etc.

The Nazi government barred Jews from schools on November 15 and authorized local authorities to impose curfews in late November. By December 1938, Jews were banned from most public places in Germany.

Low hanging fruit comment. Never happen again?, where outside of Florida and a few other states, Blue Dem governors suppressed educational enhancements like LEARNING locking down their brick and mortar institutions of higher indoctrination.  A whole generation at worst has been educationally RETARDED outside of faithful homeschooling families and some Catholic and other parochial based schools.  But this is NOT a time for fingerpointing but concocting REAL solutions.  Just don’t TRUST it to the teachers’ unions, educrats, DOE and other conflicted entities.  PARENTS are not conflicted, but on fire as the latest Nov 8th school board elections prove: no more rubber stamping teacher’s union and PP comprehensive sex rubbers in wide range of colors and flavors.

Just tell me one thing Ed Inc: are you that creepy that you savor 11 year old boys learning how to stick their penises in other boys’ anal orifices AND getting castrated simultaneously by Creepy Porn Greasehead Newsom’s AborTours & ChainSaw Massectomied Supple Breasts & 100% Circumseismic Castration businesses?  What say you OCSupes and Calif Bishops?

The American governments, state and local, barred American children from schools from march 2020 through somewhere in 2022 (Calif is STILL under Creepy Porn Greasehead Newsom’s Emergency Covid Declarations) and authorized local authorities to force face diapers, isolation and curfews on us sheep.  DO WE REALLY WANT ROUND TWO OF SUPPRESSED SCIENCE AND INOCULATING KIDS OUT OF IGNORANCE?

Sadly, even my Church, the Champions of the Gospel and the efficacy of the Holy Eucharist, followed like clueless sheep.  They STILL do.  Pray for our pope and bishops; maybe they will wake up en masse and see the lessons of DeSantis & Florida.  After all, his name translates to “Of the SAINTS”

The Pfizer Pfauci Pfixes were found to be true Pfailures but the NIAID, CDC, FDA and other public health “agents” refused to do follow up trials, and data collection (perfect study exists in the graduating class of ’22 of charter high Granada Hills), admit VAERS (serious side effects) were in the millions, deaths from CoVax in the thousands as time went on.

The “emergency” concoctions did NOT stop spread nor “cure”.  In fact, the Pharma Goebbels spread their “propaganda” that taking 3 jabs, 3 boosts and GETTING Covid22 is called “breakthrough”.

Friends, a scientific breakthrough is a positive often quantum leap discovery; not an abysmal “breakdown” BY THE PFAILED PFIXER PFAUCI PFIXERS.

Next, when Pfizer’s Pill PaxloVOID (JoBama’s term) led to ENHANCED symptoms not ending them, the Pfauci Gobbels trotted out “rebound”.  Uh sorry, med tyrants, a rebound is what Kareem Abdul Jabbar did well and has nothing to do with justifying yet another failed science product trial.  Science failure IS progress.  Except when the research scientists and drug co (here Pfizer) use their IMMUNITY to continue to lie and lie loudly, to keep the income stream of TAX dollar$ flowing until Dr Rand paul convenes hearings Jan 3, 2023 at the 118th Congress.

Now, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, despite ALL the evidence the CoVax pogrom failed and is killing and maiming people of all ages, they want to double down and FORCE parents to get their precious kids jabbed with a new experimental, untested mRNA non vax vax.

People, parents are tired and are rejecting yet another fraudulent hyperpandemic, calling the common cold virus (RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus) a threat to humankind on earth.

Facts tell the truth: the OC Board called on All Saints day Nov 1st for a special Wed the 2nd meet to “ratify the OC Health Department’s declaration of a Local Health Emergency on Halloween” 

Friends, filled ERs does not a hyperpandemic make.  If the OCBoard had gotten away with this, mandates, renewed psychological and physical pain from face diapers, even more lockdowns from the common cold as if it’s the plague, Kansas Spanish flu, would follow.  Another trillion tossed in because the American citizen sheep are still afraid of their shadows and give in, and roll up their sleeves, NOT to help others but take the government jab like the drones they have become.

One question: Doug, granddad Don (congrats on new adoptees), Andrew, Lisa and Katrina: how many more must die before you wake up and do your own independent research?

 We won’t know for years the devastating effects of our “sheepness” with stage 2 CoVax22 let alone the new RSV.  You are being scammed and you are not elected and paid your measly salary to follow but LEAD.  Please do.

No arrogance but humbly gratefulness.  As a home-based education dad of 11, we homeschoolers have weathered the last 3 years excellently because we didn’t drink the Jim Jones kool-aid, still met for cooperative learning science, physics and though not universally anti-pharma vaccinations (especially Mumps, Rubella, Measles NOT HPV because our kids are not sexually active 12 year olds in pubic schools), we THINK and REASON and RESEARCH.  Like Florida was a free state, we practiced same while our public ed neighbors lost two years of ed progress.  And as you know, LAUSD before the lockdowns already were getting million dollars per classroom to produce 35% proficiency in Math&English while graduating only 78 out of 100.

Point is, be the leaders you were meant to be.  Parents, OCSupes, etc.

OC Boarders: you can too!  You have excellent staffers like Andrew Do’s Ofelia and release them to get the truth and facts before you emotionally react to your pubic health staff.

You can do this. We don’t need to continue the modern Kristallnacht, a mixture of racist propagandist hate and division, modernized as parents are too stupid to reject the totalitarian imposed inoculations to make veterinarian Boorla’s next $50 billion.  RSV is THE COMMON COLD not ebola or anthrax.  WAKE UP please.

My apologies for my previous letter, OC Supes, regarding your re-election prospects; at the meeting, I see what you get from too many: piles of criticism.  You will do well next campaign.

But, there is only one human race, not 12, which includes Jews, Vietnamese, short, young and old humans, both PREBIRTH (sorry OC Boarders who buy the eugenicist baby killing lines from your pet planned parenthood) and those who SURVIVE our Creepy Greasehead governor’s plea for killing Reproduced Babies sold for parts from 49 other states.

Thank you all for reading this.  We had our Kristallnacht 3/20/20, with that Creepy Greasehead Guv Newsom after he stole his best friends wife, declaring two weeks of shutdown March 2020 then STILL has NOT released us serf deplorables to be free to move about the cabin.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 13: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a Planned Parenthood clinic in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022. Clinton paid a visit to support abortion rights and California Proposition 1. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Election denier Hillary promotes luring 49 states worth of pregnant teen girls to be fixed, aborted and DeWombed w’ chainsawn breasts at AborTours Inc.

Plus, our slick Emperor G, who leveraged Covered California with Planned Parenthoodlums hired calling baby killing “essential workers”; now PP gives Covid jabs and Digoxin kill shots to large babies in the same building on Tustin ave at the 22 fwy in Orange.

As of Nov 8th, The JeNewsom AborTours business is up and running.  Think about this, leaders and us peons:

Now our Creepy Greasehead ’24 presidential candidate is luring 49 states’ pregnant teens sans mom and dad’s permission, to risk travel to our prebirth baby killing state of destruction so their young daughters can experience death prematurely.

Don’t mean to be graphic, but OCBoarders, realize: when an Iowa 15 year old shows up at PP HQ in Orange with a baby girl inside, they will put her on a table and spread her legs strapped into stirrups.

Next, shove a sharp curved (no, not an Islamist sword used to decapitate post birth men, women and children) knife called a currette up the Iowan mom’s vagina, thru the birth canal seeking the thumb sucking, squirming 7 month old baby/fetus/rug rat/zygote/fetus/baby girl.  The knife goes through the bag of waters, into the girl’s ‘ready for life’ body killing her.  Her heart and liver, if not damaged by an excited satanic surgeon society trained “death doctor” from Jon Dunn’s stable over exuberance, will be “harvested” from the lured sex trafficked 15 year old.

Notice the remake of the seven billboards put up in seven other states, like a creepy perv, luring distressed pregnant young girls to his lair: a form of sex trafficking the Cartels are jealous of.

Of course, you all know about the “guv’s” other business: gender affirmation that involves chain sawing supple teen growing breasts (or castrating perfectly good  6-17 year old penises because at age 13, kids are smart enough to make irreversible life decisions) in the sex sanctuary Democrat Blue stronghold we call the Golden State.

We don’t need RSV declared Kansas Flu or the Black Plague in our backyard.

Parents are awake, sick and tired by fraudulent medical totalitarianism in the great county of Orange and country founded by 56 people who gave up their lives, fortunes and sacred honor so Newsom can kill like girl’s inside conflicted vulnerable teens.

56, both the number of Declaration signers and the number of days between Nov 8th and Jan 3rd, when the 118th congress is seated to start repairing our great land.

God bless you all and look in the mirror tonight: you are looking at the person who will LIVE forever, and ever and…

Why not GIVE, or ALLOW, EVERY little girl the same chance to live a great 80 years. NO child need by sliced up and killed for parts because our toddler totalitarian Creepy Greasehead NEVER great up into maturity, always chasing the next laser light. Len Beckman

Hat tip Michael Berenbaum at Brittanica on Kristallnacht

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