ClimateCom ’22 brings 100 fossil fools together for 12 per million CO2 molecules

ImageWhere can you find 100 private jets flown in to combat fossil fuels’ use by private jetters?  How about JFingKerry’s snake oil confab in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.  I call it ClimateCon ’22

First the facts before exposing confidence men and climate cult ambassadors JFKerry & Algore, the author of the Algorean heresies.

Carbon is the most important element on the 118 elemental periodic table (I apologize for including science in this climatecon fakery).

We DIE without carbon dioxide since it is matched with H2O and sunlight to do an important task:  FEED the WORLD

Photosynthesis, Aerobic Respiration and Air numbers

Carbon is essential, as CO2 not CO.  It would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body. The reason carbon is so special is down to the electron configuration of the individual atoms. Electrons exist in concentric ‘shells’ around the central nucleus and carbon has four electrons in its outermost shell. As the most stable thing for an atom to have is eight electrons, this means that each carbon can form four bonds with surrounding atoms.

Climate cultists & your gods Gore Kerry, ever hear this before?

Yet: CO2 is SCARCE: two measures.  In the REAL not Kerryland bizarro extortion world, there are ONE (1) CO2 molecules for ever 2500 air molecules.  If you believe the Algore and Kerry fake science, they want us to open our checkbooks for their fossil foolish schemes for 12 man made CO2 molecules per every MILLION air molecules.

Those two ratios: 1:2500 and 12:1,000,000 mean only a fossil fool believes the BS coming from these rip off artists’ lying lips.

Climate worshipper: think about this.  How can 12 measly androgenic (man made) CO2 molecules stretch over every million to trap excessive heat from the solar generator 93 million miles away.

CO2 is INCONSEQUENTIAL to earth temps.  They don’t for two reasons: the atmosphere is not a greenhouse, another Gore Kerry canard.  There are no glass windows, like the 10,660 greenhouse glass windows of the Christ Cathedral, formerly Crystal C.  In fact, if the windows are solid atmospheric gas molecules, the amount of androgenic CO2 covering Christ Cathedral is 4 x 9 inches, about the size of a business envelope FOR THE WHOLE ‘GREENHOUSE’ STRUCTURE.

NONE.  Notice that NO glass is broken every time Elon’s modern rockets fly out of the atmosphere or as his boosters return to earth and land on a barge.   NO Kristallnacht like on Nov 10, 1938 to Jewish storefronts.  Nada.

The atmosphere is mainly made up of Nitrogen (78%) (what Dutch farmers are being extorted for releasing teeny amounts of); Oxygen (20.9%) and Argon, the big 3.  After these, you have the trace gases like CO2 (.004%), Neon etc.  Point is the atmosphere is not a CLOSED system atmospherically, but a radiative entity that allows HEAT (ever hear heat RISES?) back into space.  It is a natural God designed radiator not a greenhouse that allows light/heat to penetrate the glass but it retains the HEAT inside to grow plants via CO2, H2O and the sun.


Ever play with a magnifying glass?  SunLIGHT hits the glass and when it is concentrated on a piece of paper, soon it starts a fire via quickly increasing focused heat.  Books and Paper burns, like in Berlin during Hitler’s time, at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.  Same principle in millions of greenhouses around the world.  If there really WAS a planetary greenhouse, we’d have burned up in seconds because the sun delivers two-billionths of its energy to earth which receives energy at the rate of 5,000,000 horsepower per square mile. (One horsepower is the force required to raise 33,000 pounds one foot per minute.) But only about 70 percent of that energy makes its way down to Earth’s surface; the other 30 percent is absorbed in the atmosphere. As it is, the energy of sunlight, converted to heat in the atmosphere and at Earth’s surface, drives the weather.

The temperature of the sun varies from around 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius) at the core to only about 10,000 degrees F (5,500 degrees C) at the surface.  We , according to…

We have 120 trillion sq meters of atmosphere; in actuality, a total of 173,000 terawatts (trillions of watts) of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously. That’s more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy use. And that energy is completely renewable — at least, for the lifetime of the sun. “It’s finite, but we’re talking billions of years,” MIT physics professor WashingtonTaylor says.

So, the sun is important to refute the climate cultist claims…but Gore Kerry hate being exposed with facts.

Yet, the mainly Dem far left Luddites hate truth and science.  They LOVE lying as evident by so many of their made up words and phrases. Quick aside: the Pfailed Pfizer Pfix Pfraud, CoVax22, with millions of its side effects and deaths, has a new name.  BREAKTHROUGH.

Note that after 3 Pfizer jabs and 3 boosters, WHEN not if the Fully “vaxxed” get Covid22, it’s not called the obvious Breakdown.   A BREAKTHROUGH is a scientific discovery; or when Susan or any climate cultist reads this piece and realizes there are no “greenhouse” gasses (No planetary greenhouse means no atmospheric greenhouse) NOR enough molecules of CO2, God’s miracle molecule, to melt the earth as the Luddites insist to steal more of our disappearing money.

Susan pegged it bullseye style.  Follow the $$; money is always the goal, especially taking Other People’s Money or OPium.

Other examples from the Anarchist Democrat Dictionary is “threat to democracy (no democracy, we are a Federated Republic where Dem vote theft is legendary) or the best one: a “woman’s right to choose…”

Check the platform of each:  Dems and proAbort Reps believe some animal called Reproductive runs around America and has rights.  Never seem to hear what the chosen ellipse( … )is: the killing of a biological certainty, a living, thumb sucking little prebirth girl that our Creepy Porn Interstate Human Teen Trafficker GreaseHead Governor lures here for the profitable kill.

Why this 2024 presidential candidate believes he has to lure conflicted teen moms to California from 49 states for his AborTours LLC business is well beyond me.  In fact, he even touts we are a sanctuary state for healthy growing Chainsawn Massectomied Supple Teen breasts and CircumSeized Castrated Penises.  What a pile of climatery cemetery crap he is.

“He stole his best friend’s wife.  Now he wants to import for death other parent’s daughters”  Total sicko silver spoon freak.

At least Adam Schitty Schiff only lies when he’s awake and his lips move.  But the Algoean heretic and the megalomaniacal John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry don’t care about truth, they care about robbing America and the world of our hard earned wealth for their BS missions.  Enriching themselves and their cronies, many being snowed in the 100 fossil fools who landed 320 miles from the Giza Pyramid.  Kerry sits head and shoulders taller than the others (check pics), but his evil knows no bounds.

His fave scams (h/tip to Ms Shelley) include “to put the capital market to work..”, “to deploy capital otherwise unemployable”, “to speed the transition from dirty to clean power”.  I will add these with attribution to the best SCNG reporter to my Unabridged Demonrat dictionary.  Parsing:

“to deploy unemployable capital” means Algore and the wuss tyrant Kerry will use naked governmental power to shut down anyone investing or using natural gas, oil and coal during their lives.  In broken English, totalitarian dictatorial repression and gov takings has no place in a Federated Republic which America IS, though barely hanging on.

“transition from dirty to clean power” means killing all in-ground energy, destroying economies worldwide while we wait for sun & breezes to mature into taking ALL the reins of progress.  Since both are Dems, I’ll call em anarchist assholes who don’t give a damn about America, families, our right to work, do good, help other countries.  They just want power and the power to amass more fleeting power.

“Put the carbon market to work”...  means like the Emperor’s New Clothes scamming and extorting money for nothing, ie carbon credits and like the Mob, promise not to kill your business if you buy useless trinkets so they don’t burn your store down.  If you are carbon credit abundant, that cute “net zero” leaf shows up on your website telling the world you are ‘virtuous renewable signaling’ the world.

Tyrant Kerry speaks of “high quality carbon credits” and touts two of his victims to quasi-government NGO racket tyrrany being PepsiCo & zany Bill Gates’ microSoft.


The prime assumptions (scientific method stuff) by the Gore Kerry groupies are totally wrong. The basis for climate change is bankrupt. 12:1 million or 1:2500 demonized CO2 is a misdirection from the real Dem Gore Kerry purpose: robbery of MORE of the world’s and us families cash.  The art the Democrat leadership has perfected, stealing both bucks and ballots, for their power mad schemes.

1984 SPEAK: Energy Transition Accelerator by Kerry & Kompany.  How does the chief Damnocrat wordsmith comes up with these daily jargon jolts?  Climate reparations, like non slave Black reps for slaves long dead, Gore Kerry wants productive, successful countries to pitch in billions so China, India and the other barely surviving 3rd worlders can cash their EBT vouchers for cash.

Reparations for “loss and damage” just more Wacky Environmental cases speaking up for nonsense.  Gore Kerry.  Nice ring to it. But, unfortunately, like the goal posts moves of blob of tissue to product of conception to mass of tissues (insert computed ultrasonography) forced to chant “woman’s right to choose” to “mom’s right to choose to kill her prebirth little girl; the climate frauds went from global warming (insert the Dalton Minimum means earth is cooling) to androgenic carbon dioxide to androgenic climate change to just climate change to screw us of what’s left after $5 trillion con from our purses.

Truth be told, God created the 23.5 degree planetary shift so the seasons resulted, useful for planting, growing and harvesting photosynthetic food, that relies on CO2 and H2O combined with chlorophyll and sunlight to FEED His WORLD.  Gore Kerry, like all prostiticians who NEVER work just talk, contribute and produce net zero: NOTHING.  Panderers, perverts and pricks, like our corrupt Greasehead Gov who lures little outtastate pregnant girls so he can have his satanic surgeons shove curved knife style currettes up their pubescent vaginas, slice thru the uterus and kill her squirming little girl for parts. He has at least his lead foot in hell but pray for his sorry ass and his best friend’s wife whom he sleeps with when not in front of the mirror.

Want REAL atmospheric science?  Geographically, ClimateCon22, Sharm El-Sheikh, is only 320 miles away from the planet’s compass, the Giza Pyramid.

Giza predates the major flood recreation of the earth and points, based on mathematics and angles built into it, to Bethlehem (Christ Angle of 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds). It continuously maintains the earth’s average temp of 68 degrees.  It demonstrates the earth’s average height and most intriguing fact:

Believe it or not, it sits AT THE EXACT CENTER OF THE WORLD

It is perfectly aligned North~E~S~W as the cardinal points on the compass go. (Duck duck go it yourself and see how it lines up with your iPad or desktop screen: it’s more true than any observatory on earth even after the 144,000 mirror capstones were stolen and 4600 years.)   Isaac Newton used the sacred pyramid inch to finalize his laws of life.

Finally, it’s computations and dimensions (a square circle, Phi, Pi etc) are real, not the fakery pushed by Gore Kerry as settled science.   Gore Kerry: a great name for Spain’s next “running of the bullshitters”.

But, most important, it tells a story the Gore Kerry crowd needs to understand.  After He had created the angels, good and bad in the spirit realm, God designed and created this tiny 553 sextillion wide universe for MAN and WOMAN. No 58 genderized fabrications.

He made Trillions of insects, billions of stars (predicted to Abraham which we discovered in 1620s with Galileo), millions of planets, plants, animals, vegetation, fish and just ONE earth.  One man.

Before He rested, then God moved to His finest and final act of general creation: WoMaN.

We screwed up and must fend for ourselves outside the “net zero effort” of the Edenic food factory, the first garden.  But God had ALREADY created that trace gas, CO2, hundreds of other biochemical processes like aerobic respiration, the Krebs cycle, photosynthesis and more, so we could survive.

Too many snowflakes (freeboarders who voted for FREE everything Dems Nov 8th) have the McD problem: they think hamburgers come from Ronald McDonald’s, not from CO2 manufactured grazing grass that the cows’ culinary delight lead to fattening, who pay the ultimate price for a double-double or Big Mac.   If you don’t work, you don’t eat as the 33rd Sunday 2nd Epistle reads as Paul said.

That’s what the indoctrination non educating teachers’ union owned pubic ed is doing to America.  And the Gore Kerry groupies are leveraging it for their own smarmy robberies.  God created and is the key SUSTAINABILITY factory: the universe ONLY exists because God wants it to.  And despite our tremendous tech advances we STILL do dumb and ignore Him like He doesn’t exist.  Frankly, the world’s largest object still exists despite the Arabs using it as a Home Loews Depot masonry yard.

As for me and my house, we WILL continue to serve the Lord and blow the whistle on science fraud, like the latest RSVirus and RSVax Pfizer Pfraud push at the OCBoard of Supervisors, who were glassy eyed Election Day about the damage coming our way for more Calif. gov handouts.

And we need to push for real scientific hearings, not the conflicted bought off pseudoscientists who love power and $$ more than honesty and scientific integrity.  I’m ready to help!

Please: Follow Susan Shelley’s advice.  Look for the leaf, signifying ‘net-zero”, a scientific impossibility except for the perpetual motion old fossil fools crowd. Folks, Elon was right: we need the fossil fuels: natural gas is non polluting, like nuclear energy, and sooo available but for ObamanationJoe’s traitorous interference in private enterprise NatGas etc. production.

When you find the LEAF, buy something else.

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