Another Donna miracle Heaven is active folks

Picture of Donna is from her last public appearance July 2011, Holy Family young adults Mass

Sunday, Nov 6th, my 11 kids’ excellent stepmom, Mary and I had just left 7am AbbeyMass at the Church of the Assumption at St Michael’s Silverado Canyon.

As part of the All Saints/All Souls rituals, we pulled into Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, passing two well-loved homeschooling parents on the right, Jack Reinker and Sharon Condon in the “drive-through” lane at the North entrance,  stopping at Donna Beckman’s gravestone.

As we parked, a long time friend, Michelle, called from Northern California to relay another miracle:  her daughter, Haley was in a women’s prayer group in the OC and had a very fascinating experience:

While she was praying silently, Haley said she saw Donna wearing a white robe and made a simple request:

  “Please pray for my sister!” was Donna’s request to Haley

If in reading this, whether Protestant, Catholic, Muslim or Jew, client, family or friend, note this is a freely given testimony about Donna, who precedes us in death by 12 years.  Haley did NOT know what Donna’s sister Kathy had just gone through nor Kathy’s need to return to the Church she grew up in.

This is a fine example how the Communion of Saints has interplay with those of us still working out our eternity, the Church Militant, on earth.

God ALLOWS those who have gone before us, whether old testament like the law, Moses and the prophets, Elijah appearing with Jesus (at the Transfiguration) the last time our Savior was seen in Glory without fatal wounds; or old/new testament, like His mother Mary’s frequent appearances worldwide purposefully refocusing us on her Son & circumstances needing change; or people like St Maria Goretti appearing to her rapist killer; or in this writing, Donna appearing to Haley a dozen years after interrupting Lauren’s prayer on 9/16/11 while she prayed for her the day after her funeral.

For those who don’t know, Donna’s sister Kathy just lost her husband of seven years, Gerald Quihuiz on 9/27/22, after a 2 week battle in the hospital.  Gerald was on a ventilator, his eyes remained closed and the hospital was nearing the time recommending the removing artificial breathing support.

Kathy had invited us to visit Gerald at KP; moved to do it sooner than later, that Tuesday found me in the lobby.  Of course, Covid22 is still the focus of life: I passed the lobby Covid22 test (for 30 months,I’ve been on one of the successful therapies that involve HCQ, Ivermectin, Quercetin (the Zinc Ionophores), vitamins D3 & C, Zinc of course which kills the enhanced Mao Tse-Xi’s Virus inside our cells), NAC and other supplements.)).

Point is, if you refuse to be a guinea pig taking experimentals, untested and unproven and NOT get jabbed, poked, boosted with the Pfailed CoVax, you need a negative CoVid22 test to enter most hospitals.  Hospitals have the right to request a test, even to wear facial diapers, though clinical trials have shown them little to ineffective.

Like many still, my sister Mary for example believes in Dr Fauci; I don’t.  But I defend Mary, a very smart PdD in Molecular Biology, her right to believe that the vaccine is the best and proven perfect solution to a virus and disease that has alternative successful protocols and therapies.  And Dr Fauci is on record to be willing to testify in 2023 before Dr Rand Paul’s oversight House committee.  Maybe this will help shed light on this whole situation.

What has this to do with Donna?  The spiritual world, like the physical one we are more cognizant about, DOES exist.  And her appearance to a young woman who knew her, though NOT her sister or her sister’s need for prayer.

Frankly,  I can’t help but believe the greatest medical malpractice follows a lab-created disease/virus…and money, abused power has gotten us to this point in history.

Some examples: think about all the “treating us like ignorant children” with wordsmiths making up so much:

you just can’t trust a disease “solution” where the fully “vaxxed” get the disease, Covid22,  and then, in the alt universe, they call it “breakthrough” as if its a major scientific discovery… stubbornly continuing to defend the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines as flawless and effective, claiming there is NO alternative to the government sponsored and required drug regiment.

How stupid does $56 billion richer Pfizer Vet CEO Boorla think we are?!  Now releasing an mRNA version for the common cold to be untested and pushed on young children with or without parents permission.

In the real world, not the Dr Pfaucinstein and his monster realm, getting the disease after six jabs is called a BREAKdown not a breakTHROUGH!  A scientific pfailure.  But wordsmithing seems to be more important to my mainly Democrat and left leaning friends and relatives for years.

Here’s the backstory about Kathy, Donna’s younger sister.

Once inside at his room, Kathy and her stepdaughter, Gerald’s youngest were at his bedside.  I began praying silently from Donna’s blue book of prayers for the ill and dying.   When I started a verbal out loud prayer for mercy, to all of our surprise, Gerald opened his eyes for the first time in weeks and looked at his daughter Shanel who was nearest his face.

Gerald is a good man who gave his all for the needy, via his involvement with St Vincent de Paul at St Anthony Claret; his dad did the same.  With his eyes opened, I realized my long drive was worth it but after prayers, it was time for me to depart.  I told the girls this is your miracle and to make the most of it.

After I left, I found out he closed his eyes than reopened them for Kathy, Donna’s sister and the obvious target of her message to Haley just weeks after Gerald had passed.

For full disclosure, Gerald died on 9/27/2022; he was honored first at his Rosary on the 104th anniversary of the SunDancing miracle at Fatima, with 70,000 witnesses. Next on Oct 14th, for his funeral and as someone who passed in 2022 from the St Anthony at the Remembrance of All 2022 Souls Mass on Saturday Nov 5th. My confession:  Kathy was there with family and I was a bit overly passionate about the message I needed to pass on to Kathy after Mass had ended:

“If you want to see Gerald again, you need to get back to your faith. Gerald won’t ever see you again unless you turn back to Jesus, repent of what you need to repent and get serious about your love of God”

I delivered this shortly after the Mass, facing her in the front row and did not back down.  This was 10 days before Haley’s ‘visit’ from Donna.  Friends, talk is cheap, actions are well, forever IF you get right with Jesus and believe Him at His Words and Creative efforts.

Miracles are as common as California sunshine after daybreak in these end times’ days.  Problem is we don’t recognize them as they occur, or are too embarrassed to mention to others fearing you will be looked down as kooky or as ObamaJo’s puppeteer, Obama call us “bitter clingers to our Bibles”.  Pray for your godless political leaders, like Obama, Newsom, Pelosi & ObamaJoe; hell is sooooo long, you really don’t want anyone to exist there 4ever and ever and ever and ever…

God IS the Designer and Creator; more than that, He is the Sustainer of all Life and He, not we, decides when to start and when to end each human being’s lifespan.  God created ONE human race, not 12 or 20; He created billions of stars, trillions of bugs, millions of plants and animals but only ONE man and ONLY one woman in the beginning.  Most of us still believe in the true covenant marriage, between a male and female as God specifically called it in Scripture and tradition.

If you really want to push NON atheistic evolution, ie change over time but with God’s omniscient and omnipotent effort, the best example is how God started with only two humans to build up His human race.  One race, two sexes, 10 billion people geometrically fulfilled covering 5% of the earth over thousands of years.  At the el Sheikh ClimateCon confab, they just announced number 8 billion was just born, part of their overpopulation whining, not realizing God created His world to sustain life, not have his humans kill by the billions.  10 billion became 8 billion because the baby haters aborted 2 BILLION so far and are hell bent on ending more innocent prebirth lives.

The real population problem is NOT families of 11, 9, 13 or one, because these families are the future of America and a healthy world; it is the fact 50 cultures, large sub-parts of the human race, countries will disappear with the modern hate for bearing children.

Haley is the daughter of Michelle E.  Kathy, the point of Donna’s request from beyond her grave, is the daughter of Joan and Chuck McKinnon, as Donna was.  Joan the daughter of grandpa & Mrs. Goldsborough and Chuck the son of Honie.  What’s with our ignorant bias about different human races.  Race isn’t the issue; learning to communicate and socially intercourse post covid fakery IS.

There were never 12 first couples, like an Irish 1st couple, or Black 1st couple (ALL Black & White Lives Matter, peeps!)

For better or worse, your eternity is in YOUR HANDS, people. And God allows, it seems, those that have gone before us to interject in our world at times. Mother Mary of Nazareth & Bethlehem continues to use her Frequent Flyer miles to visit places around the globe, like Lourdes, Fatima, Quito, Mexico City, recently Mexico again.

It seems, Donna’s role on earth did NOT end on Sept 9th that year either.

Lauren’s the one with a smile

Proof is a story you may not have heard before.  Back in 2011, one of my Holy Family youth ministry leaders missed the 1400 people at Holy Family Cathedral that Thursday, Sept 15th….the funeral director said the only time he saw more cars driving up to Holy Sepulcher, was for a great man you might know: Carl Karcher.  But a mom busy homeschooling and raising kids?

Donna is a mom, church minister, yes she homeschooled eleven and she is loved by so many even today.

At few years ago, I believe from heaven Donna was pulling my decreasing hair to find a great lady to become part of the Beckman Ranch world, thinking “Len, you make a sucky stepmom!”.  StepMother Mary has been incredible: i doubt there is NOT another woman on earth who could or would have “adopted” 12 kids (me and the 11) and been such a blessing.

Friday, Sept 16th, 2011: Lauren went to noon Mass to pray for Donna at HFC.  She relates two months later to me that she saw something similar to what Haley described: “I saw Donna and heard her tell me ‘I will pass it on (prayers) to someone who needs it”.  Here is my LifeOutLoud post a year later written on September 9, 2012 about Lauren’s noon happening.

Lauren’s Miracle with Donna

“One year ago today, in the ninth hour,  my bride and joy, Donna left her earthly body while surrounded by family and friends.  There is so much evidence she joined Mary, the saints and our Savior and God, Jesus rather quickly.  In part, thanks to the gift of a good friend,  Lauren, who quietly tells of praying for Donna the day after her funeral.  She told me while offering the Mass for Donna’s soul, she had the overwhelming feeling/experience that Donna was telling her “I will pass it on to someone who needs it…” which she took to mean Donna was truly in heaven, eternally happy.

Did Donna mean for my brother Bill, who just died 10 days ago, someone Donna loved deeply and Bill loved back as a sister?  I know Bill loved her, he snagged a framed picture of Donna 360 days ago at her wake and placed the picture on his home’s mirror as his reminder.

Was Donna’s gift for others?  No one knows, someday we will.  Maybe this is why God called her home before any of her, or my, siblings. To intercede for us and those that knew and loved her…at such a young age. Donna died two years earlier than Irene Beckman did at age 51 back in 1980.

If Donna could Facebook you, this thing you are reading is the message she would post.  I believe she accomplished as much in the last year of her life as the first 49 days short of 49 years, reconciling, interceding, praying, loving from her pain.
 Donna was ready for God.  Are you? Definitely, He has revealed Whom He is, are you ready to see Him?  If not, get ready.  It’s great we put in hours of gym time for the abs, tummy and physical body, but we need to prepare our eternal soul with the same joy-filled anticipation.

Last i checked, eternity is a smidgen longer than 100 earthly years.  Prepare accordingly.  God is loving but will not be mocked.  No one is responsible for whom you are but the person in the mirror.  Have a one on one conversation before your shower, shave or makeup…it is eternally worth it.  Act as if you matter, that your eternal happiness is something that matters more than the day to day.  Jesus did not speak out of turn when He said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…”, that He was the path back to your Father who is in heaven and bliss.

When you go face to face with God, only you and the Trinity are there.  No church, synagogue, mosque, temple, club, boss, priest, minister, evolutionist, atheist, family or friend will be there to blame or explain. Just you.  Jesus has offered to stand in for you, should you follow Him.  I would be happy to plead your case, but why not have the best, the One who is both man AND God, be present to present you to His and your Father.  Be pro-choice: choose Jesus as your intercessor for your eternity.  No excuses will matter at that time.  Ask Donna, Bill or anyone else who have been to the meeting.  The proof is all around you that you will live forever.  Just be pro-choice and choose the better vacation spot.

Womanhood is amazing and precious, and unlike what some profess, is not a pre-existing medical condition, as if it is a disease.  It was originally a non-existent condition that God remedied by creating the most complex creation (womanhood) in the universe, the first woman and our ancestor we call Eve. No Adam nor man can ever do what woman can: inconvenience herself, nurture and bear a child.  And nurture some more for decades, the after birth joys, responsibilities and sorrows children are.  Truly a mystery is how 75 trillion immensely complex cells mesh together into a vibrant being that has the capacity of nurturing a single celled organism into another 75 trillion celled being in only 280 days or so. No mere machine could ever come close.  Super evolution, massive “change”, infinitely amazing organic works of art.  Marvelous!
 Though difficult, sufferable, painful and inconvenient, Donna brought eleven precious, defenseless kids into Orange County.
 Not one of them was a disease, a pre-existing med condition.  No child is; you were not. Whether 7 or 10 pounds, you were a pain to your mom, but she saw fit to value you for whom you are. Just as your God does.  We always need each other; therein lies the Eternal Design.  Return the favor by helping others; should you find yourself pregnant and you are a guy, you just hit the jackpot as the second pregnant man.  But if you are a pregnant woman, you have a gift that keeps on giving.  Your woman-ness is not tied to having children, for incredible women have lived and live, who never bore children. You and I both know examples of such. A wise man said “It is every man’s responsibility to protect the dignity of every woman”, something we often fail at but need to strive. But, never think of pregnancy as a punishment; it is a life preserver, for without it our terribly underpopulated world would end.  Ask any weightlifter: no pain, no gain.   Along with the career changing, life altering realities of childbearing, the pain is far overshadowed by incredible gain.  Examples like the joy of first steps, first loves, first courtings, graduations, his/her marriage, grandkids,,,and the cycle continues.
 Examples like the early apprehension but later satisfaction of a Down’s child, for a Down’s child is not a mistake, but the purest example that a being can be happy though visibly imperfect in other people’s eyes. Truth be told, everyone of us is a Down’s child without the child’s joy.  That all of us have failings alongside incredible talents is obvious.  No one, as Donna attested by her life, is unworthy of living, of being.  No whale, snail, dollar or bear is more valuable than the “least of these” eternally well designed children who deserve life as anyone else. The environment, habitat or sustainables are just backdrops to an eternal child.
Our world thrives only if humanity survives.  Humans survive only if babies arrive. This is not politics, but realities and eternals.  Sorry, no other way…ask the Designer.  Today or for your last meeting regarding your final vacation spot.
 Donna loves (present tense) being a mom, because she still is one in heaven. As generous as she is, she would have bore the two billion kids since the 70s that have been aborted.
She is and was, a  friend, sib, daughter, wife through tough and good. I miss her so much, as I always will.  That is a GOOD thing…the missing part not that she is gone.
 Donna never looked for excuses not: to love, to have kids, to take the easy route, to help others.  Let us all do accordingly.  Follow her example to find reasons to keep others alive, not excuses to kill them early and often.  Helping others live not end their lives early, is the truly transformative and freeing experience.   Donna, I love you.  Take care to show Bill around.  You know how he cared for you and others.”
Posted 9/9/2012===================================

Kathy McKinnon Molesky, this is a gift from Donna your sister.  Don’t waste it.

Everyone else, this is a message for YOU as well. DON’T CHANCE ETERNITY LOST.   There is NO Do-over after your death.

The closer we get to the end of the end times, the more important getting right with Christ; don’t play the cross lottery, hoping to become the Good Thief as his life waned and he was dying alongside Jesus on Cavalry and waiting for your death bed to repent and reconcile with God and everyone you’ve offended (and who offended you).

Why?  your “death bed” might be a “instantaneous death crash or heart attack, or dying in your sleep

Yes, I believe God and His angels and saints are active as you transition from this world.  But why chance losing heaven forever because of your arrogance or stubbornness?

Donna’s death followed her six months of intense intercession for the needs of others.  That’s what she told her husband who kept hoping the next medical regimen would work.  After a May 2011 healing Mass, she told me she knew the physical healing was not coming her way.  But fear not, she said her time would be well spent in spiritual healings for others, since she had experienced such that night at Mass.

We had spent decades homeschooling our excellent kids; I attribute their progress to a saintly mother who put their lives before her needs at so many opportunities.  The last years after Donna left this mortal coil, since end of 2011 through Katy’s high school graduation in 2020, I thank the siblings and other moms who helped: Larissa, David, Briana, Cathy Lipsky, Gail and all those unmentioned.  The missing names are because those first years post Donna is a murky blur in many ways.

This is the point.  There are much more God-incidences than coincidences in life.  On Nov 12th, I was heading to a memorial for a great scouter who had passed away; i spotted a pool chem store and pulled in for a quick buy.

As I get out of the car, I hear my name called and looked over at someone i recognized from 40 years ago.  Mary Konoske Reeves and her fine husband, who have lived in the mountains for 35 years, had just eaten at the restaurant adjoining Leslie’s.

Mary and Donna were inseparable in the 70s at church, youth group and Katella High; in fact, Donna went to Hawaii with Mary’s family.  I do recall they talked me into eating some escargot they made in cooking class.  They had missed Donna’s funeral and ourhe chance meeting (what are the odds!) on Nov 13 gave me a chance to bring them up to speed.

So, begin your day with the world famous (well, obscurely repeated) “It’s a GREAT DAY to be alive!”   Do God’s will as best you understand it, pray unceasingly and then more for others, for His Will to be played out in your life.

Be armed with the Rosary, the device that connects Catholics, Protestants and Muslims, and Jews on the sidewalk of life vs death (front of planned parenthoodlums LLC Tustin Ave at 22 fwy/Orange and other declining spots across America).

Don’t just talk talk but act and act!  Do, don’t just “say”.  The Greatest Medical Malpractice of all time over the last 3 years have destroyed so much, including young people’s ability to learn (unless you homeschool) setting education back years.  We must rebuild the desire and implement basic human interaction, the way God designed us.  NOT for Zoom Teach Indoctrination Lockups and Lockdowns.  So much to do, so little time.

Many people STILL refuse to return to public worship and Church, a terrible miscue by our Church leadership to lockdown our worship buildings in the first place like it was AD33 in the upper room.

The demonic irony is creepy teen girl luring greasehead Newsom engineered satanic surgeons knifing out little prebirth girls as “essential workers” while locking up places of worship as non-essential and useless.  Evil man who values enticing fearfilled girls to come to Calif for free abortions and chainsaw massacres of supple teen breasts.  Even this reprobate is in need of prayer for his dark soul.

Instead, today, we worship the face diapers and fear the manufactured Covid virus despite numerous successful remedies and therapies; the losers are even trying to mainline RSVax for the common cold, despite millions of VAERS side effects chronicled among thousands of deaths FROM CoVax, the pfailed Pfaucinstein & Pfizer and ModeRNA vax pogroms.

Thank you for reading: you have just two examples of interaction with a saint no longer on earth.  Many people have asked “why don’t I push for Donna to be declared a saint”?  This last experience that Haley related to Mary and I just as we park 10 feet away from her final resting place is motivating me to take action on a cause.

Would you join me?  In the meantime, get RIGHT with JESUS.  NOW.  While you are breathing….follow Him to heaven because the alternative is just not that inviting; warm, fiery hot, yes but hell is no place to live forever.  And ever.  After a trillion years, and ever more.

Donna asks for us to pray for her sister, Kathy.  As she prays for you.  And just maybe she meant Caryn or Cheryl or Bonnie?  EVERYONE is in need of a Savior.  ALL of us.

Len Beckman

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