Breasts and penises

Got your attention?

Believe it or not, those two physical human attributes are in common parlance in our public ed curriculum these days, starting in early elementary grades; apparently comprehensive sexual perversion indoctrination supplants math, science and history.

But, watch as the latest Dr Mengeles, the human shape shifters licensed by state boards of medicine, rise and fall.

For the record, what teen organs are the major focus of the creepy far left loonies?  It certainly isn’t their brains, teaching them wisdom, or their hearts, mentoring them to adulthood to be happy and productive citizens of the greatest country on earth.

Breasts and penises.  It sure seems these two protruding organics have the attention of the death culture these days, preoccupied with destroying God’s incredibly precise and amazing design for the TWO genders, male and female.

And especially, with gender affirmation, chainsawing mammaries and other “treatments”, as well as Calif.’s Creepy Greasehead Newsom’s lurid fascination with luring pregnant teens from the 49 other states to kill their prebirth kids, we seem a bit off kilter.

But, the amazing Brandon Tate says it simply: there are two not sixty gender differentiations, male and female.  In fact, our modern woke world has taken sexuality to a whole new low.

Questionnaire: what do gender affirming doctors tell a “trans” teen’s parents?   “If you don’t let me shave the supple breasts off your developing 15 year old girl, she will commit suicide.  She told me she wants to be a man and is depressed.  Do you want this on your conscience, mom and dad?”   Wow!

Problem #1: these gender affirming surgeons are certified non plastic or phallo-assholes, pure and simple, sowing fear in parents and planting doubts in kids who are transitioning from childhood to teendom.

There should be a warm corner in hell for this whole lucrative teen abusing industry.  Expecting a young teen to make adult decisions that last a lifetime is pure malpractice, luring teens with supposedly “skilled” medical practitioners’ advice.  It’s really a knockoff of informed consent at planned parenthoodlum kill mills where pregnant women are blinded to ultrasound images soas not to give them the whole picture and keep their baby alive until birth.  And cost the Sanger surgery centers $$.

Ever hear of Chloe Cole?  She started on puberty blockers and testosterone at 13, underwent a double mastectomy at 15 and then detransitioned from male to female at 16.

Cole said recently on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that doctors pushed transitioning as the way to treat her gender dysphoria.

She was 12 when she told her parents she was “distressed” with her gender and wanted to transition from female to male.

“They were concerned, and they wanted what was best for me, but they weren’t really sure what to do with me, so they sought professional help, and from then on, I was basically referred [to] in my gender identity without any questioning from any medical professionals, and they pushed transitioning as the way to treat gender dysphoria,” she said.

(Len: whole lotta letdown, not of breast milk, but of the adults in her young life)

Cole told host Tucker Carlson she is “devastated” at the loss of her breasts and has trouble coping.

“As an adult, I will never be able to breast-feed whatever children I will have. I don’t even know if, because I was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at only 13 years old, I don’t know if I’ll be able to conceive a child naturally,” she said.

“I made an adult decision as a child.”

The Result: possibly osteoporosis.  “Endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw from Rocklin, Calif., noted that children in the study who took puberty blockers exhibited significantly less bone density than their peers. That causes stunted height and puts them at greater risk for osteoporosis and fractures in adulthood, he said.”

So, gender affirmation surgeons, you lie more than Adam Schiffty Schifft; there IS real side effects (similar to millions of VAERS from Pfauci Pfizer so-called CoVax jabs) from playing God with our precious, often confused, teens.  Increase your medical malpractice coverage, human shape shifters.

Chloe said she is suing the doctors who performed the “gender-affirming” surgery because she wants to end the practice. “I want to hold the adults that put me in harm’s way accountable because what happened to me is horrible, but it also didn’t only happen to me, that’s the worst part. It’s happening to children all over the U.S., all over the West, and it’s spreading all over the world,” she said.   (h/tip Tucker Carlson)

Chloe Cole IS correct; mutilating children and teens is big business!  Ask Creepy Gov Newsom about his plans for pandering.

Google “gender affirming surgeons and the list is long, from local plastic surgery centers to major university med schools like Boston Harvard and Ohio St., John Hopkins and TransHealthCare for every type of human mutilation.

“The goal is to give transgender individuals the physical appearance and functional abilities of the gender they know themselves to be.”  Sure, and these summa cum loudly top of their class surgeons do it for free?  ALWAYS Follow the Money.

Playing God is not for the meek and weak. During your dinner converse with your teens and family, do you get into phalloplasty?  “Phalloplasty is a complex gender-affirming surgery that uses tissue, blood vessels and nerves taken from another part of the body—usually the forearm, thigh or abdomen—to create a phallus that can have sensation and rigidity for sexual intercourse and provide the ability to stand to urinate.”   Chic dicks and we can’t even understand the human race!!

In fact, pull the Bible from holding open the door and read that the eternal Trinity happened to mention that “Let Us make man in our image”, that is create the means for an entirely different sentient race, ONE race by the way, to pro-create and go from two, one of each, to billions.

Of course, our godless race baiting revisionists, the unscientific environmental cases must believe there are 12 different “first couples” that emerged from the primordial soup or the coincident banging together of deoxyribonucleic acid particles to create Africanus, Chinese, American knees and more.  How silly can it get?

Sadly, instead of leaving the best and perfect alone, the misery merchants who hate God and love their mirror image, just love to play Dr Mengele:  They love to chainsaw supple teen breasts, for whatever reason; the Jolie preventative mammaries removal makes some sense, IF you are an adult and are so paranoid or have the genetic history of breast cancer.  But, God DOES heal!

But to change a woman into a man or a eunuch seems a bit of typical anti God’s well thought out design.  Of course, with EEO laws (equal extraction) in play, turning a man into a woman by teenage castration seems a bit evil, whether medieval or Mid Evil, since like woman, God’s design for man is, shall we say, eternal?

Console a trans near you when you tell them this: if you were born a boy, getting castrated and dressed up in cute ladies’ fashion, you now are a castrated boy who wears girl’s clothing and can’t pee as easily.


Your new theme song is “When a man becomes a woman….” with custom verses but the same chorus.  You will be twenty times as much prone to take your life.

Then there is Garland:  Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital reached out to that fine example of politicized law enforcement, Leftenant Merritless Garland, unelected AG of the Biden~ObamaNation, for protection from parents who question whether the government should be engaged in minor human sex trafficking!  I can imagine THAT conversation: “Mr. Garland, I fear some ticked off dad will come after me for taking his 17 year old daughter, laying her out naked on my table and slicing off her breasts. Should I be concerned? I didn’t even start on her vagina, pulling veins and tissue from her arm, to make a working dick.  Phalloplasty is not rocket science!”    Biden’s AG won’t say much, just arrest the dad for caring about his minor daughter.

Of course, like all good groomers of the young, behind the parents’ back and with little understanding of the human genome, pubescent and pre-pubescent physiological and psychological development, and basic COMMON SENSE.

A 15 year old girl doesn’t need a hysterectomy to fit in to her pubic school social scene.  Call luring mentally forming pubescent teens “gender affirming” or just basic creepy greasehead Newsomesque trawling for teen moms from 49 states, it’s the same: outrageous destruction of young lives who rely on adults to show wisdom not be scumbag perps lusting after squeezing young girls’ breasts, or dripping with degenerate lascivious wackery castrating a teen boy’s gonads.

The pregnant girls lured by an arrogant Newsom get a free ride to the Golden State’s governmental health carnage agency, planned parenthood.  Having worked with teens and young adults over three decades, plus raising 11 kids over 40, teens are NOT the wisest beings on earth when young, though they know it all, but they are ready for a great life IF guided by wise adults.  And informed older young people.  But, when perverts like the gender bender docs and our sick governor of ill repute get their grimy hands on innocent youth for their loony leftist demonics, there is one place for them: the sea with a neck ornament called a mill stone.

Our pubic schools don’t seen to teach writing, math, physics, actual history, American and World, or geography anymore. The left loon school boards love to be “cool”, and when their bizarre racial theories are outed, they just fall back to teaching 4th graders how to insert their penises in other boys’ penises to “comply” with governmental comprehensive sex indoctrination guidelines.  From heaven to hell in one generation, education no longer is the priority.

And especially in pubic school, the home of Instagram~TikTok~media generated ideas, peer pressure to fit in and adopt the latest silliness, as well as most dangerous, ideologies is pandemic, more than the Covid19 and CoVax fraud ever could be.

The idea I am NOT a woman when I have developing breasts at 16 means just another science denying anti-parent, life hater who just can’t stand it that God, not the misery merchants, knew what He was doing when He designed Creation and specifically, HOW He was going to populate the earth with His beloved race of humans.

I wonder if ObamaJoe is just tired of NOT answering Tara Reade’s rape claims and his incessant sniffing of teen and preteen girls’ hair.  The freak perv prez recently was caught (the lame street media, like an abused and battered wife, is blind, deaf, dumb and stupid about reporting on anything that makes the loon left look more loony) pressing a voter sticker on his grand-daughter’s breast before a frontal kiss.  But, I guess the young Biden offspring has no parents to object because well, Uncle Joe has made her family wealthy as part of the Biden Crime Syndicate’s international wealthy creation network over decades.  Maybe it wasn’t inappropriate touching but “incidental contact”, like ObamaJoe does any time a young lady is in his demented state of decline.

What is a breast?

In chicken, it is the white meat savored by many.  But when God (there’s that three letter agency of eternity again) had finished with the angels, and planned on His next phase in the middle of eternity, His most amazing work was woman.

He designed moms to be able to feed their young with mothers’ milk anywhere in the world. 99.999% of the time, it contains nutrients to help the incapable vulnerable infant stay alive., especially where poverty is rampant as growing families.

Africa, Europe, even in America, moms “lactate” and feed their young with much better nutrition than the Gerber Emfamil folks.  They try and emulate the nutrients but guess what, God is the Chief Chemist.  Not baby Gerber’s scientists.

Recall (ok maybe you weren’t there but work with me here) that God first created billions of stars; of course we humans did not know there were billions of stars until Abraham was told by God he would have descendants as numerous as the sands of the sea =  to the stars of the sky.  Up until that time, as recent as Tycho Brahe believed about a thousand stellar points in the heavens until Galileo told him there were orders of magnitude more via his improved telescope.

Back to Creation. He also made trillions of insects, innumerable plants, animals & planets. But when He got to His finest work, woman shortly after He had CREATED from nothing man, He elected to make ONLY TWO.

Hourly, we insult our God by claiming basically verifiable and totally unscientific ideas like we puny humans can change the climate with 12 “man made” CO2 molecules for every million other molecules, 12:1,000,000 somehow keeping the heat on earth for the other 999,988 molecules.  It’s the radiative atmosphere, stupid!  All going back to that critical moment when the most important process on earth, which FEEDS the World, photosynthesis was demonized as POLLUTION.  Evil never quits; currently 100 countries are trying to turn billion$$ into trillions of dollars stolen from struggling families for their climate change frauds at SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt.

Corrupt climate cultists from every corner of the earth, every religion and sect, every culture. ALL from the singular human RACE. UN Climatecon 2022

Want prove just how devious the godless earthy ruling class about science?  Recently, Dutch farmers were ostracized for putting nitrogen INTO the atmosphere, despite the easily verified by 4th graders, fact that there are 78 Nitrogen molecules out of every 100 air particles; worst than stupid, this move to kill food supplies is dangerous for such a silly scientific assumption: as usual, assume makes an ass of u and me and the corrupt climate cultists who want more dollars for their pet friends and projects…zero to do with scientific truth.  Never trust a Democrat, let alone a loony leftist chameleon environmental case to make wise decisions.  Proof is just beyond your eyes, with hyperinflated gas and food costs BECAUSE of $5 trillion in new GREEN deal printed $$.

The loony left misery merchants champion more idiocy: they, including their gender affirming and abortion doctors, pretend that squirming, thumbsucking, mom kicking entity inside her womb is DEAD.  Non-living.  They “strain the gnat” to claim it is a blob of tissue, a product of conception, clump of cells, all refuted by you guessed it, basic scientific observation.  And when technology caught up over the decades as it can do, they turn to a “woman’s right to choose…” misdirected from the actual living human being.  Even our creepy greasehead Nephew Newsom profits with his new interstate human trafficking business called AborTours Inc. and won’t refer to the growth as human nor BABY.

Any 5 year old touching her mom’s protruding stomach with her little brother inside calls him a “baby”.  What does the 5 year old have that the governor doesn’t: basic WISDOM.

Point is simple: God did NOT make 10 different matched first couples, from Mesopotamia, Nairobi, Alaska, France, China, to have 10 different human races: He created just ONE race, with multiple colors and cultures.  Again, SCIENCE wins.

He designed man with a penis, a device that both expels sterilized liquids from the male species AND provides sperm for his marriage partner, a female’s ovum to CO-create life.  Certainly, occasionally it is used in a woman when they are not married, or when she doesn’t want it anywhere near her, like in rape.  But always remember,  NOTHING happens on earth without God’s help.  Zip nada zero.  One Race, billions of descendants, many through Abraham and Sarah or Hagai, and all through Noah’s family.  Our Democrat friends love to pull the race card from their 54 card race deck, as well as invent whole crappy race theories to glean more $$ from the ignorant.

Why is this important?  Because, other than some aberrant births, men come equipped with penises, just as little girls are equipped with vaginas, a supply of eggs, and mammary glands that will develop at puberty.

The penis is useful for the intimacy of a covenant marriage, blessed by God.  But it also is mishandled by other males to suck sperm out, to shove in another male’s anal orifice and even through homosexual bath house holes for servicing like its a clogged fire hose.  Sorry to be crass, but this is the real and Godless world we live in.  And your 2nd graders are being prepped by “comprehensive” sex education from kinder thru practiced sex in the locker room or while mom and dad are at work.  Decades of teachers’ union guided degeneration via indoctrination will take a while to repair.  For immediate relief, homeschool your kids.  It worked during the last 3 years of covid hysteria, malpractice and silly shutdowns and pfailed Pfizer jabs.  Happy to explain since we only are in year 39 of our family’s homeschooling experience.

A Breast is a breast.  Because, throughout Scripture and common sense biology books, the breast is part of the attractive elements that draw men to women, with sometimes the size of the breast coming into play.

A woman is the most complex entity on earth and the most precious, no matter how the loons try to “recreate” her in their bizarre imagery.  Like that Percy song rewritten “When a man becomes a woman”, she then heads the CDC to engineer medical/public health fraud with a Communist Chinese designed virus.   Amazing how many former men are currently in positions of DC power.  Even the Admiral He2She.

Those who follow Christ, teach our young what God intended their penises be used for.  But if you reject Christ at His word, like Pelosi, Biden and Newsom, and other fine Catholics and non-Catholics, EVERYTHING GOES.

Which brings us to “off label” uses of breasts and penises, like the burgeoning and lucrative “gender affirmative” chainsawn breasts and castrated boys industry.

Fueling a part of this mutilation indoctrination is the Angelie Jolie effect.  Dr Joel Brin, the excellent epidemiologist has done studies that there is a direct link between high levels of  breast cancer and abortion. So, in the recent elections, abortion seems to get center stage as a “GOOD”.  How, increasing the chance you will get breast cancer is a positive is well above my sanity level.  It’s almost as if the medical division of hell is working overtime.

Say, Dr. Brin is right; logically and biologically, with developing breast cells rudely interrupted by external planned parenthoodlums hacking away on human trafficked teens from 49 other states.  The strategy of Creepy GreaseHead Newsom’s revolutionary $200 million CalTax dollars “AborTours, Inc.” paying for flight to Golden State kill mills for teen Jills.

If this is the case, then breast removal for genetics may be missing the realities of what happens when breast development is abruptly ended with the death of her child, especially by the millions via planned parenthoodlums harvesting little hearts and livers.   Don’t think PP and AbortInc. doesn’t sell heart parts and deliver livers to hungry med labs worldwide?  Emulating the Chinese doing live organs transplants out of living Ouighers in the Xi Dynasty.

If God’s original prime purpose of breasts was just to overfill bikinis in the 21st century, than this may not make sense.

But, the Chief & Eternal Reproductive Systems specialist, designed a mother’s breast to develop and fill with a unique liquid, in fact milk is called a “mammary gland suspended in liquid/aqueous solution”.

In case you were raised in a government indoctrination institution like NYC’s PS666, following birth, her milk is “let down” ie glands filled so that her child can suckle at her breast and basically survive; formula is NOT superior to mothers’ milk but it has its uses. Like God’s amazing gift of CO2 converted to FEEDING the WORLD via Photosynthesis, we let the environMENTAL CASES, and the climatecon extortionist firm of Gore Kerry (hmm) control our world.  And their chief target: our wealth.

God, not Harvard or Transgenderhealth, designed the whole system of mankind, from conception to natural death.

He didn’t consult with Harvard Boston teen sanity altering mutilations; He designed every level of human existence for our good.  Did you know He designed even the male to be protected when his penis is circumcised?  The Fibrinogen ie Vitamin K level maximizes at or near the eighth day; meanwhile, God’s chosen people were given the admonition in the Torah to remove the penis’ foreskin on the 8th day.  Why? God’s biosystemic design of the male blood system helps stem the blood flow, promoting coagulation when the foreskin is removed, whether for religious or medical reasons.  Never heard this, have you?

Trust me, the real purpose of penises was not so transport secretary  Pete and Chase could lay in a hospital bed holding newborn twins; they are pre-ordained for liquid waste removal and promulgation of the human race.

Breasts and penises both have their primary purposes; just as hearts deliver blood and liver filters it: the same two organs that abortionInc. lusts over for extra dollars.

Why were the eyes set apart? So the human could discern depth of field and the ears are NOT on the front of the face both delivering stereoscopic sound to the nerve endings.

It’s hard to talk to the godless deniers of His existence, so-called atheists, but no man or woman on earth can design a 50 trillion celled being with 10 systems, 217 bones, etc to match a human.  Nor fill the 553 sextillion mile wide universe with another billion stars.

This is the conundrum of puny mankind shaking his/her fist at the God who created them: like the gnat playing chicken with an 18 wheeler’s windshield at a mile per minute.  Trust physics: the gnat will splat and not even require glass repair.

Whether micro or macro, God’s infinitely precise talent palette is impossible to emulate by we puny mankind which includes the last created gender, womanhood.

But, if you aren’t convinced the plastics ObamaJo is trying to end with drilling shutdown of plastic precursers, oil and natural gas; here’s the smorgasbord of the redo human shape shifters:

The one referral I missed above is to AborTours and Creepy Chainsaw Massacred Breast makeovers, UnLtd.

It is owned by that Creepy Gov Greasehead Newsom who lures all those fearful and rebellious teens from across the US, who don’t want mom and dad to know, who want corrective surgery for free in California as well as killing their prebirth little girls first.

Gavin married his brest friend’s wife, Jen, who this week lambasted the scumbag Harry for groping her adult body while she sanctions the sex trafficking of minor teens by her nice, cute arrogant creepy sex fiend 2024 presidential candidate.

Breasts and penises. Common sense tells us they are better left intact ON teens and not IN Newsom’s trophy case seeking to pass Dr. Kermit and Jeff Dahmers for most human body specimens.  Oh, of course mammarian speciwomens lopped off ignorant teens made NOT of silicon but God’s uniquely designed child feeding systems fetch more interest at the French Laundry.  And in our perverted horny governor, best labeled a Creepy Corrupt Young Girl trafficker, luring conflicted and confused teen girls from across the country.  Free flight.  Free abortion.  Free puberty blockers.  Chainsaw Massacred Breasts for the ladies; Circumseized castration for the boys.  While our totalitarian Demonrat governor runs for the presidency starting yesterday, enticing 16 year olds away from their home and parents, to come to his Califr lair at 700 Tustin Ave at 22 Fwy.   Meanwhile, we knew it would happen.  The Emperor Panderer is now upside down by $25 billion and mounting for the coming budget.

But the Piper and Reaper is coming home: 

1 FTX  $50 billion BK    $40 billion to the Demonrat party leaders   30 Bahama Fraternity boys, with whores & gamer devices

2 Obamanation’s JoBama Biden    $5 trillion blow used for his Dem buddies while destroying America

3 G Lucipher Newsom, down $25 billion and spending $200 million OUR tax$$ for his sex trafficked 16 year old ladies

The Democrat honeymoon is over.  the Obamanation sabotaged energy, economy, America families for their treasonous desires.  Let the investigations begin, Mr Jordan and Rand Paul.  Please include hell’s new industry, gender affirming surgeries which bumps up suicides twenty fold



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