1st Day of Spring and 22 Months ’til InAug Day

March 20th…22 months to go. Wow! Already?

They have gone TOO FAR! Good Beckmans like Sam and similar minded sibs follow and believe and troll an alien and alternative governance in this excellent blessed nation. 

Their leadership include democrats, selective status quo republicans, so called independents i lovingly call the ObamaNation.

Good people of anti-traditional Americans who worship like Hindus the many gods of swamp creatures, sanders clueless, Soros destroy USA types, virulent Trump haters, weekend at Biden’s ABTbureaucrats, American Marxists, god deniers and others. The modern Confederacy of mobocratic rule over American families who want to earn their own way sans terrorists in three letter agencies and our neighborhoods

Goal is to lie cheat and steal, maybe even irrationally kill prez 45 over the next 21 months From todays first day of Spring through inauguration Jan 20

Proof is the multi faceted Dem&Republicrats led ABCNNBCBS APosTIMES dronelike, clone like “mantra of the day” parroted throughout “journalism, academia, Prostiticians, BLM. AntiFa.  Steamrolling along.

Examples? Hillary’s psyOps Russian hoax. Crappy racist theorems, CO2 neo Leninist pseudoscience; virulent ESG and D.I.E. (Diversion inclusion equity) movements. F the cops 👮‍♀️, deFUND law enforcement and ingrain Criminal Encouragement with destabilizing Soros bought DAs and Persecutors like Gascon.
Facts and Truth matter little, just the sycophants and synchronized ‘misdirected theme du jour’
Mr Franklin was right “it’s a Republic if you can keep it”

Law and Order constitutional republic IF we wake up and smell the decent people of this blessed land, words of Ben Franklin to live by.

Where do anti-nouns like cis, hir, queer, birthing people, etc come from? Or amoeba like genders #99 to infinity named each day from the ethos and cosmos?

Trump hellish accusatory indictments and invasions.ny deli ham sandwich in deed!

St Joseph rossinette biden morphs?

Double duplicitous tiers of “justice” to stir up God fearing Americans to anger

Swamp altered perceptions of Epiphany 2021 (Jan 6). Like the sick Sicknik revised histories of Ray Epps, Ashli Babbitt, Dem Ten PACommittee etc


22 months. Biden’s move to center court is obvious: Alaska Willow energy project (pissing off radically insane environmental cases) and criminal “reform” is proof his irrationality has gone to his Delaware 🧠 brain

What does the future hold?

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