LIFE brought to you by Pfizer and St. Anthony Pfauci

Dedicated to Stephen Atchley, a great man who arguably was one of the earliest Covid19 California victims on Feb 16, 2020         Revision J-15-1  MLKday Jan 17

Patrick Madrid of the Patrick Madrid Experience recently fielded a series of calls regarding the Covid19 (thru Covid23) and the various CoVax (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J etc.) positions in America.

There is no one in the world, conceivably, who has not been affected by this emergent virus & disease from Mao Tse-Xi’s bio weapons lab in Wuhan.  OK, hide your eyes and ears and call it the results of a bat or rat or spoiled Chinese take out: it really doesn’t change things: it still is something evil. Also, the actions of the godless dictator for life, offspring of Mao Tse Tung, show he cares little for life and less for Uighers and other humans.   Zounds of the Gruesome Newsom Twosome, Gavin and Jen, Schumer, Pelosi and Biden who hate letting little girls be born to live 80 years or so.

Similarly, my favorite newshound and investigative reporter, Susan Shelley, wrote about the Twitter Trove inconvenient truths regarding the disease (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS) and related manufactured virus (Corona Virus 19).  And friends, Truth is what we need.

Asking questions is at the HEART, myocarditis infected or healthy, of TRUE science and NOT assuming everything the verdant soul of inquiry.  As a scientist,  father of 11 and grandfather of #23 this month, like Patrick and other parents, I have a fully vested interest in the truth.

It is simple and something the Democrat plank is diametrically opposed to: keeping little kids alive.  By helping to protect my NextGens…and yours.. especially from drugs and potions forced on most of the civilized world as wunderpharma: miracle chems.

Not just for my blood relatives but for those God continues to send to earth via his First Couple, male and female. The Creator, in the middle of eternity, used one male and one female to populate our species, homo sapiens sapiens.  NOT 60 cross-dressed and mutilated beings, but a dad and mom.

We call this the prebirthing process, and the results, necessary for the very survival of the only human being inhabited planet in this 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  Some of us call it home or earth; the misery merchants call it green and ready for the plucking.  I prefer the other group, those “promoting joy”.

Not that a small cadre of bizarro billionaires subscribe to saving the planet’s main occupants, you and me.  Depopulation seems to be the fascination of so many non aborts who already ARE here.

Reagan pegged it decades ago:

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

I wonder if Bill Gates or Susie Buffett has ever read this one?

Corona’s history: important to consider

Two decades ago, about 2002, SARS1 or CoVid1 emerged as a virus. Short version: a “vaccine” program was begun and after 50 deaths were linked to it, it was abandoned and CoVid2002 or Covid1 mysteriously disappeared.

Fifty!!  50 deaths was enough to shuttle the first attempt.  Today, 50,000 deaths and 5 million bad side effects is NOT enough to even mobilize required systematized medical review, testing, studies and correlational analysis to see IF the Pfizer shot sequence helps or harms humans.

Fast forward.  Early on, this dad started the Covid Chronicles to track what was happening.  An acquaintance, Stephen Atchley was, I believe misdiagnosed as the flu when he passed away, just 17 days after President Trump shut down Chinese air travel on Jan 31st.  Mr Atchley was a professor who taught Chinese students, many from Wuhan.  I understand he actually spent time in the 11 million resident working class city that housed a famous bioLab.  The picture of Dr Pfauci, lab techs, Obama and others in the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s labs cannot be unseen.  If it walks like a bioweapon, spreads like a bioweapon, kills like a ….

Fast forward to “….brought to you by Pfizer!”

This author feels blessed; three decades at three parishes in youth ministry related roles; 33 years helping others with real estate needs.  Coming up on four decades raising 11 kids and awaiting #23 grandkiddo from my Angel Rose, lots of courses college and post college, I realize we are in a massive full court advertising press.  In 1975, I finished my Master’s in Business, Marketing emphasis, and two things I know:

  1. The greatest marketing campaign ever is for death cards, debt or better known as credit (hat tip Dave Ramsey)cards; the push is to enslave families accelerates as the Fed bumps credit rates into the stratosphere.

2nd greatest marketing push is to legitimize, not by science, but by government bullying and constant “…brought to you by Pfizer” advertising the CoVax lies.  At the forefront, someone Robert F Kennedy Jr calls out, is St. Anthony Pfaucinstein.  There always is a spokesmodel for movements like this; which I call and you should agree is:

The GREATEST systemic medical science malpractice of ALL time is the Covid>CoVax fraud.  No doubt.

Read Ms. Shelley’s words: ObamaJoe Biden’s WHouse digital media director Rob Flaherty bullied a Facebookie exec on March 14, 2021 per Twitter:

“We (ole Flaherty uses the communal we) are gravely concerned that your service is one of the top drivers of vaccine hesitancy–period”  He continued with “This would all be a lot easier if you would just be straight with us”

ANOTHER DNC invented phrase.  Those regressive Leftists create manipulative word salads on cue.  Talk about hired government bueauRat pummeling; smacks of ObamaNations’s (yes, Barack & Sally are in their 4th term) continued blatant tyranny pushing a private company among many to toe THEIR despotic quasi governmental line.

Reread Dr. Flaherty’s words: vaccine hesitancy and parse: people have been hesitant since two-face Dr Pfauci turned to the dark side and treats American adults as dumb schoolkids, going back to 2005 and longer.  Vaccine hesitancy is simply practicing the scientific method with people’s lives.  Like the title above, LIFE brought to you by Pfizer.  MBA hat on: $80 billion in sales, half being the Pfizer shots.  NOT a vaccine: a series of shots with different names including “selling narratives” built in.  Here’s Ms Shelley’s better line:

“Allow me to remind Americans who have forgotten, after 3 years of relentless government bullying, that the US Constitution is in force ALL the TIME and does not take a sick day.”

Truth be told, I’ve been hesitant from the beginning because no actual 100% proven vaccine is done in 10 months, especially with the loss of a good man named Stephen; Trump helped to streamline the development but the fault lies, not with a successful president with 315 wins under his belt.

It belongs square with the totalitarian EUA, emergency use authorization “team”, implementers who suspended basic science, medical and epidemiological processes, to push the government~pfharma Pfizer~CDC-FDA-NIH-NIAID bullet train to nowhere.  Trillions of dollars later, 50,000 attributable deaths and millions of bad side effects like Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, periocarditis, blood clots, sudden death etc., and we STILL see academia and the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times Democrat owned media pushing false narratives like they are gospel.  If anything the DeMedia is the ANTI-Gospel, especially since they mock all good God things~~and poo poo His existence.

And we Californian adult citizens know about the bullet train of another toddler totalitarian couple, the Gruesome Newsom Twosome, Jen&Gavin.  Based on the ridiculous idea God can’t control His weather, and that CO2 is demonic pollution, NOT a gift that feeds the world, we are spending billions for an unnecessary slow train to Clarksville.  Whenever the American left, Democrat division or other, talks about their “ideas”, grab your wallet or purse and double lock it inside a safe inside a bigger safe.  But the CoVax fraud is not just expensive: it’s deadly.

The EUA pathway has led to unnecessary ills and deaths

The only way Pfizer & Big Pharma could push their trillion $$ “vaccine plan”, would be to suppress ANY competition from successful alternative therapies, of which we know there are many. “Emergency” implies gotta have it NOW. “Use” means gotta get it inside the needy; “authorization” means a government body, ie the CDCNiHNIAIDFDA, a little known conglomerate, dictates OK to proceed.  The biggest threat to Big Pfizer was the availability of solutions; and the only way to suppress the threat is to quelch both doctors and being proven treatment plans.

Dr Simone Gold, a real doctor involved in ER, was one of the first signs the Pfizer Pfauci war room would not tolerate dissent; licensed legitimate doctors became their pawns. Dr Robert Malone, who pioneered the novel system mRNA, said it did not belong used for Pfizer shots.  Dr. Gold’s sins?  When this Frontline Doctor (by necessity) founder checked her patients post emergency room, AND treated them, she was warned and then fired.   Fired for honoring her oath and helping patience practicing real medicine.

Just 5 decades ago, doctors owned their practices and had more than a computer relationship; technology is great when it doesn’t sacrifice the human element.  Then doctors, once known as physicians, became “health care providers” despite 12 years of rigorous training, including interning, residency and their chosen specialty.

HMOs or health maintenance operations took over and decertified (well, until MD rebellion with concierge practices etc.) independent medical thought.   The misery merchant misdirection continues with less doctor and more “health care workers” applied to them.

Dr. Cuomo violated the basic rule of medicine going back to lepers being separated from the healthy in Biblical times: he put infected Covid carriers with the healthy.  35,000 elderly died in NYC because of this ignorant “$$ per dead Covider” plan.    Once the Pfizer shots (a vaccine it is not) were here, often you’d hear “Grandma will die if she doesn’t get her Pfizer or Moderna”.  Just part of the Pfauci Pfizer suppression efforts.

Successful alternatives:

HCQ or Hydroxychloroquine.  Strombectol/Ivermectin.   Quercetin.  Three zinc ionophores that force zinc into infected cells to kill off the virus.   I doubt these words would ever dribble out of Dr Pfaucinstein’s mouth because he does NOT get paid when someone or something interferes with the veterinary CEO Boorla Express at Pfizer.  Similar to a hospital NOT getting paid for Covid ($39,000 per death) unless the box was checked as primary or secondary cause.

I practice what I preach:  My medical plan for three years instead of the Pfizer Pfauci shots push, involves the three listed above, with NAC, vitamins C & D3, Zinc, Quercetin daily, HCQ once a week.  Ivermectin in reserve.  This is just one of many prophylactic menus to stay healthy out there.  Monoclonals work, so many others are successful.  I’d go to the Frontline Doctors (FLCCC) site to see them.  One is featured here  xxxxx

Questions…that demand adult answers.

Why is there NO ingredients sheet in every Pfizer shot package?  Every other chemical/drug by law has an ingredient sheet, why not this one?

Why doesn’t the cash flush CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID have clinical research underway to truly know the truths about both Covid19-23 and CoVax shots?  We are relying on foreign lands, like Israel and India for effective studies.  I don’t know if we can trust our governmental employees in the health field (HHS etc) to do the right thing; even if, as the Constitution promises, we the people ARE the government.

Honest CoVax studies are critical going forward…too much anecdotals and opinions by the vested Pfizer Pfauci types.

Here in SoCal, we have a good, though not perfect, clinical time study of high school seniors who were given the Pfizer shots and those who refuse out of principle and wisdom NOT to get the shots sequence.

The Granada Hills Class of 2022 already has both the study and control groups.  1030 students were “allowed” to graduate in their open air stadium (the ‘vaxxed’) but 70 who refused to be governmental guinea pigs (no Pfizer shots) were penalized no grad night at Disney, or prom and forced off campus because they were not “vaxxed”.  Illa est, they were not infected either.

This example of governmental tyranny, even in the largest charter high, still smells putrid.  The newly elected 27th district Representative Mike Garcia fought to allow the “lepers” to graduate with their classmates, but was unsuccessful in getting irrational adults in the teachers’ unions to be reasonable.  But the good news is a 5 year/10 year tracking study would be invaluable to see if and how many of the known (and unknown) side effects come into play as these young people move into their 20s.

The largest sample would be the sheep compliant 1030 who got the full regimen, initial shots and boosters as required by the principal.  It they didn’t, they would not have been allowed to go to their senior prom and not graduate with their classmates, some having spent a decade together.

The 70 wise students who refused based on principle, not the words of a tyrannical principal, that the unproven, untested use of drugs rushed to market for those with little or no risk, was unsound public health.  Parents, obviously, had the input ALL parents should have: no drugs nor risky medical procedures like abortion without their permission.

Time will tell if the school’s Congressional representative and a team of parents can put this together; expectations of the school’s administration to cooperate?  None.


Speaking of anecdotals loaded with truths:

The doctor who could not cry”.  A young cardiologist said he would NOT cry at funerals for the “unvaxxed”.  Ironically, this doctor died after his 3rd booster just 2 weeks later.  No one should relish another’s death, including this heart specialist.

“The sepsis patient”   A woman emailed Pat about her husband’s experience in the hospital.  She claimed after her husband died, the death certificate stated “sepsis” as a result of Covid were the cause.  The distraught wife whose hubby died in hospital believes the fraud was perpetrated by the hospital admin to get $39,000 (the bounty for a covid death)


We are in the midst of the greatest systemic medical malpractice in world history.

The only one getting immunization results is the companies making the drugs: Pfizer, J&J, Moderna.  Granted, the operation lightspeed would not have moved as quickly without being immune from lawsuits, both legitimate and ambulance chasers.  But, the power of greed and plenty dollars caused Big Pharma to ignore so many safeguards, even today, and promote drugs as vaccines which by any stretch, are not.   “One and done” works for measles and mumps, but not for this baby.

My MBA marketing hat back on!  We know misery merchants and left leaners at Democrat Etymology Dept central love to use false word phrases to smooth their corrupt rails. Telling the truth is their plague and there seems to be no antidote, let alone a one and done vaccine for false witnessing and lies.  Examples:

Inflation reduction act.  You can’t spend trillion$ of dollars that don’t exist and not fuel massive inflation.  Yet the Democrat Wordfakers named it this way.  The Inflation Increase Act and more money for Dem cronies Act made more sense.

In the Pfizer Pharma realm, ever hear of “breakthrough” applied when you get Covid AFTER 3 Pfizers and 3 boosts?  Now the annual boosts…  BreakTHROUGHS apply to scientific and technological advancements, something good happening, often a quantum leap of discovery, maybe a cure for something.  But the misery merchants at Pfizer Truth Control and Dr Pfaucinstein’s spin team came up with this blatant, medically irresponsible, promotion of basic medical science falsehoods. I can’t be the only adult to chafe at their use of this term to depict pfailure!?!

Recall “rebound” mentioned after PaxloVoid (a Biden malapproprism) seems to enhance the disease’s expression.  Again, a rebound is a positive event in basketball, and a good event in life.  Yet, the misery merchants mouth a lie, claiming it is good that the symptoms go ballistic after the drug.

Names, appropriate.

Lisa Presley died of cardiac arrest at age 54.  Was she Pfizered?  No autopsy

Damar Hamlin, age 24, almost died of cardiac arrhythmia in front of hundreds of millions.  He was Pfizered and by God’s good grace and quick rescuers, he is alive.


Pfizer, flush with $80 billion in sales half from Covid shots, is on a relentless advertising campaign, sponsoring every left leaning, and the ocassional truth leaning, shows.  You may have heard the clip of the ” xx is brought to you by Pfizer”.  This is on top of endless government sponsored Pfizer pushing HHS and CDC drug promos for Pfizer, ModeRNA etc.

Our medical world has some serious issues.  Note that in the state of disarray, California, we have the Gruesome Newsom Twosome pushing their teen sex trafficking business out in the open with $200 million of our tax dollars.  The gist is to lure conflicted, troubled teen moms to the Golden State from the 49 other states.  The promise, seeded on seven states of the Newsom AborTourism, Inc. billboards, is for free baby kills without telling mom or dad.

Chew on that, adults reading this.  Suzy from Idaho or Sally from Indiana are trafficked, slicker than a busy MexiCartel, back to the land of promise.  Planned Parenthood does their worst, shoving steely knives up the 14 year old’s vagina, through the birth canal, cutting out her living child and then harvesting her little girl’s profitable organs for resale.  Speaking of sordid marketing, there is a huge worldwide market for organs.  But with abortion, the human gives NO permission to donate and preferred to live70 or 80 years before her heart or liver went to a needy patient.

This is evil, pure and simple.  Compound it with Gov Hairgel and his sidekick First Partner Hairbrush Jen pushing teen mutilation sanctuaries as the demon doctors chainsaw off supple teen breasts (the female) and CircumSeize teen penises (the male) for transgenderized (the dysphoric confused) mutilated humans stuck for life by a decision groomed with sick “gender affirming surgeons” or GAS, the ONLY gas the left tolerates.

Any wise person knows the truth.  Abortion, transgenderized surgeries are NOT health care.  They are aberrant, bizarre excuses for the Hippocratic Oath formerly taken by doctors; back when we HAD independent doctors.  Just like Pfizerized humans, CoVax has solutions but NOT from Pfizer.

Science involves wins and losses; in the medical field, when a chemical substance is found to fail, this IS a success because the scientific method works.

With drugs, natural or manufactured, humans take a chance putting them in their bodies; we rely on the three lettered agencies, like FDA, CDC, NIH and Dr Pfaucinstein’s cave, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases” group, one of the 27 making up the National Institutes of Health.”

You may know Edison discovered, not failed, in finding 117 ways not to make an incandescent filament to deliver light.

50 deaths led to the abandoning of CoVid 2002 “vaccine”; somewhere in the time between Pfizer’s announcement and today, the thresh hold was hit showing the Pfizer shots are not doing the job.  In fact, one would think, the CDC or NIH would have had all hands on deck verifying in flight what it does to humans.

They didn’t: too much money in the balance, I hate to say.   Greed is one of the seven deadliest sins and it led to the deaths of thousands, preventable.



“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”










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