Live FREE or D.I.E.

To “Live FREE or D.I.E.”!

Much ado is being had about Diversity Inclusion and Equity.  You might recognize it, from sea to medicine to the airline industry to sLive Free or Die | Flag Works over Americahining sea, as DEI, a bit out of the order I believe makes more sense in the mature adult world beyond snowflakeland..

The misery merchants’ spelling, “DEI”, translates to “of God” from the Latin, probably a fact the godless care little about.  Transposing the last two initials is the smart move, leading to the truth of a bankrupt progressive point of view now rearing its ugly head across the fruited plain.

And, D.I.E. is about as self-defining as any of the progressive radical left’s latest concoctions from the pretenders convention on Belmont Ave in George Washington, D.C.

The Sultan of Socialism, Bernie Sanders, recently interviewed, who reveled with his newlywed among the spires of Moscow and the drudgery of communism, did not know the difference.  That is, between equality (the American ideal of all Americans should have equal opportunity) and equity, that not so new term promoted by the death&misery merchants among us promoting “getalongism”, participation ribbons and mediocrity on a national scale.

The interviewer finally coaxed him to agree “equity” means “equal outcomes” or “equal results”, the heart and soul of the socialist/communist world view.  As deceptive as it is in practice.

D.I.E. is the latest deception opposed to the greatness of our land, of  striving for the best, hard work, thrifiness, industry and excellence.   Seeking a tempered dark glass ceiling over individual achievement and great results, the modern American communist (a socialist who denies God’s existence) in America pretends to want EVERYONE to have it all or equal portions, whichever is LESS.  Thus a sickness more dangerous than CoVid23 plus or the latest mRNA offering of the government’s fave Pfizer shot sequence.

Power has its privileges.  But unfortunately, D.I.E., if allowed to matastesize, DOES cause unnecessary deaths. During the recent Oct 2019 release of the world’s worse bioweapon from that giant petry dish called Wuhan, it set the stage soon after for the worst medical systemic malpractice in human history.  Many professionals, like those military aviators who refused the Dr Pfaucinstein shots sequence, were relieved of duty.  Their skills, whether flying infected Wuhanians to work in CCP owned businesses in Spain, or tourists to Turin to see the Holy Shroud, were needed because they had the training, instincts and skills to land their precious cargo of travelers on the tarmacs of the world.

Not so much anymore; as the FAA and airlines relax the critical qualifications to fly first or second chair at American or Southwest, because so many pilots were banished due to attrition and the insane CoVax 19 demands, is leading to near misses and soon a deadly air crash.  It’s only a matter of time.  An organic warning came in the body of a less than qualified pilot recently who proved his incompetence.

Diversity means ‘from many sources of humanity’ and ‘inclusion’ that we give all a chance to succeed. But now we have one of those running America, Susan rice (an Obama operative) the CEO of Equity. However, this latest co-opted term “equity” means we settle not demand excellence, tolerating the less than best.   Inexperienced foreign 737Max pilots caused two crashes within a month and cost lives and Boeing billions; some accidental pilots have experienced strokes due to CoVax (but not acknowledged).  Others cause near misses that but for the grace of God would be further proof settling for inexperienced jet operators is a fool’s errant brought on by the D.I.E. crowd and those Woke to idiocy.    OR…

Take your everyday pediatric neurosurgeon like Dr Ben Carson, arguably the smartest HUD secretary we ever had.  His mother DEMANDED the best from him and his brother: less or no TV, lots of disciplined study on Dr Ben’s pathway to the worlds BEST UNjoiner of conjoined twins at the brain level.

My 22nd grandchild was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of incompetent surgeries, the RoeWade infamy; Wes required 25 days of NICU care due to low oxygen levels and is alive today.  NOT because of SAT or ACT less standardized tests in high school, or heavy study in college and excellent training in med school, but precisely BECAUSE the best were in the neonatal wards at KP and Rady’s Children’s hospital.  I don’t give a damn what color the doctors or nurses’ skin was: just grateful they were excellent practitioners of real infantile medicine.

When did America give up on the Ben Carson gifts of human excellence?

Google or  DuckDuckGo “DEI Medical term”:  “Beyond medical education, the AAMC is committed to DEI across all its services, programs, and projects. A complete list of the AAMC’s DEI initiatives, including those focused on fostering anti-racism in practice, can be found on the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Initiatives webpage.”

Yes, Ben IS black and as the grandfather of five beautifully black grandkids, I can enjoy that accident of birth.  But race has nothing to do with whether the next button a United pilot pushes or surgeon’s scalpel moved during delicate microsurgery on a 3 year old twin’s cerebellum has on the life of the ones desperately hopeful their doctor or jet cockpit occupant knows what he or she is doing…

Live FREE or D.I.E.  Those are the only choices over time.  What a weekend at Bernie’s three socialist eastern mansion means may not mean much to someone seated in 17E or on the table at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego under glaring lights.  The fact foggy brained Bernie is clueless at the latest ruminations of the death&misery merchants’ storehouse of lunacy will not impact the patients or passengers directly, but over time it is extremely dangerous for human survival.

Practicing D.I.E. only benefits the ruling government power class; certainly not in the critical professions of the modern world where science is more fictional than real to too many. I love giant electric cars like Tesla even though to save weight they DON’T carry a spare tire for the predictable flat.  Ask my sister Margaret how her 70 mile ride in the desert of Arizona went, riding in the zero emission Tesla on the back of a tow truck because a new tire was NOT next door.

We really need to stop pretending. We pretend men can become women and head the CDC or become an admiral surgeon general.  We pretend Teslas emit zero emissions as their excess weight erode roadways and the coal or natural gas generated electric charge overnight doesn’t count in the perpetual motion zero emission advertisements.

Yes, for 70 miles Margaret sat in a zero emitting giant Lithium Ion driver’s seat with her new puppy…but only if you don’t count the gas guzzling F350 truck she sat above for 90 minutes.

The Pretenders WILL get us killed. The next airliner that goes down because we settled for third best, living down to the self-fulfilling prophecy of the D.I.E. bowels movement plaguing our land. Or are you content your next heart surgeon skipped the SATs in high school, graduated 39th out of 40 in his or her (male or female) cardio-pulmonary class at Texas or Yale med?

I say, it is smarter to LIVE FREE! Allow competition, hard work, smart study, proficiency in staff selection come back in vogue.  The death&misery merchants need to stick to pushing bureauRat paperwork for the DMV or underwater basket weaving studies and leave the critical professions TO excellence.

Equity, after all, is a great term for acquired value in real estate…but has no place in the human condition nor in grown up modern America.  Equality of blandness is DEATH for those who believe it is preferable for airliners to come down at the same rate they ascended hours earlier; accepting mediocrity is NOT the BEST and ONLY course.

After all, no one really cares what level of melatonin is  in the cockpit or operating theater: just that their brains and skills match the need for excellence under fire.  And for the gruel record, we are NOT in a democracy but a constitutional republic that CAN strive to elect the best and foster the even better in our society’s critical professions.

Our mentor is the Creator.  The Trinity designed this 553sextillion mile wide universe to be the best most excellent ever.  Think about it. He designed the ear to funnel sound into our inner hearing channel, transform the sterophonic sound into nerve signals our brains can interpret.  Our eyes are basically organic photovoltaic biochemical marvels that take light and images in via our stereoscopic receptors that can detect life.

God took the time in eternity to give us the very best.  He planted a time device with 3 million 20-70ton stones 4500 years ago that pointed directly 270miles away to the city of His Son’s kingly birth in Bethlehem.  He chose to give us each talents to excel, to be and do our very best and to follow that Son all the way to the cross one Friday the 13th in the month of Abib on the Hebrew calendar.

The WORLD needs our covenant country to lead.  Our blessings are amazing, despite these two years proving that incompetence CAN supersede for a time.

BE the BEST.  Demand the better.  Seek justice, law enforcement not criminal encouragement… God is a merciful and generous God.  Serve Him well so you can enjoy your forever even more.



len beckman


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