Fear not, FBI! We will protect you from those supremacist Catholic Church ladies

Dedicated to the fine personnel at the Richmond, VA FBI

RE: “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities”

Thank you to our law enforcement officials who daily put their lives on the line to serve and protect.  When I got word that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had sounded the alarm that those crazy supremacist Church Ladies were at it again, I KNEW I had to weigh in.   Yet, as Pope Saint John Paul the Great and Padre Pio said it:

Do NOT be afraid; do NOT worry.  Just pray.

Great words for all to live by, Mr. Wray and your FBI team;  not to mention, Catholics, Jews etc.

Fear not, hard working FBI agents, Chris Wray and AG Leftenant DeMerit Garland, we will protect you.

You stand up for ultimate truth and total justice.  We NEED you!  At least, when you realize we parents are NOT your enemy nor the Church Ladies weaponizing their lethal tool: the rosary to do harm.

Truth is, it IS a weapon against evil and honoring the mother of your Savior, Jesus the Christ.  But not the typical Race card from the AlinskyDemocrat 52 Bicycles: the one labeled “White Supremacy”.  It IS a bit worn and overused but as the memo puts it…need ‘mitigation opportunities’ because apparently the premiere law enforcement agency worldwide gets bored and suspects the KMart Blue class for Isisians.

After all, SPLC always tells the truth (ask Mark Levin, that calm and cheerful American Marxist outer).  Ok, maybe not so much, since the SPLC leans farther left than the Tower of Piza after a 7.8 quake in Italy.

And you know how those 95 year old rosary toting usually supremacist white (veiled) Church Ladies have been radicalized for years hearing Lingua Latinam as they receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  And songs like “Regina Coeli”, honoring Mary the Queen of Heaven.  (Latin again!)

You can’t miss them; sometimes their rosaries are not just little plastic ones, but the more violent weaponized ones are made of glass, steel, even super blessed holy beads.

Who knows, maybe in their secret meetings, they practice swinging the 65 beaded chain over their heads, hoping to practice their white veiled supremacist moves on some poor hapless BLMer or Auntie FA lady in the pew NOT praying the right prayers.  Or on the streets as the misfit criminals of society steal $949.99 cents merch or tearing down those old patriarchical white bastards like Abraham Lincoln or George of the Potomac.

Then I realized: FIND the national ringleader and demand answers. My memory did NOT fail me: it’s gotta be the notorious Church Lady out of New York City!!

Immediately, I wanted to make sure the church lady that SPLC had discovered, wasn’t the most notorious Church Lady of all time, Enid Strict.

If the Richmond FBI digs in and has access to the interweb, you could check out this Church Lady Strict’s “Church Chats” and look for evidence of sedition, unbridled terrorism like parents seem to do questioning school boarders across America.

The shade of white known as “supremacist” like Navaho or swiss coffee white.  Maybe i can help.  At the FBI, your role is to investigate all enemies foreign and domestic; maybe you know the basics, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season most winters.  As the memo intimates, we are looking for the Reason for the Treason.

However, as a lifelong Catholic dad of 11 with the 22nd grandkiddo newly born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeWade still in NICU battling some issues, I can do tutorials to separate fact from fiction, give a healthy backgrounder on Catholicism after admitting my sins.  Just maybe ObamaJoe Biden has not evangelized the 3 letter exec agencies with real Cath tradition.

Sin#1: I DID serve Mass in the early 60s at what was called the Traditional Latin Mass, similar I believe to the new MOST wanted posters of Church Ladies hitting the airwaves.

Here’s the scoop on the suspect, Enid.  WickedPedia states that:  “The Church Lady is a mature woman named Enid Strict who is the uptight, smug, and pious host of her talk show Church Chat”.  Sounds like the memo was spot on: what’s more dangerous than speaking freely, like the first amendment, about truth and justice?  Something the most prestigious investigative agency in the world is all about.

Is this a good lead to the conspiracy?  Unfortunately, it turns out he once was a man who became a church lady (ie woman as Jumanji Jackson Brown, the newest Supreme, could not define) like Admiral Dr Rachel Levine of HHS or DR. Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, the Director of the CDC.

There might be a role for Enid!  Maybe she could be President Biden’s Secretary of Transpiritual genderologies (adding TSP to the LBTQxyz anagram and rising Secretariats).

Problem is, as how Percy Faith famously doesn’t sing it: “when a man becomes a woman…” he/she Dana Carvey needed Confirmation (after Baptism and First Holy Communion) by the Senate Transformative Committee on all Executive Appointments.  Didn’t happen.

So, the SNL church lady is out!  Sorry, Dana, you are off the hook. Back to Saturday Nights!

SIN#2:  I might as well get it out there:

I am TransParent, and was a man trapped inside a woman’s body.

No lie.  Well, I was trapped up until the moment my mother gave birth to my sorry self.  But that was decades ago.

Still, FBI, fear not…we are still looking to protect you from the blue light special crowd.

Maybe I need to step in.  Church Ladies, like most Catholics, understand the Church was founded, NOT by the Democrat or Republican parties, but by the Son of God that God the Father inserted into HIS created world two millennia ago.

History, after all, is His Story.  Jesus IS the center of all time, the world, the old and new testaments.

The FBI even, for years, used AD and BC in their view of the world. BC meaning Before Christ and AD meaning the NEW contract, the new covenant via the Latin, Anno Domini (fear not, my use of Latin should not scare you, it is still in use by real doctors still allowed by Dr Pfauci (some call him “Pfaucinstein” affectionately) to write drug prescriptions.)

Anno Domini means “In the Year of the Lord”…2023 for example.  Jesus REMAINS the center of all time on earth as we are actually in the exact middle of eternity, going back and looking forward.

Mr. FBI agent and fellow readers, ALL of us, fallen away Catholics, Catholics in name only ObamaJoe Biden and non CAtholics WILL ALWAYS EXIST.  We die first but we LIVE forever.  And you are making decisions this MOMENT affecting where you will be for that forever. Primer time: the potent Rosary has mysterious mysteries tied to each group of 10 Hail Marys (the prayer not the Super Bowl pass).  Broken up into Sorrowful, JOYful, Glorious and the newer Luminous mysteries.

The TLC (traditional Latin Catholics?) use the Glorious on Sundays and Wednesdays; Sorrowful on Tuesdays and Fridays, the Joyful on Saturday and Monday and bringing up the rear, the Luminous mysteries on Thursday.

In fact, Mary gave the rosary form to use, we understand, through St Dominic.  Later on, by the first part of the 15th century the Hail Mary consisted of: “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” The third part, known as the petition (“Pray for us Holy Mother of God…”) is traced back to the Council of Ephesus in 431. At that council, Church leaders officially defined Mary as not only the Mother of Jesus but as Theotokos (God-bearer, the Mother of God).

Primer time: yes, worry not, our friends at the FBI and skeptics of the Deep State of Disarray: Mary IS important in Creation and eternity.  A good way to understand Regina Coeli and Jesus’ mother is that Mary:

“…is endowed with the high office and dignity of the Mother of the Son of God, and therefore she is also the beloved daughter of the Father and the temple/spouse of the Holy Spirit” (Pope St. John Paul the Great in ‘Lumen gentium’,n. 53).

Mr Wray and AGarland, she IS the Eve who said “Yes” to God’s call.  But remember, you decide where you are going…

No, great FBI agents, there are no Monday morning status meetings once you die (we pray for every alive as well as fallen law enforcement human).  Either heaven, the preferred new address or hell.  Yes, hell IS a place.

Of course, I will NOT toss a stone, from the Scriptures “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I certainly am not sinless.

But Jesus’ words, great ones to live by as you investigate the Church Ladies who, by one FBI agent’s belief, are racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists in Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology (RTCI ?)

Yes, I know, these Church Ladies may appear to be ancient, but they are powerful prayer warriors against the dominion of the father of lies, the devil, who it is running out of control around America and the world deceiving good people.  Good people including the FBI.  The Scriptures, ie the Bible, remain relevant and great truths buried inside those big books many use as door stops today.

Tutorial continues.  Contrary to Mr Garland’s very sad view of the real America, the land where parents actually have rights and own one right to educate their children, feed clothe and love them…who are NOT domestic terrorists when they tell these usurping public school boards we don’t want our children, without permission, to have their breasts chainsawed off or the penises of their young boys castrated by the demons of the Minor Gender Demolition Service hiding behind their plastic surgery gender affirming ID cards.  Yes, our death culture IS screwed up by the misery merchants, but who in their sane right mind thinks wacking off barely pubescent pee pees is a rational, human, adult thing to do?

Frankly I stand apart from the depopulationist billionaires of Huxley fame that Susan Buffet, Priscilla Zuckerberg etc practice.

Confession:   I have 11 kids and just had #22 grandchild, hoping for more, to fill in the giant hole some billionaires don’t understand: when you kill 64 million prebirth almost born babies over five decades, there IS impact!

Think about protecting AMerica from within!  You create a HUGE black hole that sucks the life out of the greatest country on God’s green earth nestled in the midst of His 553 sextillion mile wide universe when you destroy 20% of the prebirthers.

64 million and counting; I know more abortions are coming, because one billionaire couple after three NON reproductive righteous miscarriages and three beautiful girls, pre-purchased 3,000,000 future abortions to keep the blood and seized hearts and livers coming.  You know them as Mark and Priscilla and yes I have proof they took out 3 million contract kills for only God and devil know why.

FBI, I know you work closely with them at FaceBot Central; but I would fear Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg more than the Supremacist White Veiled church ladies; the Zucks, with their allies at AborTourism Inc. (Gavin and Jen Seibert Newsom) and sanctuary breast mutilations, kill innocent children as if they are property and living organ donors.

It’s bad enough mother Zucker got her 3 before their assault on blacks and Mexican inner city populations.  Mr Wray and FBIers: do you realize your favored abortion industry has killed off 19.4% of the 330 million future Americans?  Blacks are 9 times the rate but no race card pops out of the race deck for some reason.

Add in the 3 million kids marked for Death by Zuck via satanic surgeons in Gavin&Jen Newsom’s favorite kill mills, and you have a dying country that 30 million illegal vacationers now call home…and CAN’T replace, even if Susan Rice, Barack and Michelle and grifter JoBama Biden allow 30 million in, helping Fentanyl and cartel coyotes’ free reign in the USa.

Susan Buffett, Priscilla Zuckerberg and their boys made their money, which i am NOT jealous of, on the mutilated bodies of our next generation.

Since money is always followed, when they are capitalized, that 64 million kids would have generated AT LEAST $128 TRILLION in economic activity over 75 years.  Four times the current $31 trillion printed national debt my grandkids’ kids will be paying for.

I know, in Mr. Obama’s fourth term at ObamaNation HQ on Belmont 2 miles north of the Oval Office, trillions are like billions like millions were just decades ago, no way we can spend this much of the future.  someone please don’t tell the Obamanation HQ “quadrillion” is the “…illion” in the chain of poverty.

As the man you protect from all enemies, truth and justice, Mr Obama Biden has spent another 1.7 TRILLION of printed cash so that you can chase parents, church ladies and keep 1000 good Americans locked in the Gulag DC Dungeons because they visited our (not your capital) one Epiphany morning in 2021.

We all know Paul Pelosi’s wife locked out 10,000 National Guard troops so her backdrop for her daughter’s nancy brag documentary was surrealistic.  Her protection racket led to the FBI’s Instigator bureau (Ray Epps and others) give Allstate’s “Mayhem” the run of the Capitol.

FBI, fear NOT the Church Ladies.  Better, you should FEAR the God who decides where YOU will spend eternity after a meager 85 years on earth.

Your agency is marked with the awesome responsibility to investigate, not adjudicate: so why are so many innocents held in Stasi Gulag DC jails?  Does it make you feel better, oppressing the weak and freedom to speak types?

God’s timing is perfect. The light of the sun shines directly on the altar on the feast of St Michael, an angel many know battles Biden’s busy demons

Sin#3.  Speaking of marked, I realize I am on your screen for future intimidation and unjust arrest.

I love protecting women, what with 7 in my family, and work diligently to provide informed choice facts to the most vulnerable among us; the Gruesome Newsom Twosome don’t give a damn how many pregnant teens they destroy from these 49 United States.

I am not rich, but then wealth is not the issue.

I attend a few times a month a Latin Mass at the beautiful church of the Assumption (Mary’s passing into heaven feast, the 4th GLORIOUS mystery of the aforementioned rosary).

It is NOT the traditional Latin Mass you and your Catholic hating SPLF and agents fear most.

Primer time. A quick tutorial to save you the embarrassment and stop these bizarre false witness distractions taking you away from investigating 200 foot Mao Tse-Xi’s Chinese Lunar New Year balloons and cartels and perps stealing $950+ in merchandize without response.

You know, the traditional arrest, incarcerate (big word for jail), bring to trial timely like one of the amendments promise and then a trial by peers.  But, NOT grandmas wallowing in DC’s form of Gitmo because they exchanged recipes on the mall lawn.

As your former agent Seraphin, a federal whistleblower, wrote that the author of the Richmond VA memo defines radical traditionalist Catholics as those who are “typically characterized by the rejection of the Second Vatican Council.” Vatican II, which concluded in 1965, revised the Latin Mass with the Mass of Paul VI.”  Nothing could be further from the truth and the real world.

Are we back to “backward masking” the Beatles’ White Album and Number Nine and “turn me on dead man?” planted lyrics.  I had a belted turntable back then and did a quick twist to hear the secret wordings.

By the way: Glossary Central. The Church is divided into three groupings.  Why do you fear the Church Militant?  It’s a long standing reference to the Church ON EARTH serving the needs of others and preaching the gospel to all nations.  The other two groups are the Church Triumphant (those in heaven already like my wife Donna and mother of 11 great kids); and Church Suffering (those accounting for actual sin in purgatory who are heaven bound…I bet a lot of the corrupt DC, one hopes, makes it to here at least, such as Obamanation’s Joe B, Aunt Nancy and the prodigal son Gavin.  And frankly, why does Leftenant AGarland shiver in his boots over the militant (Latin derivation is ‘service”) while dum de dum dumming over 574 riots featuring murderers, looters and arsonists during the “peaceful” burn down anything reprobate BLManTIFa’s Summer of Love and Peace.

Scripture has it: “fear God who has the power to put both body and soul into Gehenna (no, not a form of Indian tatooing) ie HELL.

MORE Glossarizationing.  Novus Order means the “New Order” that began about 1965.

Not the world wide reset globalization of the New World Order; no, the Vatican II changes practiced today.

Today, the Mass is spoken and celebrated worldwide in 160 different languages in different forms. We worship God, fear not, FBI, not men like Kamala or Joe or even the best president in recent times, Donald Trump.

More Catholic facts:  After God created the angels, He set about creating these 50 trillion celled beings called humans, starting with a man with an external sex and urination tool; you may have heard of him: Adam (NOOO, not that lying, leaking, deceitful Schiff from Maryland with his 1 bedroom Burbank abandoned.)  God produced billions of stars, planets, plants and animals on this third rock from the sun.

But two sexes or genders, not 60,  were in His plans: He finished general creation with the greatest design and feat in history.

Billions of stars was nothing compared to His Design and Creation of woman, with her internal ability to reproduce another fully functioning sentient male or female or both or eight babies.

Woman, who used to be respected by all and treated with love and care until the woke generation gained prominence.

Why do you, Mr Garland, hate babies so?  Why does the Democrat party of enslavement rabidly force little girls to have their breasts chainsawed when chest bindery doesn’t suffice? Pump her or he full of puberty chemical blockers, which leads to the highest suicide rate in decades, among the confused abused by supposed “adults and doctors” of the gender affirming world. EVIL

Or worse, kill blacks and Mexicans first, whites second, locating Jill&Will Kill Mills in inner cities; nothing racist about abortion, EVERY human is the target of death doctors.  Cute name that the Zuckerbergs love so much, pre purchasing 3 million abortions (in English even the FBI informants can understand “killing little prebirth babies for parts”) via $966 million donation to planned barrenhood, where satanic Sanger soldiers march to Hell’s cadence.

Yet there’s MORE innovation!  Before the abortionist was the perpetrator, doing the evil to the mother and child; now, twenty something pregnant ladies can SEE in their own toilets what a baby looks like if not carried to a full term birth taking FetalKyl Pills.  Talk about Biology 401 where the specimen and speciwomen aren’t frogs pinned on lab boards but REAL human children, fully formed, diving into toilets across this fruited plain.  Albuquerque used to have Southwest Women’s Options (SWO) give phase one inducing the mother to expel the large baby, then house them at the Plaza Inn nearby; finally, mom’s little girl dropped into the porcelain throne, and drained to the Great River (Rio Grande) where we import the illegal alien replacements.

Now, young lady!  All she needs to do is buy an over the counter infanticyanide pill at the Walgreen Little Girl Killing centers. Planned Parenthood no longer has its monopoly!

FBI, add this to my Most Wanted poster. I have 11 kids, more than the Chinese “One kid per family” rule.

In addition to five years of Latin at Servite and CSUF, a few times a month I take a dozen roses to the Orange County Kill Central HQ, planned parenthood on Tustin at the 22.

Mr Dunn’s place of business does Covid shots, gives prenatals, pregnancy tests and kills human organ donors while alive.  Yes, selling organs from dead people is illegal; selling organs from recently murdered babies should be illegal as well in practice.

DA Rackaukas outed Dunn’s den with a $7 million suit affixed to DaVinci Biosystems in Yorba Linda (once owned by Hillary’s colleagues the Isias brothers), but no one in DC cares about saving infant lives.

Except a few like Senator Saint Marsha Blackburn and former VP Pence.

FBI, I am NOT a church lady.  And I am careful not to do anything illegal, immoral or fattening.

Like Mr Houck (Leftenant AGarland could explain), I stand legally on the sidewalk. 

When a car exits (never holding up traffic as cars enter off Tustin), I hold a red or yellow rose up and if the driver or passenger stops and acknowledges me, i legally give them the rose.  You know, the kind of flower that most American ladies love to get from their men, husbands, boyfriends, dads.

Women LOVE roses; I also give a small information sheet so the pregnant (aborted or not) woman can exercise choice from five places that will give her free prenatals, followup exams and not threaten her life with knives shoved up her vagina and suction machines to suck the remains of their satanic rituals practiced intra uterine.

All of 17 seconds.  Yes, EVERY woman risks her own life, whether by chemicals or knives, when she enters driving OVER the sidewalk.  If you think I am lying, tell that to 18 year old Holly Patterson or 22 year old Tonya REaves.

They don’t have birthdays anymore because these moms are dead at the hands of an abortionist.  The list IS long for the twofers, where mom dies soon after her little girl is knifed to death for parts.  But, hey, what’s a few oops killing both in America, the land of opportunity and dreams.

Mr Wray, as they drive out, it’s easy to see the newly abortive mom.

Like recently, a woman in pain in her passenger seat back horizontal and flat, was holding her stomach, moaning and in distress with her man not even looking to take a rose for his lass. Zombie driver.  Mom now suffering for a lifetime of various levels of pain, emotional, spiritual, physical etc.

Not a pretty sight repeated for the 64 millionth time in our dying country. Oh the games the Dems and too many Republicans play… inventing words and phrases daily to distract from the blessings of our great nation via diversion.  Propaganda, whether Pravda or in the King’s language, is evil.  Like Diversity. Inclusion. Equity.  DIE for short.

You have my address: i know. I prefer to not deal with injustice applied to me and my family.  I am NOT a Church Lady but I do follow Christ and hope to live happily forever with all my 11 kids God willing.  I sincerely pray for you and your souls.  You have a tough job, what with the Obamanation possessing DC and beholden to them and not to Lady Justice.

God created the Universe for mankind (yes the two genders man) and womenkind.  Not the reverse!  Humans are the reason for the seasons of life, while Jesus IS the Reason for the Christmas season.  The angels (tutorial continues) chose to worship their Creator or to defy Him.

Dead Giveaway?  Maybe this whistleblower Seraphin has higher aspirations: Seraphin is very close to SeraphiM, the six-winged “fiery” angels who surround God as He sits upon His exalted throne and who worship God continually (Isaiah 6).

Maybe a coincidence the highest level of angelology has such a close etymological proximity to Mr Seraphin.

Back to tutorial and creation.  Thank you FBI for your service!!  But you need to brush up on your purported terrorist groups who have American citizenship…and are good, normal American folks.

God “marked” the earth with a huge object that later became a Home Depot source for Arabian peoples in the middle east after an earthquake.

But before 600 years ago, it shown brilliantly with its 144,000 polished hard limestone mirror capstoles and served as God’s pillar of fire (its name means “fire in the middle”), a compass, a mathematical repository etc.  But it also pointed to God’s plan of salvation history.

The object is the “Fire in the middle” building translated as Giza Pyramid.  It sits at the exact center of the world, east-west and north-south. Don’t just believe me: Google earth it and it will fill your rectangular screen perfectly, because it IS a compass more true (less than 3 degrees of arc) to the four cardinal directions of North, East, West South.  Even more accurate than new observatories after 5 millennia.

As to being a pillar of fire, it is at its most brightest at high noon on the Spring Equinox, the first day of rebirth, resurrection and rejuvenation, as the northern planetary hemisphere, drags itself out of the cold and death of winter into the new life of spring.  High noon on the same day historically, Jesus was conceived and died.  Explanation another day, FBI folks.

God, I believe, used this structure made of 3 million blocks of 2070 ton stones perfectly aligned, to help focus us on His Son, Jesus later in time.  Possibly the seal of approval planted 2623 BC (Before Christ not BCE) and energize 2141 BC.

Once covered with 144,000 super bright mirror stones, it could be seen from the moon. It maintains the world’s average temp inside (68 degrees); it houses the world’s average land height. It actually is an 8 (Jesus’ number) sided geometric pyramidal structure seen four times a year: at dawn and dusk on the Solstices of Summer and Winter).

couple more: Giza is concaved to match the curvature of the earth not discovered until the 40s.  In fact, it is a square circle.

Measure the 9131 inch base side times four you get 36524, the exact solar year of 365.24 days. Divided by its Apex, you get 3.1415, Pi to five significant digits.  Yes, the Church Ladies won’t baton you with their St Simon Stock St Dominic rosaries nor force you to see the truth.

Maybe Patrick Madrid, dad of 11, will take up this investigation if the Fed Bureau is busy with Church Ladies and Suppressing parents. It’s worthy of a look.  God knew what He was and IS doing.

So many facts such as Newton qualified his scientific laws with information in the Giza Pyramid.  Most important, someday it will be recognized as a Catholic icon for its pointing to our Founder Jesus the Christ who in Greek and Hebrew is numbered as 888 (His name) and 8, the number scripturally of rebirth (8th day of the week, renewal of the music scale 8th note etc).  Maybe with all its resources, the FBI could investigate this marvelous miracle instead of arresting prolife dads of 7 OR 11.  BTW, heard that 100 women’s health centers, once known as free clinics, have been arsoned and graffitied by the demoniacs at real terrorist orgs like the New BLM and Auntie FA.   Nuttin’ to see here?  Kind of like the peaceful 574 riotous protests.

Before I lose you and you arrest me for speaking truth: note that built inside the former perfect building now a pile of rubble is the Christ Angle.

The entrance is 17 (biblical number of “victory”…see 153 reference by Jesus)  steps up.  The “entrance” passageway creates an angle of 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds protracted to the ground.  When extended as a vector from its base, the line travels 270 miles over the Exodus pillars of Solomon and the city of Jesus’ birth, Beth’ lehem, the House of Bread.  As the FBI must now now, Jesus is the Bread of Life born to die that we might live.

270 miles vector from Giza to Bethlehem along the 26 degree 18 ‘ 9.63 ” Christ angle built into Giza

In case the FBI has a filtered interweb, pictured here is the 26 degrees 18 minute 9.63 second angled line overlaying a map of Egypt and Israel.  THIS is the Catholic aspect unmentioned that even the ABCNNBCBS APost~Times Democrat Media should journalize.  Some day when the urinalists graduate from journalism school, Pulitzer U.

They should NOT lie about white supremacists and killing democracy (we are NOT a democracy but a Federated Republic of elected leadership employees of We the People governance).

Sadly, Mr Wray, the misery merchants (Dems, Swamp creatures etc) worry more about killing democracy than killing little girls inside younger moms.

Beloved FBI and CDC Compliance Agents: It’s NOT easy being a cop these days, certainly not part of the most incredible investigative agency worldwide now tainted. But realize we don’t have law and order when we reward the lawless (574 Summer of Auntie FA BLM Love riots) for their disorder!!  Could it be, you are looking for job securing “mitigation opportunities in all the wrong places.

Yes it fits in well with your radicalized Left American Marxist mindset shared by way too many.  But there IS hope.

Mr FBI agent, many of you have children and understand discipline, like “don’t steal, cheat, lie or kill”; you know that “what gets rewarded gets repeated”.  We did not reject the Commandments but follow them.

Take the list: Steal.  Cheap.  Lie.  Kill.  Each has its patron demon in the party of slavery and the favored criminals of Sorosian fame.

The Catholic Church is 2000 years old; founded on 12 apostles, the original governing body like the 12 Israel tribes of ancient times, it survives BECAUSE it is the mystical (miraculous) body and bride of Christ.  Mary is not revered by all Christian faiths, although Muslims revere Mary only second to Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima. Protestants are a bit skeptical of her importance.

Again in case your internet is down, FBI, investigate the truths of the Church, refute the lies of the mainly Democrat God haters brought to you by the lies of so many.  For example, here lies….Joe Biden and Adam Schiffty Schiff, who only lie when their lips move. But please, as Nicholas Cage said in “National Treasure”, “I really don’t want to go to jail”.

Please spare me jailtime like Mr Houck experienced; I am 70 years old and still working full time. But our battles are not other Americans, FBI, nor the law enforcers we love, the peaceful among us; our true war is against the “principalities and powers of darkness” mentioned in the Bible.  Yes, Catholics use the Bible more than door stops.

Like Paul of the jails of old, I speak truth without deception, wish peace on everyone, do not hate anyone though not a fan of killing or mutilating kids for profit or ideology.  We have a great country and over time a Renaissance will return.  It HAS to.

Save yourselves the trouble: the Church Ladies are only dangerous to hell and its followers. 

And therein lies the problem: President Joe sadly is at least demonically influenced if not oppressed, obsessed or possessed.

The dead giveaway is NOT just his beady black pupils or red background sets, but he believes like too many billionaires and far left crowdsourcers that shoving a knife up a woman’s vagina to cut up a living 30 trillion celled little girl makes America better.  It doesn’t.

The feeble baby hearts and infantile livers bring money to the engorged Abortion Inc. but at what cost? The souls of American and those engaged in kid kills and mutilations for profit.

I personally know just how fragile preborners are, how innocent and vulnerable both mother and child are.  When our 22nd grandchild was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of the evil RoeWade disaster, Wesley was immediately put into NICU, the intensive care unit for little girls and boys.  Jan 22nd, 2023 to today, STILL in focused care.

You see, the real America does not follow the death and misery merchants, we VALUE life and work so hard to protect it, from conception through natural death.  Wesley was given much more care than the little healthy girl mutilated and hacked up by the sleazy kill mill industry, who are dead in 5 minutes.  The chemical FetalKyl abortion pill takes longer and the mom is less a victim but emotionally believes she is a primary killer when her girl shows up in the porcelain low flow toilet altar.

Leave the Church ladies alone to be prayer warriors. Fear not, Mr Wray or AGarland, they will not strangle you with their 59 not 65 beaded prayer tool.   Got you!  You need to study the real currency of life, the Catholic faith before you write off people who pray for you and yours.

By the way, Mr Wray and AGarland, can you help the California Cavalry?  Cavalry Chapel was surveilled as parishioners entered during the government lockdown; how dare these free American citizens go into a church when the DC swamp trackers say Suzie Sweet or Holy Harry are illicitly worshiping a God other than Government, whether our three branches or that of the ObamaNation of Desolators?   Someone videoed, their cells monitored, all targeted for Covid emforcement.  Even though not one Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome infected Christian was discoverable.  When you are done imprisoning those dangerous Mama Bears and involved dads asking why the school board is mutilating our boys via castration and chainsawing our young ladies, could you look into this.  Yes, it is the GNT (Gruesome Newsom Twosome’s) backyard.

I am happy to oblige…

But the government, though less powerful it seems than a few square miles near the Potomac, is the people!

You are our hirelings, our employees.  Unfortunately we have devolved into two nations. One Real free Americans, filled with hard working parents, kids and families, that Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke of one State of the Union Tuesday

…and (2) the ObamaNation of Barack and Susan Rice who puppet Mr Biden into destroying our great land with lies and pilfered trillion$.  You’ve seen the new godfather of the swamp.  The movie “Godfather IV”, produced by the Obamanation Film division, is underway. Pictured here is the trailer.

Reigning not so covertly, good old Joe, the current 1600 Penn Ave resident is a mere emanating penumbra of a statesman.

Susan Rice and the ObamaNation rules the swamp two miles north of Penn Ave’s largest House of White. Emanations from penumbras? The dictionary says that a penumbra is “the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object.”

The permanent administrative state, like all our souls, is in need of a Savior, of reform.

Help the vigilant FBI dealing with this latest cache of white haired supremacist Church Lady terrorists.

It was bad enough, as AGarland discovered, there are thousands, maybe millions of domestic terrorist parents running rampant in little cells called “families” targeting the keeper of our children, pubic school boards and teech unions,  across this great country.

Now, probably hiding for years, wielding their walkers and canes disguised as walking canes and walkers, in the very pews of the beloved Catholic Church are the Church Ladies on the prowl.

As we are reminded often, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholics and obviously watching carefully at daily Mass for these nonagenarian miscreants donning the pews.

Last thing these fearless leaders want is for some rosary totin’ bible carrying 90 year old making her veiled threat: “Repent of your sins, Catholic ones, turn back to God, stop killing little girls and become true statespersons to lead our land.”  But sadly Hitler was once a Catholic, even an altar boy.  Unfortunately, before he rose to power, he joined the occult and became demonically influenced.  Yes, rumor has it he sold his soul the devil and his reward was shooting Eva Braun, his dog and then himself in that Berlin bunker after 12 million human kills over 12 years in 10 countries.

But before you condemn (ye without sin stone throwing time) this evil, evil man, recall the Chancellor of the Democrat Socialist Party only took out 12 million while we took out 64 million.

Are Democrats and far left just more efficient than 80 years ago removing perfectly fine humans?

FIVE times as many humans though 5 times as long to do it.  Whether in Germany & Poland, or these 50 united states, both are incredible tragedies.

WE are NOT the enemy, Mr Wray or AGarland.  We want to help.

So real Americans reading this, please send a thank you or report a church lady to:

Richmond Virginia FBI Office

5101 Randall Avenue

Phone 800-333-4636

~~Len Beckman  Dad of 11  Grandfather of 22.  The 22nd grandchild Westley was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeWade, marking with New Life the Death of an Evil Law.

Copy list underway: `cc  Jay Sekulow    Sr John Ellen   Bishops  sean hannity   patrick madrid  fr rocky  drew mariani

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