We marked the 50th RoeWade anniversary with New Life!

A new life arrived before dawn on January 22, 2023 named WC.

Fifty years previous, some time on Monday, Jan 22, 1973, the most outrageous decision about preborn children came down from SCOTUS.  WC’s 4am PST marked the ignoble day with a joyous, though challenging, birth.

Chief Justice Blackmum and his emanating penumbras, the lied-to Norma McCorvey, almost fifty years leading up to the June 24, 2022 overturning Roe with Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health.

Followed and adjacent to SCOTUS leaks and unhinged demoniacs protesting peacefully while burning and torturing 70 “for LIFE” women’s health centers across America. Of course, ignored by the evil Leftenant DemoHack DeMerritt AGarland, who persecutes anyone standing UP for  life and protecting their own like the dad of 7 kids, Mark Houck.

If too many kids is bad for America, why are all nine smiling here?

Praise report, despite the evil Garland’s deceit, the federal jury verdict was “NOT guilty” January 30th.  Bishop Strickland and so many others are celebrating turning back Leftenant DeMeritt AGarland who hates families and has sold out to evil.  God only knows what is in the Obamanation Biden attorney general’s heart.

One wonders if tickets are available for Garland’s future face2face with God on his personal judgement day.  Remember to pray for all your close friends and family, and closer enemies like Garland.  Hell is full enough already though the devils savor more.

If death is involved and it is linked to the Democrat slave party founded in 1854, it is ignored by the DC ruling class. But we got great news in the midst of these miseries.

7 months later, the 50th anniversary date, will be seared in our family’s memories with the beautiful birth of our 22nd grand kiddoo WC.

No better mom and dad to have happened to, K and R; one amazing couple from the extended Beckman family. Mary and this author got the news of the predawn birth on this infamous day in a text, as we left the Assumption church at St Michael’s Abbey on a crisp Sunday morn.  Jan 22, 2032.

Juxtapose this awesome event to the 64 million young girls and boys who gave their lives over these last 50 years.  Why? Possibly to please the demons of the misery merchant world: planned parenthood is anything but planning for future parents; they like the DePop Billionaires (susan buffet, priscilla zucherberg etc.) plan barrenhood as far as the eye can see.

It is the billionaires from hell who want less humans on earth NOT God, as if they understand God’s ability to provide for His children,  which they don’t.

Lie after lie about the environment, the BS fraud “danger” of CO2, the supposed scarcity of natural resources and the climate change fraud permeate our permanent DC govt, the tarnished ivory towers and institutions of lower indoctrinated learning: K-12.

The universal lie that hell dispenses is: “have it your way, ladies!”  Kill your kid if you want to be free.  No problem, no impact to your free life, no emotional, physical, social and spiritual scars for you post abortion.  Well, maybe when Holly Patterson and Tonya Reaves, 18 and 22 aged respectively, died alongside their dead preborn child, a bit of pain. But the demonrats don’t care and the misery merchants celebrate.

Yet every woman, whether 15 or 35 who aborts, who allows satanist surgeons access to her private parts, also allow these demoniacs to shove their sharp knives up their birth canal, will deal with physical and emotional, let alone, spiritual anguish for her natural life.

Worse, IF she goes to the new and improved Walgreen War on Kids baby pill kill mills, the latest place in time where they dispense poisonous pills of death, she ALONE is the perpetrator of death for the next generation she was carrying.

This is a critical point that will impact the 50% of women who take FetalKyl (NOT Fentanyl) ie the Abortion Kill Pill:

NO external perpetrator is involved in taking the pill, just mom.  Unlike on the table in those diabolic rooms reserved for death, dismemberment and organ harvesting at Jon Dunn’s Dungeon of Death.

Moms, think about this.  IF you take the abortion pill, you WILL see your little girl when she comes out in a day or two. But certainly NOT alive.  One little girl I know personally who survived saline abortion, Gianna Jessen, is a start witness to the evil that hell dishes out millions of times a year.

It’s bad enough the man in your life is not like my son-in-law who welcomed life, sacrifices for their newbie child, giving hope for the future.  He loves my daughter and newest grandchild soooo much. Truth be told, I love K very much.

But at-risk mom, IF your man is NOT like my son-in-law, welcoming life no matter the condition and loving you enough to support you when you are most vulnerable, why the heaven are you sharing a bed with him.

Why in God’s good Name, why are you unmarried and hanging with him, now that you know he is just a sperm donor and looking for the benefits of the “kitchen” without the responsibilities and joy true covenant marital love brings.

If you are married, and trying to thin the “herd” by killing your number 2 or 7, why not get help from the community and aDoPt her out, instead of aBoRting her into the trash can or organ harvest room at planned parenthoodlums central.

One thing PP is right about: EVERY child a wanted child.  In their world, they want YOUR child for her parts, usable hearts and livers.   It is better called by the evil Warren and Susan Buffet, or Mark or Mother Zucker Priscilla (who pre-purchased 3 million future abortions):

EVERY child a HUNTED child.

The occult is no longer hidden, people.  Choose death and the misery merchants who use satanists like Zack King was, to participate in hell’s coven celebration of aborted child provided to witches for lunch or dinner.  Of course, Jon Dunn prefers just extracting the heart parts after extracting the whole living baby, because YaleMed or UTex Med Branch pay better for human organ parts.  Obviously, in his organs smuggling, Dunn gets so much less from satanist extraction ceremonies because you can’t sell a baby that was a meal for hell’s minion worshippers.  Yes, this happens…Zack can tell you the details.

Moms!  Do the smart, joyful, live essential thing that my beloved daughter and son-in-law just experienced before the 50th anniversary of Norma McCorvey’s betrayal as Roe versus Wade the paper standup for 600 months of evil child killing.  Roe is dead but Dobbs,  the June 24 miracle overturn, is just the beginning of the relentless battle for human souls, war between the best heaven has to offer at the sidewalk of what hell dishes out.  Sidewalk? 700 N Tustin at the 22 fwy in Orange, CA, the HQ of all that is evil and miserable and deadly. Someday, 40% of the OCSupervisors Board will wake up and see that what the Democrat American Marxist Nation (DAMNation for short) or Obamanation is selling American women in crisis is pure evil.  Hopefully BEFORE, like Pelosi and ObamaJoe, they face their one on one exit interview with the God of the Universe.

WC and Fr Louis for baptism picture

WC ended up needing extra care at a SoCal children’s hospital; Fr. Louis came and baptized WC just in case; side note, Fr Louis was born a priest the day AFTER RoeWade died last June 24th; what a gift this newly ordained young man is to the community.  And to our family.

Welcome, WC!  You are in a large, and growing larger, family who loves you.  All children ARE wanted children; ALWAYS wanted by someone or some few IF given half a chance at life.

Moms, do NOT buy the lies of the Pelosis, Kamalalas, Zuckerbergers, Newsoms, Bidens and so many other followers of the devil.  Followers of the devil?   Anyone who applauds killing preborn children is NOT following Christ, but following the worst hell has to offer to dominate even possess their lives.  And yes, life is not always fair nor easy: but you will be much more healthy bringing your child into our zany world than allowing it to die at the hands of hell.

WC is in good hands as you read this, just as his mom and dad are waiting to take him home.  If only PP posted a sign that says “Good things come in small packages” as they lie and lie to vulnerable moms.

The Truth is, they do.

And any real neonatal or good doctor will tell you: there is NEVER a good medical reason to kill a preborn child.


Unless you are part of hell’s chorus, the leadership of the party of death and slavery; we call them by various names such as the ObamaNation of Desolators, Damnocrats, Misery Merchants.

Go figure: between that Monday, Jan 22nd in 1973 when the gods on the DC Supreme Court decided preborn babies don’t deserve protection and the predawn birth of WC 18,262 days later on Sunday, Jan 22, 2023 in Southern California, 64 million young girls and boys were exterminated for being in the right place at the wrong time.

Reagan was absolutely right!  He mused how all those pushing abortions were already born.  As to WC, the family is pushing hard with prayers and hope that he will improve enough to go home.  Thank you for those messages to the heavenlies.

One favor: no one need die!  Please pray for the cold dead souls and deceived hearts of those mentioned above, the Pelosis, Kamalalas, Clintons, Zuckerbergers, Newsoms, Bidens and so many other followers of the devil.

A trillion years from now will be just like the amount of time it took to read this post: just the start. Look in the mirror, friends.

After all, we ARE in the middle of infinity with each of us living forever and ever.  As to what real estate location you will spend during the rest of eternity, two possibilities:  either the best God has to offer (heaven) or the worst that the followers of the devil have to offer: Hell.

That duality defines the sidewalk as you enter 700 N Tustin in the beautiful city of Orange.  Planned Parenthood is just west of the sidewalk, busy killing little prebirth girls and carving her up for resale.

Hope IS the sidewalk that a woman could avoid, deciding she will not allow her child to be tortured, removed and sold. Even Jon Dunn need not live in hell, despite killing kids for parts. His choice.

For our part, we appreciate Kaiser and Rady children’s for the incredible work to keep WC alive as he starts the 10th month of his life, born to mark Roe is dead, God’s life gifts are worthy of protection, and the end of the evil past SCOTUS decision.

Nine of those months WC was inside mom R., growing and thriving.  All of us are SOOOOOO grateful that God interceded with WC.  How? By the skills that some of the real (NOT abortive) baby doctors and nurses, etc. practice and practiced on WC shortly after birth.  Thank you.  Thank you to Fr. Louis of the Norbertine St. Michael’s Abbey driving to perform a baptism on a struggling 7pound child…I suspect this is the youngest this fine young priest has had to baptize.

Be the solution, people!  NOT the Misery Merchants selling death and despair

Help pregnant teens who are steered by the Gruesome Twosome, Jen & Gavin Newsom, luring girls like outrageous sick hairgelled human traffickers from 49 states defying parents’ wishes. The Newsoms, NOT the parents, are the true domestic terrorists in our blessed land.  There is NO reason to kill a little girl prebirth.  NONE.

God bless WC.  God bless America!

Len Beckman

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