The first climate change story of 2023

I am very hopeful for 2023 despite some of the predictions; yes, we know evil and good is battling away.  Yet, the most amazing thing is just how ignorant we Americans can be about science, the atmosphere and life.  We’ve been lied and lied to constantly, in politics, in medicine and in the very composition of the atmosphere, something God created aeons ago for our healthy lives.  Living the dream before we live forever WITHOUT climate change in heaven, where CO2 doesn’t matter no’ more..

But the deceiving misery merchants NEVER quit being miserable and causing misery.  It’s not easy spreading Joy and Truth these days.  But try it; I guarantee you will LIKE it and help a dying world.

Planned Parenthood Nativity Christmas Day 2022 Every child a hunted child

On Epiphany, celebrated Jan 8th this year (most years Christmas is celebrated on the 25th), I was privileged talking after Mass with a great family, the Smiths, while they waited for their 8th grader.

A great family! Electrical engineer dad; his Chapman college Comp Science senior, his UCLA sophomore environmental science major; also graduating, high school senior daughter at Rosary Academy; as we were standing by the outdoor Nativity Scene waiting on the 8th grader selling tickets for the upcoming school open house.

Dad remarked the manger’s Baby Jesus was much bigger than mom Mary and stepdad Joseph… he WAS right! Picture at the end…

Preborn or in daylight, only age and size separate us in the matter in life or death sentences; so does nutrition. Those are the three things (age, size, nutrition) that happen in a mother’s womb from conception until birth…or met by a satanic surgeon who has killed 64 million American prebirth kiddoes via abortion that end a squirming, thumbsucker brilliant life waay too early.

Why, in a tech advanced world even one dies is NOT explainable.

Speaking of nutrition, all our planetary nutrition comes from two biochem atmospheric processes called photosynthetic (and aerobic respiration) that use and manufacture basic sugars/food from CO2, water and sunlight.  We DIE without CO2.

Something a good 4th grade life science kid should know.

So next, I gave the young people my hand written Christmas Catholic quiz, on a lighter note, and they reasoned it out.  It read:


There was an arrow pointing between the K and the M (highlighted in red above).  They looked and talked it out.  Finally, one noticed there was no letter L where the arrow was.  Then one of the girls had the “aha” light bulb go off, seeing NO L or Noel after she sounded it out.  I said look closer, and they saw it was the first of two no letter L lines.

Finally all three “got it”, saying The First Noel, a song they just sang 20 minutes before.  What the Smith kids experienced, human discovery and “education”, drawing from within them, collaborating with each other to “get” the clue, figure out the solution.  This is what discovery is all about: thinking, using the gift God gave you mounted on your neck: your brain and intellect.

The UCLA lass said she was studying Environmental Science; I asked her what she planned to do in two years after grad. She mentioned she wanted to get a job advising companies how to deal with the environment responsibly.

So, I commended all of them for working hard and asked a purposed question:

“Suppose I take a jar and gather in an air sample, at Chapman or Rosary or even UCLA, then count out all the molecules, including the carbon dioxide.  The total comes out to 2500 molecules.” Hint: it’s the same worldwide and California.   Simple question few know: 


They looked at each other; the computer science guy, thinking Nitrogen is big, and he first said 300; the enviro science lady still mused, the Rosary coed said 200. Computer guy laughed and said “If you said 301, I’d have to change my answer”…  Our enviro science major, 48 months into UCLA’s program, guessed 350.

Envelope please: the winner is!!

So I handed the $1 to the high schooler: the answer, believe it or not, anywhere in the world is ONE.  The amount of CO2 in the air is 1 CO2 molecule among EVERY 2500 (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon etc) air.  1:2500

Most people guess 10%, some 20%, others almost all (which would kill us!).

I told the enviro student, you must learn and speak the truth because there is ignorance out there; but speaking and knowing the truth isn’t always safe.  I next mentioned those pushing global warming/ climate change talk about 3% of CO2 IS man (or woman) made.  Calculators out reader: 3% of 400 per each million means the “Gore Kerry” pseudoscience faction believe 12 androgenic ie man made CO2 out of each million is destroying the planet. 12:million.

Their eyes did light up, since this provides dissonance to a generation being indoctrinated with pseudo facts, not educated to think critically about the facts to arrive at scientific truth.

A sad contributor to a nation in peril, where its kids are two years, maybe a generation behind from the greatest industry worldwide medical malpractice event (Pfizer CoVax after CoVid) that closed schools, forces face diapers on developing minds and killed private businesses for years.  Some never to return while trillions wasted.

Gore Kerry, people:  12:1,000,000 does NOT change the climate. 

I asked it they knew about the former Crystal now Christ Cathedral. They all did.

I told them it is the largest greenhouse on earth, a perfect model for the greenhouse gassed set with 10,660 windows, transparent to light and a useful model.

My query was next:

“Have you ever noticed any Elon Musk Falcon Heavy rockets hitting the atmosphere’s glass ceiling, with broken glass falling to earth… or breaking through the upper greenhouse “region” before plummeting to earth? 

None of the smart kids said they had.

Actually, the genius Musk’s SpaceX engineers recycle their boosters (though the Pfizer boosters should be trashed) landing them on barges after their jobs are done.

The salient Point is a simple one: there is no worldwide greenhouse trapping heat on earth. None.  Yet another pseudosophisticated science con job.  They asked about the Cathedral. I said “if you move all the CO2 in the whole structure, you would only have 4 windows of CO2 and 10,656 windows of the other air components.”

Sound bizarre? No more bizarre than believing mankind can control the weather on a macro level.

This next bit was a tough to digest moment.

I said, per the Gore Kerry theories, the actual manmade CO2 would be one small envelope of androgenic CO2.  The 12:1,000,000 ratio applied means just one tiny rectangle of androgenic CO2.  Like the 3 card monte, it’s all misdirection and lies climate change is engineered by man. It’s a “physics’ cal impossibility, we change.  Notice the California rains deluging the Golden State or the atmospheric rivers and polar “bombs’ driving record lows across America.  Is God laughing at His beloved American children at their ignorance and denial of HIS power.  No Gore>Kerry around when the Creator made this 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  ONLY the Trinity.

Why aren’t PhD professors of atmospheric science blasting this from their rooftop college buildings?  Sadly, no money in bucking the fraud science has become.  No “toeing the line”, no grant money.  They become self hating prostitutes for their Johns at the NIH or Nat’l Academy of Science.  There is hope we can fix things but it will take time.  One second, one day, one molecule at a time.

Scientific law #1:  Climate changes continuously, second by second.

Corollary #1. Globe warms locally at dawn, as the sun rises, and then cools locally as the sunset thru the night.  The seasons alter each year what this climate change is, locally.

Corollary #2: humanity does NOTHING to alter the weather even when Gore>Kerry lie with their Algorean Heresies

Global cooling: the former Maunder Minimum now Dalton Solar Minimum sees LESS sun heat hitting earth this decade.  A true global cooling scenario.  Global warming is a farce.


My Servite chemistry teacher was chair ridden and would reason thru his lessons, scratching on the chalk board.  I miss that guy. He was not a robot, nor should we be, spouting facts for facts sake.

But environmental science truth is being suppressed.  I asked the kids if they heard of Dr Valentina Sharkhova, an eminent atmospheric physics brainiac.  She discusses the fact we are in the decade of the Dalton Solar Minimum.  Basically, sunspots are going away, in this overlay of the 11 year solar cycle, much less heat is sent to the earth by the sun, we are cooling as a planet.  NOT warming, as the grant getters push.  And no, Gore>Kerry, Alex Ocasional Cortex user AOC etc., global warming is dead and the earth is NOT dying in 10 years unless we destroy human productivity and grounding fossil fuels.  Sorry liars: you are fools.

SADDEST part: it just doesn’t matter to them.  When the Gore Kerry robots moved us from androgenic CO2 to man made global warming, they knew their gig was up once it is shown there is NONE.

Climate changes hourly, weather is variable but our radiative atmosphere returns heat sans the fake greenhouse back to space.  We aren’t melting; we are cooling.

So Gore>Kerry now preach climate change is killing the planet, in which a big lie is hidden behind the basic truth.  Who can argue with climate change? Like sun shines or winds blow, they are basic observable events.

The father of lies never quits either.  Now the DC swamp Democrat $$ machine steals trillion$$ for their silly, outrageous faux projects while families suffer worldwide.  Church, did you realize God GAVE us fossil fuels to help us and help us help other cultures?  But, the Obamanation Media lies for them. And of course, the Obamanation’s JoBama continues to bankrupt us with stupid and we sit idly by; worst:

Lying has consequences.  Why are suicide rates up, even for young kids?

Kids are droned in pubic school with “the world ends in 10 years” mantra from the AOCian climate change, fueling suicides rates waaay up!  Innocent minds are beating down with depressing bullshit.   The indoctrination is relentless; the damage all too permanent UNLESS we parents, called domestic terrorists, take charge again.  And our Bishops take charge of these environmental coffee clatch interfaith committees hell bent on destroying the blessings God gave us from the beginning.

Now is the time. One family at a time.  What I did in front of the oversized Jesus Nativity, EVERYONE can do.  It took 10 minutes.  Maybe, our UCLA girl, brilliant and in love with life, will ask more questions over the next 2 years. Just maybe, the truth will seep in as she ponders her life’s work.

Will she become a Dr Valentina or more of the Gore>Kerry misfit snake oil industry?  Just maybe, she will help 3rd world countries adopt innovative agricultural methods to combat the global cooling fueled shortening growing seasons, and changing weather patters NOT man made but a part of the natural solar systemic processes.

Would TedTalks welcome me to guest lecture? Maybe.  OR The Calif Air Resource Board witch Mary Nichols environmental sci dept, probably not, because I have been vocal about her role in killing by fraud my brother Bill.  She used a fraudulent diesel particulate study a decade ago to shut down brand new diesel engines.

My short videos need updating and I will NEVER give up pushing God’s (the Ultimate Scientist) Truth to a dying world.

They’ve heard it before from Grandpa Len.  Sorry kids and grandkids, someone’s gotta preach the gospel of climate fraud exposure.

Despite the misery merchants incessant lies, there IS good news in the truth.  Natural gas is seen again as the best fossil fuel, muli tasking pollution free to generate electricity, cook food, heat homes, DRIVE cars…it IS a gift that keeps on giving outside of the bastards at Sierra Club DeGrowth abortion tree huggers land.

Think of a world without plastics, for example.  Oil is needed for 6000 essential consumer and life saving products; only half goes to cars. And by govmint artificially subsidizing electric cars, ALL products become more expensive.  Worse, you STILL need to generate the electricity a Tesla in Irvine or Iowa is plugged into at night.

Nuclear is excellent; even clean coal is demonized.  But NOT as much as CO2, which is demonized as the fall guy for NON problems milked for trillions.  Wasted trillions my great grandkids will be paying for, forever.  Thank you Joe and executive order 13990.

But, the truth MUST be shared.  SCIENCE, if you FOLLOW the science, demands it.  Jeff might hock apartments while preaching the world is end; but Goldblum as Dr Ian Malcolm of the Jurassic series of Crichton fame misses the point: we are BLESSED with natural resources for our use now that we have ‘advanced’ technologically.  And natural brain abilities to help others less fortunate.'Jurassic Park': Where are they now? - Business Insider

At the end of our science session at the Nativity, Dad, a really smart guy, asked if the concentration is the same in China, Beijing.  I said Yes, whether China, Africa, at Chapman. Doesn’t matter; atmospheric gases are consistent and disperse.  No where on earth is the CO2 concentration above .044% EXCEPT at a Dr Pepper carbon dioxide concentrator where they extract CO2 from the air for soft drinks, pellet gun tubes etc.

Don’t worry, NOAA measured the average CO2 concentration at 414.72 parts per million (NOAA’s Global Monitoring Lab).  This means 414 molecules of CO2 and 999,586 air molecules that are NOT CO2.  Nitrogen makes up.

One of Jeff/Dr. Ian’s most interesting quotes: “Don’t you see the danger, John, inherent in what you’re doing here? Genetic power is the most awesome force the planet’s ever seen, but you wield it like a kid that’s found his dad’s gun.”  Replace “John” with St Anthony Fauci.



Do you have your CO2 scale?  Scientists estimate there is 1.85 billion billion tons of carbon on earth (1.85 quintillion tons); the release and capture of CO2 amounts to 100 billion tons naturally each year (photosynthesis, combining water, CO2 & sun AND aerobic respiration).

The total amount proves the Democrat misery merchant Luddite lies?  You bet.

Composition of Earth's atmosphere by volume

Composition of air: nitrogen, oxygen, argon the top. CO2 barely registers

Nitrogen is around 78%, Oxygen 21%, Argon is #3 at .9%  NO WAY CO2 changes the planet, nor the piddly little humans supposedly “make”.

CO2 doesn’t even register in the big 3.  The real problem is the misdirection the Gore>Kerry frauds get away with, calling the trace gas that God feeds the world with, CO2, pollution.  China, building one a day dirty coal plants creates pollution; not God or us in the USofA.  We’ve worked decades to mitigate and reduce it..I retired my smog knife years ago living in the LA basin since birth 70 years ago.

But the America haters are loud and organized; they’ve been at it for decades. The godless teach sex perversion to 3rd graders, claim there are 60 genders, not just the two as at Creation. some call it “woke”; I call it “wack”.

Misery merchants love to fake science because we in the Church don’t challenge the silliness. Too often, being social beings, we want to just get along and not challenge lies.  Ever hear of climate change ambassadors from our Church enviro groupings? God’s climate is doing just well; we need more “heart change” ambassadors, preaching concisely and creatively why there AREN’T more than two biologic sexes and that a living thumbsucking prebirth child is NOT dead (why I NEVER use UNborn but preBORN) getting magic wand descending the mom’s birth canal.

What’s more silly than claiming women can change the climate of a radiative atmospheric biosphere engineered to use the heat delivered 93 million miles away for aeons.  The global is NOT warming; it is cooling…ask a real weather girl, Dr Valentina and others about the Dalton Solar Minimum.

The ObamaNation has no right to their Schiffty Adamic lies.

Science? BECAUSE our kids for decades have been indoctrinated with fake science and not educated to research and think critically, we have what we have: scientific ignoramuses dressed as statesmen and women, smart scientists turned prostitutes begging for the next grant handout.

Church and people:  It is long past TIME to turn up the heat parents and people.  Stop believing the silly and do the right thing.  Take Back America.  Take back American and world science, starting at the school level.  Not every family can homeschool, to weed out the corrupt curricula like we have for 39 years, but EVERYONE can fight for truth.

And TIME is all we have to beat back evil lies and replanting the TRUTH






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