No room at Orange County’s planned parenthood HQ Inn for the Holy Family

Have you seen Jesus?  He’s been abducted!! What heartless soul did this?

rev 12.27.22  Feast of St John the Apostle Day 3<>  Revision 12.28.22  Holy Innocents feast Christmas day 4 <> 


Baby Jesus and family stolen sometime after 10am Christmas eve 2022

Patty was targeted by a crazed black car driver who yelled inexplicably “You are a liar!” as he raced by.

===========Merry Christmas all!  Day 4==Holy Innocents========

A beloved Nativity scene featuring the 2nd Eve, the Virgin Mary, a righteous and Godly husband and foster father, Joseph and of course, Emanuel coming as Jesus the Christ was placed at the foot of Planned Parenthood’s flag ship institution at 700 N Tustin near the 22 fwy off ramp.

It was a mercy mission! Poor dark planned parenthood palace, having NO Christmas lights, trimmed trees, even reindeers and Santa Claus, with one day to go until the Christ Child returns for His birthday. Just NOT fair!

After all, this is supposedly a compassionate woman’s health clinic in our Christian country and Orange county.

This particular Nativity had been in its host family’s possession for possibly two decades, but since the poverty of no celebratory lights, Christmas trees or ornaments made PP HQ look like a vacuous sepulcher of emptiness during this joyous time of repentance, reconciliation and renewal, good ole plastic Jesus, Mary and Joseph were ‘loaned’ at 7am Christmas Eve to brighten up the day of days.

We know, Margaret Sanger, PP’s founder and mentor of the National Socialist Party of Germany’s Racial Laws, would not be happy with the idea a Savior was born.

But, this is AMERICA, the land of the free because of the brave..NO place should be missing out on Eternal Joy!

Good news:

We just found out Jesus and His mom and dad were there 10AM Sat Christmas eve with a beautiful soul Patty; unlike the Newsom Twosome who rhyme with gruesome and run a human trafficking biz in competition with the MexiCartels. the governor and his Second Lady, scamming to entice with candy, a cookie and free air fare, he lures frightened pregnant girls from 49 states to come to California for a free baby kill at his Jill&Will Kill Mill in SacraDEMento.

Patty experienced typical violence that AGarland will NEVER admit as he calls parents, the true stewards of EVERY beautiful prebirth and born child, “domestic terrorists”.

Our beloved Leftenant Merritless AGarland LOVES, as ObamaNation’s lapdog, to arrest dads of 7 kids for defending his son at an Ohio abortion mill.

No crime was committed nor enforced by the locals.  Mr Houck was free to raise his family.  UNTIL Biden O’ Bama’s enforcer found out and sent his robotic federales to roust the father from his castle.

Dateline 10am Dec 24 700 block of North Tustin.  Here was Patty’s experience while peacefully praying at PP HQ:

“There was a black car with tinted windows that almost drove onto the sidewalk. A man yelled “YOU ARE A LIAR” at me and then he sped off. The devil is fuming mad and calling us a liar when it is the devil himself that is the father of lies.”

How right she is!  IF anyone witnessed this evil violent act by a coward, calling a peaceful woman a liar.  Evil abounds but as those who follow Christ know, GRACE abounds more.  The demons hate pushback, just like Pelosi, or Biden or the whole alternate anti-USA ObamaNation.  But the irony of Patty’s treatment is palpable.

A few years ago, this author recorded a short clip: Patty told the world she was a rape survivor.  She personally was not raped by a scumbag, but her birth mom was.  Something Newsom or Kamala (she still has David Daleiden’s personal property she took as AG from him using 11 of her AGoons butt bumped in his tiny apartment robbing him of his intellectual stuff) would NEVER do is give wise counsel.  Whether Gov Hairgel’s national AborTours or VPAK47 Kamala, both would say this to Patty’s distraught victimized mom:

“You should have your kid killed; it will always remind you of the rapist!  You should take the life of your daughter for the sins of her scumbag father so you’d feel much better”  What asinine advice.

Irony Patty IS a testament to God’s goodness: she is alive to show just how bankrupt the loony left viewpoints are today.  The black road raging car calling Patty a liar for praying for women victimized day in day out by PP is nuts!  Lifesite news ran the video and it’s still on YouTube. Patty is a hero not a liar, but HillaryObama’s Alinsky imitation is consistent: Accuse your “enemy” of the evil that you yourself is doing.

I have no enemies that I know of; just people uncomfortable with the truth SO MUCH they bully and shut down discourse and dialogue.

But what a corrupt couple, Gavin and Jen, have become; pray for their darkened souls!  For THEIR sake and that of the babies they kill, the girls they extort love and life from, dragging them emotionally from EVERY other 49 states defying their parents. A 15 year old killing her prebirth daughter is NOT healed but set up for a life of misery.

In fact, Jennifer Siebel Newsom just accused Harvey WineGuy of rape and sexual impropriety; why doesn’t she see she is aiding the sexualization of young girls, setting them up for hell on earth brainwashing and dragging them when pregnant like a common MexiCartel mule for more abuse by the Sex by MiddleSchool indocrination pubic ed leaders and Abort Inc.

Don’t teen girls, already in crisis when they find out they are pregnant, need an adult or two, not these miscreant baby killers who want to be in the White House in 2024?!?  They could do SO MUCH good, yet newsoms advertises in seven states for conflicted girls to run away from home, not tell her parents and come to Gavin’s brothel of trafficked sex victims.

All the putative Demoncrat govnor needs is one of these teens to DIE on the table, like 18 yr old Holly Patterson or age 22 mom twice Tonya Reaves did, and the dead teen’s parents to sue the bastard’s ass off for kidnapping their 15 year old daughter.

Someone in the Pelosi~Getty~Newsom first NorCal families gotta have some wisdom and needs to talk some sense into the hairgel king before someone dies at Planned Parenthoodlum Central.  Maybe the fine actress, who dated George Clooney in the 2000s, Jennifer can wake up and change her “Legend in his own mind” hubby’s mind.

Maybe not even former Catholics Joe, Nancy or Maxine will help find the abducted Jesus,  because seeing a Nativity at their revered planned parenthood, might cause cognitive dissonance between images of killing children.. and Jesus’ birth scene.

But despite the evil run of the Obamanation of Deplorable Wicked happenings,  this IS America, where we have the freedom of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity (the D.I.E. movement) to grace our hallowed halls.

The abducted Nativity Scene, to honor the governmental ruminations of the last 50 years, did NOT touch any of PP’s private property that we support with our hard earned tax $$. 

It was set carefully in a safe spot that even our newest abortion entrepreneur, the Newsoms, could not complain about.  Any of their human trafficked pregnant teens could easily make their way up the sidewalk or driveway, no matter which of the 49 states they were coaxed to come from.

True to the integrity of Gavin & Jen, our notorious governor and First Partner: Mommy and Daddy, of course, would not be informed that their pubescent 15 year old daughter left the state, with a free AborTours plane ticket and a 3 day stay at the Hell Hilton somewhere in the OC.  But, hey, the dead kid’s grandparents will find out soon enough when little Suzie ends up at the real healthcare entity, an Iowa hospital ER, dying from a perforated uterus or some other common complication created by the government intrusion up their daughter’s vagina.

You know, my Body my Choice and all.  Knives, the most violent and deadly tool in the Radical Left’s toolkit to lower the superlow birth rate even more.  64 million dead little girls and boys isn’t enough for the Billionaire Bloodletting Boys?

Plenty of unimpeded access to the mill, on the PUBLIC sidewalk, with plenty of room for those passers by, journeying south to north or north to south along Tustin Avenue in the holy city of Orange, CA.  People could still gain access for a Covered California Pfauci Pfix “vax” shot or booster (the CoVax depop Pfizer Jabs with 5 million VAERS bad side effects and at least 50,000 dead), results of Mao Tse Xi’s Wuhan Plague.  OR, also on the kill mill’s service menu, the removal of a living human to honor the Newsom Twosome’s latest business, AborTours, LLC.

MexiCartels hate the competition but you know, Gavin&Jen’s latest trafficking in distraught teen pregnant girls arriving from any of the 49 states across the USA for free…especially the seven states already featuring those slick Newsom ’24 prez campaign billboards enticing confused young ladies with child to the OC or SacraDEMento, like every good successful sex trafficking couple who Covid Sup at a foreign country’s Laundry.

Forget not the pubescent external parts removal sanctuary state of idiocy, where Gavin and Jen’s company sidebars in chainsawing teen breasts mutilated for the fast paced saintly world of genderchoice called “gender affirming surgery” or GAS (politically correct fossil fuel, one guesses?).  I know, BIG BUCK$$ for Vanderbilt hospital directors and TransGender Health Inc., but what about increasing the suicide rate 20 times for a teen that needs wisdom, wise ADULT counsel, NOT breast or penis wipe out?

Not to mention, NAMBLA boys grooming service is pissed because they want their boys having intact penises to grab for personal pleasure.  You remember the tune of the National Man Boy Love Association that is now going mainstream:

“Sex before eight or it’s too late”?  

It is passe, because hell has unleashed its hypersexualizing ALL minors demons via the radical Teachers Unions and other anti-family destroyers of adolescent innocence.

Come on folks! CircumSeizing the whole healthy penises (or peni?) of groom able, confused dysphoric castrated young teen boys, on the sad path to regret (the decision) and suicide.

A modified Newsom billboard from one of his 7 states sporting his early 2024 run’s propaganda. Wait until the first dead out of state girl’s parents file a wrongful death suit.

This happens when forming minds are indoctrinated AGAINST basic natural God created processes and organs necessary for continuing the human species. Illa est, when no common sense adult is present in their lives to teach them wisdom when the parents are artificially shut out of their children’s lives.  Like when a scared MidWest pregnant girl answers the Newsom FREE Abortion Coupon for a flight to the West Coast leaving her little girl behind for Newsom’s Organ Harvest service to sell to the highest bidder.  A disembodied head (based on FOIA release) went for $715 sold to YaleMed.  But there’s more coming.

child Jesus, a heart shaped candy cane symbolic of His suffering and purity and trash the delivery boy picked up near the sidewalk

Newsom and their ilk, like Doug Chaffey and other planned parenthood supporters and donation recips, give a whole new meaning to the Cheech&Chong female (one of two genders/sexes; the other is ‘male’) judge skit where the jurist adjudicates “Bailiff, whack off his peepee” to a rapist, possibly a male since transgendered didn’t trend back in the 60s.  Today, it happens in those sanitized modern gender affirmation Hippocratic hypocritic chop shops supposedly healthy.

Now we have government sanctioned, FDA, AMA, CDC approved and the Obamanation’s JoBama pushed mental, emotional and physical “rape” of a teen boy or girl that SURVIVED abortion: one of the 2/3rds of America NOT killed prepubescent and prebirth at PP.

Every good survivor deserves their reproductive rite breast and penis whacked off by a corrupt aftermarket mutilator?


The temp gift to the public sidewalk of the Holy Family was not that ostentatious: it IS made of plastic, a couple feet high with Jesus resting in His plastic manger: only three images of humans from the past.

Tiny by modern Nativity standards, no one could be offended on Christmas eve by the symbols of hope from millennial past: a woman who said “Yes!” to her God to be the Mother of His Son who came to be called Jesus.

Yes, fossil fuel was used in the making of the Nativity.  Now the sheep and donkey are lonely (they were not stolen)

A mom betrothed to a gracious man of integrity, a humble carpenter named Joseph; she is known by a ton of names like the 2nd Eve and various “Our Lady” suffixes like Our Lady of Guadalupe, or Lourdes or Fatima, reflecting her frequent visits over the centuries in Mexico, France and Portugal.  Thankfully, planned parenthood did NOT have a Bethlehem franchise at the turn of the Old to New Testament.

The plastic Jesus, mom and dad were not using excess fossil fuels, like low polluting formerly cheap Natural Gas, or the 6000 products yielding crude oil.  Was the PP volunteer who may have removed it fearful it was warming the globe as CO2 touched it?  We forgive him or her and ask the PP mill’s director NOT to dock his or her pay for not recognizing the gift was purposefully OFF PPHQ property.

Certainly, God’s great gift of carbon dioxide, numbering so scant one molecule (CO2) among each 2500 air molecules, was not greenhousing as it glanced off the reflective plastic; fact is: combining this scant demonized Godly beneficial gas gift CO2 with water and His provisional sunlight to photosynthesize and FEED the WORLD.

Funny how prostiticians from the Gore Kerry climate change con consortium never see how the population of Gaia would end should we end CO2 on earth (maybe that’s the depopulators purpose).   But then the advocates of Diversity Inclusion Equity (the D.I.E. crowd) hate so much and even a little three piece set of historical proportions offends their tender hearts hell bent on destroying the planet.

And what better proof of global warming but a whole country deep freezing covered in snow as Dr Valentina Zharkova’s Dalton Solar Minimum continues this decade.  You remember the phrase “global warming” drowned out by the universal money grabbing “climate change” with its Church and Societal climate change ambassadors fleecing billions of $$ from billions of the ONE human race.

Reagan put it well: “Ironic how those supporting abortion are already here…”  He must be talking about the billionaires who want to reign in hell after they try and take their billions with them in a UHaul tethered to their 24 Karat hearses.  Do not get me wrong, wealth IS a gift and not evil.  What is good or evil is how it is acquired and how it is spent and invested.

AS it is, the Nativity was solar lit from 7am Dec 24, 2022, evidenced by the pictures until its removal, without permission, by some fine member of our nation, in less than 24 hours.  I hope the persons who procured the Holy Family from the sidewalk of life have need of the threesome.

The loss was discovered at 7am Christmas Day so it was stolen, under the watchful eyes of the PP spy cameras, within that mere 24 hour period.  A police report will be made, and since planned parenthood is the paragon of truth and justice, they should release the video image of the sidewalk pirates who stole Jesus and His family from the concrete.

Maybe, Jon had no Nativity at his home and needed it!

Jon Dunn, as president of PP OC&SB, let this serve as notice to “preserve” the recordings of the installation by a tax payer who contributes unwillingly to your budget, AND the thief who committed the crime of taking something that did not belong to him, her, they, cis etc. or whatever the poor soul goes by.

I honestly hope it wasn’t a PP employee that acted like a 4 year old pilfering an heirloom art display on temp loan, NOT just to PP, but the city of Orange and others to amplify the Reason for the season.  IF, yes that makes it an allegation and provable fact by PP recently upgraded security system, it was stolen by a volunteer or employee so incensed by three plastic pieces on the public sidewalk, they will be forgiven upon its return. Huh?

Even the painfully biased AGarland knows the truth: people who stand for life are NOT violent, unlike the knife wielding GAS bags or satan sanctioned surgeons Jon hires to empty wombs of infinitely valuable, never repeatable, unique human cargo.

Colorfully dressed Clinic escort watches as Mr Houck wields his potent weapon of choice, the Virgin Mary Rosary

Unlike the father of 7 who defended his 12 year old son from a gregarious 72 year old clinic “escort” (some escorts get arrested for practicing the time honored profession) spitting profanities, arrested by AGarland’s long arm of the FBI outreach. NOT at Planned Parenthood or another Abort Inc. kill mill, but at his home.

You know the one, where they scared the living heaven out of young kids taking dad into custody for being a protective father cleared by the local gendarmes of any criminal intent.

Not much criminality, like murders, rapists, robbers, Summer of Love’s 547 riots’ rioters out there for the Keystone Kops on the 7th floor.

America used to be a place where men could be men, dads could be dads.  Yet, NOTHING  misses the evil eye of Merritt “Domestic Terrorist  Parents” Garland. Richard Houck maybe come to mind?  Yes, that’s him holding the Rosary, the only weapon the pro life adults and families carry to pray for the dying moms and their prebirth kiddoes.

It WAS a public display of the nativity, protected by the first amendment under freedom of expression. 

No one was injured in the placing of the Nativity of hope.  Maybe a heart or two seeing its placement will realize that freedom to chews is NOT free.

EVERY freedom, to buy a car, drive across 49 states to California with child within a teen mom for its killing in Newsomland, has a true cost.

Aren’t you tired of the duplicity of the ObamaNation and state of Calif. insanity?   OR do you hold to the sham reporting of the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times folks pretending to be fair and honest journalists while suppressing the truth?

The constant refrain of “A woman’s right to chews (or is it choose?)” NEVER has an ending, in listening to former SOTH Nancy, or Chucky Schemer or a long list of abbreived leaders who can’t get past the five five words of the DNC plank.

Ever seen a reproductive in town?  Me neither.  How can an inanimate word phrase have a right, like “reproductive right”?

Do they fear the truth?  Like our beloved Chairman of the OC Board of Supes Doug Chaffee who received two grand $$ from PP, comingled with planned parenthood dollars and our tax receipts, for his 2018 election.

Could Doug or any of these mainly Democrat folks stand in front of a mirror and say the WHOLE thing;  it seems the speakers of the phrase aren’t adult enough to say the whole ball of wax.

Today, since only the  first five, like the government sponsored education program (First Five) for the kids surviving abortion, words makes it sound as if they are talking about ladies deciding on Juicyfruit, Big Red, Wrigley’s or tobacco, a kind of “Woman’s right to chews” gum. Interesting.

NOT wholesale killing of 64 million healthy babies prebirth, the cumulative tally of the recent Dobbs decision going back to 1973’s penumbras and emanations by Blackmum in McCorveyVSAbortion lobby (RoeVwade) fueled by Susie Cano and friends.

Even Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is confused; she thought Row versus Wade was a choice regarding crossing the open Rio Grand border in a boat or swimming.  With 30 million illegal aliens in America so far, it’s hard to fault her ignorance of the preferred method of entrance by party crashers from 75 countries worldwide.

“A woman’s right to choose…” becomes:

“A mom’s right to choose to have her little girl killed prebirth by practitioners of the black arts of human sacrifice, baby parts selling to improve the PP profit margins, etc.”

I don’t think Doug or Katrina Foley or even Gavin’s best friend’s wife, Jen could say the longer version looking at their mirroed selves, without some flicker of realization in their dying souls’ and stone cold hearts of life.  A DEAD human prebirth child is a real loss.

Try parsing it some time, if after clump of cells, became a blob of tissue and then, with computed Acuson (one of the earliest) ultrasonography, the truth of live prebirth human couldn’t be faked anymore so “right to choose maternal death (yes,moms like Holly Patterson or Tonya Reaves DO die at the hand of satanist PP surgeons, too)” or “woman’s right to choose….” with the ellipse became common left radical parlance.

There will be a reward for the safe return of the Holy Family. Please help!  Do you know Jesus?

No questions asked, since despite AGarland’s foolish pronouncements, people who are “FOR life” are not domestic terrorists, nor the Alinsky culprits, we do not kill babies OR follow FBInstigators into the Capitol because Nancy banned 20,000 National (Guard) Security with the blessing of Mitch “mumbles” ChinaConnell.  Fear not:

The plastic statues were NOT a trip hazard; unlike Lincoln or Madison or Elon, they were not despised by the woke wackjobbers.  NOR did it hurt any accessing moms seeking DeWombing of her precious chosen child.

Doug Chaffee, as Supes Chair, maybe you can help. 

After all, former DA Rackauckas got a $7 million settlement from DaVinci’s illegal procurement of planned parenthood Dunn’s HQ residual human organs (yes,Virginia, not only does Santa exist and is busy, but PP DID sell parts to med labs..  Probably still does of the bigger baby organs, not the vacuumed souls)

Just maybe, you could ask your buddies to bloodlessly return the Nativity; help retrieve the beloved Holy Family if planned parenthood has it inside their hallowed halls.  OR help offer a OCBoard o’ Supes’ sanctioned reward for information leading to the capture of the perps and prize.

I know: it would only be a felony if valued over $900 in prop 47/57 protected levels of smash and grab these days.

But WHO does the appraising or valuation?  Jesus, like you or Katrina or Donald on the board (thank you Lisa for your service) are ALL infinitely valuable.  Jesus because He is God, and YOU because you are valued as infinite BY Him.  Not to mention, He paid the price for your eternity if only you take the lead.

Also, infinitely precious are the mangled, mutilated, knifed up babies killed and dragged out in pieces for resale in the “Right2Chews” industry.

Doug, Planned Parenthood, AGarland:

America is MUCH better than this.  Your side, the defacto Obamanation, has got their trillions in crony cash.

Thanks to a white African American billionaire, we now know just HOW MUCH more evil and corruptions has gone on, how the grifter Biden family crime syndicate purloined millions from pretty much any country they visited.

The real USA, REAL America, the families struggling to buy luxuries like gas and groceries, know the truth and just want to be left alone..and you to go away soon.

Why must hell’s serving billionaires like Susan Buffet, or “at the Gates of Hell” William, or the most notorious mother Zuckers, demonically lust after killing human flesh?  The more you got, the more you want?

The world is NOT overpopulated, just misallocated, needing NOT socialism but pro life rated individual entreprenurial innovation to help 3rd worlders thrive and see the value of their childrens’ lives.  So much techno advancement wasted that could lift the lifeboats of 160 countries, from agricultural genius innovations to improved fossil fuels just like we have…WHEN we are allowed to drill baby drill.  Of course, executive order 13990 on Jan 20, 2021 at 2pm (right after the perjured oath of LGBrandon JoBama) took care of that, the opening salvo of destroy American families one at a time.  Amazing how Barack and friends are in their 4th term just 2 miles north of the Oval Office on Belmont Ave in DC.

What possesses, for example, Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg to birth their 3 beautiful girls after 3 natural miscarriages, to buy the artificial miscarriage of just God’s little prebirth bundles of joy, to the tune of 3 MILLION prepurchased abortions?  Since money is fungible, Mr Chaffee got $2000, a tiny part from the $966 million “donated” blood money to PP Silicon Valley.  Actually, laundered south to the OC from PP Silicon Valley’s coffers err coffins.

Doug and all: think of the corrupt irony of 3 Million prepurchased kid kills while Mark and Priscilla kiss their three beautiful girls…

as they turn off the lights to their respective NorCal mansion bedrooms, their Big Pharma death division surgeons are destroying 3 million kids prekindergarten, preFacebooking, preMomming, no chance at life as THEY have it!

As a nation, some of us champion life.  Others, not so much.

At a recent board meeting where the common cold RSV and vax decrees were rescinded (thank you sir), the excellent DATodd Spitzer and the expert smart Sheriff Barnes (so knowledgeable in chemical/drug dangers) showed affinity for life for BORN teens at schools with the dispersal of Narcan at our schools.

But Narcan at planned parenthood? Naloxone hydrochloride blocks or reverses the effects of opioid medication, including extreme drowsiness, slowed breathing, or loss of consciousness.  Problem is, a nasal spray is useless when the prebirth kid is mangled and mutilated in a PP blender for the smaller babies and the near birth ones, the trafficked organs are MUCH more valuable.  TexasMed pays $125 for recycled hearts and YaleMed pays out $715 for a well preserved calvarium (Lingua Latinam for “human head”.)

Doug, Jon and all: do a little soul searching.  Are you part of the renewal of America or the cannibalization of all things good about our covenant land.  Killing kids, like kids dying to Fentanyl and other drugs, IS pure unadulterated 99 and 44/100 per cent pure EVIL.

The Holy Family outside of our county’s chief kill mill is, actually was, that sign of hope; yes, purloined for a time but it will possibly return.  Dunn’s death chambers will continue to reek of misery, stolen dreams, lives and childhoods, both of the Iowan mom here as Jen & Gavin’s guests and local customers.

Look in the mirror, repeat after me “A mom’s right to choose to kill her kid” three times, like the three Zuckerberger Babes, or 3 million future kills their donation will guarantee.  Think deeply, with all our wealth and tecKNOWhow, can’t we stand FOR  LIFE instead of sanctioning, with government overreach, DEATH. Dismemberment.  The D.I.E. approach?

It will take years, maybe a generation, to reverse the corrupt destruction of the Mao Tse Xi’s (pronounced “say cheese”) Plague influenced shutdowns, killed businesses, lost educational proficiency.

But, Doug, Jon and all, we can wake up, no finger pointing here, and together CHOOSE LIFE not death.  CHOOSE to help confused teens, talk them out of singing “When a man becomes a woman” like our CDC Director.

CHOOSE to counsel pregnant teens to keep their child until birth, then help decide to adopt, not abort.  CHOOSE LOVE.

IF I was Doug after the mirror experience, I would return the $2000 PP donation he got, to its rightful owners, the taxpayers.

Just as the billions that the esteemed Democrat megadonor (and Rep minor donees) need to be returned to the BK judge to pay for the Stanford Law professors’ looney Ponzi pupil son of Sam the Banker mega con.

If I was Todd Spitzer, to whom i write “Thanks” for his efforts, I would add probation as the verdict for the Holy Family thieves, whether planned parenthoodlums or just an opportunistic passers by, seeing the Holy Family as a free gift to steal.  Remember, for the record, those that advance life as precious don’t violently take it!  Look no farther than one of Jon Dunn’s death rooms, as Dr Scissorhand picks up his currettes (curved sharp knives), shoves the sharp end up the Iowan pregnant teens vagina, through her unused birth canal, into the bag of waters and the heart or head of the little girl waiting on 80 years of God ordained life and opportunity.  By the way, Doug, the kid dies and too often so does the mom.

WE still live in the greatest country, blessed by so much.  The philosophy that turns respectful teens into thieving adults, like the gloabally NON warmed Buffalo, NY WalMart under continuous looting, or Macy’s, can be corrected, reversing the indoctrination in this woke, crazy anti 10 commands culture.  Even kindergarteners know: if it isn’t yours, don’t touch it.  Don’t lie about your little brother stealing cookies from the jar of life.

Doug, Jon and ALL!  We used to believe “Thou” which means “You shall not steal, kill, lie about…” which was engraved in stone.  ON TWO tablets.  The first for God’s commands to us about the Trinity, though they only knew Him as God on Moses’ mountaintop experience.  The 2nd for OUR responsibilities to each other.

As to “thou shall not kill OR steal”, remember in front of the mirror or in our voluntary dealings with each other:

The babies God resides, inserts INSIDE moms, no matter WHERE  the sperm came from, belong TO God. He is the Author and Finisher of Life.  NOT Mark&Priscilla’s 3 million prebirth kills pretending their are the Omega gods.

Every one of those precious vulnerable defenseless prebirthers, like Patty Smith who is on record as being the result of rape,  deserve LIFE.  Despite billionaires’ wealth, NONE of them, like us less wealthy, will have a UHaul trailer (if any are left in Calif.) hitched behind the hearse carrying us to our LAST earthly destination. The cemetery or mausoleum.

EACH of us chooses our eternities.  The Guidebook is set, the parameters simple to follow.

EVERYONE WITH a fingerprint will individually answer to OUR Creator for what we do with our lives.  Martyred preborn.  Born good or evil ones.  Neither the DEVIL or Jon Dunn, won’t stand beside you as you tell the Father your story; it is, after all, the father of lies and the deceiving angel of death.  ONLY Jesus will substitute in and defend you IF you followed Him and avoided grave sin.

ONLY the Jesus depicted in the plastic manger, left as a gift for the sad souls of planned parenthoodland.

Information as to where the plastic beloved Nativity scene is today, can be left in the comments section or emailed anonymously to Lenbeckman@gmail.  Merry Christmas season, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa and all the other faith based or customized holydays.  Remember, YOU ARE loved.

Please, have you seen Jesus on Christmas eve last?  Please help, including near sightings.

No, the reward will NOT be six virgins in blue busy praying for Jon, his workers and the babies he is killing inside these vacuous rooms.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

So now we’ve narrowed down the Christnapping time to 10AM Christmas eve thru 7am Christmas day.  If you have ANY information, or spotted the culprits, please contact us. We are NOT like Newsom, or Aunt Nancy who stopped the National Guard on purpose so her shenanigan violence could stain the president.  We are PEACEFUL, NOT Alinskyites. We believe teen girls who are pregnant need loving women’s help health centers, not baby kill mills for their whole health and that of their growing prebirth child.

God will NOT be mocked.  Millstones for kill mill owners are already available when God calls an evil person home.  Pray for their souls and darkened hearts.  No one deserves hell IF they seek God’s favor and repentance.

Update tomorrow if NOT returned or found.  Jesus does not deserve to be kidnapped…


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