The DeGenderates

People, we’ve come a long way from the days of the Garden.  And, better phrased, how DID we get here a nation and compassionate people?

Listening to how much money the Vanderbilt Med med exec bragged about getting from altering nature was a eye-opener! The DeGenderates have a serious conflict of interest today, choosing from honoring the Hippocratic Oath of “Do No Harm”, doing what’s best for the patient.  And how many dollars slicing off a teen’s supple breasts or a young man’s circumSiezure of his penis yields for a “gender affirming surgery” (GAS) pimp and the surgeon.  Actually, this is NOT a new conflict for the sociopathic or morally compromised. They think ANYTHING they can do to shove a fist in God’s face is medically acceptable, necessary, even…AFFIRMING.

Like the Percy song rephrased “When a man becomes a woman” (Dr Rachel Levine’s fave), biologically the GASurgeon cannot alter the DNA of each of the Femen or ManGirl’s 50 trillion cells.

A man OR woman is much more than the externals that are altered, just as man AND woman are. My lifelong friend Tony Melendez is NO less a man because he came with no arms, or the hands that play guitars at the end of the wrist.  But he DOES play a mean guitar with his toes.  Hands do NOT make a man, friends.  But breasts and penises?

Puberty blockers are basically for the atheist “business as usual” but for the Christian and others that honor God’s perfect will and work, His Creation, they are a means to stop the NATURAL God designed growth process for the latest Dr Pfaucinstein monster ideas.  IF the Christian/CAtholic don’t compartmentalize their responsibilities as a parent OR a medical professional.  OR both.

Raising 11 kids and working over 3 decades with youth ministry teens, I know chopping off body parts is NEVER the solution. Puberty, teen years are years of discovery, growth, rebellion as one tries to assert one’s independence

Recently,in the midterm 2020,  $391 million was paid for abortion adverts by the Democrat push to kill prebirth biologically real little girls and boys.  It seems, too many Republicans said “Duck confronting prebirth killing; don’t say a word about it because you will offend the “woman’s right to chews…” crowd.  JDVance and others ignored the wuss spaghetti backboned spooners and confronted the radical ideas of the godless. And won.

Those that did NOT push back with the truth where trounced by repeated lies.  And $391 million buys a lot of pro baby killing deception.

What idiocy.  Should we parents do the same thing when we hear gender dysphorics (wanna be a different sex children) comprised 40% of the kids in a recent middle school classroom.  Digest that: 16 of the 40 students wanted to change from boy2girl or girl2boy because they “feel” they were “assigned” the wrong sex at birth.  I know we are decades past when feelings trump truth & logic.  OR: Never mind Genesis telling us “Male and female God made them” and “Let us make man(kind) in Our Image.

Parents WAKE UP: these are YOUR kids, not the misery merchants’, the diabolical miscreant science manipulating left’s indoctrinated.  And indoctrinators.  They won’t attend her funeral when your confused 16 year DEgendered daughter dies by suicide.

Throughout the CoVax response to Covid, the Pfaucinsteins kept blaring “Follow the Science!” as the greatest medical malpractice unfurled with a failed “vaccine”, where 6 shots and boosters still yielded the bioweapon lab instigated Covid contraction being called “breakthrough”.  When you cure cancer, that is a ‘breakthrough’; when your vaccine fails and there are 10 million bad side effects including 50,000 and rising CoVid deaths by blood clots, myocardia etc, that is a BreakDOWN.  Massive failure that was acted upon two decades ago with the retiring, cancelling of Covid1 shots after only 50 deaths. 50 too many!    If you don’t wear a Face Diaper you will DIE!  Come on, people, demand studies, double blind data analysis as to why a country of smart hard working people should believe ANYTHING coming from Dr Pfaucinstein, Crazy Hair Ferrer and the rest of the Bizarro World of the Obamanation!  The Obamanation being the power behind the puppet in the Oval Office, working from 2 miles away at Belmont ave in DC.

Yet think about the killing spree about prebirth children, where apparently “follow the science” does NOT apply. NOTHING is added after conception and implantation but nutrition, warmed in the womb, love of course and time to the PREborn.  NOTHING!

No GASurgeon reaches into the womb and slices off the developing tiny mammary cells; no Degenerate Doc does a 100% penis circumSeizure surgery, leaving vagina reconstruction to after birth for the latest organ trophy in the GAS’ baby parts display.    NONE!  Point is, kids don’t need boob wacking nor penis castration; the Degenderates are the ones who need frontal lobotomies to see how that makes them “feel”.

People, parents: FEELINGS are so easily manipulated, especially by a giant breasted wood pecker, a Canadian teacher not a bird who does wood shop with 344QuadDD fake breasts.  When God creates and engineers the well designed mammary glands for the woman and the reproductive sperm & urine delivery system for the man, He did NOT make mistakes. Yes, a very rare anomolies happen, but like breast cancer’s massive increase due to premature breast development interruptus by forced abortion, the exceptions do not rewrite the rule.  OR  laws.

We lost the freedom of privacy between our chosen doctors and patients during the Covid Response; numerous blackballing, like Dr Gold, McCollough, Dr Aaron Kheriaty, even the mRna developer himself, led to technocratic autocrats demanding universal Face Diapers, six feet of separation and jab after jab by the godless Pharmaholics who had to, usually just the Democrat party and DNC’s activity, invent MORE words to disguise the CoVax failure.

Hacking up young people used to result in the needle of progress for people like Jeffrey Dahmers, who excelled like Dr Kermit the Baby Killer is destroying young people’s future. Now the “gender affirming surgeons” excel in IGNORING the natural emotional changes that life sends our teens’ way, as they develop their individuality and question everything.

They don’t need the money grubbing monsters with MDegrees flashing their breast meat stainless steel knives.  WE just need PARENTS with wisdom who tell their school boards no more gender grooming in your 6th grade classrooms by wacky gender fluid indoctrinators with name tags who pay teacher union dues.  No more reRacing history, distorting the truth about where we have come from, substituting 1619 (a great time when we learned in 1621 capitalism works better than the 1620 socialism failures at the Plymouth Rock) for 1776.  Speaking of substituting, it can be dangerous when not based on truth, basic science or living in realities.

Allowing teens to redefine the  English language with anti-nouns that are silly and made up.  Like breakTHRU for the Mao Tse Xi’s Plague “vaccine”.   Or “Rebound” taking Biden’s Paxlovoid Pfizer Pill RePfills.

Notice as we close, i did NOT mention “Trans”.  Trans is an interesting word.  Google it and the first that comes up is:



  1. Transgender.
  2. Transgendertranssexual.
  3. Describing a double bond in which the greater radical on both ends is on the opposite side of the bond.

Trans used to mean the car part that converts power to the drive wheels through a series of gear shiftings, mixing power, speed and momentum as the vehicle increases and decreases its velocity.  #3 above is a molecular term.  But hey, our Church, Pope, fake Biden CAtholics, the Gore Kerry Climate frauds don’t see ONE CO2 molecule in EVERY 2500 other air molecules as insufficient to melt the  planet!  Especially since 12 androgenic CO2 molecules per MILLION have little power to pretend greenhouse with no glass pieces hold HEAT on earth.

Trans basically means “change”.  Becoming a drag king2queen, for example.  Or tatooed teacher who wants new anti-nouns to be addressed by.  But changing sex and gender they are not.  NOT in the least.  These, like homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality and other men and “women’s right to choose…” are NOT pre-ordained and immutable in nature.

Otherwise, there would be no trans needed IF they were birthed states of humanity.

When a gender dysphoria “specialist” changes, by drugs, surgery, psychological indoctrinating counseling or grooming, what a vulnerable young person perceives about their “genderuality”, what God “assigned” them at birth, with all the joys and challenges endemic to being a real man or a real woman, the fundamentals do NOT change.  Just the perception, often leading the young person to a life of confusion, of heartache, even death by suicide.

TRANS do not transform their DNA…they have the same estimated 50 trillion cells and are the same male or female, even when they shout anti-pronouns like CIS, they, even “non-binary”.  This last one is a headscratcher: binary is ones and zeroes.  Base 2 numerics. And even though the white man, rich or poor, is under assault, I believe each man is a “1”, just as every female is a “1” also.  Saddest part is the Democrat Anarchist Lefty Lexicon creates words and phrases faster than you can say “Trump is a Nazi…”   Even with his 315 successes over 48 months and his title “Philosemite”, meaning he is beloved by Jews in Israel and all over.

I try not to promote violence; that is the modus operandi of the left, the Demonrats who destroy everything that gets in its path or way and use Alinsky therapy to blame others for their own evil actions.   But, these GAS bags with a sheepskin on the wall strip young people of their humanity and certainly do NOT affirm gender:

…they confirm a life of misery.  As the Gender Affirming Surgeons, GAS for short, get richer and pat each other on the back.

They don’t create, these DeGenderates destroy, as in a woman’s ability to enjoy nursing their first born child after the teen grows to late teen or early adult motherhood.

She grows up.  After she finds the right man to marry, bears a beautiful love sharing child that was once prebirth but survived the death merchants at Planned Parenthood.  And the first moment she attaches her nipples to the mouth of her hungry newborn, she experiences a gender euphoria NO man will ever experience.

That of a mother giving further life and bonding with her child, something the Satanic Billionaires like Bill Gates, Susan Buffett and MarkPriscilla MotherZucker hate with the passion of depopulating the world.  You know: in the tired old “a woman’s right to chews…” never completed with the hook:  killing her preborn child before kindergarten or birth, whichever comes first.

Not to mention the Gruesome Newsom Twosome who are building their decrepit business empire on AborTourism (luring like sex traffickers pregnant teens from Alaska to Florida even Hawaii) as well as a safe zone for pubescent girls to get Chainsaw Massacred Breast therapy for a few bucks, though AborTours Inc gives death to the mother’s child for free.

What possesses (maybe that’s it: demonic possession) a DeGenderate to destroy a perfectly operational penis that delivers the gift of life through a woman’s vagina, fertilizing her finite supply of eggs, that instantaneously gains humanity at this con- ception, new life, because of God not the Degenderates power?  In simple terms:

God CREATES…DeGenderates DEstroy

How else do you describe cutting away perfectly well engineered body parts?  Parents, stop these sex fiends, yes they are sex fiends not friends, of your children.

They are a poisonous industry that has grown up around mentally incapable and morally corrupt adult society.   Few if any of  them have a clue what real parents do, what the best family makeup is.  They DO know how much their money grubbing hands receive after severing breasts, penises and the hearts of these young people who need bonding, not mutilation; who need love, not lascivious demons from the deepest parts of hell.

Who will protect them, the young confused people?  Obamanation’s puppet Biden?  No way, he’s like Theoden from the Lord of the Rings series, who was demon possessed and out of his wits, like Sleepy Joe, until his denouement…Joe sadly needs prayer that he will reconcile with God before his follow step 80 years old completes his gait into hell, tethered by his “leap” footprint at its gates.

The Republicans?  If they do anything, it is erratically and impotently, at best.

This rush to degendering the masses IS evil, certainly NOT based on principles nor what God would consider “real”.  Multiple millions of dollars in the OmniBust shill bill, for example,for everything “trans”.  Just like the left’s love of wordsmithing confusion, they changed global warming to climate change because well did you see the subzero freeze across America as winter set in in 2022?  Now what God created as basic perfected male and female, with disparate abilities that include specific roles for species survival, they want to change fundamentally.  The created mocking the Creator.

No where did God give His created mankind the right to alter the two different and distinct sexes He created from the first pair. Certainly NOT 12 “racial” couples either, like AfricanAdam and EthiopiaEve, or Chinese 1st couple, Americanus nuevo couple etc.  Point is, not only are these DeGenderates fooling with mother nature, they are playing God.  Poorly, of course.  And as Lot found out while trying to deliver his virgin daughters to the homosexual community gathered outside his door, God is NOT a big fan of men sticking their penises in the anal orifices of other Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Parents, YOU are the primary educators of your children in YOUR domestic governance (in your home). NOT the Democrat National Commietee. You are the building block of America not the GAS bags monetizing human misery with teens in their very prime,stripping them of their God-given functionality and sexuality.  Also, in your Domestic Church…you are the ones who can keep them safe…  another reason, hidden in between the lines, why homeschooling is exploding like a Renaissance after decades of decadent godless Devolution of Good and Evil, Law&Order and the functioning two parent, male and female, one parent works while the kids are NOT abandoned to Little Red’s wolf.

I heard the Glen Story Corner story about a 5 year old black boy on a bus, who went up to an elderly woman, took her by the hand.  He told her: “you need to have a seat” so he ushered her to a seat he found for her. He did another seasoned citizen…as if he was trained to be respectful, not clearing the Apple Store counters of displayed phones and then running out, with impotent “customers” watching crime without reaction.

On the bus, other people took notice and it began a conversation, at the core of human understanding and interaction.  Conversations, human interaction and relational, that are at best stunted recently since Mao’s protege, Mao Tse-Xi unleashed Pandora’s Boxed up virus that led to the CoVax failures and trillions stolen from your grandkids.  And mine.

The boy’s color had zero to do with it for the woman was old and white.  The little man with more maturity than half of America instinctively did the right thing.  Color, like breasts and penises, is an immutable part of the human anatomy.  What the little man did was what needs to happen since the Covid Self Immolation of face diapers, lockdowns and lockouts, the 574 Summer of ’20 riots with no discipline but 50 dead, billions more in property damage and lifelong dreams dashed… and much more.

Humanity NEEDS each other to exist; this is the way we were designed and created.  It’s in the natural AND God’s Lawbooks.  Currently, the misery merchants, miscreants who sell robotic dehumanizing, degendering of the reason this little 553 SEXtillion mile wide universe exists.  For the BETTERMENT of man and womankind.  The sex/genders were NOT accidents nor accidentally assigned at birth.  Whether you are a person of faith, Christian or Jew, Muslim or Protestant, Catholic or Cathayan, a man matches up well with a woman when they use the alternate reason for sexual intercourse: having fun, which in God’s eyes is relegated to covenant marriages, NOT teen jocks in the locker room showers with the cheerleaders…of either sex.  The morphology (look it up) of the human genome and design is undeniable as well as immutable, except in the hands of the Demonic Degenderates mutilating their latest monetized victim.

Humankind was initiated with Adam&Eve, not Adam&Steve, aeons ago or  5783 years ago per Chabad…  Man and woman, and the productive proliferation of the species, still IS the reason God created billions of stars, planets, million of animals/plants (trillions of bugs…why the cockroach or mosquito? no earthling knows) and only:

One Man   

One Woman

God built us with a universal spiritual hunger to live forever, not for idiota doctors who make $40,000 to degenderize and tenderize a hapless, emotionally unstable, gender dysphoric young MALE OR  FEMALE.

Len Beckman

Your comments are welcome whether you are a Man or Woman or  some facsimile thereof.  If you are TRANS, knock yourself out on debunking this: but know the truth.  I do not hate nor despise you.  I wish you the best!

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