CoVax Pfauci and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

VICP for short.   Did you know you have recourse?

Dr Pfaucinstein and Dr Obama observe Wuhan BioWeapons Lab progress on the enhanced CoVid terror tool

“The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” is a federal program that was created to compensate people who may have been injured by certain vaccines.   Since Pfizer and ModeRNA have been immunized from injuries resulting from the so called ‘vaccines’, the McCarthy led House should FREEZE additional funds being expended for a Pfailed protocol and the money kept in reserve for the billions that will result from lawsuits.  Of course, what is required is the 3 letter agencies and the medical professionals BEGIN to do the required research on adverse effects, truth in ending of CoVax deaths and much more.

Good example would be a long term effects study of Pfizer vs NON vaxxed high school graduating seniors at Granada Hills charter High.  The study subjects number 1030 “vaccinated” verse 70 who suffered loss due to high school protocols for grad night, prom night and even graduating in an OUTDOOR stadium for objecting to getting the experimental, yet to be considered safe, Vax programs.  I will explain in a separate post.

As prez Joe calls it, PaxloVoid

But last I checked, the various CoVax attempts at legitimate one and done vaccine pfailed.  But Pfauci’s Pfav Pfizer has immunity it seems.  And, the VAERS laundry list has numerous adverse side effects like myocardia, pericardia, lethal blood clotting, Bell’s Palsy and so many others.

The tally so far is well over a million serious and deadly side effects; since experts claim maybe 1% of the sufferers know or act on notifying VAERS Central, that means 50 to 75 million people have had a CoVax adverse reaction.

And as to death, the ultimate BSE (bad side effect), 35,000 is the under limit since the whole medical reporting system by Big Pharma, CDC, NIH, NIAID and FDA is corrupt as far as a hospital can throw a Covid19 to Covid22 death bonus.

You can’t go an hour on national media and not see ten different water ambulance chasing lawyers pitching they are the best to get you Camp LeJeune water top dollar repayment if you drank H2O

Yet, the DC mainly Democrat spenders have trillions going to Pfizer ($56 billion so far profit) for a Putatively Pfailing vaccine program and working on a common cold vax for infants (RSV mRNA) and little guys (they already have FetalKyl to prevent prebirth baby growth).  STILL NO data, longitudinal studies, effective review of data on the mother vax, just corrupt biased pandemic pandemonium.

Got sick from CoVax? 

Here’s the website for Pharma Pfizer’s ill pill and jab achievements: or better yet, jam the phone lines:

1-800-338-2382 for questions answered and to file a claim!

NO ONE IS WATCHING THE TREASURY OR THE HEN COOP.  ONLY CORRUPT $$ SCAVENGERS WHO MAKE…  Mr. Fried-Bankman of FTX look like a benevolent philanthropist saving the world from his Bahamas compound.   Frauds come in all shapes and sizes.

If enough people claim the truth, maybe some of that $5 trillion that’s going to Biden’s Buddy Funds will be saved from the criminal mainly Obamanation carpet baggers; maybe Jim Jordan or Rand Paul, even Kevin McCarthy can FREEZE any more Covid spending by the spendaholic drug dealers in DC…or Germany a la Pfizer…. until the investigations commence.

Anyways be thankful for your health.  But the only way to stop this mRNA obsessed CoVax freight train, like the lucrative chainsaw massacred supple teen breasts and circumseized castration to make kids “feel good”, is to level medical malpractice, get an injunction on ANY more hospital death subsidies, like the suit free drug dealers Moderna, Pfizer etc… illa est: SHUT THE BASTARDS DOWN!

The Irony is Pfizer was given immunity to immunize the world from the Corona Virus, whether from Pfauci’s Pfavorite Wuhan bioweapons lab… or ?  And the only one left holding the bag is NOT the NYC Boorla Penthouse.  It’s you and me.

No wonder that hetero money bags Dr Pfaucinstein is resigning (he calls it “retiring”) with coverage by that clueless lesbian press secretary who thinks her role is to tell America and the legitimate media what questions to ask.

Biggest question is: can we stop the unprecedented and continuing Treasury drain while we still HAVE a country?

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