The Trinity and Giza…a relationship marked in Time.and Eternity

Sam: this might help

Trinity Sunday this year is a special one because it celebrates the Trinity. As it is EVERY year. Just as Corpus Christi celebrates the Body of Christ.  In fact, something in our busy lives we don’t often realize:

“One of the most impossible realities is understanding how the Trinity has ALWAYS existed; in a sense we are in the middle of INFINITY past and future.”

As the dad of 11, and grandpapa to 22 (the 22nd born predawn on Jan 22, the 50th anniversary of the infamous Row vs Wade decision), I am privileged to have a beautiful granddaughter named after the First Being, the Godhead: Trinity Henritze.  I dedicate this writing to my beloved Trinity, first born of the Beckman and Mike & Cecilia Henritze grandkids

God had created the angels, but as invisible non organic beings, no universe was needed…their existence required no food, water, Raisinettes or Netflix, because they are spiritual beings, some good…some NOT so good, actually evil, possibly 1/3 falling down on the job of joyful love of God.

But God had other ideas about creating for His pleasure and our joy, the human race.


553 sextillion (553,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) miles wide with billions of stars and galaxies, all created FOR mankind.  Not, the reverse.  God did not need toy robotic dolls for the playpen to clone word “love you”.  He gave each of us free will, even if others steal that away from us in Auschwitz or planned parenthood, but I repeat myself.  The Trinity already was the Perfect Family, which to his seashore dismay, St Augustine never fully understood: HOW could the Reveal be accomplished!

Back to Creation, God started with the simple stuff: the billions of gaseous giants and dwarfs, the stars, in galaxies far far away.

Millions of plants and animal species, thousands of biochemical processes that do great things like produce food, via ESSENTIAL carbon dioxide, mixed with water and sun, in processes called “photosynthesis” and aerobic respiration.  Things most kids aren’t taught, what with teachers’ union strikes, CRT,DIE or DEI, hypersexualized “health” and other perversions of intellect pursuits.

Unless, they are homeschooled or challenged to learn in various ways by involved parents honoring their responsibility, not as domestic terrorists but as God’s beloved kids “primary educators.”

From Sacred Scripture, we read “Let US make man in our image”.  Yet God did NOT create 9 billion men and women and children, like the trillions of insects, good and bad.  He created first man from the dirt and then He completed His work of general creation with the most well designed, infinitely complex being in the known and unknown universe: Eve.  We call woman, that is if we are NOT Jumanji Jackson Brown, the latest Supreme Court justice questioned at confirmation: “what’s a woman?”

Something, the cagey woman child from Harvard, declined to answer.  You know her as Jumanji Jackson Brown, the newest member of the Supreme Court who can’t define what a woman is…even after 7 years at an ivy league school.

On to the Trinity: we don’t understand how and why, let alone what their relationship as three distinct persons in a singular God truly is.  And forever past…

And we believe, God in His Infinite Wisdom, understood from all eternity that mankind, when He created male and female, would have a very tough time understanding Whom their Creator truly is.  Paul talks about seeing darkly through a glass.  Here is my take, for what it’s worth.

God’s universal design was to help us learn more about Him and our eternal home, while here on earth.  Relevant Radio’s Fr. Simon calls it beautifully: our coming home to the Father’s home, in many mansions.  Yet, being made in His Image indicates we are fearlessly and wonderfully made, but what about our Creator God?  We know all three Entities were there.  Yet, how zero, nada, nothing gave way to matter and energy, long before Einstein’s relativity pronouncements.

Our earliest written hint as to Whom God is, was in Genesis.  “Let US make man in OUR image”.  OK, today a new pro-noun (anti-wise actually) is created every day as one chooses to recreate what God has done. Jen & Gavin Newsom call it Gender fluidics as if humanity is  a hydraulic process.  We are not.  God was pretty specific about first a man or male,  and then female or woman.

But this mocks God’s Perfect Nature and His Plans for Biology.

From the macro to the mini world of inner space, there is 50 trillion cells per body, starting with only two homo sapiens sapiens: Adam and Eve.   This gender affirmation stuff is pure evil. Mutilating teen breasts, castrating young men.  Does this sound Godly or demonic?  Easy answer except to the godless who worship zero as their god..

Believe what you want: God’s designs work.  It’s may be okay to play dress up and join the Pretenders Society but God wants US to know Him as God is.  NOT all these recreations in so many areas.  Especially interfering with His design for mankind.

Suppose we recently discovered a physical directional device that dates back 4600 years. You open it up and it points directly over the spot where the Israelites and Moses left the clutches of their Egyptian enslavers, never to return.    And suppose the same unique vector from the directional device points 270 miles away, skirting the Mediterranean Sea and targeting the House of Bread.  We sing about the city, also called Beth’lehem at Christmas time each year. The blue line/vector heading out of Giza at 26 degrees 18 minutes 963 seconds of angular arc shows this phenomena.  270 or 3x3xx3x10 miles away to the stable of Christmas.

In fact, believe it or let me prove it, 4600 years ago, God planted the world’s largest marker, pillar, altar at the exact center of the World.  The giant marker is still there but in run down condition.  This marker was not a Star Trek civilization fossil, but remains to this day, silent in its magnificence, the last remaining wonder of the World.

It also is a Catholic icon, IF I can prove such to my fave bishops, priests, lay friends and relatives, and the occasional atheist.

It’s called “Border”; translated, Giza.  It’s “last name” is pyramidos, which transmorphs into “fire in the middle”.  These can be readily explained.

In another blog post I wrote, there is much more detail.  But God desires ALL of us to live forever, to discover Him and to “know, love and serve” our God.  Maybe the world’s largest “building” can help the minds of the math motivated, the CSI/NCIS investigative types, see salvation history better.

Walk a bit farther with this author and adventurer.

Giza IS located at the exact Center of the World.  Prove it for yourself: take a globe and draw a line across the largest amount of land (a line that touches the most, ie land meridian) both east-west and north-south. Geographically, you will find the center near Cairo in Egypt.  It also criss crosses in the ocean on the other side but the fact on the exact Center of the World, exists an almost timeless marker only Creator God could position.

Theologically, Jesus the Christ IS the exact Center of OUR world, of history (ie His Story) formerly labeled BC or Before Christ and AD or Anno Domini, ie ‘in the year of the Lord’.  In a real sense, He is the Center of Eternity as we exist in the middle as well.

It is the largest Compass on earth and one of the most accurate, off positionally by only three seconds of arc.  When you Google Earth “Giza” and zoom in, the Giza Pyramid lines up with your computer screen. Of import, at one time, it was covered with mirror bright ‘casing’ stones intricately joined, numbering an estimated 144,000 until they were stripped over centuries following a strong earthquake six hundred years ago.

Once discovered, the entryway (17 steps up) led down a passageway 344 feet to the bottom.  Of importance to what and why it existed, the passageway’s angularity measures 26 degrees, 18minutes, 9.63 seconds.  This graphic shows where it sits and how the angle plots out when rotated 90 degrees to the northeast of Cairo from the Center of the World.

Geographically, notice where it points.  Then think of it theologically.  It points to Jesus’ birth in the New Testament after pointing to where the Israelites escaped, with their God’s help, on the same 26+degree heading.

Exodus is the OLD testament, Bethlehem the new.  In the Old, the 7th century before Christ, prophet Isaiah has an intriguing verse sequence:

On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary

This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior to defend and deliver them.l

I truly wonder if this applies to Giza, the last of the great wonders of the ancient world.  The bold in red words/phrases above point to aspects of the Giza experience.

  1. “Altar of the Lord”.  In Egypt? I thought they worshipped the pharoah! Not the Lord God.  Hmm.

In the OT, altars were places of bloody sacrifice.  Often, in the desert, a holocaust or animal was sacrificed to honor God as the people knew Him. Recall, Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac to the God of Creation.  Yet, God stayed Abraham’s hand in killing his son and substituted a ram in the thicket.

That was both a bloodless sacrifice of the heart of Abraham, in obeying God and sparing Isaac; and a bloody one, in the ram/lamb God provided for the sacrifice.

The last (and the first) bloodless sacrifice was at the altar in the upper room we know as the Last Supper and First Mass.  This “altar” of the Eucharist institution prefigured by a day the very bloody sacrifice on the Cross of Life on Good Friday.

Supposition: in the New Testament, suppose the 4600 year old 30 sf (maybe 42  sq ft to match the 14 x 3 foot Shroud and Council of Trent altar measurement) flat top of Giza is an altar awaiting the bloodless and glorious return of the true Cornerstone of the whole New World of faith, of the Catholic Church, Jesus the Christ.

We know Jesus is our Savior (mentioned in the Isaiah quote) and we are the Bride of Christ.  But more than symbolically, I wonder if that altar top is where Jesus meets the Bride of Christ, the Church for the last time as heaven beckons all.

Think about it; at my and your Catholic wedding (if married!), four marks should be reflected upon: FREEDOM to choose each other, two become one in TOTALITY, as we will be united with Christ forever.  Also, we pledge as one male and female total fidelity, ie faithfulness to each other, the man as the archetype of Christ sacrificing everything, even life to death for our new spouse, the bride of our dreams.  As we dads pledge our love, honor and protection for the children that God will provide to most of us.

WE humans pledge “until death do us part”.  But Jesus’ pledge, already sealed at the Crucifixion as the sacrificed Lamb of God, the true Passover alluded to as the Israelites escaped Egypt.  The “Christ Angle” as it is called (26+degree) forms a vector that skirts the Mediterranean Sea after passing over the place where the Israelites passed out of Egypt.

Wow!!!  There were two pillars of Solomon at the Exodus spot where historically the Chosen people crossed the Red Sea; Saudi Arabia has replaced the one on their side with a flag (sadly), but the Giza “vector” continues on to complete its 270 mile “journey” to the House of Bread (the Bread of the Universe).

We know this city, this spot, as Bethlehem.  Was it an accident that angle of entry now the angle of exit points to the city of Jesus’ birth?  God does nothing by accident, being a loving purposeful God.

Giza is a four sided structure, eight sides on the solstices at dawn and dusk (explained later) built WITHOUT a capstone.  A cornerstone for the top corner of the pyramid shaped object.  The top actually has about 30 sq ft of flat surface. Could this be the “altar of the Lord” planted in Egypt that Isaiah refers to?  It’s been there since 2621BC.  The time line begins at 2141BC when the North Star shown down its 344 foot descending passageway to the bottom.  Some scholars believe, since there are only two markings in Giza, one a map scale “pyramid” or “sacred Jewish” inch.  And a circle scored in the rock in the passageway.  Scholars see this as a starting point for a “time line” of history.  His Story.

If this timeline of prophetic history is real, it is amazing.  For example, using this one year per inch motif, the transition point is 1453 AD when the descending entry passage reaches the ascending passage to the Queen and King’s separate chambers.

Is anything significant about that year?  How about this: the Fall of Constantinople, (May 29, 1453) and conquest of the city by Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire. The dwindling Byzantine Empire came to an end when the Ottomans breached Constantinople’s ancient land wall after besieging the city for 55 days. Mehmed surrounded Constantinople from land and sea while employing cannons to maintain a constant barrage of the city’s formidable walls.

Sounds significant…

2 “Center of Egypt”   (Center of the World too!)

This is interesting.  There are two Egypts, lower and upper.  This is how the Isaiah verses can make sense.

The Great Pyramid of Giza Was Inspired by God.

Giza is at the border of one and in the middle of the other; Giza divided Egypt it is believed.  Notice the “Lower Egypt” is at the northern end of the life giving Nile as it dumps into the Mediterranean.







3)  “Sacred Pillar”.  Giza, not only the world’s largest compass and timekeeper, it is a pillar made sacred by its placement and focus on Jesus.  Of course,the pharaohs built their super ego burial places, but Giza had no body, no capstone, only a coffer with the same dimensions of the ark of the covenant.

It was a bit brighter in the past. ACTUALLY Super brilliant

It is hard to visualize today, but the true translation (Fire in the Middle) of pyramidos focuses on the incredible brilliance of the mirror stone covered object, Giza.  Those cover stones were “quarried” actually robbed off Giza after an earthquake over centuries (not easy to steal 144,000 stones in a year) and used for minarets and mosques in the muslim neighborhood.  But, before the regifting of the hard limestone polished bright blocks, it WAS a sacred pillar, viewed as if on fire.

God leaves nothing to chance; He is precise. He created the earth with four transition seasonal points: spring equinox, the summer solstice, fall equinox and winter solstice.  In astronomy, the reasons are simple.

The first day of new life, rebirth from the winter so to speak in the Northern Hemisphere, of spring, the sun rises over Bethlehem viewed from Giza.  More fascinating, all year Giza does have a shadow: but at high noon on the Spring Equinox, it was at its MAX brightness with ZERO shadow.   Today, we celebrate spring on March 20-21st.  Suppose, with a four day correction, it was March 25th, with Spring Equinox coinciding with date of Mary’s annunciation (Jesus’ conception) and as the Church tradition has it, his death as well.  For you budding Biblical salvation history archeologic types, this 4 day offset puts the winter solstice on the day Jesus is born.  A bit in the weeds here, but at dawn and dusk on the solstices, Giza appears as an EIGHT sided object.  Supposition: we know the number 8 is Jesus’ number.  In fact His name alphanumerically is 888.  Eight represents new birth, rebirth, resurrection.  In music (the 8th note is like the first but as a harmonic); in Noah’s time, 8 in the ark, a “rebirth” of mankind etc.

Timeless timelineIt’s not superstition tho we need be careful: many numbers have Biblical implications and purposes. 12 tribes and 12 apostles; 144 in revelations (12×12)on governance.  Seven (7) is the number of perfection (days in the week, whole notes in the scale, 7 days of creation etc.), 3 of the Trinity, which God wants us to learn about over time.  One of the reasons for this blog.  If St Augustine couldn’t figure it out, it may not be fully known until heaven.  But, from Genesis 1, when God gives us a hint in “Let US make man in our image”; He also points to His Son via the Giza Christ Angle.  At the Jordan baptism, the Holy Spirit is visible as the Father’s booming voice shouts “This is my beloved Son…”.

Lucky for us 13 is both the date of Christ’s death in the Hebrew calendar (Friday the 13th month of Abib) and Marian Fatima appearances (May 13, June 13 etc).  17 steps to the entrance passageway, 17 being the number associated with victory; also a component of Jesus’ 153 caught fish after Resurrection. 17 x 3 x 3 equals 153, no arbitrary number, reflection in a way the victory of the Trinity multiplied by the Trinity.  Jesus was showing the Apostles with him the abundance of the fields that need their work as the Church (Harvest is great, but the laborers are few).  Of import, 153 is also 1+2+3…+17, amplifying the importance of this number in salvation history.  Math, like science, religion, faith is intertwined in God’s view of the universe; it’s us imperfect humans that overly compartmentalize everything.  God just wants us to “KNOW Him, LOVE Him and SERVE Him” for our own good.

Pillars are common in the world. We have the obelisk pillar in Washington DC; the solomonic pillars and the “Pillar of Fire” in Giza.  Point is, God gently taught us about His True Nature as ONE God with 3 persons, 13. Maybe WHY God sent Mary to Fatima on earth six times.  Fatima being the city named for the former Muslim wife of a Catholic prince in Portugal.

4) “Boundary”

Discussed previously, Giza literally means “border”.  NOT the Taco Bell or Southern American former Border, but the Boundary of a portion of Egypt.

5)”Sign and witness to the Lord”

This is a very important aspect of Giza.  IF the time machine aspect of Giza is real, its beginning at 2141C with the North Star hitting the bottom below ground; 33AD as the Crucifixion, which begins the Grand Gallery (reportedly it was open for a period of time so the locals could view the stars.  Who knows?) toward the Queen Chamber level and ascending to the King’s Gallery.  Look at the graphic

Sidenote: Emanations to1453AD proves it is timeless…and that Jesus promised the Church would endure through all time, despite even modern foolish prostiticians in Israel or DC trying hard to kill it off.  Though the Ottoman Sultan broke into Byzantine Constantinople and turning it into Istanbul, the Church endures throughout the world.  We are in interesting, stressful times on God’s green earth.  Battered by foolish, evil doctrines; embattled in so many ways fighting for Truth, Justice and in America, the American way.  Old but necessary words to fight for.  Then there is 1453 BC… what is SIGNificant about that year?  Could it be the year the Israelites actually entered the promised land after years of wandering?   Well, it begins the ascending passageway.  Then there is 1521AD, in our backyard when Hernan Cortes ended the rule of Montezuma and Technochtitlan (Mexico City) with 175 barefoot Franciscan friars preaching the gospel to the local Nahautl people.  After all, God KNOWS the future even as you read this, as the Trinity HAS known from eternity past.  Chew on that St Augustine!

Sign TO  the world.  Fulfilled two millennia afterwards and discovered recently with the Christ Angle (26 degrees etc.) applied to the land, Giza is an extent sign to the world that Jesus, the Bread of Life, the life-giving innocent Passover Lamb was born in the House of Bread, a forshadowing of  the importance of wine and wheat bread unleavened becoming Him.  In the Eucharist Holy Hours focus on, and daily Mass offers for our health.

Today, if the scales fall away from our eyes, we see that the irrefutable evidence of a Creator’s existence is the world’s largest Sign and Witness to an important city, Bethlehem only 270 miles away; to a Godhead that required all three Persons to validate the promise in that city on a date Catholic tradition (March 25) honors just nine months before the House of Bread housed the Bread of Life.

The unfathomable Trinity I believe is pointed to within the last wonder of the ancient and modern world, Giza. The hanging gardens of Babylon are gone, Giza remains.

Its altar top waiting for the Cornerstone (ie Capstone) to return in glory  I don’t know.  To Jerusalem? Or less than 300 miles away on the Giza plain.  Only the Trinity knows.

Another experience of “Trinity”, just before all three Persons expressed themselves in the muddy Jordan at Jesus’ Baptism around age 30, was at His and Mary’s Annunciation we celebrate March 25th. A date I suspect marked the Spring Equinox millennia ago.   Three months later, the Summer Solstice and the Giza feature of Jesus’ number is shown twice, with 8 sided imagery in the shadows. Six more and we celebrate the birth of the New King that Herod feared, the Winter Solstice, with the Light of the World greeting the shortest day of the year filling it with His Love and Life.  Herod feared the Savior so much he killed upwards of some thousands of innocent young boys less than two years old.

Thinking of Augustine, the closest we came to the Trinity as a human being, was when Mary was occupied by two members of the Blessed Trinity: “overcome” by the Holy Spirit to conceive God’s Son we call Jesus, the 888 of His Story.  And after His birth, the son of foster father Joseph (the “terror of demons”) and the world traveling Mary.  Math fails us sometimes: Mary experienced 2/3 of the Trinity in essence but the one God.  Each day, we can experience God via the Eucharist in a way only God fully understands.

I suggest you (and I!) make it to heaven to learn “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey often said.  Jesus.  His Story it is.  And Trinity is the communal Being we were created in Whose Image and we will spend next week…actually next eternity with, happy and joyful in the place the Father God has for those who love His Son.

Trinity, Grandpa Len loves you very much, as he loves each of his kids and grandoffspring, and not just for good archery and your other talents.  Just because you are you.  And Trinity above, eternal and Perfect, I love you too.

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