Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?

The blue line marks the compass “needle”, measured at 26 degrees 18 minutes and 9.63 seconds, heading over the Exodus pillars and Bethlehem 270 miles away. Jerusalem 5.5 miles from Jesus’ birthplace

This Good Friday in the Year of the Lord (Anno Domini) 2023, the sun rose and passed over the Center of the World only to set, as the Holiest of Saturdays sets in.

We know that Center spot, easily calculated, as the resting place, for millennia, of the world’s largest constructed object called, in English, “Border Fire in the Middle”.

This phrase translates to the Giza Pyramidos or just Giza.  Google it, it lines up perfectly with your Google Earth screen.  Today,  as its remnant pile of cut stones silently sits as a noble sentry in the desert of Cairo, Egypt, it magnificence as a Catholic/Christian salvation history marker lives on.

Yes, its deteriorated form remains, but most of its 144,000 mirrored hard limestone, polished bright, have been “shoplifted” and repurposed throughout the Middle East. No charges were filed as in San Francisco and NYC for the crimes over centuries, but alas, no blockbusting thief could steal its inner secrets.

Just like the Holy One, the Eternal Savior, Jesus, is pointed to by its built in directional vector/compass needle pointer, called the “Christ Angle”, Jesus the King of kings, reigns from above.

He not we, remains the Center of All things. Yes, this huge irregular pile of 20-50 ton precisely cut stones IS still operational.   Interestingly, as the sun passed over on Holy Thursday, both the old Pass-over (April 5th) and the New Pass-over (April 6th) we call the Last Supper, where the Eucharist was first celebrated; these Nissan Hebrew month festivities, were again re-enacted with both Seder and Holy Mass.

Funny how the ancient peoples and world STILL is relevant in our “modern” culture today.

Jen, fear not.  Today, we face crises upon crises in our blessed land, not OF the brave but BECAUSE of the brave, and yet God is watching and in control.  Fear not, said both St Padre Pio and Pope St John Paul the Great.   God has NOT abandoned us, though we as a race abandoned Him.  Today, it’s like on steroids as our culture of death and misery blacks out the joy and purpose of the blessings of a great country AND life.

For the record, as you read this, Giza is still many things: today, perfectly symmectrical to the four corners, the four cardinal directions, North South East West. so in essence it is the world’s compass.  Its compass “needle” STILL points 270 miles away to Bethlehem along its 26 degree, 18 minute and 9.63 second arc “route”: first pointing to both the post pass-over Exodus entry and exit points, marked with Solomon’s pillars and then the city of Jesus’ birth, ie the House of Bread (translation of Beth’Lehem). Please stay with me, Jen, this is YOUR journey too.  By the way, the distance from His birthplace and His place of crucifixion is a mere 5.5 miles.

And His amazing public ministry lasted but 3 years time

Ironically, this giant marker/compass etc sits at both the center of Egypt and its border (Giza actually means “border” and nothing to do with the pharaohs, believe it or not).

Recall, there were TWO Egypts (see Isaiah 19:19-20 who described this object millennia ago and Isaiah, by the way, prophesized a large number of the 600+ prophecies that point to the Christ, a mathematical impossibility for man.  But NOTHING is Impossible for God!)

Giza, as the MOST brilliant spot on earth, it was and is a “beacon of hope”; it was a part of the Magi’s astronomical journey back when its mirror stones were still in place), a “beacon of hope and fire” visible from the moon, especially at its brightest on the First Day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. 

The Exodus pillars of Solomon

Think about the Trinity’s precision from all eternity.  Restating: Giza’s compass needle points 270 miles away, precisely first over the the Exodus points marked by Solomon’s Pillars (today one is a flag in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea banks, As you read this, because of our inept corrupt leadership, the Saudis just aligned with Russia, China, Iran and others thanks to our “American ‘Theodan’ of Rodan (Lord of the Rings) Joseph, named for the famous foster father of Jesus. Joseph Rosinette Biden.

Sadly, he emulates Judas more than Washington, Lincoln even Trump by betraying all that is good about our covenant land founded in 1776.

Should you check the continuing calendar of the Jews, at, we are in their lunar year 5783;, you will notice Erev Pesach the “First Passover” takes place this year on the 13th day of Nissan/Abib. As it is ALWAYS celebrated per the Torah.

It has, since the first Passover celebrated by these, the Chosen People, by God’s request, continued to be the 13th of Nissan.  This year, it coincides with my beloved God daughter and grandchild’s10th birthday, St Philomena of Texas, daughter of Brian Henritze and my oldest daughter Amanda whose name translates to “be loved”, still a precious princess.

  Her sister, Larissa, whom I call Little Queen, is be loved as well as all our 11 children and 22 grandkids are.  This narrative is on purpose, Jen, to show that the past is still very relevant at this time of hope, destruction, blessings and rebuilding our land.  The Bible chronicles history, accurate geneologies and sound principles in its 73 books.

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?  Please put on your “Christ like lenses” and watch fascinating events unfold.

When the First Good Friday commenced, Jen, we know with a little detective work from the very relevant Deuteronomy, Exodus and Gospel(Good NEWS!) of the beloved Apostle John, who was assigned the first crucifixion day as Mary’s son by the crucified Savior on the timbers above.

Evaluate what you believe and hear. For years we/you hear Friday the 13th as bad luck.  Yet, Golgotha’s excruciating Passion and Death (translates “ex cruciating” to ‘from the cross) events WAS the luckiest Friday the 13th day of Nissan…the day before the original Passover was to be celebrated like every Chabad/Jewish year on Nissan 14. (Deuteronomy)

Friday the 13th unlucky, Jen?  I think not!  Over time, superstition and rumor has made it thus, but that comes from the evil one trying to obscure, distort and lie about all things God and eternal.  As we replay on the American stage this year!  Never has so much deceit, lies, corruption and betrayal occurred, yet fear not Jen God IS still in charge.  Of the climate, with the pitifully minute ONE CO2 molecule per 2500 that He uses to FEED the WORLD  which the godless tyrannical green new dealers “blame” for their climate change/glbal warming long con.  And Jen of us: God build the universe for mankind, the ONE human race’s benefit.  NOT the converse. 

Flash to today  When the MadHatter DA of Manhattan falsely accused a former president on the anniversary of the original Good Friday (Nissan the 13th per chabad), Alvin acted on behalf of hell certainly not heaven. All good people can see this clearly. 

Funny, when Alvin and the ChumPunks celebrated their great “feat” on April 4, 2023, chronologically, about two millennia after that first Friday Nissan the 13th (tho not a Friday this 2023 solar year), a curious juxtapose occurred: Trump’s no Savior (he’d tell you that with Melania’s urging) but he, like 2000 years ago, is falsely accused, undefended by the feckless Republicans and virulent Democrat demons and (the godless left hope) “crucified” like Trump’s God-Son experienced on old Passover preparation day some two millennia ago. Believe this guess: Trump became pro life after his pro death stance with the help of a significant event in his life AND Melania)

We all know Trump is no saint…which seems to be a weak mantra as we point at him (forgetting we have three bloody fingers pointing back at us); but with Melania at his side, he is working towards heaven I believe, though he like all of us has flaws.  EVERY time, someone saddles another with accusations, false and true, there is a mirror facing us. 

Congenital liar Adam SChiffty Schiff, who excels at the unrequited lie daily, is fractured and like ALL of us, in need of a redeemer. Yet, is he aware just how much in danger he is in?  As does the duplicitous Alvin and all of the Obamanation’s continued abominations against American poor and working class.

Though the Democrat left leaders, who hijacked the party of slavery, and of FDR&Kennedy, excel at accusing others of what they, not the others are doing, we all fail if our names begin with a consonant or vowel.  We are the ONE human race, ALL in need of the King of the Jews.  But, Jen, as we seek righteousness, we hunger for spiritual satisfaction, we ARE on the right side of history.

His first name is numbered ‘888’

Jen, Jesus  died that first Friday the 13th that ALL of us might live…forever.  Something, American haters in the culture of death, miss:  “Where evil abounds, grace abounds much more.”  Jen, in the morning answer world, has a mission.  To help Grant see the light she was given being raised in the Catholic world (which he left); Jen, you persevered in your training, despite a teacher mom and amazing digital sound world father separating. A great grandfather you miss.  Hope for a future marriage (Jen, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to PRAY DAILY for your future husband!)

My good Catholic wife Mary went unmarried until age 55, inheriting12 kids (including me).  Yes, total nuts to say “Yes!” to Len, as the first Mary said “Yes!” in a more dramatic way to God at age 15.  In fact, Donna has miracles surrounding her early demise that shows God knew what He is doing.  No Bragg, just facts and truth.

Jen, Truth IS universal.  Like a future presidential candidate needing to honor his Nina with a ring and ceremony, to go along with the challenges of a campaign.  Remaining chaste until marriage is a tough task this day, but as I told youth over three decades of parish ministry, it is the BEST way NOT  to settle for seconds.  Grant sounds like a great dad to Wyatt, but he needs to remember that light travels so much faster than sound:  OUR kids SEE what we do much faster than hear our words sometimes made empty by our actions.

There IS room, in all of our worlds, to “perfect” ourselves, return to our first love that was destroyed for but three days two millennia ago.   God is ALWAYS inviting us back.  In our culture, with all its failings, it too often drawing us away from Eternal Truth, even though the Trinity, the prophets, the apostles show us the way IF our eyes and ears are opened. Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb reflect the “three hours” many Catholics hear each Good Friday, how the  “sun refused to shine.”  In His Story, it really happened.

Truth#1   In His Divine Mercy, He calls us all to the cross, to repentance, to reordering our lives.  Look at the Kabuki theater we live in.  The Catholic Biden, in two short years, has destroyed so much, yet he believes he deserves another chance in 2024. Obama as the titular head of the ObamaNation headquartered on Belmont Ave in DC, still believes he is in control, with his soldiers Soros and Rice, and the rest of those NOT focused on God but keeping their power and control, not realizing ALL power comes from above.  NOT themselves.  They need our prayers and pity for their self-delusion will not win out in the end.

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?   Our #22 on the infamous Jan 22…

Our family marked this year’s Jan 22nd, the 50th anniversary of RoeVwade, the law making killing kids legal but only in hell’s eyes, with a predawn birth. #22 grandchild Wesley, named for the protagonist of Princess Bride, Westley, is a unique gift this year, marking so much evil of 64 million children passing too early from our country with NEW LIFE.

A noble name choice by beloved Kieran and my #7 Rose Angel.  Westley spoke many words to Princess Buttercup, but of import are  the words of Truth #2 herein:  

   “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”~

As Giza appeared before the “shoplifting” occurred after an earthquake

Jen, think of these words.  Just as the modern demons reside in the culture of death, influencing, oppressing or possessing (i know not which but all evil doers are  one of these three) those that mutilate and chainsaw young girls’ breasts, castrate young men, become pretenders that men can become women to steal luggage and join evil associations like the Obamanation, or Soros’ sorcerer district attorneys and more, just as they roam and prowl for more souls to devour: DEATH FAILS like that poignant scene in Mel’s Passion of the Christ as the devil screams “NOOOOO!” when it realizes its plan was thwarted yet again.  Just as will occur in America IF we stay the course and re- rebuild our land.

The disheveled Giza, the beacon of hope that sits on the exact center of the world is still important, though it no longer shines at the Spring Equinox.  See the rendering here, with its resplendent 144,999 cover blocks

Jen, think in real time back about 2000 years: Giza, still the world’s largest light gathering object, had NO shadow each high noon at the Equinox (equal day & nite) of Spring. Today it occurs around March 21st though i believe it matched the date of Jesus’ conception and death, March 25th (Friday the 13th month Nissan in Hebrew calendaring) but for a calendar error in Julian/Gregorian.

Reasoning is logical: God knew for all eternity, He would create the 23 degree planetary slant to recreate the seasons each year.  Two solstices and two equinoxes, ON PURPOSE

Recall, Jen, the ancient peoples of Genesis tracked their ages under a total globally warm worldwide “vapor canopy” before God’s “Correction” with the Ark and the Flood of Noah’s fame.  Once the first transformative rains, including worldwide continental realignment, and rainbow, our life spans decreased rapidly. Noah’s age before (600) and after (350)  shows this crossover point of longevity.

THAT Good FRiday was different in many ways, Giza shines not because it was robbed of its glory now donning minarets and mosques: the cover casing stones angled perfectly to maximize its brilliance as the world turns from the darkness of winter to the rejuvenation, the rebirth of spring.

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews? Recall your Good Friday services.  No Mass today, after what happened Holy Thursday with the neo Passover, the Last Supper.

Good Friday, recall, retells History, His Story, that  of Salvation History.  Despite the ungodly and prostiticians efforts, American has good people that need redeeming, remade in His image.  Made ‘great’ yet again, so to speak.

Jesus, geographically is the Center of the World (pointed to by the Giza Christ Angle 270 miles running through Beth’ lehem, that translates to the House of Bread, the Bread of Life, ie the Eucharist.  God leaves NOTHING  to chance if only we look with His lenses.

It points to Jesus’ birth city, maybe even His birth place, but AFTER passing over the Solomonic pillars that today mark the Exodus/Passover point where the King of the Jews’ people escaped after the 10th plague, 2-3million all escaping the first Angel of Death, when the first born Egyptians died and Ramses finally listened to Charlton Heston err Moses and the ensuing ‘passover’ events. 

Jesus is the new Passover Pascal Lamb; He is the Center of Time (BC and AD persist on, despite the Christ deniers and secularists)and more importantly Eternity,

YOUR Eternity, Jen and all who read this.  It  is no accident that we who follow Christ are known as the “Bride of Christ” or His Church.  We will live peacefully forever while so many, sadly will not.  This is why we MUST preach the eternal Good News, ignoring the slings and arrows of evil, because they “Know not what  they do”.

Do we believe Joseph Biden, or Soros or Obamanation’s Barack have a clue what is in store for their souls unless they ‘metanoia’, change their hearts to Truth?  Can anyone believe that Adam the Liar, on the occasional stop at his ONE bedroom condo on First Street in Burbank perceives what his future may be like 50 years from now?  Doubtful.

No, they WILL live forever, but in pain and misery.  EVERY woman has a choice, as every man.

Jen, you know the Truth.  Men do not, nor can they, become women.  The dangerous and misnamed “trans” movement are, like the 1996 TV show Pretenders; Pretending.  The fundamental biology and morphology of a human male and female don’t change because a demon doctor of gender mutilation wacks away.  We have a culture of pretenders, liars, cheats, disorderly etc.

The incompetent Pretender himself, Joe, has filled his “misfits cabinet” with identity chosen NO talent or experience freaks who are destroying the American way.  As of this writing this Holy Saturday, it is 577 days until this brood of vipers and carpetbaggers can be tossed out.  IF we persevere.

God is the God of Order, whose Laws endure even today.  God’s plan of  creation dictated this 553 sextillion mile wide universe was for us, not we for it. We are not just accidental tourists on Mother Nature’s globe.  And trust me, God created the climate and controls how it changes.  NOT Gore Kerry, such imbecile grifters who steal, rob and pillage, like this one third of a trillion dollars stolen by demonizing carbon dioxide, one of God’s most essential gifts of life.  The godless followers of the father of lies, the devil, will not prevail but they WILL try and destroy any semblance of sanity  in their path until they are stopped.

Jen, reason this:  Angels don’t need billions of stars or biochemical processes!  The non material angels, good and bad, did not require and the leader of the fallen, is still really ticked today, working feverishly to destroy all things God, good and human. satan does exist, just as you and I do, leading a pack of hell destined evil workers.  ‘The reason Pope Leo the 13th’s prayer to St Michael has returned at the end of most Masses, IS he is the chief among the obedience angels charged with thwarting evil’s purposes.

God the Father loves you, Jen and all of us so much He sent his Eternal Son to earth that we might learn the Good News and NOT perish but receive ETERNAL LIFE.  This, the greatest verse in Bible History,  is more than a John 3:16 sign in the end zone for the cameras. It is why we MUST witness the Love (as Giza has been for 4600 years the silent witness, the  beacon, altar, compass etc) we have inside to all we know and PRAY heartily for them. 

Moms, dads, Alvins, Biden, Obama, Clinton crime family members as well as those who don’t serve satan. AND those that do.  Path is narrow:  Live chastely until we put a ring on Nina or Jen, or wear one ourselves.  Follow ALL of God’s good directives.  Blue cities have broken BOTH commandment stones in their mayoral offices, more than just stealing, robbing, lying and killing, the death culture has stolen and indoctrinated TOO MANY souls, Defund, instead of DefEnd the police, live justice not pay trillions to BidenBarackSoros cronies from the moth-eaten purses of the poor and hard working.  In SOOO many ways, God has remained relevant (get the app, Jen) and left living symbols throughout history.

The signs are everywhere, especially IN the stars (like Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma star chart shows she, not Montezuma, protected life and God’s Son in her womb.  Mary’s image, that Hillary Clinton, asked who painted this from 20 feet away, shows the constellation Virgo over the Virgin Mary’s heart and Leo (a la Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) over her womb.  You just can’t make this stuff up: but you CAN, Jen, discover it. TGod’s clues about the history of salvation, His Story, are PLANTED at ground central in Egypt on the plains of Border or Giza

One Holy Saturday, as the blind physicist Father Robert Spitzer eloquently portrays, His Story is forever burned with trillion joules of energy into the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus that has survived many evil attempts to destroy

God leaves NOTHING to chance. 

Clues and proof is all around us.  Evidence of God’s call is designed into how He populated the  world: one man, one woman, Adam and Eve, which began this roller coaster of crazy we call human life.  And no, the death concierge sad people might claim, if He created us as a man or a woman, trying to cut off penises and breasts does not make a man into woman, it makes us a man or woman missing parts but still what God created…though mutilated until we come to our senses.

The Three Hours of true DARKNESS. Jen, the day Jesus died, that particular Friday the 13th day of Nissan in the lunar Hebrew calendar, for THREE HOURS Giza did NOT reflect light as it had for 4600 years, even with cloud cover, because the whole world was plunged into an eerie darkness.

You’ve heard the story I believe.  The temple of Solomon’s Holy of Holies veil was ripped in two, amid earthquakes and anomalies like “dead souls” walking in the City of Peace.  God taught us about Himself, how He’s always been ONE God in three persons, slowly over time but no longer as the temple veil’s demise shows, God is among us in the person of the Son.  No longer from a burning bush or in the temple but in those who know they ARE the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Nature rebelled at the Death that pompously shook its evil fist at the Trinity and said “I have beaten you. I killed God!. 

Trump is no savior but he is a good successful leader with flaws.  Notice how the world continues to beat him bloody but he never gives up.  Unprecedented lies, more lies and indictments, two impeachments proves there is hope for America.  Alvin might say “I have killed Trump.  He is gone” but God IS the dispenser of all power on earth.  He might not agree with evil pretending they know how to design mankind and his governance.   God allows leaders, both good and bad, to “rule”. For a time. But He is still supreme.

Jen, ever hear of the Buttercup and Westly romance movie, Princess Bride?  

Death cannot stop true Love, as we find out at the Triduum, the three days of all days Holy Week.  A famous sermon “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a comin’ ” points to Easter.

“Death cannot stop true Love…All it can do is delay it for a while.”~Westley

Death did NOT stop True Love in the movie.  It couldn’t, nor in the movie of our lives. Salvation history, His Story, is even written in the constellations and stars as Mary proved in Mexico City Dec 12, 1541. Clues are all around us. Look at Mary’s constellation star chart and see how perfectly designed His world is, like the most intricate Swiss watch, to reflect the Creator’s hope for us.

Jesus’ “delay” was only three days, like Jonah in the whale and Lazarus in the tomb…  Jesus rose to prove that God wants humanity (He did not die and rise for the angels, for their fate was already sealed…ours IS not!) to join Him forever.  And forever is much much longer than the eternal 4 year election seasons.  Seasons helped us realize, before the flood and resultant exposure to direct sunlight and cosmic rays, humans lived 700,800,900 years…Methuselah, at 969 years, 969 summers, is the oldest we know in the family photo album.  Yes, humans did live that long: the biographers and historians record them as odd numbers not estimates.

But another “miracle” is those four crossover calendar points in March, June, Sept and December, God designed in.  The Spring Equinox, when the dead of  winter gives way to the hope of spring and new life, sees the date of Gabriel’s announcement we call conception (Annunciation of Mary) and death of her Son each March 25th.  Yet,  the four sided Giza actually appears as 8 sided each solstice (the shortest day of the year December 21 or 25 with the calendar adjustment.  We all have heard of Jesus’ birth, stars of Bethlehem etc.) at dawn and dusk. 8 sides?  The alphanumeric property of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet assigns a number to each letter.  Jesus Christ, transnumerates to 888; in Scripture and Salvation History, the number 8 stands for rejuvenation, rebirth, renewal, like the music scale is “renewed” each octave with the 8th note harmonically related to the 1st. 7 days in a week, the 8th like the 1st.etc.  A subject for another time.

Without seasons, time would appear to stand still; but the seasonal changes match God’s design to a perfect”T”

‘Giggles’ Harris.  Hillary Clinton need your prayers that they might not burn forever. The priest answered Hillary’s question about the 500 year old miracle Guadalupe cactus cloth in Mexico City with the concise: “God did”.

Theoden Biden needs prayer AND removal at the earliest time, retired to Delaware or jail.  He will NOT run in Nov 2024, but the bizarro world of totalitarian tyrants are trying so  to destroy the land blessed by God in North America and the return of its most successful president.  Our land. Is God testing us, a payback for tolerating killing little girls, now numbered at 64 million? 

Maybe, but our God is Divine Mercy…He desires all come to Him. But prayer and concise actions can move mountains of Deep State cess and transform our land.  Just as Jesus, Fri the 13th Nissan some year before today’s 5783 lunar, died and now lives to tell the tale WE need to tell.  Spread the  Gospel.  It is good.  Happy Easter, all   Jen, continue to pray for your husband as you return to your Lord more deeply.


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