Ugly graphics, rape, millions in oppression vs. Romans 8:28. EVERY life is worth saving

Conceived in rape, Patti Smith, has “beenthere” syndrome.  She knows how precious life is, because she easily wouldn’t be here if well-meaning but clueless Christians said don’t traumatize the poor raped woman by making her have the kid.  After all, punishing the child for the sins of the father is a horrible treatment.  Fact is, EVERY time a raped woman aborts, she is re-enacting the four steps of horror, ending with a destroyed life inside.  As well as outside.  Beenthere means your intensity is mistaken for outright obsession.  Too often, the hearers usually are uncomfortable with their lack of commitment and involvement.
 Rape is NOT about sex: it is about violence, violation, vitriole and hate.  It turns a precious woman into an abused and re-usable object, just like current Carls Jr (don’t get me wrong, i love Carl and Margaret and their tons of kids) ads depict a barely out of teen Nina.  20 years old, and her modeling credit includes going topless holding a Lenten Friday Cod sandwich with outstretched arm like she’s a bow adornment on a hamburger harem ship.  Andrew and Brad should be ashamed of themselves.
My master’s degree is in marketing and good ad people don’t need to use sex to sell; only weak minds do.  In fact, this pornification of womanhood is affecting all of society.  Including young men.  The news recently said the largest, growing group of Viagra users are men in their 20s: they have objectified women so much they need chemicals to objectify them even more.
Society is a weaved fabric, not just threads.  We are seeing the results of God’s very basic and eternal designs being abused in too many ways.    Joe Sullivan is a great and gentle man who serves at St. Bonaventure;  he lost his adult son five years ago and continues to reach out and help violated women and the preborn.
Ruth Rozak does what she does for 30 years and comes back for more, helping those in need.   Rita, 90 years young doesn’t mind people knowing how old she is.  What i mind is plenty of people younger than 90, in their 20s and 30s, who have lost one third of their friends, neighbors and family still don’t get it.
One great lady who not only doesn’t care who knows her age but gets it, is Adriana.  The largest target group is not blacks, who are slipping from 12% of the American population to 11% as we breathe under Sharpton/Jackson/Dr. OB,AMA spokesmodel policies.  Tonya Reaves, for example, was a 24 year old black mother of two killed by planned parenthoodlums who dumped her comatose body, not in the Chicago River or Lake Michigan, but at an ER.  N charts, no medical history.  After they had killed her second, but preborn, Emanuel.  The corporation that cares about women.   Uh huh.  So, a twofer, mom and kid, means less blacks around.
But the main target continues: Hispanics/Latinas.
Planned parenthood founder, Herr Sanger, believes Puerto Ricans were “useless eaters”.  She hated Catholics; in fact, she was active in going after them in the 20s in Mexico (read “For Greater Glory book) as part of the Cristiada.  She basically hated anyone that wasn’t her.   She intensely disliked Spanish speaking peoples.
So, does her corporation, planned parenthood.  They locate their Human Eradication pogroms near minority neighborhoods, including inner cities, to get the most bang for their (and our tax dollar) buck.  Efficient, cold.  Killing machine en espanol.
Smart, focused women like Adriana and her team take it to them, pleading with the mothers to see “Este es tu cuerpo”. ” This is your body.”  Not the little one inside that is renting space from you for nine months; of course, every mother suffers.  But every human but Adam and Eve have come from mothers since time dawned.  This is why i applaud the Adrianas who tirelessly fight to help via Hispanics4Life save lives.  EVERY life IS worth living. EVERY OC parish should have an H4Life!  We need more, not less, fearless Adrianas battling ignorance and evil.  She says “We believe that prayer is the way to help people stop abortion”  Amelia, one of Adriana’s team,  says it simply “Life is beautiful…”
Speaking of Hispanics, look at Tony Melendez from Nicaragua.  He was born with no arms, a Thalidomide baby.  Sanger’s soldiers would have killed him at birth; like Nick Vujicic, with no arms OR legs.   Tony has toured the world, singing about hope and love, since that Sept 1987 appearance at the Universal, a gift to JohnPaulthe Great from LA.  I was there as he came on the scene.  What a loss that would have been; a loss we would NEVER have known, just like the same 1000 million stories of the dead we will never retell.  Armless Tony plays better guitar than me, has a wife, Lynn, Marisa and Andres their kids.  Celebrating 24 yrs of marriage this August.   Wait, armless guys can marry?  What’s with that?
Nick has spoken to 900 MILLION people to date.  You don’t need arms and legs to have a heart, soul AND mind.
Do we kill off Bethany because she can’t surf as well with one arm?  How sick is that.
bethany hamilton and nick vujicicTony Melendez toetographing his signature
Beth Hamilton still rides a mean surfboard even with Nick on it.  Tony autoegraphs better than most, as well as playing a mean guitar.  No one is disabled, except in the mind and if told endlessly by Job’s counselors “You can’t…”  We abort 95% of Down indicated kids BECAUSE we are embarrassed by what the Joneses next door will think.  What other reason?
This is why i constantly say, no matter what country i am in, “It IS a great day to be alive!”  Because it IS!!   Babies and mothers have more than a physical connection; their hearts are entwined.  And until Sanger came along, the strongest force in the universe was the protective instinct of mothers for their babies.   The fabric of society is frayed; we need to be instruments to repair it.
PP knows this: No one is more vulnerable than a mother unsupported by her man or family~except the unsupported mother who only speaks Spanish and has no one to turn to. Beverly Hills moms just go to their doctors for the kill, then head over for a mani-pedi on the way to the gym.  At-risk Spanish speaking moms don’t do lattes before their abortions.  They don’t have the time, money or male support to go that route.
I will care more about the endless social justice debate regarding immigration, the environment etc.  ONCE we realize social justice begins in the womb, including those fighting to get in or stay in.  Think about it: we can debate poverty and injustice, while planned parenthoodlums calmly and quietly kill off preborn immigrants by the millions.  A dead mother and child can’t sneak across the border, nor can a maimed mother care for her other children whichever country she resides in.  Work for sound social justice, but don’t neglect the poor mothers today.
 Mom’s payback will be when she is old, her daughter can take care of her.   I sing “who will speak up for the little one?” daily.  In fact, i have a full size roll down copy on my bedroom closet of Phil Keaggy’s early pro life song.
The larger question should be “Who will take care of the very aged?” those who chose one or no kids when society breaks down, Obamacare has bankrupted the world’s best health care system?  When you systematically destroy the next generation, you by design or inadvertently injure the current. Drastically.  35 million more boys than Chinese girls come to mind, for example.  Do the hegemonic/military math on that one.
Finally, look with care at the millions of walking abortee zombies.  Every woman is physiologically, spiritually and emotionally hurt by abortion. Some, like Erica Goode, 18 yr old Holly Patterson, Tonya Reaves die as well.  But the rest, the millions carry the hurt for life.  Read this recent incident outside the hell hole on Tustin@22fwy:
“I’m so glad I went to PP today. A woman had driven into the parking lot, and started talking to a man waiting for his g/f . She was pleading with him not to abort his child. Then she came to the sidewalk, and was just sobbing. After we could get her to talk, she said she was so sorry she had an abortion when she was younger and then assisted other women to get abortions.
       She said she was haunted by it and could not get peace even though she had gone to confession. She couldnt stop crying. Then the security guard came out and told her she was trespassing and that she would have to leave the parking lot in her car – he would escort her back to her car. We explained to him that she did not know she was trespassing, she just has a huge heart. We prayed with her, got her some post-abortion counseling information and she moved her car. Then she came back and joined the other ladies in praying to end abortion. With a big smile. Her healing has begun.”  Hat tip to Patti
Reader, reread this above.  She is evidencing the reality:  women are NEVER free from abortion.  NEVER.  The healing begins, and she has “beenthere” syndrome, important superior knowledge based on experience that will save lives~~other women’s lives.
There is a reason so many dysfunctional relationships happen, divorce is high, guys are clueless, women are fractured.  Millions have aborted; millions continue like functioning abortee zombies to live less than optimum lives.  They ALL need post-abortion counseling.  Post traumatic stress syndrome repair for the mothers who know, in their hearts, their child died.
Maybe we need Patti’s version of Romans 8:28.  We ALL do need to work together for the greater good.  Not always agreeing but agreeing that we battle for those 15-16 seconds of life on the sidewalks for the conflicted mom.  I believe the before and after pictures, like 2D ultrasounds, change thousands of minds and hearts.  The excuse, “I don’t want my kids to see them” translates in every language, “I don’t want to see them, my kids are a convenient excuse”.  Mothers change their minds for a lifetime seeing the “Current prebirth photo” and the “One Hour Mangled Baby Photo” side by side.  Because they, moms, have the greatest need.
Patti: “I like “The Message” version of Roman 8:28 – “pregnant condition” “Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”
I pray for all of you daily.  Adriana, Troy, Bryan, Jeff, Kristina, Armando, Cheryl, Patti, Bev,  Jackie, Greg, Kelli, Carmen, Nancy, my kids, friends, family, youth ministers.  All of you have first names and they are written in God’s heart.
 My greatest prayer is that every one of us will be happy forever.  Because in forever, all this will be a dim memory.  A trillion or so years from now, which will be like a moment leading into the next trillion.  We are doing triage, saving the least and the lost as often as we have the heart and will to get off the sidelines and onto the sidewalks of life.  One last quote from the amazing, high energy, life loving  Adriana:
“We are here to save lives”.   Amen.
 CYA on the concrete!  Youth ministers, there is room for one or a thousand more.  We can help.  Do you have the heart?  I know you do…it is your kids you are help to save.
~Len Beckman
serving a life sentence, 365 to life.  Every day a mom needs to be restored and a baby needs to be saved.
Let’s keep more children “visible”.  Please.
mother and invisible born child

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