Geopolitical devastation & Melissa’s Kids in the Supermarket line

When did having more than one kid become a major climate change CO2 is evil event?  If you take home a munchkin from a hospital and not a pet shelter: you either are 1) insane  2) a baby factory  3) idiot  4) draining my future EBT needs 5) broken TV 6) overpopulating a dying world crammed with 9 billion people  7) etc.

Problem with kids, they aren’t puppies, which we always seem to give a pass to?  The question, when confronted with a baseball team of very similar looking offspring streaming out from one of those 15 pass white vans, is real.

American life is mystified when DINKs become DIOK then DIMMMMMKs.  Dual income, many kids.  And never make the mistake, mothers DO work and they may not be paid with overinflated american currency but lots of kisses~~and glaring staring mush heads.

A friend of mine and many others, Melissa White posited this very conundrum.

What do I say when someone who thinks kids should not be seen nor heard, better kept penned in a herd as goats.  But not human rugrats, curtain climbers or God forbid, teenagers.

i promise to write the book Melissa on multi-kid comebacks for moms stuck in store lines david and melissa whitebehind self-absorbed idiots.  Here’s Melissa’s post: “Someone I know recently posted this and it made my day:      Someone said: “yeah, sorry I’m sick.”

Me: “it’s ok, I have 5 kids, I’m not scared of germs or getting sick.”

Someone: “…that’s a lot of kids”   Me: “……………….”  (Here’s where Len needs to kick in)

Her post continued:  “…that’s a lot of kids” was said in a way that could have replaced the word “kids” with hamburgers or pancakes or burritos. 5 hamburgers or pancakes or burritos is a lot. This person said it like I went to Sizzler, ordered a salad bar and stayed there all day until I had eaten all of their all-you-can-eat shrimp AFTER clearing out their baby corns, crab salad and chocolate mousse.  That would be A LOT of baby corns and crab salad and chocolate mousse not to mention the shrimp.

5 is not a lot.  To be fair, this was coming from someone who has probably none kids or maybe 1 kids, fine, I guess 5 MIGHT seem like a bit of an abuse of privilege.

But look, the Duggars have A LOT of kids, ok? What are they up to now? Like 40 not counting the lawyers? That’s all of the baby corns, crab salads, hamburgers, pancakes and burritos and Sizzler is officially shut down.

In most Catholic or even (safe guess) Mormon families, 5 is like, your family starter kit right? Anyway, this rant is like 10% serious and 90% just horsin’ around.” [ end of Melissa’s post…]

This rant needs to be illuminated.   Ok, its a rough draft and only comeback # 1, so read on. The secret, moms in line, is smile; laugh with the idiot who wouldn’t lift a finger to help if his or her life depended on it.

Script alert:

Idiot, ok ignorant one: “thats a lot of kids”; “don’t you know what causes kids?”  or “don’t you know there’s a population problem?”  to the mother of 3,5,7 at the checkout line.  At least one crying, another climbing, one more clinging, the rest…

Struggling mom answer. “thanks for noticing, Sir (or M’am). I agree there really is a population problem; 50 countries are currently in their last generation; they will soon be extinct because their birth rate is below replacement levels.  I only have 5 kids so far to help turn the corner.  What’s your excuse to not save the world?”

Mom then “Exit stage front door.”  Smile and walk away dragging three kids on your body and two in the shopping cart, as the cashier cheers and the former idiot, now enlightened ignorant one, catches aural flies.

Mom, you did your part to show overpopulation is a huge myth barely understood.  After all, the aforementioned 9 billion is really 7 billion since 1.875 billion (as of August 2016) were killed at or before birth (since ’73) to make way for out of control emigration and immigration. The 50 countries line is real, not hyperbole.   Chew on that one human supremacists!  Whether black or white!

Like Billionaire Clubber$ Berkshire Hathaway’s Susan Buffett and hubby, who think planned parenthood is a family business and essential to eliminate the undesirable kids before birth.  She even underwrote a historical revision study of good news in the Lone Star state when PP was shown to be your everyday, neighborhood racist anti-human severed baby head harvesters.  Silly Susie’s complaint was too many live births were now happening since Texas cracked down on substandard medical practices with PP&NAF&friends.  Only in the Billionaire’s Club who got theirs, could live baby births be considered a disease.  Their billions honestly I don’t envy, it’s their problem what to do with it, but come Warren and Zuckerpeople:  why support, Ghoulish Soros style, wholesale human supremacist killing of large swaths of humanity?  You got Max, no more needed?

But their glass and steel plantations really are cool, efficient black baby gins, substituting black Sambos and aunt Jemima’s for the cotton.

Severed sambo heads fetch $715 a piece on the Ivy League YaleMed lab menu.  Meanwhile, Uof New Mexico encourages high school baby head dissection to help future abortionists in training get over the ghoulish nature of their ghoulish careers that result in Lamborghinis in a med director’s driveway and salad & wine to discuss how to maximize baby parts baby rose angel at her birth place planned parenthoodprofit.

Imagine an Albuquerque teen could be dissecting his little sister’s brain.

Come on Len, what’s that tired old issue, abortion, got to do with ‘kids in line?’  Are you a one issue extremist, blaming the world’s ills on kid killing?

Ok, here’s an addendum.  “We don’t need more kids.  Good news, Europe is being overrun with people who don’t share Europe’s values, like 1200 “men” abusing and raping women outside Cologne Cathedral Jan 1 last. But, that’s progress!”   So having kids, may be a good idea to keep a country out of the ancient history books?  Carthage, Rome, pharoah’s Egypt are just some samples.  I know, Roman’s heritage was preserved, but Pompeii just isn’t the same today.  Wait, it is: a dead culture live on the world’s stage.  You can actually see intact family’s preserved from a time families were valued more and women respected.

Another example snapshot: at Sweden’s popular “We are STHLM”music festival rapes and sexual assaults on young women are way up this year, blamed on recent emigreyed Afghanistan youth just being “boys”.  The police apparently hushed up many more of the reports, so as not to give the poor refugees a black eye.  You think these testosteroned refugees would be more grateful to the local stock of beauties in Sweden, but then there’s Carls/Hardee Jr. execs that Jack N. Box is donating money to help them Find the Cure.  Their symbol isn’t pink like the Komen one hijacked by PP bullies: it is a big bag of quarters.

In all fairness, HardOn/CarlsJr. Andrew Puzder, Brad Haley and Brandon LeChance, suffering from acute pornographic addiction, recently paraded a Swedish immigrant to America (not from North Africa) dish almost naked with two other immigrants (Aussie and South Africa girls) doing simulated bacon stripping, with lesbian sex jam, so we can’t blame Afghanistan or north Africa for its anti-womanhood sexploits and exports exclusively.   We can’t blame uncivilized barbarian youth, if supposedly mature civilized adult men, like Puzder, Haley and LeChance, gawking at hotties in their corporate boardrooms,  create visual “gauntlets” to delight their 18-35 fave demo, horny Lost boys.

My goodness, we need kids of character and sound judgement over time and  in line, and the absolutely best way is as part of intact multi-kid families.  And we need Andy, Brad and Brandon to get healed of their incessant need to destroy women, turn them into property, as if they are a German gauntlet populated by North African refugees looking to practice safe sex on their new homeland’s natives in front of the great Cathedral that houses the bones of the most famous immigrants, the Magi.  An irony I am sure no one before this note even thought of (we visited it in 2005).

No  country’s culture can skip a generation; if Italianos, Francaisers, Poles, Mexicans, Downunderans have no kids, there are no grandkids and illa est, QED, no native born millennials to keep their respective country’s culture alive for future gens.  Hmm, never mentioned in our choice talks, freedom to do satanist rituals at abortion clinics and teen S&M websites from planned parenthoodlums central.  Wonder one major reason the chamber of American commerce wants open borders and constant flow of less than $15 an hour robot workers to replace the over $15 an hour Americans they just axed.  Due to the $15 per hour artificial floor our brainless govmint bureaucrat prostiticians just enacted.

Time capsules and DNA banks don’t help.  And a baby  kid vacuum, scientifically, fills itself with people from other lands.  Recipes can transfer great Italian, Honduran, Mexican, German, Japanese food but only God knows how to recreate a dead DNA countrywide databank.

Believe it or not, “kids in line haters” (you know who you are), there are no do-overs.

Once America or Mexico’s kids and culture are gone, you have bare dirt and buildings devoid of human life as if a neutron bomb came to town.  58 million American native born children are missing, enough to repopulate 30 of the 50 United States!

ruth buzzard ginsberg planned parenthood scotus supremeNever mentioned, in the mega vocal battles on illegals, is the damage done to countries of origin.

The truth is, planned parenthood has caused more socio-geopolitical upheaval and devastation in six decades than any other empire on earth in human history.  Not to mention almost 2,000,000,000 kid kills since it became fashionable in 1973 thanks to Dr. Ruth’s predeceased Hairless Blackmum.  

At 1000 black baby kills a day, Hairless is living up to his moniker.

Romans, babylonians, etc. Hmm.  Japan, Italy, Brexit, err Britain. etcetera etcetera as the King of King & I said it well.

The list of casualties is long; and the Sanger empire is pure evil.  What else do you call a corporation that sells severed baby heads to Ivy League Yale Med for $715 or UofTexas hearts at $150 a chamber.  Heart, not chamber of commerce…but commerce they do, finding buyers to pay high prices for harvested, human trafficked kids at or before birth.

In fact, think about this:  with the 30 million illegals sent north from the land of Our lady of Guadalupe, millions of native Mexican and other South American countries’ families have been decimated back home. The best marriage is a man and a woman; the best parenting is done by a father and a mother, fast becoming the exception not the norm.

South Am Dads and older sons are gone, often for decades, maybe forever.  America is an incredible magnet for the world, which unfortunately includes people who call us the Great Satan and send bioterrorist or C4 laden ISIS young people to murder us.  While they contemplate 72 virgins, who unfortunately will not be there unless you count the gun toting nuns at the ready, they are just deceived by satan’s followers.  Fact is, PP IS hell’s HQ on earth.

Consider the link: abortion leads to killing America’s dwindling native human resource, 1/3 of our kids missing.  Then, refilled by import.  The indigenous Mexican families left behind, with single moms and younger children, become prey for gangs and the drug cartels.  You destroy the domestic churches (families) in Mexico, you destroy a country one person, one day at a time.  And over time, with a government that has bigger breasts than margaret sanger and colored ministersDolly Parton with 25 million teets each, lousy education due to too much entertainment and less effective learning, you get black teen unemployment at 45% and Democrat strongholds of corruption in Ferguson Brown, Baltimore Grey, Chicago, Detroit and Milwaukee.  Race riots happen because we don’t understand what the human race is.  And what makes for a strong, initiative driven character built human teen.

Sanger sadly was a white supremacist in words and actions, just as HilLIARy embraced Fullbright, Jackson, Alinsky and her mentor Sen. KKKByrd.   I once registered Democrat, but today’s party of Andrew Jackson IS the party of slavery. Of death.  Voters are just property to their leadership.  Blacks are more valuable as harvested severed heads, hearts and more; as it is, on November 8th, black mama can drop junior off in the planned parenthoodlum bloody mother and invisible born childbasin and head to the polling place, as all dutiful Democrats do.

IF she survives, unlike Cree and Tonya Reaves.  And, worry not, DNC: if a black mother dies, she lives on since Democrats can always vote early, often and dead. Oh, and from foreign lands IF the voter is not active duty military, who shun the Islamist in Chief for destroying America.

Here’s the rub:  Add in welfare glamorized as EBT gift cards, you incentivize both illegal immigrants and black/minority native families to make poor choices.  Ship out the inner city dad so mom can pull down more of the “man’s money”.  Ship the Mexican or Quatemalan dad north for work and Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahila, Durango state families suffer decay.  In the process, somehow open borders, two much bandied words, turns into 630,000 crimes including murder in Texas alone perpetrated by illegal aliens in land foreign to them.  The USofA.

All because some idiot err ignorant guy in line at Target or Stater’s hates the inconvenience of seeing kids in line.  This frankly is the same “inconvenience” label the HilLIARy’s, Kamala’s etc tout for moms losing weight via currettes inserted up their birth canals.  Kids are messy, noisy, poop, tinkle and there is no more lovable and essential than the 5 kids in the supermarket line to a country’s livelihood and sustainability.  sustainability, always applied to dead animal fuels and the lifeless environment, but ignore regarding the family as the most important building block to ANY country.  Moonbeam & the Lowbeamers (no a boy band) use God’s miracle gift, CO2, to squeeze and screw families of more and more income (SB32, the newest con), making larger families have to do with less.  This one party two state solution of corruption (Sacramento vs non Sacramento Calif.) is rich in resources and absolutely poor in honest leadership.  Large families are essential to righting the ship of this state.

What else do you call an attorney general prosecuting people for thinking good science and raiding a whistleblower’s home with 11 armed goons to please her planned parenthood pimps? I hope someone tells Loretta Sanchez, no fan of keeping babies alive, there is a huge KamalaGate to help her election chances.

donna 100_face535 years ago my Donna said “I do”.  I did NOT deserve her, but she adopted me and bore the eleven best kids in the world. Now eight grandkids.

One at a time, with her mom present at each to make sure the doctor knew what he was doing.  It is my privilege to know a huge list, many multi-kid families and many with one or none.  Just do the best with whom you love.  And have.  Count your blessings, even if you do it only on one hand.  OR you must take your sandals off to complete the family census.  There is NO perfect family, perfect politician only a perfect God.

Donna’s in heaven so she can’t get pregnant anymore and trust me, no man has the pain threshold or endurance of woman.  My womb is barren.  But, our nextgen is working to do their part.

But, something the supermarket dolt and the new HardON JR. burger jockeys miss when drooling over their hamburger harem and immigrant lesbian burger babes (what, no black or Mexican American girls are pretty enough to be used in AB&B burger ads?):

Only a woman can take a single cell and convert it to a 75 trillion celled being that will live 80 years on average if you just duct tape that evil head severing asshole who flunked basic med school with his Edwards Scissorhands drool as his bloody tray fills.  Kids ARE the future and precious.  Super dolts: get a life and see the roses for the thorns.  Yes, thorns have roses.

And, learn patience.  We desperately need kids to have an America that even remotely resembles the land of promise that goes back to the 18th century.  I am all for new cultures and people coming here, but not like Scotty beaming a whole planet from the Andromeda galaxy into any one country.  The richness is lost, and the planet, ie country, they come from, both lose.  Yes, we have the Hitlers, Stalins and IslamoNazis, ISISians decimating whole populations.  This is why the constitution’s 26 other amendments and its founding principles are anchored by the 2nd.  Some people just can’t be reasoned with and want to kill you because you exist.  Like Mrs. Buffett, or HilLIARy/Kamala’s friends at planned parenthood, who are not black supremacists (a la black lives matter) or white supremacists (like the Dukes of David) but all human race supremacists, believing there is not one good reason NOT to sever heads for resale.

For ISIS, if they can’t recognize that a human has a right to live, kill them before you or your family become like an abortionist’s meal ticket: severed heads in a transparent, clear gallon Ziplock or a box for Kate Dyer of Stem Express to open and say “OH NO, a head!”

As to abortionists, their punishment should be duct tape their hands together  for life and make them clean toilets on Sheriff Arpaio’s ranch for 40 years or one year per kid kill, whichever is more.  They know full well, they are killing human kids and shipping them like cotton harvest cargo.  Even the Bobblehead Bimbo knows this as she lies through her teeth.  HilLIARy IS the second enemy of families with multiple kids.  So is Kamala Harra$$.

The ignorant imbecile complaining about kids in the supermarket line?  He can be retrained to realize: kids ARE the future for a dying world.  And families willing to grow, insurance that America, like Russia, China, Italy, Mexico, etc will still be here in 50 years.

After all, 50 countries are just a few years away from extinction due to no new Xians being born in X’s maternity wards.  And a world moving into its third billion kid kills NEEDS to see 5 or 7 or 9 kids in the supermarket lines.  Unlike Venezuela, where the lines are incredibly long thanks to communist Hugo stealing the country blind and enriching his daughter in numbered accounts, the USA can turn things around.   Not with HilLIARy, nor Johnson or Stein, but with Mr. Trump doing what he said he would do.  Though it too is a moving target sometimes, it is still the better chance for America to revalue life as precious, families as critical, and silence the gumbas worried it will take three extra minutes to buy their six pack and arrugula lettuce before adorning their Prius.  Of course, spitting on the 15 passenger van’s driver door handle when no one but God is watching.





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