Open Invite to KaePrick the Million$ Black Racism expert

In 2016, there were 324 million Americans in the upper 50 states; not sure how many more South of the border are coming in to add to the 30 million opportunist NorteAmericanos above the Rio Grande.

But,  12.6% or just shy of 39 million were of the Negroid “race”, often called black or African~American even though I don’t own slaves and KaePrick never picked much cotton anymore. My Polish and German roots are there but i don’t call golfer heritage, PGA, Polish German Americano important.  I am an American dad of 11, not someone visiting from Kolon/Cologne or Warsaw demanding an end to Polish oppression.

Cotton? More likely gold bling; cotton involves work, hard hand-picked on the hands before the Gin.  Don’t want to hurt your QB soft touch touchdown downie hands.  Even though they are the 3rd string on the guitar of 49s football.

Yet, disproportionately, currently, one portion of the black gene pool are killed at the rate approaching 1000 per day, disproportionate to all other gene pool classifications.  Another demographic, Al Capone’s fave city, Chicago had 2818 shootings over seven 2016 months; 2988 all last year.  For comparison, domestic terrorists kill 3000 Americans every day in states.

The majority of major cities’, especially Chicago, killings are black on black.  And no cop nearby to be blamed.  The DNAinfo website chronicles them one by one, and the most glaring thing you notice: each one of them are human beings!  No matter the color.  Two Mother Theresa nurse practitioners for the poor, 68 year old nuns stabbed and the perp is a black 48er.  31 Kathleen Steinle dies at 5 time frequent miles returning, named for KaePrick’s city, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. He cornered the market on Hispana surnames before he came back four times from one of the 31 Mexican states to kill an innocent, prime of life, American citizen.

QB Kaepernick, pigskin tosser for the sanctuary city of St. Francis that hosted illegal alien Juan Fran, believes he sees the problem and wants a solution.  “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color” is his retort when he sat on his sorry ass during the National Anthem.

KaePrick: ever hear of Jamaica’s Usain Bolt?  At the Olympics, he stopped a timely interview after his victory, twice telling the reporter to be quiet, as he honored the Anthem of the United States with his silent reverence.  Maybe KaePrick, in the sunset of his career, should be traded for the world’s fastest human.  Any as fast as him can toss the ball.

Then he gave his $20 million winnings to a school…in Jamaica.  Mr. Bolt understands what America is about; KaePrick sits on his sorry ass, while infecting rookie Kiladelphian Myke Tavares to also do the patriotic thing: sit on HIS sorry ass.  But, the rookie got smarts and realized dissing the country of his opportunity is not wise use of one’s sorry ass.

A millionaire athlete, KaePrick was sitting down or is it standing down? Only vets who served their country with blood, sweat and tears “stand down”.  KaePrick embarrassed both parts of his 50/50 & 75W/25B ethnic heritage.  Something, no black single mother working two jobs to keep her teen son off the streets said ANYWHERE: I don’t need this country.

But if KaePrick has adopted the external religion of his hero, the Islamist in Chief, then maybe we are getting more answers. Some people believe that Shari’s Law supersedes Meghan’s and the Constitution.

I affectionately call him KaePrick, for short, because he did our country a favor: proved physical football talent does not always translate into cerebellum, ie the brain cavity.  Ignorance is no longer bliss when a Ghoulish Soros arm of the American Anarchist party has unbridled power to destroy blacks and other countrymen Tweet tweeters following your sorry ass.

Race, what is it?  Simply, the human collection, down to about 7 billion or so worldwide. Seven continents, over 190 countries, various cultures, religions, ages and living standards.

This cancer Racism, what is it?   Nothing controversial here. KaePrick contends “America oppresses black people and people of color.”  Wait, whites have all the colors in the spectrum and the color black is the absence of all color, so my confusion continues. Does he mean blacks hold the monopoly on being victimized by the “MAN”?

And with 324 million people engaged in billions of inter-relational transactions, physical, aural (yes, even with iPhones we converse), financial, marital etc., some all powerful American “entity” oppresses, with laser precision, 1/8th of the country’s people.

Boiled down, I believe there is only one race that matters, the human one.  Yes, we must be great stewards of plants, animals and indelible black or blue Sharpies, but the human race is the one created by God on earth to enjoy it.  One time He decentralized the Regressive Left Democrat’s toxic need to bring all the world’s huddled voters here at the Tower d’ Babel.  But no good deed goes unpublished, preventing globalized centralized power, even if God does it.

Popularly, racism is defined as believing another human is less valuable or important than you.  Easy definition.   Or that you discriminate because they are “different” than you.  We need to take back the vocab, frankly.  Examples abound from Maggie Sanger to Berkshire-Hathaway Mrs Buffet.

So, David Duke types practice “white supremacy” similar to Hitler’s belief in a master, Aryan “race”.  Soros’ Black Lives Matters are “black supremacists” who think any white person needs to go, all white cops are genetically engineered to seek and destroy anyone black.  Then, there’s the rest of us…   KaePrick, there’s a lot to fix but not by a glued ass.  Get out there and do something.  When asked about the millions of sick and dying by a reporter, Mother Theresa said she would attack the problem of destitution one person at a time.  She didn’t have KaePrick’s hundred million but started with nothing.

Trump wants to protect my three Houston area grandkids by limiting the next 630,000 Texan illegal alien crimes (that include murder) with a sovereign country’s “wall” and he’s a racist.  For, wait for it, believing that every good AND bad homo sapiens does not have carte blanche to enter the lower 48 (or is it Obama’s 57 states, a mistaken reference to his fave Islamic states), makes you “racist?”  Weird.  When will actual American CITIZENS get a say in who assaults or kills them from outside the US?  Our excellent military experiences this all the time, but understandable in foreign lands.  Not on our blessed soils.

Someone wants to stop someone who wants to destroy a thousand Americans in one day (and not a licensed med abortionist) with bioterror germs or C4 and he is anti-human?

Take HilLIARY, the epitome of the party of slavery’s top master, almost French kissed SenKKKByrd and uses the word, “racist” almost more than Soros the Ghoul’s Black Lives Matter.  Actually, you can have her but not for free.  Pay2Play Foundation; on the net.

I contend true racism is more than words: it is embracing the truth about reality. It is people who believe IN the human race and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with equal opportunity to work hard and succeed.  No one should own another person.  We codified this in America, though the Democrats just moved the plantations from southern Greek Revival mansions to inner city glass&steel kill mills.

star spangled NFL KaePrick 7 pacifiers.jpgIs this the America KaePrick sat on his sorry ass to complain about?  No where, outside of Muslim Malcolm’s signature X, did he complain about Democrats killing 1000 blacks a day using their black supremacist lackeys, and profit center, at planned parenthood.

So, KaePrick, help us with a solution.  Take the alt-righters, basically people who believe European whites are the only people that belong on earth, kind of like Adolf wanted ‘Aryans Only’ bathrooms throughout Europe~and the world.  Like the 30 million (11 million just in Texas) from south of southern states here illegally or the 39 million black descendants here via slave ship, you don’t just kick them out physically.  And worse…

To kill them all isn’t a solution…wait, only one demographic has the legal right to kill large swaths of blacks and mexicans, oh, and other whites too: crony capitalist abortionists.  Their employment category is ‘total human supremacists’.  Simply as ‘which (do i kill today) doctors’ setting up the days’ harvest of severed heads for Yale.

I believe KaePrick has heard of stressed single black moms.  Oh, and the #1 killer of black children: abortion, where 1000 a day don’t make it to the offensive line before daybreak.

Let me speak KaePrick language.  An all color supremacist rushes up the mother’s middle, with curved knives at the ready, attacks the QB baby defended by the offensive line’s cocoon of safety and slaughters, slices, sells and ships the black little girl’s severed head to white and black med techs at yale med for $715 each.

So, the pass back down the middle birth canal is made but the QB is dead, already harvested like any decent modern black baby aborted in the glass and steel neo-plantations the Democrat party of slavery ship.  Free On Board Destination, free shipping, terms Net 30.  Andrew Jackson, bully slave owner, laughs on.   Keagle  KKK Byrd chuckles. HilLIARy goes to the bank and runs into Cecile Richards and Stem Express Kate Die-in making laundered doctor deposits into numbered accounts.

black lives matter orlando patterson not white racismNews for you, KaePrick, from another human athlete, coincidentally black, specializing in mind sciences.

Your vision of systemic black oppression is not true, unless you count the excellent work black thugs do to black teens in Chicago. 100 shooting in a recent weekend.  No better source than Orlando Patterson, who ignores the hype and points out the truth. He exercises his brain more than brawn to realize if you get beyond Soros, HilLIARy, Kamala, Lynch, Obama, Demo mayors and the Al&Jesse race baiting show, America is a good place for blacks to do well.  You just can’t keep being fatherless and black thugs to succeed.

“America is the least racist white majority society in the world.”  his words, not mine, Mr. KaePrick.  I’d like to call you by your given name, but you don’t deserve it yet.  You are still growing up.  Who will you blame when American’s majority, of white whites is overtaken by Hispana signified, Latinos & -as?  The Mexicans.  Then, while your numbers as blacks slip as planned parenthood continues the systemic harvesting of blacks on their plantations, who to blame then?  Will it be the Syrian refugees or Australian emigres?

Your former teammate says it well.  Not too many legless vets can toss a pass and run like you.  You are disrespecting the country that has given you so much, millions for being a second stringer whose career is tanking.

Remember the seeds of unrest were a bold lie?  Are you blaming that big bad former officer Wilson who killed the gentle giant, someone you might have met on a major football league gridiron?  My thoughts:

The next time you promote the LA Lamb’s ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot Fergie Lie’, we will remind you Mr. Michael Brown chose to:

rob that store, bully the clerk, attack the cop and grab his gun.

Beyond massive black undereducated unemployment is real, the top black issues are two, in the main: fatherlessness, and conscienceless criminality. Black young adult sociopathy, fed by violence baiting presidents and leaders of every Democrat led major city that is dissolving.

Brown is the icon for blacks, what NOT to do.  And doing any or all four of these ‘actions Brown’ doesn’t seem to effect their consciences.  Yes, joblessness is painful but taking it out on grandma next door solves nothing.  KaePrick should hire some with his millions.  Change lives for a lifetime and beyond.  Ever hear of cross trained military and sports figures like Ronald the Gipper Reagan or Pat Toomey?   KaePrick, being a legend in your own mind, recall that the world does not revolve around you and your shit isn’t aromatic.

Glaring reality: if Brown  hadn’t done just ONE of those things, he would be playing college football, all 6 foot 5 inches of him.  And some year soon, get to the NFL to be as big a prick as you.

 Instead, tragically, Mr. Brown is buried six feet down.  If he had lived, the Rams wouldn’t have rams are anti cop poor role models.jpglooked so stupid jumping up and down in the ST Louis tunnels shouting like  12 year old‘s playing three flies up  or screaming “I’m open, I’m open!” 

Ferguson wouldn’t have burned.

Cops wouldn’t have been assassinated like the Dallas 5 the NFL can’t stand to let a lousy helmet decal on those poor pampered boy’s brain shields.  Damn Democrats

 Mr. KaePrick. You are a million$$black athlete but you aren’t worthy enough to tie the worn shoe of a black single mom working two jobs to keep her teenage boy off the streets.  You have “black power” but prefer to act like a spoiled child, sit on your fat ass while the greatest nation on God’s green earth is sung about before every little kid’s game that the immature boys are paid big buck$ for.    You live in your black ivory tower, immune to doing the right thing.   

OK, off the soapbox. Be the first blacklete who speaks the truth, not the tired old black power push and the man is out to get you.  KaePrick, you don’t pick cotton, and i don’t own slaves.  black teens are killed, but not by cops but other blacks

But, 1000 people with half your color are aborted daily; the other half your color, white, are killed at 2000 a day clip. Whatcha gonna do about it?  Sit on your sorry ass?

How about KaePrick the Solution:

One, Change out the offensive lines heroes like SharpTongue and Shakedown Jackson; they had their chance on the field.  Bring in the special teams heroes, Ben Carson, Allen West, Condy Rice, etc.   Jesse once said, before he got bought out by “the man”, that “abortion is black genocide”.  Read those words, smell the truth in them.

Not sure if you had time in college between beer bashes and bedding down babes, but genocide is the systematic scorch earth policy of killing all of X.  Jesse meant that 1000 black kid kills per day are just too much.  Join us that what to empower blacks by keeping them alive at birth.  I have a standing invite to YOU and “some black lives matter” to stand on the sidewalk convincing black mamas NOT to kill the next gen in Hilter’s NeoHell Hole, planned parenthood.  1000 blacks a day while KaePrick practices for an hour or two.   Not glamorous, standing up for the truth, is it.

Two, Be the field general off the field that you get paid handsomely to be on the gridiron.  For what?  Playing a kid’s playground game;.  HilLIARy took bribes to play access queen.  You have millions of $ and followers: don’t squander this, following the Demo party of slavery line: America  is hell and to blame for society’s misery.   You can change lives…forever.  IF you grow up.
Three, get into the schools and neighborhoods, down from your penthouse babe brothel house. Tell teens the truth: access education now, so you won’t be a sorry ass like me in 20 years, not realizing the opportunities OUR country affords you.  “Buddy, join the gang and your easy money becomes early death (new examples daily,  like a athlete related mom killed pushing a stroller). The 3rd Quarter will be here faster than you think and you won’t have the skills to make it to the 4th if you toss them today.”

Four, challenge them WITH your brains not brawn bucks.  “Kid, tell you what, get into college (or tradeschool) and I will pay your second semester fees”or some other incentive.  Not, “I will buy some weed or crack from you to help you out.”

Yeah, KaePrick, the country sucks with bloated tenured black or women’s studies professors inflating student loan costs, but education, making through 8th, then 12th, and finally 16th grade is still the best way.  Push real tough majors, like engineering, math, sciences, even lib arts where you learn to think and reason.  Tell the teens, the NFL doesn’t pay me because i am cute; i had to work out and work out, up at 5 or 6am, bulking up, practice, practice, practice.  Frankly, KaePrick the NFL doesn’t pay you: your owner, via tickets bought by your fellow Americans who watch your sorry ass on TV, buys your sponsor’s products.  Why don’t you blast those examples of the “Man”?  Tell the teens, yes, our Regressive Leftists, starting with the second black president, suppresses the job market, but teens, your job#1 is doing well in school.  Not listening to snuff Rap or death metal, scoring girls and dime bags.  Why do we always bring up sex and drugs, now rock n roll?  Because sex outside marriage is WRONG, destroys adolescence and stifles opportunity.  Women are not sperm banks, tell them.  First, explain the body systems including the reproductive one, the 75 trillion celled beauties are complex and mysterious and hands off until you are married.  Problem, KaePrick, you need to do what you say: until you are married, keep your woman chast, and your heart even cleaner.  You CAN do it!

“This country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all — and it’s not happening for all right now,” Kaepernick said. Wow. My wife died five years ago after 11 kids; i’m not daily moaning about how evil God is or the chemicals that somehow gave Donna cancer.

KaePrick: so sitting on your butt will change this.  You are the perfect example, KaePrick, of what America is all about: freedom to make choices and succeed, since life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness is what is guaranteed.  Opportunity, no guarantee of success.  Life is NOT fair.  Yet you had three white humans and one black sperm donor give you life and now you are making millions.  Here’s hoping you still have millions when you retire, because there’s nothing worse than a black thug stealing other people’s money, is a favored, blessed black millionaire athlete that squanders his fortune on depreciable bling.

“This is because I’m seeing things happen to people that don’t have a voice, people that don’t have a platform to talk and have their voices heard and effect change,” the qb said Sunday.   So, you advise, if you don’t have the bling, go and take it?  Or sit on your sorry ass and disrespect the greatest country on earth.  If you disagree, go to socialist Venezuela where Chavez’ stolen billions are now in his daughter’s swiss accounts.  He’s somewhere in hell or ?   Only God knows.  There’s Cuba, even the Gulf of Agaba; plenty of hot desert arab countries around the crescent or Muslim farsi speaking Iran.  Pick your vaca spot.  Like Babes Striesand, don’t come back.

Speaking of stealing.  You can steal second base or steal the ball on the 35.  But until black thugs realize what isn’t theirs, isn’t theirs, they will continue to blame “the man” whoever the hell he is.

Want to know who the ‘man’ is KaePrick?  Its the boss who employs the black single mom, with unemployment thanks in part to Obama’s miserable leadership at 16.5% effectively, so she can feed her kids.  And keep her 12 year old black teen boy out of the hands of the Lost Boys gangbangers who roam the ‘hood while mom is cleaning houses and/or working the $15 McDonald’s job. And more adults at McDonalds feeds the 45% black teen no job rate.  Blame the human american destroyer Obama and get on with helping the black teens get prepped to win.  No pain no gain was once a maxim of life.  Yours is to sit on your sorry ass on worn benchwood.

KaePrick, people defend you with 60 pound packs and come back legless, appreciating the opportunity to serve.  You HAVE the opportunity to serve, really serve, get into the inner city and help, and you sulk.  They are the country more than you.  Single moms, successful black entrepreneurs, and white ones too.  Plumbers, engineers, millions of transactions hourly financial, emotional, physical…

Single mom is eking out a living, while frustrated she can’t keep her son away from drugs and “easy money”.  Chicago, how does 700 dead, mainly black, work for you?  Don’t forget, the Mexican cartels love a Mexico empty of fathers who went north to get easier access to young mules to send across the border.  KaePrick, you can help all minority teens if you stop sulking and sucking your NFL (no assassinated Dallas 5 logo on its package) regulation pacifier.

Five, invest in them.  Put your loads of money where your big mouth is flapping. Make America great instead of lying and calling a major candidate racist.

I just knew it was a matter of time, you’d finally use the reset button word, RACIST.

“I mean, you have Hillary, who has called black teens or black kids super predators. You have Donald Trump, who’s openly racist,”

You were right, not all black teens are predators.  Their abortionists are.

HilLIARy who loves the blacks for the votes and their kids’ severed heads, needs to go.  But Trump is no “racist”; he invests in people and is a closet Good Samaritan with a bombastic mouth that gets him into trouble.  Sitting on your sorry ass is your downfall.

KaePrick, instead of buying your third of five lux SUVs or another layer of gold bling, invest in the black teens’ future.  You got the man’s money.  Imagine what you could do with just a million, laser invested in the San Fran/Oakland inner cities, doing microinvesting to get black families back to thrive.  It’s not your fault the government had sex with so many black mamas, outbidding for her love and kicking the black father out.  In fact, you have three white parents and one black sperm donor long gone.

Talk is cheap.  It’s not black power, which will get them killed, but empower blacks (and Mexican etc) need.  Teens to see the final score will be successful for them only if they don’t start scoring nickle or dime bags on the street.  Believe in their talents, nurture them, work hard and long, through prejudice and stupid people.  The world is full of stupid people; and mentors as well.  Partner with Ben Carson, whose single mom kept him from bling, TV, the gangs etc to become the best pediatric neurosurgeon in the world.  KaePrick you could be the best; you still can.

Allen West:  “Men like Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Oscar Robertson, Ernie Davis, and Bernard King and Condredge Halloway of my alma mater were athletes who knew of oppression.” Your oppression, KaePrick, comes from 300 pound lineman chasing your sorry ass because you have the ball.   Use it!

KaePrick, become the hero you were meant to be.  It’s tedious work, but critical. Join the margaret sanger and colored ministersline of humans drawn between domestic terrorists who are legally raping black mothers of their children.

And their kids.  Read the picture.  It’s a real quote of the most successful black suffering promoter in history.  Planned parenthood modified the extermination part by harvesting after termination.  They encourage black mamas to keep coming back, lose weight and yield little girls who’s severed heads fetch the “man” $715.

I’m inviting you to help the absolutely MOST at-risk black kids: at the kill mills that Maggie Sanger prefers to rid the world of the Negro problem.  Stand in for them on the sidewalk.  Or just sit your sorry ass on the bench.  Your choice.  Just don’t preach to America about black oppression.  Put the ancient history away and stop killing cops.  Take aim at ending the wholesale slaughter of your colormates, 15 million killed so far for being almost born.  You are a “biracial” kid who’s president, in addition to being the Islamist in Chef destroyer of America, is biracial with a black woman AG on his team.  Read Orlando Patterson’s words above.  We have difficulties, most of them self-inflicted, but America is the last chance country of blacks everywhere.

Why else do we need a wall?  To keep your sorry ass on the bench while the flag is waved?  People are battling to get IN not out; too many of them want off the field bragging rights for killing bunches of Americans.  Thus a wall makes sense. When Trump wins, all those Hollywooders promising taking their Gulfstream jets to the Gulf of Agababa or no one cares where they go when HilLIARy loses in November.
KaePrick, look in a mirror.  What do you see?  Center of attention, legend in your own mind?  I know you are struggling to help but you let yourself be conned by the party line. America has opportunity DESPITE the Democrat party doing all it can to ruin the private sector.  The NFL’s 32 sponsors are proof that it works despite brain injured 49er QBs who wouldn’t recognize Joe Montana in a crowd.

Who’s the black single mom going to call when her 12 year old boy is shot on the sidewalk?  Your sorry ass because you sit on your assportunities?  No, the POO lice.  A cop, who will come, console the mom and add another black preteen homicide to the unanswered homicide cases room at HQ. Or help get the kid to the hospital, if God willing, the latest Oakland or Chicago lived, shot by a black thug gangbanger battling the Mexi13 or some other entrepreneurial small criminal business entity.  That’s OPPRESSION!

Because the neighborhood, no thanks to you and big thanks to the Islamist in Chief, has not so secret black gang signs that the POlice are crooks, black killers.  Look at Baltimore Grey.  The dead criminal’s family got millions before the cops were exonerated (look up the word, between sulks and long sucks on your NFL size pacifier.).  Your banner boy, Michael Brown, started this idiocy when his criminal partner Deroy Johnson lied that Brown had his hands up.  Where’d I see that demonstrated?   Oh yeah, those idiots we just inherited, the STLA Lambs.  LA deserves an apology from those mush brains for their idiotic stance, preaching a lie and repeating it incessantly.

roger tomi blaze nfl dallas decalCops are not the problem.  But a new offensive line of real black and white heroes could help.  If you don’t trip on your bling, put down your rapper wimp gang signs and help build character in teens,  you will be part of a much needed solution to the talking heads of black victimization and plantational confinement.

You can be the solution.  If you are not, you will just be another in a long line of enslaving sit down special teamers, sorry asses on the worn wood of life. And another generation of black teens die. The man, the man, the man.  That famous elusive MAN.

So, Mr. KaePrick, next time the national anthem is played realize you don’t have all the answers, and a lot of what constitutes current black history is slanted, even total lies.

Michael Brown’s fearsome foursome does not include Rosie Grier.  Rob the store.  Assault the clerk. Beat up a cop.  Snag his gun.  Brown died in the line of duty, not his; that of the officer doing his job.

40 black mothers just gathered in a Baltimore basement to beg the cops return; while a bunch of Uncle Tom Lynch DOJ bureaucrats wanted to fix a police department that isn’t broke.

80 year old black grandmothers in south central, prefer a cop of any color to that useless kid next door who now runs the gang local 666 and abuses everyone in the neighborhood.  When the ‘hood is threatened, the cast of Compton 911 won’t be there.  Cops will as long as the insane Hussein O Lynching crew doesn’t burn their cars and loot the stores; all lives matter except to black power freaks.

KaePrick, make your parents proud.  Your birth mom Heidi Russo did not abort you.  And your adoptive parents, Teresa Kaepernick, and Rick Kaepernick, remember are white and your black birth father abandoned you.  It doesn’t matter if he was James Lofton, but you are the poster child for what ails our country.   Your personal story could help not hinder black progress.  You have three white parents that love you and unknown is the man who donated his sperm for your existence.

Fatherlessness is the #1 or #2 problem creating a whole generation of Lost Boys.  Your solution was a giving mom, Heidi Russo, who turned you over to Teresa and Rick, yes white parents.  Are these people the “Man” you rail against?  Reconciliation and redemption is a great theme for sticking to the race to the endzone.  Help other black teens see the path, not as instant gradification, but eventual gradUATIONS to up your value.

It’s not Black Power but empowered, ready to face the world, blacks the inner city and the world need.  Not a couple 1000 ne’er do well black thugs in the inner city and national stage, holding 39 milllion black family members down.  And eight times that many Americans who want all america’s young to be successful. It’s the plantation masters, like HilLIARy, who don’t.  You live the thug culture, KaePrick, break out of it.  And don’t rely on the massive, pigsized government bovine.

A government cow issuing EBT gift cards and millions of teets on its Dolly Parton size breasts kills initiative and self-respect in black, green, orange even white youth.  America is much better than this.  And Mr. KaePrick, if you take time to get out from the kleig lights and see the trees IN the forest, you will realize you can change things up.

Just stop blaming someone you can’t define and a culture that affords both opportunity carls hardonsand sleazy sexpot ads for harmburgers.  Change not the world, but change each black teen~one at a time.  Show them women are precious and not your neighbor hos to be used as property, sexy boytoys.  Even if Brad Haley, Andy Puzder and Brandon LeChance like to make them, being serious pornography addict marketing execs for HardOn Jrs .  Frankly, you are the predator demographic these three losers go after with three sluts doing lesbian sex bacon strippers and apply bacon jam strategically to get your attention.

Mother Theresa, who attains sainthood early September, did not rail against India’s rulers, India’s dominant religion that values sacred cows over lower casted people.  She just went out and helped the most needy no matter their religious ID card and beliefs.  Do the same, KaePrick.  Don’t grandstand: find some teens, microinvest, partner with honest leaders, stay away from the Regressive Useless Leftists you surround yourself with.  Then, find some more.  Plant those seeds.  You can be Muslim and wear your cute MX head piece, just don’t bag on my country.  You have down shit little but sit on your sorry ass while it is honored before you make a million tossing balls at concussion heads.

KaePrick, err Kaepernick if i may call you that, do the same.  Help don’t holler in silence.  And please, get off your sorry ass and recognize you have the money to relocate to Venezuela, Cuba or any other country you believe offers more opportunity to blacks.  Plenty of socialist, communist, depotist places happy to do to you what BLM does to cops.

Oh, I’ll keep the waters ice cold at the abortion clinc; but you don’t need to come to Tustin Ave@the 22 planned parenthood in Orange Ca to help save the MOST innocent, vulnerable blacks from being harvest; there are plenty of severed heads coming off the disassembly line in SF/Oakland, as Mr. West pointed out.

BLM didn’t make it to Louisiana; i doubt if they will stand up for saving babies, since cajun navykilling cops is more, what, fun? Such is the all talk, no walk, little action, sit on your sorry ass back benchers. Probably better Soros sorry soldiers stayed home, because BLM would have gotten in the way of blacks and whites helping blacks and whites do what has made American great: working and helping each other.  Of course, KaePrick, we could airbrush the faces all one color, white or black, to help your microaggressed sorry ass OR have you look closely at what the Cajun Navy did.  Charity is NOT a government function; it belongs to you and me.  In the guvmint hands it becomes a bloated ineffective waste filled pogrom.  That’s why your solution to be the solution is mentoring, even partnering, live and local.  Change the inner city with action, not sedentary tamper throwing.  You are just a well paid curtain climber.  ben carson..But, Mr. Kaepernick, show you have counted your blessings, stop being a prick (the first amendment also protects people from boycotting McDonald’s and other of the 32 “the man” NFL sponsors) and stand up for the country you have succeeded in.  Question:

How many KaePrick jerseys does it take to start a fire?

Just one.  All the others tossed on the inferno just prove fans hate idiotic footballers overly impressed with themselves.  A rookie in Philly has his coming soon, should he plant his sorry ass on the bench.

Help other blacks by mentoring them to rely on themselves, get educated before they are 30 and have two legitimate kids, don’t steal or kill, etc.

I am ready to help you, this single dad with 11 kids.  You can just as easily be grateful & passionate as a hero than a prick.  Your choice.  Now that you infected Myke Tavales from Killadelphia, aren’t you just ducky, getting as many sorry asses to show they are clueless to the difference between a flag, an anthem, and a great country~~and their spoiled bratty selves.  Your choice remains.

Off the field and on.


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