Leagues of Nations in Decline~the antidote: Multi-Munchkin Moms in Line

Dedicated to the Golden MMMoms everywhere…and for that matter, all moms.  Celebrating a great Mother on earth who is now in heaven.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Our paper of record, the Orange Country Register, editorialized about no replacement/low birth rates causing worldwide nations & cultures to decline.  Here is the reality in this humble dad’s opinion with the obvious antidote: sustainability is preordained.abortionist prayer collette planned

As the father of 11 amazing kids, your “nations in decline” and irreplaceable birthrates editorial is intriguing.

My wife and I are privileged to interact with many large families in our world; and I had often heard of prejudices that a truth that
‘bench-warming, Hands Up Don’t Shoot lie promulgating’ KaePrick will never know:

Large families so often are abused by the elite misinformed “overpop” eugenics leaning crowd.  

The long ago debunked idea, that 9 billion people are “unsustainable” on this six sextillion ton ball of joy. Who comes up with this stuff anyways, other than the devil?  Len’s maxim: people that have waaay too much time and/or money on their hands.

Anyways…Fundamentally, despite all the jargon and posturing, there’s only one race and families experience true bias at every turn but we don’t whine & sit on our sorry tushes to show we can sit…on our sorry asses.  We leave that to millionaire privileged ignorant blinged guys named Kaeprick wearing ‘X’ marks the forehead… while toting a BLM girlfriend, holding hands up as revisionist thug historicans.

Want to know why the nations are at crossroads and in decline? The real answer: 

A mother of three+ small kids climbing on the cart or her leg in line at
the supermarket is classic proof the world does NOT understand.

The environmentally arrogant Prius driving DINK (dual income no kiddus humanae) human behind her in the checkout line often will say “Don’t you know there’s a populations problem?”   …instead of giving the mother a little help.  What a hanging curveball or in KaePrick’s world, a Hail Mary pass to toss at the well trained mom..

Out of necessity, I am the LFcoach: ‘large family’ coach.  No one else volunteered

For years, I have suggested to these moms a simple and insightful  answer that must be
said looking directly into the in-line person’s eyes with a smile.
“Population problem” or “don’t you know what causes this?”.  Doesn’t matter, like lives do:

“Ma’m or Sir, thanks for noticing!  You are absolutely right!  50
countries are one generation away from total extinction due to low or
no birthrates.  Cultures can’t skip a generation to survive and thanks
to abortion and artificial steroids, Europe or (fill in the blank ___nation)
will be gone.  I’m having kids, sir.  And i only have 7 so far and wish i
could have more.  What are YOU doing to help?”

It must be said slowly because the Prius DINKer doesn’t believe a
multi-munchkin mom is educated or able to speak to other adults in
full sentences.  Her brain atrophied at birth #5 or only stupid women
become MMM: multi-munchkin moms. And DINKers rarely can multi-task as
well as a MMM.  Basic human nature.

ruth buzzard ginsberg planned parenthood scotus supremeDINKer jaw drops are, yes, common after that answer; an answer loaded with
timeless truth .  Your ed confirms the obvious:  no kids, no culture,
no country.  Truth be told: the world IS dying not due to sustainable
(this world could enviro mentally handle 20 billion due to techno
advance and natural resources) population growth, but the birth  dearth.  The Eugene Eugenics crowd, like the Buffets, the ZuckerMaxes, Georgie Porkie Soros, TTurner, AHitler, sadly even the Gatesians, don’t have a clue.  They hate black kids, like their mentor Sanger, so much they call them ‘undesirable’ and well, kill by proxy. SCOTUS Dr Ruth thinks babies are a disease and abortion is safer than birth.  Tell that to the kid who is a first round draftee of YaleMed. She got a free ride while YaleMed paid $715 for her spot.

Look at America, dropping below 60 newbies per 1000, first time in 100 years.  Thank you mother and invisible born childplanned parenthood and RU486…  Personally, i would never be 4 86ings kids.
But, fear not, there are plenty of born people streaming over bookstore less Borders in (what 30 million in US from the southern hemisphere, Europe by the millions unvetted??) to fill the void and, well, sans melting pot and even mixed salad, ultimately fast track change the culture.  And the cultures, they are a’changing.

Kids are messy, poop, tinkle, eat pretty much every day. And cost $$. But they save the P.

Yes, they save the planet…MMMoms are Heroes, more than the blonde cheerleader on the TV series, Heroes.  MMMoms are some of St.MTeresa’s fave people on earth.

mother teresa with baby

Talk about a great single mom!

a lot more than any silly Sierra Clueless Clubber named Aaron Mair and his Alzheimer about THE PAUSE.

LFs sacrifice a lot, but are incredible economic engines;  take less vacas, but spend lots more on food, clothing, luxuries yes, and housing…if they have it and the
government doesn’t suck it all away via fraudulent carbon and 15 passenger van fuel prejudices, families would do better.  We could solve the national debt, replacing the 454 lords and ladies in DC with a couple hundred MMMoms.  It’d take at most, maybe a year.  Moms know how to budget and say the N word.  “No”

Imagine, in the last and freeest country on God’s greened up earth, a
65.3% gasoline sales tax rate because Moonbeam & the Lowbeam Legislayers are
scientific ignoramuses and penalize large families for using abundant, low
polluting resources in their lives.  They lie about God’s great gift, CO2, essential to mankind via food production and breathing; minor aspects without which people tend
to die.  Fact is Sacramento & DC are racist against large families NOT attached to their government breasts, sucking away on millions of teets (curently 49 million teets). We make do with less, and save the world so prostiticians can mess it up.

And DYING is the most common cause of planned parenthood’s Margaret
Sanger, Hitler, Stalin and Berkshire Hathaway’s Mrs. Buffet; don’t leave out the
Zuckermen, Mark & Priscilla who donated $992 million to the “anti
family foundation of death.”  No births; early or late terminations makes this demented crowd of privileged numbskulls smile as they move to a notorious 2 billion mark.  They may have money, which i do not envy; but combined, they are so much poorer than that Albanian sister celebrated Sept 4th as the newest canonized saint.


On a crisp National Prayer Breakfast day, Feb 3 1994, First lady Hillary heard this:  mother teresa bill hillary  tipper al.jpg

“But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because Jesus said, ‘If you receive a little child, you receive me.’ So every abortion is the denial of receiving Jesus, the neglect of receiving Jesus.”

The applause went on  for over five minutes.  Bill and Hillary, Al and Tipper were frozen heart-stone cold silent.  The National Prayer Breakfast speaker did not let up.  In fact, the tiny, weak, aged lady was only warming up. She had seen and experienced real suffering and couldn’t care less about making momentarily uncomfortable, a crowd of a few thousand financially comfortable people who had never known real material deprivation and whose only crisis each morning was traffic or a long line at Starbucks.

“By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. [Abortion is] really a war against the child, and I hate the killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that the mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? … Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love one another, but to use violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

Mother Teresa’s words.  Wonder why leagues of nations are dying?  Even with a born Max, Mark & Priscilla just don’t get it perched on 1 Hacker Way in the Silicon Valley.margaret sanger and colored ministers
Worldwide Birthrates are in the any gender toilet and non kids don’t use Facebook when they don’t become teens or adults.  The 9 billion is
actually 7 billion and falling; RoeWade73 was more about major geopolitical upheavals than a woman’s right to kill her kid..

The Billionaires Club, Soros included, thanks to their ‘advanced’
understanding of geo-sociological-political processes worldwide, loves
it that abortion removed 58 million Americans (30 of the 50 states
worth) and 1.875 billion (yes billion) kids worldwide so far. Their culture of death.

But our illuminati-ed ones will be dead, Buffet’s in her 80s, Soros looks like he’s already there, a bulimic  ghoul, for example,  when we reap the total impact.

Krauthammer mentioned European countries are building walls to “stem the tide of Middle Eastern refugees.”  Do the basic numbers: cultures die because they don’t skip generations.  We’ll still have Mexican or Italian, Polish even Japanese food, but not prepared by authentic ethnic mothers.  Some cultures proliferate better than others, as your ed indicated.  Viva la difference!

Someone’s got to do the jobs the natives refuse to do, like having
kids.  So, with enthusiasm and joy, no arrogance, we large families
answer the call to “save the planet.”  MMMoms, we love you!!

But I’ve yet to see “hijrah” listed in the positive benefits of native
born moms killing their kids in utero. Yet, hijrah, or in our case,
draining Mexico of 30 million  (11 million? come on) of its family units and workers, is what happens when cities become human deserts, devoid of kids in line and munchkins
everywhere.  EBT gift here, remittances $20 billion a year to Tenoctitlan’s president below the Rio Grande.  Yet, few realize the geopolitical reality, that gangs are the vacuum filler for the fatherless Mexican families in those 31 southern states below the Great River.  Empty out Mexico only helps PRI and one of the largest drug countries in the world take the unprotected younger Mexicans as mules, runners and other Cartel paraphrenalia.

MMMoms save the planet and preserve cultures like Mexico, Colombia, etc.

TRUE Environmentalists out of necessity, not like the Regressive Leftists at Sierra & Sacrawaste.  LFs ARE envirolly sound.  The most common mode of transportation of LFs, that wife sported and others drive, are the most fuel efficient on the road: the enviro’s dream 15 passenger van.

Often, LFs, like velociraptors, peacefully ravel in packs and pile in each others’ offspring car pool style. Sorry Prius DINK or DITK (two kidder), but a fully loaded 15 PassVan
gets 225 mpg/person, the true brag stat.  We’d have to hitch five Prii
together to accomplish the multi munchkin transport to co-op, church, games,
parks and other homes.

van225mpgp!  Take that, you snooty electric car owners that use ‘zero emission’ generated electricity (must be the perpetual motion machine IS real) and meep meep meep us 15 passengerers all the time, while our
kids wave at you from above.  It’s ok to Prius, but don’t lord over what you do not know: enviro cost-benefit is a tricky field and lots of assumptions are taken as law.

Personally, as a dedicated real estate professional and semi-pro radical conservationistic environmental researcher, there IS room for people to co-exist.  Pollution is WAY down; Calif. natural resources, especially fracked natural gas, beat Moonbeam/Terminator’s ridiculous AB32 goals suppressing CO2 into submission.  As usual, all good deeds
go unpunished, now we must stop breathing by 2040.  But that’s the
privileged state capital and CARB PollutBureau for you.  Oh, and please let our amazing
environmentally sound single use plastic bags the heaven alone: they
help us survive in a Sierra Club owned politically terribly
pseudo-scientific world.  Mair, look in da mirror! Large families are people, too!

In the rest of the world outside the blessed Sacramento area, large
families are doing what we do best: help save the world.  If you can’t
have kids due to over pollution by artificial conception suppression
drugs, adopt.  Black dad abandoned KaePrick was adopted and look how
he turned out!  But, if you get tired of your two shitzoos doing the
sitzoo doo doo on your expensive love seat, there are plenty of previously owned
children in desperate need of a married couple.  Batteries ARE included!

But you must be a convertible couple willing to stand behind that mom
of seven, three curtain climbing in the checkout line.  Instinctively,
you need to look at the screamer directly (my LF coaching extends to
all size families) and say “Now, how are you today?” and then asking
the mom how we can help.  98.6%, that’s body temp, of the time the kid
will shut up in shock and mom will need smelling salts.  Another human adult recognized the chance to …be helpful, like the helpful Honda men cloned everywhere.

What just happened? A fellow adult realized and acted, that kids do
grow up over time.  Patience is a virtue, best practiced at Staters or
Vons, knowing that little scene of organized pandemonium in front of
you is what will make America and the world survive.  Not the two shitzoos in your
DINKy pad.  Shitzoos don’t proliferate sapient humans except at doggy parks, folks and Dolly the clone was an aberration.  MMMoms do, starting as non-Moms and working their way up.  Dads have some involvement, no doubt.

Last year, Europe netted 100K less newbies to deadies, but of course, with the North
African imports, they needed more to balance the gauntlets.  And as long as the international Democrat voter registration project continues in the 31 states of Mexico, our 30 million bonus will increase. Now the Demo outreach is worldwide, shunning Christians, but happy to bring huge voting blocs from Syria.  Yazidi or Assyrian Christian?  Please don’t apply.

But, last confession.  I am the most racist person reading this: I believe ALL members of the human RACE matter, deserve life, coupled with liberty and have the opportunity to
pursue happiness in a free enterprise great land like the USA.  I hate the Michael Brown Ferguson lie, because it takes a black thug, immortalizes him while the real black heroes are ignored.  And when brainless millionaire footballers shout “Hands Up Don’t Shoot!”, they make the struggling black single mom’s job even harder.

And if the politicized fake scientists, like Kamala, in SacraDC just
shut the heck up, the resources are there.  America is not pollution wracked, dying in the streets; it’s just on the lame street media’s use of electron small camera sights they try to portray this great land as black hating, cop fearing, thug loving, Hollywood idolizing.  Dorothy, there’s no place like home.  Know that BS merchant media lie.  They lie and lie.  And lie. And HilLIARy more.

gas two dollar 65 3% tall signRegressive leftist:  Please, just don’t rob families blind of their scarce income for your idiotic pet crony capitalized projects and scams.  We’ll do our jobs, raising kids, and you do yours: brag about yourselves.  But,  keep your sticky fingers out of our purses, the tattered hanging non Prada non leather mombags, normally being climbed in front of the Pruis DITKers at the food
checkout by a ‘e pluribus unum (out of many, one)’ munchkin.

And Prius Dinker, product warning: do NOT ask the lady “do you work for a living?” If you do, bring that first aid kit from your CAFE standards unsafe roller skate’s glove compartment.  In the event she answers physically, her inalienable right as a mom, you were warned.

After all, the more munchkins we have, the better chance America will
still be here in a generation or two. It may be too late for Europe,
but all declines CAN be reversed by revaluing the devalued, the most important human
resource:  a baby.  Houston, we have a problem’s solution.

Stop killing them for severed harvestable heads.  Yeah, YaleMed pays $715 each, but the socioEconomic impact is in the millions lost.  Each child is a min-economy.  My rough estimate, worldwide, is $2 quadrillion in lost economic growth since 1973.  That’s 2,000,000,000,000,000 dollars, give or take an Obama trillion.

Start having more.  Then the Democrapians won’t need to import the world to do voter fraud: they can do it at home.  Voting early, often, dead and foreign IS a skill.

I write this early honoring the 5th anniversary of the most amazing
SIMMKs mom, Donna (single income many many kids), who went to heaven
waaay too early.

Not because she had kids, believe you me, she loved
kids and would have taken more, but because most LFs are obedient to
the true God.  We do more with less, but are blessed so much more with
more blessings: kids. Not, playing na na na na na in line like an
immature brat, but humbly thanking God for the opportunities. Pain with the gain. He
takes home those He wants to.  When He wants to; even THE singularly world’s most incredible mom, Donna, 49 days short of 49 years.  But ALL moms are incredible, just don’t cross one that loves her cubbies.

He is the Alpha and Omega, and calls the shots regarding how long we
live, not the endzoners, the abortionists and the devil physicians who
kill preborn kids and senior citzens with knives and suicide potions.
Moonbeam is such a sad sad Jesuit trained story, including his misguided lowbeamer
legislayers who love to play godlettes deciding who lives and who dies.  It ain’t their job.  It’s His.  And God split the cultures at the Tower so we could develop in country and culture groupings, not because He is racist, but because He best understands the human race.  He in fact invested His Son in showing us just how important we are…and how much He loves His Son too.

Large families, small and well, large, get to it:  Save the planet by
multiplying as the Creator demanded in the beginning.

Dads and hubbies, you are important, too, by the way.  Serve your wives, the MMMom of your offspring, first.  And serve her again. And again.    Thank you single and multiple munchkin mothers.  You ARE saving the planet: one kid at a time

In the world of less kids, less does NOT mean more.  Last i checked, God’s math has
not changed: He loves Israel and married couples having kids, a la
natural or adoptive means…or both.  There is ALWAYS room for more
love. Kindness.  Integrity.  Firm discipline.  Oh, and those crumb cruncher, rug rat, curtain climbing beings that make the planet great.    Always room for love.  len
sept 9, 2016

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