Goodwill toward human nature: Jen, Frank and Teresa, the Saint of Kolkata

My beloved daughter in law, Jen, invested time in Darjeeling, named for the thunderbolt scepter of the Hindu god, Indra and known to St Teresa of Kolkata adherents, as well as Calcutta and other parts ofnathan-and-jen that sub-continent, to help the poorest of the poor a few years ago.

Her desire to help the helpless came with a gift she did not anticipate:

My son Nathan showing up. 

Having met at that great solidly Catholic microagressionless university near Santa Paula, CA Thomas Aquinas, the two developed a love that has endured into marriage.  The romantic Nate engineered a surprise, raising the funds to show up on her temporary doorstep~in India.  He asked Jen for her hand in marriage, and something I totally love, she told him: “I’ll pray about it.”

Smart girl, like her fave saint, the no longer venerable but totally Saint Mother Teresa.  She knew prayer is the key and telling the truth the only way to go.  In fact, she ratcheted up the wait for Nate, not too late: a novena, nine days of prayer, that ended the day before he had to head back to the States.

Segue to this week in the heavens: earth finally recognized, despite some insane controversy, Mother Teresa “art in heaven” with Pope Francis’ acknowledgement of same.

mother teresa bill hillary tipper al She spoke the truth to all comers, ignored those who complained she wasn’t Hindu, that no way can you expect to help the millions who are in need.  Her answer to the nosy reporter was simple: “one at a time.”   She silenced the four most powerful people on earth with her truth laden words at a National Prayer Breakfast. She shunned accolades but invested the Nobel Prize lottery winnings in her beloved poor.  You see, her charitable heart was not dependent on the largesse of some government, or corporation or single donor: it came from our God.  Charity does NOT depend on false premises to be effective.

Frank Talarico wrote an op-ed article on the value to human character of honest work, the need our self-concept for doing it entails.  My response:

“I appreciate the article from Frank Talarico of Goodwill Industries.  In this week where frank-talaricoMother Teresa’s best advice for those who wanted to go to India to help the jobless, the poor and infirm, fits us well: serve locally.  Find your own Calcutta or Kolkata where you are.  The OC IS a mission field.
Frank, no stranger to adversity, is a great family man who lost his wife, who fell in love again and remarried.  I know a little about this, losing the mother of my eleven 5 years ago this Friday, 9/9. An anniversary i wish never happened, but God IS in control of our hour glasses, not us.  Even though with abortion and physician enabling kid’s inheritance protecting old people killing, we bracket both ends of life, we have only so many days to labor, to produce and squirrel away what we can for later years.  Despite the despots in Sacramento and DC.
We were created to work which drives “our sense of self-worth” as Frank put it; doing an honest day’s effort and providing for our families as an antidote to the bloated welfare state.  Sadly, it is an outgrowth of the belief America is better with a 50 million teeted cow, with more breasts than a Foster Farms/Tyson chicken factory.
‘Goodwill’ is what charity should be: without the government, applied neighbor to neighbor, with accountability where it belongs: up close and personal.  EBT gift cards were a horrible development, separating money gifts from oversight.
Government is a lousy accountability partner; it should provide for the common defense, but promote by its absence, and stay out of the general welfare checks.  Each EBT gift card dollar spent, costs at least $5, maybe more,  to put on that “no free lunch” credit card noose, which stifles initiative and industry, thriftiness and yes, a healthy feeling of self-worth.
Frankly, a job IS its own reward, something the Regressive Leftists will never understand as they hate carbon dioxide, efficient fossil fuels,  family independence, their uselessness as they push for more robbery of our country’s lifeblood. We don’t need more King George IIIs pretending they are owed a crown in SacraDC.
Government is highly skilled at beating up the jobs providers, stealing the best health care on earth, demonizing every private sector industry as mean “billionaires and millionaires” though small business, despite governmental leeches like unaccountable regulations and fees, continue to help our limp economy survive.  The five richest zip codes in America are not in Beverly Hills: they surround the District of Corruption off the Potomac.  The largest government enabled & protected fraudulent sector remains the trillion dollar climate change temple worshippers.
 No one owes you a job, though the general welfare statists like engineered bathroom and cake bake battles, constant crises du jour, to suck more life out of the private sector, when 95 million are already jobless, min wages are mandatory going higer and 50 million get those shiny EBT Gift cards at the expense of their self-worth and the country’s survival.
Like 11 instead of 30 million aliens in our foreign land, 4.5% unemployment is a fraud, as well, since it’s closer to 16.5% and maybe more.  Healing demands being honest 1st.
Thank you, Frank for frankly showing us we CAN do it without the pimp Uncle Sam’s expensive bag of taxpayer extracted quarters that always carry a slave’s chain of despair. 
  Someday, just maybe, the cabal of nanny welfare statism that is draining our millennials of job opportunities and the needy of life opportunity, more than poverty,  will get the governmental 50 million teet mastectomy we desperately need to make America healthy yet again.  Breast cancer is breast cancer: it must be excised to begin the healing.
We already are great, because a private entity like “Goodwill” reminds us charity is best served warm…at home, local and accountable.  Hillary, who was silenced by the newest saint regarding killing America’s young, wants more enslavement.  Trump, who put out a short accolade about the true saint of the poor, St. Mother Teresa, that our Islamist in Chief or the third to last First Lady never would,  wants to see America back on its feet, working yet again.  He’s not perfect like Jesus or His mother, but he’s not on that noxious poison that seems to seep through the skin from the atmosphere surrounding the blessed Sacramento and DC.  He actually employs people, something that Mr. Talarico believes is a good thing.
Two world views battling for the soul of a great covenant land, one of the last to stand up for Israel, free enterprise, freedom, valuing life and families.
The other, enslavement to Regressive leftist hell.  Choose wisely, e pluribus unum; as the Angel said:  Peace on earth and ‘Goodwill’ toward men. Following Christ is the wisest choice, but as to the Caesar to Caesar, we, the vox populi, ARE the government bosses, unlike pretty much every other form of government on earth.
Man was created to provide and  protect their families, something called munchkins and kidlets that often results following the “I DOs” with the woman he loves. Men were not designed to just donate sperm, and then abandon or be shoved out, by future single mothers relying on a despotic anti-domestic church/anti typical family government that incentivizes  her with more than her lover ever could.   The inner city villages are NOT nirvana for children, black, green, orange and any, when dad is gone and the gangs come calling.  A real job IS a solution in itself to the 52% black teen unemployment that beats entrepreneurial drug dealing hands down for teen longevity and character.
EBT Gift cards are extremely dangerous to a healthy country when they become ebttransgenerational, instead of temporary solutions.  It extends the farce that money is free and “I deserve it” and don’t need to work to make a living.  Feel the four vaction homes Bern socialist in name only? 
The better world view, that of free enterprise helping vets, women and children in need, is something Mr. Talarico embodies in his daily work.  A lesson unfortunately, the Democrat controlled Regressive Left visionaries, will never embrace willingly.
They get paid to foie gras the royals holding us down with the unelected and unaccountable.  Oppression is their synonym of choice.
nathan3Jen said Yes! by the way, like the women she loves.
Mary in heaven and Mother Teresa, formerly of earth, now numbered among the saints in heaven, preceded that special woman and mother, Donna McKinnon B, who’s 49 days short of 49 years, celebrated the 9th of the 9th month.
 For the great America that sorry ass KaePrick ignorantly refuses to understand and sits out each 49er game; honestly, he’s awaiting his being cut from the squad when his minutes of fame subside:  We need to wrestle the country back from the race pimps, victocrats, Demo enslavers and self-loathers who don’t know a good thing when they see it–human babies and opportunity– is about re-valuing families as the key domestic unit, the foundation of a covenant land, multi-munchkins of mothers…AND fathers.
Despite the national media lies and distortions, we are a generous forgiving people, and willing to help at every turn, despite domestic terrorists like “some black lives matter” and planned parenthood… killing what is good about a great and hopeful “city on a hill”.
And please, don’t assume those Democrat destroyed enclaves like Chicago, Baltimore, kaeprick and a real hero.pngDetroit and others, cannot be turned around should the carpetbaggers and slave masters of the modern plantations are repudiated with character building leaders as the at-risk communities toss off the chains of renewed slavery.  Goodwill helps this, enabling people willing to work…to work.  And those in the gutter to join those in the trenches of American life.
 Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville in the 19th century knew America had something great going for it.  Too bad, our spoiled 3rd string bench warmers don’t see what both Glen Coffe and  the French diplomat, author, political scientist and historian saw with his very eyes, writing about his road trip across America before route 66:
 A land worth its heroes, like Glen and others; a land worth fighting for and as evidence shows, so many still want to get into.  Goodwill to you if you want help, like Raquel in Frank’s article.  But…
 If you don’t like America and can’t work to its improvement, join a huge number of Hollywood Emigres, like Babs Striesand, booking one way tickets to Africa or the Middle East and joining the Islamist in Chief post eight years of hell,  when she doesn’t get her way this November 8th.
No matter how tough, like losing the mother of your children after nine months, we are blessed.  As for me and my house, which numbers beyond 11 and includes a beautiful Jen and lucky Nate, we will serve the Lord.  And…
Unapologetically, love the land of our birth.  And the people it is home to.  Follow Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata’s advice: serve your neighbors locally and needfully, with graciousness open to true need not lazy reprobates.  And we can start by ending the practice of harvesting severed heads and selling them to Yale Med for $715 each.

As usual this is long.  Let me end with words shared for free, with VP Al and Tipper Gore, and President Clinton and his wife, the First Lady at the time.

These few short words caused the leaders of the most powerful nation on earth to be dumbfounded and paralyzed.

“By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her mother-teresa-with-babyproblems. [Abortion is] really a war against the child, and I hate the killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that the mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? … Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love one another, but to use violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” ~~Formerly the venerable, now sainted one of Calcutta.

Some of the most powerful and possibly the wisest words to come out of DC since the founders.isis-severed-head-planned

If our abortionists want to sever heads for a living, the barbarian assholes can go join the 6th century ISIS who kill everything in sight that doesn’t fit their world view. Ask how Seth Rich feels about that.
Abortionists medical training may come in handy, when the scimitars run out of necks to chop off.  For the rest of us, let us join the counter revolution of love, in the land of the living.  A land of milk and honey second only to one in the Middle East that we protect for our, and their, survival.  God’s words”I will bless thee that bless thee; I will curse those that curse thee” were not uttered regarding Antarctica.  Wise lands like ours need heed them as we improve our serve.  Not on the tennis court but in our daily lives.


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