Hillary, America’s gift, is dying: pray for the repose of the Prodigal Daughter’s soul

Hillary is dying.   Her leaked diagnosis of subcortical vascular dementia, which includes pneumonia and other maladies, indicates she might have 1-3 years to live.   Ask her doctor, the same one who treated her foot dragging incident on 9-11-16, four years after her foot dragging purposefully killed four men in Ben Ghazi as a campaign prop.


I’ve noticed a lot of “Except for the grace of God there go I” Pharisaic actions by my fellow

hillary with wide open mouth.jpg

Pray for the repose of her dark soul.

Catholics this amazing election year.  Jim Riley, of Riley’s Farm, has taken many in the evangelical protestant world to task, like Max Lucado, for similar regarding the Donald.  Parkinson’s, anti-coagulants, Pneumonia, post concussion.  Now it is out. Vascular dementia.

It’s time to pray for our former First Lady’s soul while she’s alive.  And for her healing as she steps down

Do we really understand the Constitution and American governance?  Seeking the perfect candidate means we seek the Perfect, Jesus the Christ; unfortunately, the highest form of government, an eternal Benevolent Monarchy, currently is slated for the heavens.  Not on earth; He’s just not on the 11/8/2016 ballot.

But, we ARE gifted with an incredible covenant nation many envy because of our freedoms, energy, charity etc.  Believe it or not, ignoring the Corrupted Media for a second, we are a generous and giving, forgiving and helpful nation of citizens; white cops don’t beeline to kill every innocent black single mother in the inner city; other than the domestic terrorist abortionists legally protected by the party of slavery, we do like each other.  At least, put up with our neighbors. We don’t sever heads to sell to Yale for 71,500 copper clad pennies, unless you are planned parenthood, the marketing folks for Hell.

It’s time to be Christians again.  God has gifted Hillary to us for a time.  

This is NOT the first time God has used His control to allow a brain disease to intercede in a person of worldwide renown.  Nor will it be the last.

Many do not know that when certain Americans held a defenseless Catholic woman hostage in her room, demanding she not get 3 squares and cable like every death row mass murderer-rapist in the land, but only…carbon dioxide laden air, God stepped in.

On March 31, 2005, Terri Schiavo Schindler was in her 13th day of ZERO food and water. Unknown to the Regressive Leftist death merchants, Terri received three tiny doses of consecrated Bread we Catholics believe to be Jesus in the flesh.  Yeah, we are weird, but then our nation goes bonkers when a 3rd stringer 49er sits his sorry ass on a bench, too.

NO ONE lives 13 days without food and water, especially in a weakened state. But, the Eucharist, believe it or not, gives physical life at times too.

Try going 3 days, smarty pants. Terri died that Thursday; but immediately, as if on cue, God re-energized the Parkinson’s disease Pope ST John Paul the Great had in remission and he was on his deathbed.

God puts up with the death culture only so much; I believe He did not want the Scientologists, Michael S, anarchists, Christian haters, etc. to celebrate their fist at God that night.  Don’t believe me?  Check ZENIT.   The devil was in the details: just like at the Crucifixion, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish & Muslim friends, God showed His displeasure with earthquakes, temple veil torn in two and more.

Longinus, the first convert, said “My Lord and My God” when Divine Mercy blood splattered on his blind eye and even in death, Jesus healed him.  3 days later, He rose to prove His point. 40 days more, He returned to heaven.  10 days after that the Catholic/Christian Church was born.  Since then, the lost sheep and lost coin parables have been repeated untold millions of times.  Such as “Hillary lost one of her $50 million speaker fee coins; she left the other nine and when she found it, she rejoiced”

Friends, clients, family: one 1st century man was a blasphemer, oversaw murder and became a linguistic laden apostle, Paul.  In his letter to young Timothy, Paul explained:

“Indeed, the grace of our Lord has been abundant, along with the Faith and Love that are in Christ Jesus.  This saying is trustworthy and deserves full acceptance:  Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Of these, I am the foremost…

On 9-11-16, this reading is read and heard by over a billion people on Lost Sheep/Prodigal Son sunday in Catholic and liturgically based Protestant churches.  A billion people.

If Hillary is indeed the unrepentant Prodigal Daughter, could Mr. Trump be the Prodigal Son who has come home to help this great land?  Ready to move forward as a leader with a washington better known for its REED in the wind mentality?

Pray for Hillary’s soul. We Catholics are blessed to follow Jesus’ edict about face to face reconciliation/confession, in the spirit of Father Pio Vianney; recalling His words “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven.  Whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”

Other Christian and not so Christian faiths use the direct method; run a redlight.  Steal a can from the store.  Maybe even adultery Saturday night at 8pm; feel remorse and say “forgive me God” as you leave your mistress’ apartment on the way to your wife’s bed at midnite. Isn’t that easy!?  I feel so much better as I hold my wife thinking God has forgiven me for tasting the whore, oblivious my wife knows full well what you’ve been up to.


Chelsea’s Ponzi spouse & mom

Point is, everyone reading this has sin in common with Hillary; for most of us, Hillary’s just much better at it.  Maybe not as good at it as some.

Like all of us, she will die when God allows it to happen.  Terri Schindler’s list of misdeeds was small, yet she died due to death merchants’ playing gods and demanding a defenseless, sentient Catholic sister starve and dehydrate, slowly and systematically, to a most painful death.  Parkinson’s Disease resurged in our beloved Pope and he died days later, moments after saying Amen at his fave Divine Mercy Mass (saturday after sundown).  Like my Donna, who taught me that physical and spiritual healing happen differently on the way to one’s death, JPtheGreat taught us how to live amazing lives…and to die gracefully.  There is hope for hillary.  Pray for her.  Let your own eyes decide if HilLIARy’s foot dragging is due to pneumonia or Pay4Play.

Suppose, Hillary’s runaway corruption IS written on the wall, numbered and God has found her actions beyond repair UNLESS she repents?  Christians, are we so holier-than-thou that we don’t pray for the repose of her soul…on earth?

hillary-death-newspaper90 people mysteriously and allegedly died during the Clinton Crime Syndicate I in the late 20th century; Seth Rich,Molly Macauley, John Ashe, Victor Thorne and more, already have been hit targets according to crime followers.

Bill was the first black president; Hillary’s soul is more black than the best cajun fish.  Darker than KaePrick’s skin, less light than a localized black hole.

She became a bobblehead bimbo at recent appearances; her black Dilaudid pen holder is missing.  The holder AND the pen.  She has Parkinson’s it seems, cannot remember the little ‘c’ means CLASSIFIED due to a brain clot, concussion and so much more.  Her husband may not be on the Web Hubbell as Chelsea’s birth father; but bedded maybe 2000 women as part of their arranged marriage business partnership.  After all, Hillary’s god IS Sal Alinsky; she transcribed her thesis bible on his life, the ultimate crook and anarchist.

She helped murder four Americans for a campaign stop in Ben Ghazi for the Islamist in ben-ghazi-non-votersChief.  Apparently, she figured she didn’t need their votes.

Corruption is sewn into her soul and she wants to, after destroying the middle east on Hussein O’s watch, continue the ‘hate America first’ train on Jan 20, 2017 at inauguration. Bill and his bimbos at her side to do economics…

God, it seems, can’t wait on us.  He has allowed Parkinson’s and other maladies to take over her corrupt, Pay4Play body, hostage to foreign enemies and abandoned allies alike.  The corruption of her actions and her mind now meets the Corruption of her soul.  God can mend.  IF she asks for same.  She doesn’t even need one of those confessional hotels inside our Catholic cathedrals: she can go to Him herself.  God IS in control and sees all things.  Why did my saintly Donna get an early release after nine months?  Why wouldn’t God give Hillary a chance to repent by allowing disease to ravage her body while she strives to pay back her half a billion dollars in foreign donors seeking more ACCESS.   HilLIARy HAS access to God.  Will she use it?  Will YOU pray that she does WHILE she is alive on earth?

Hillary is not qualified to be president, but we can pray for her.  What about Bill?  “Lord, we pray for the healing of the 2000 women Bill has accosted, some raped, others committing First Lady SecState adultery.  We pray for any children aborted due to his adultery.”  Our prayer must not be gossip, but laser focused.

Pray that God will provide the means for her soul, while her body is ravaged and she leaves public life.  Actual sin IS different and a separate issue than forgiven sin; the actual consequences must be dealt with.  We can’t bring back Vince Foster, or any of the Ben Ghazi Four.  Certainly 27 year old Seth Rich will not rise from his grave any time soon.

But, Pray for Hillary to have an apostle Pauline experience, with Muslim Brotherhood Huma at her side, blinded by the truth so that her pseudonym, HilLIARy of Sir Edmund fame, can become washed clean.  If we Christians really believe in metanoia, reconciliation, that God CAN forgive better than us, and that He desires ALL to live forever, pray for her. God’s son died for us SINNERS not saints; sainthood is canonical for some but available to all.

Her repositioned soul need not exist in hell, even though she’s made it hell on earth for so many.  Seth Rich will forgive her if he is in heaven; if he is in hell, that’s his call.

On Feb 3, 1994, St. Teresa of Kolkata spoke to Hillary’s efficient stone cold heart; 5 minutes of applause did not move Hillary, but only Bill a tiny bit.  God can forgive HilLIARy’s lies, her murders, even her support for Hell on earth, planned parenthood; we must pray for her, honestly.

It is no longer in the dark recesses.  Rampant corruption in our society, especially at all levels of government, have been exposed this election year. We need a peaceful revolution of love.  For America and our neighbors. Neverevereverever Hillary again.  And bill and chelsea.  But, can you find it in your heart to forgive Trump nominating a prolife VP, having a pro-life campaign manager, list solidly constitutional Americans to replace the dying Dr Ruth Ginsberg, who promised to leave America if Trump is elected.

WikiLeaks: whistleblowers like FBI director Comey, who knew Lynch would not indict so he put all Hillary’s sins out there for the public.  These are GIFTS as well for a disaffected voting public too busy chasing Pokemonsters on the freeways to care enough for our land.

California, the state of delusion, where we demonize life giving gas (CO2) and living children (abortion) upending scientific truth for the one party state of corrupt crap…  Mena, DC, Arkansas, Bill’s Island, all are in the light now.

HilLIARy promises more after death taxes, 1.4 trillion in new taxes and 1.3 trillion in new spending, loves money, hates America, loves to hate Bill’s bimbos because they reflect badly on her white pantsuit appearances. Wants to further divide us like the race baiters y cop haters Al SharpTongue, Jessie “abortion is black genocide” Jackson and Hussein O Muchella. More need to be said?  We need a clean sweep of DC AND Sacracorrupto.

Pray, before God takes her away, that Hillary comes to know the Eternal Truth.  To know Christ.  Small prayer for the Alinsky ideologue anarchist and his wife, too.

But, realize come Nov 8th, you can vote for the green Stein who spray paints bulldozers.  Or the Allepo ALPO leftist Republican “Independent” Johnson.  HilLIARy, if she survives until then.  Or if Christians really believe the gospel and Catholics that this is the year of Mercy, give Trump a thought. Judge him by his recent words and what he could do.

Our prodigal son chose a prolife conservative Pence as VP, prolife campaign manager, a solid list of America loving, Constitution believing antidotes to Dr Ruth Ginsberg for SCOTUS.  He married three times, has great kids, is bombastic, sucks on tariffs Hoover style but excels on loving America.  Believes letting in more devils with bioterrorism pouches and C4 vests is well: stupid.  That America, like any wise sovereign country CAN control whom they admit.  That cops are not demons who kill blacks for sport.

So, my ‘holier than thou’ friends, if you are still talking to me, my suggestion since Cruz isn’t listed on my California ballot, is vote Pence in 60 days or so.  Might as well give Trump a chance too.  Honest and vulnerable blacks, not the offended black thugs, are coming around.  Hispana similar named ones, as well.  My Polish and German heritage (yes, i am 50/50 without ancestry.whatamI) says I love this land.

I have 11 first gen reasons and 8 nextgen reasons to want America stronger than it is.  Able to protect, less government teets ruining the welfare enslaved state, more hope for tomorrow.  All of them have been spared the sharp curved knives of our fave domestic terrorists, abortion central, unlike 1/3 of their generation.  Let’s give the remaining unscathed a chance at a counter-revolution to the Regressive Leftist Anarchist Democrapians.  If you are registered Democrat, apologizing for your leadership to be so far left they are in the Santa Catalina channel, 20 miles off shore.

What say you? Are you praying for the repositioning of the HilLIARian soul?  For her resignation or loss in November?  Or must God do all the work?  Parkinson’s is a nasty disease you can’t hide in public appearances, even with 280 days of no press conferences, even with the CNN Clinton News Network hiding all.

The last thing i want to see is Hillary at the Resolute Desk in the Casa Blanca come st-therese-writing-deskveterans-armistice day 11/11/16.  With Trump, at least we have a chance.  Give my grandkids that chance. And if you believe you have never sinned, then write in the only perfect candidate, Jesus.  Not with a surname Lopez or Sanchez, but His middle and last name: The Christ.

Maybe, like St. Theresa, her desk could be a bit more modest when she turns her life over to Christ.

What say you?  Your comments please.  Am i full of it or do you care, as an atheist, Christian, Jew or Muslim, enough for America to right its sails yet again.  Len

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