Is there an honest Press to keep Free? Teri Sforza for Pulitzer for Kamalagate!

Recently, my fave local news outlet, the Orange County, CA Register shouted “New LOW in politician’s bid to Stifle the Press”.   Exactly, who IS the Press the first amendment calls out.    Who is acting like news reporters not news creators.  Are journalists able to be journalists anymore?

I agree with the OCRegister that protecting freedom of the press, its freedom to report the news, not change it, is sacred and critical to our nation’s survival.

Yes, Trump is bombastic and “HilLIARy” Clinton makes George W’s cherry tree chop a finger splinter; but this freedom does not extend to CREATING news: there is no Freedom of the Liars in the rights’ bill.  And the # of examples have exploded.
Extreme bias is evident in all too many media outlets, blurring the distinction between reporting and advocacy.  Look at the “Clinton News Network” days ago: after the east coast bombings, Hillary called it a bombing then retracted; CNN complied by editing out here-lies-hillarythe B word. Then she chastised Trump for calling it a bombing, which it was!
Reported by Allen West, Trump recounted the common sense success of Israeli profiling and the Clinton News Network got caught adding “racial” in its reporting, when transcripts proved it a blatant lie. CNN wanted to create a lie not report news.  Is this the press the OCRegister wants us to not stifle?
Israeli security is legendary because they want to, you know, survive.  Answer one question:  how many El Al jets flew into the Pentagon, White House or Twin Towers?
Our abysmal, bizarrely crippled methodology will continue to show how “politicized” security is a dangerous fraud.  People die when cops and national agencies’ hands are tied by Islamophiliacs, agendized politicians and wall haters.  Black power? the bully ability to change the “narrative”, a word made famous by “press” secretary Josh Earnest, of Islamist terrorism being playground rough housing, via Soros’ money and “Certain kaeprick and a real hero.pngBlack Lives Matter”.  Instead of cleaning up their inner city enclaves, ‘black lives matters’ wastes away the $100 million+ given it.
Even the “press” could help.  How many black kids could graduate, fathers return, athletes like KaePrick work with at-risk black teens destined for the black plague of inner city gangs, instead of collectively sitting on their millionaire rich sorry ass(ets).  
The world is full of black heroes, just not in the NFL.  The press is color blind to their existence pushing the Regressive leftist ideological ‘narrative’.  Glenn Coffee or KaePrick, eg.
The fake Press, or advocacy media, demands we believe cops are all racist, even black cops righteously shooting an armed black thug, and all blacks are innocent with lily white hearts.  Last i checked, we all, black and white, sin.  Some just sin better than others.
rams-are-anti-cop-poor-role-modelsFerguson was a turning point: the real press could have put out the fire quickly.  You have a 6 foot 5 inch black thug rob a store, bully the clerk, assault a cop and grab his gun.  His innocent co-criminal Deroy Johnson said “Oh my! my gentle giant friend had raised and shouted “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”.  Minor problem: witnesses of ALL colors said it was a lie.  But are footballers intelligent?
You tell me.  Right after the truth was out, five black men who get paid to pulverize other men on the field of life: the LA Lambs before a St Louis-Oakland game.
By raising their hands, they continued the lie.  They tried to  show that Michael Brown should be playing college football at the 6 yard line, not 6 feet under.  Actually, he should but it’s his fault;  the media narrative, carried on today in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago etc., is his bullying was just because white cops kill blacks for target practice.  Lie on lie begets lie.  Some lies are more deadly than others.
Edward R Murrow and Cronkite are dead, but even Cronkite tried to reorient the Vietnam War by his erroneous misread.  The OCregister is a local paper trying to expand influence; but you keep missing the story of the decade in your wheel house,  important for its own self interest, protecting one of the 4th estates’ own.   The OCRegister is still not the LASlimes.  You can fight for the freedom of the press by defending a free pressman who did what every good investigative journalist loves to do:  give TRUTH the light of day.
Is it your bias, which is human or just an oversight?  Do you realize an Orange Countian has yielded one of the most impactful House hearings under Rep Blackburn’s committee on “infant lives.”  The ripples will go on for decades and the OCR regurgitates the associated (DE)press;  you never vet the news wires, like good little soldiers of missed fortune.  Pulitzers at the ready for REAL reporters.  On a platter.  You don’t even have to think too hard, just follow the trails in Houston and California.

I call it KamalaGate.  Irvine’s David Daleiden (DD)went undercover as a citizen

Kamalagate Watergate parallels rev1.jpg

April 5, 2016  Kamalagate.   Difference between it and Watergate is…44 years.

investigative journalist, videotaping 15 medical directors, employees and abortionists about abortion practices.  Abortion, the most politically protected surgical procedure in history, is not health care nor mainstream medicine,  Your EXCELLENT whistleblower reporter Teri Sforza, if set loose to investigate and report would do wonders.  Teri’s bosses are keeping her from a Pulitzer Prize in an interesting political year.  Move over Carl.  Hillary was at Watergate but no one cares anymore.

Daleiden’s sin was challenging crony capital’s Big Abort division; and muzzling his 4th estate rights is legendary as Israel’s profiling.
kamala-as-capn-baby-and-carbon-d-killer  Where was the Register or LA/NY Times screaming “freedom of the press” as the news came out: abortionists, IN THEIR VERY OWN WORDS, admitting killing kids for parts and selling them?  Cate Dyer of Stem Express freely, in her own words, asked for “50 livers a week”.  In non-diabolic speak, this means she needs 2500 women a year to get pregnant, keep them close to term, so they could be liver harvesting incubators like in the SciFi movies.
Recall Dr Mary Gatter “I want a Lamborghini for Christmas” plea in another. Expensive auto lamborghini-yellow-facing-southeastparts for baby parts, quid pro quo.  Yellow, with blue pinstripes.  Preferring, obviously, the Diablo II series.
Due to Daleiden videos, Devon Harris, Houston DA, was asked to impanel a grand jury to examine planned parenthood gulf coast’s illegal actions at the direction of the governor; instead of indicting, Anderson took money from the GJury target’s attorney, who swore vengeance against a successful hitlers birthday with kamala and devon.jpgwhistleblower himself, Troy Newman of OpRescue. 
She then charged the press representative, Daleiden with going undercover, using Woodward & Bernstein/TMZ techniques, with 2nd degree felony FOR USING A CALIF LICENSE!
Misdemeanor for trying to buy baby parts!
 From a reader rebuttal piece I submitted July 29, more facts:

“There is a looming back story to the News 5 piece outlining Texas District Judge Thomas dismissing the frivolous and overreach charges leveled at Merritt and Daleiden. Let’s call it the KamalaGate 11.

Abortionist Douglas Karpen was iPhone videoed by his three employees twisting the necks of babies born alive; normally this is called “murder”, yet the jury did not see this evidence, since DA Anderson did not present it.  Karpen, the target of an extended grand jury got a free pass; his attorney Chip Lewis was pleased that he somehow got “off” and instead, the unwarned and unnotified (legal grand jury procedure) Daleiden received preposterous felony II charges for a fake ID (and misdemeanor for baby parts buying).

Lewis rewarded his widowed friend DA Devon Anderson with a donated $25,100 for her re-election effort for this November as payback.  Meanwhile, as the power lusters do, he vowed revenge against Daleiden‘s Center for Medical Progress boardmember Troy Newman.  Anderson came through, hiding evidence and trumping charges, and other left field acts, while she plotted with Kamala for more payback in Moonbeam country. The Regressive Leftists in Calif. and Texas do work together.

Dropping the bizarre charges, Anderson still thinks we are stupid: her comment that “…after careful research and review, (her DA) office dismissed charges’ was more about protecting her from election year exposure to daylight via Rep Blackburn’s House select committee on infant deaths, than compassion for the most important undercover videos of the 21st century.’        Sorry Allen Funt and TMZ, the OC’s Daleiden (no help from the other senate candidate Loretta Sanchez, btw) takes the dubious prize.”

Illegally, Harris county grand jury information was leaked to planned parenthood (proven), and subsequently to the Calif. attorney general, an org that coincidentally donated 3600 pieces of silver ($81,000) to CalAG Kamala Harri$$’ Senate run. Harris has served only half her AG responsibilities, in both substance and time, and is trying to step stone into the Boxer seat.  We don’t need another Boxer.”
My point: the story of the decade, and in the OCR’s backyard.  Where’s Sanchez as well? Is she too conflicted, taking baby blood money herself.  I know her conscience bothers her.
OCRegister, while you complain about 4th estate political hyperbole, you are missing your opportunity because you lack the courage to see facts in front of you.  Here’s …the rest of the story.  No one to blame but yourselves and other “news outlets.” 
Top Cal law enforcement officer, AG Kamala Harris illegally used leaked grand jury information to send her 11 armed goons to Daleiden’s tiny apartment to raid all his “freedom of the press” whistleblower data.  EXCEPT, knowing how damning the middle woman Dyer’s Stem Express testimony would be, her goons were instructed to leave exculpatory evidence behind.   Our AG laser targeted and STILL has not returned nor charged Daleiden, even though every out of state charge were dismissed as frivolous.
PIRATE KAMALA IS SITTING ON EVIDENCE UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION.  She’s above the law and is the law.  So, Ms. Harra$$  figures she will be a Senator, as that OC favorite daughter Loretta Sanchez, tho proabort, would lose. Yet, the deposition of Cate Dyer is to be released VERY SOON.  Devon Anderson should resign; so should Harris for taking pay2play, similar to HilLAIRy’s corrupt org.  Teri S could be reporting on this in a banner series of real exposes in real time.
You are sitting on the Watergate of this century (i will include memes to show the point) that Teri Sforza would get a Pulitzer over.  Why?  Are you men or mice, women or wimps?
Your president and Islamist in Chief was telling the world the hellhole America is and not to overreact about bombs being terror weapons while minutes before the scum was apprehended.  Is the Register more out of touch with the culture’s pulse than even our Indonesian-Caucasian prez and his fussy food first lady?
Where’s the OCRegister voice for a fellow journalist like Daleiden?  Self-muted.  You have been my newspaper for three decades and i am ashamed.  You are a good news outlet, but could be great.  Unfortunately, like the LASlimes and others, you are R2D2 bootstrapped to following the crowd.  The Regressive Leftists Union of socialist soviet democrat reporters or freedom loving independent journalists?
LET TERI GET HER PULITZER.   And stop stifling the press yourselves.  Kamala prosecutesisis-and-planned-parenthood-blood-brothers-kamala you and me for using carbon dioxide and lets her crony donors, who slice, dice, bag and tag babies go free.   You have the information; why not do something with it.  And make this loyal fan proud of the news outlet you COULD become.   On most inner city street corners in America, ISIS’ blood brothers and sisters at planned parenthoodlums international do their domestic terrorist best to kill kids incubated in vivo so that they can get $715 a severed head from YaleMed and $150 a pop from Devon Anderson’s Houston backyard, TexMed near Galveston.  I could even send Teri a map; but must this busy dad do ALL the free press’ work while they complain about Archie Bunker’s babe “stifling” the media.planned-parenthood-domestic-terror-cells
Vacuums, including the free press telling the truth, fill with something.  You don’t even see the domestic terror cell hidden in plain sight on Tustin Ave@22fwy.
 It’s bad enough 12 year med school trained abortion doctors can’t recognize the baby they are killing is well, real human.  It’s worse, that they practice dermatology without a license as well, severing blackheads for profit, sliced at the base of the skull and shipped via “Uterine PartSell Service Red”
After all, if the press was truly free, it would recognize there is nothing more important and DOMESTIC than a mother and child.  And no greater TERROR than killing an innocent minnesota-st-cloud-terrorst-islamistchild.  PP may not use guns, but their terrorist weapons of choice are knives, similar to the one stopped by an NRA instructor who used his weapon of domestic tranquility on an asshole who shouted ‘Allelu Snackbar’ at the Food Court of a Minnesota mall.  I see something: planned parenthoodlums have terrorized and killed 58 million innocent kids SO FAR.  And 1.875 billion worldwide.  And when i say something, the press, supposedly the keeper of the public good, says nothing.  But it does grab it’s pulitzer pacifiers, Linus blankets, heads to a safe microaggressed free press room and whine that big bag Trump is taking them to task.  While HilLIARy continues 30 years of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing.  Yes, i wanted Cruz.  I’ll take Trump over the Democrapian Party of Slavery offering who has either Parkinson’s or Subcorticol Vascular Dementia, both serious often fatal disease.  ANOTHER thing the hapless ‘free press’ is unable to unearth.    She should have bowed out gracefully, like Pope St John Paul the Great did, when she found this out.  But money lust, like blood lust are terminal diseases often impossible to cure.  Even with a free, pacified press.

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