Vin spans almost seven decades A lesson for KaePrick, Britt & America

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Vin for the Win

The first time I heard Vin Scully was over 52 years ago; the first time I followed the Rams was about the same, but in LA, before Anaheim and St. Louis I of France.

Today, thank you goes to Vin for 67 great years. As to a few of these ungrateful Rams? Who the hell cares about these reprobate spoiled, rich 1%ers who can’t take a knee in the endzone after two league games, but so many are joyful about being KaePricks taking a knee when our country is honored.

If an 88 year old can stand at attention and respect the red, white and blue, why can’t a few 20 and 30 years olders who have benefitted from a blessed land do the same.

Perpetrating a lie makes them losers and zeroes; helping WITH their sorry asses in gear rams-are-anti-cop-poor-role-modelscan make them invaluable mentors and heroes. Go to the inner city you moan about, work with the youth like sports athletes of old.  Stars paid no where near $10 million to warm a bench did it as a responsibility and a joy.  They were part of the solution.  Not cause new problems.

Vin went well beyond the job, a lesson to us all.  All these 60s retreads deserve is a stadium sized yellow flag until Britt & friends apologize for treachery.  Start acting like they understand the game of life, America and the flag they trample like a 4th&1 play at the 1.

Not traitor, because a traitor has to have something between the ears, some head knowledge when he betrays a country like Snowdon and Hiss. These spoiled brats must be missing a lot upstairs, especially their 49ers leader who gets $10 million to sit on his sorry ass during the anthem and 60 minutes of play. But stupid treachery is foolish.

vin-scully-and-the-ramsThe NFL can let their employees be KaePricks, but fans do NOT have to support stupid.

Little known since NFL team owners don’t publish private P&Ls, billions in lost revenue has already happened for the national frail league because many of  their children can’t put their big boy pants on.

Time will tell if they or the game, still are around next year; baseball stikes did damage, but striking out at veterans, the truth, a blessed country and the fans, may work in fantasy baseball & football, but not in the real,world.

Vin Scully, a good & faithful Catholic, knows the game of life AND eternity; his reason for being there: to entertain Americans who all too often have huge obstacles, some self-inflicted, others governmentally instigated, in their daily lives.  Work to scratch out a living, hope to make $7 an hour as a burger flipper AND business owner who puts in 80 entrepreneurial hours a week while the Man KaePrick flails about Taxsucks him drive. $15 an hour?  Who are these royal politicians kidding?

Fans don’t need to be reminded we have the Islamist in Chief Anarchist putting fear in our allies and enabling avowed enemies; isn’t that what the black power is all about?  Even Calypso St Louie sees the fraud our lameduck Soros’ handled messiah is.  We don’t need KaePricks & his henchladies kneeling to Soros, Zuckerberg, Berkshire Hathaway Buffets, Hussein O and the Americans hating, Regressive Left O’Left party of destruction.

Vin understands, with his stories and smile, impeccable recall.

Out of college drafted footballers never took economics in between their constant frat beer pong keg guzzling, lass raping orgies.  Most put up with math and science to get TO the draft.


How many TV screens will be when not blacked out by the NFL.  Official Fan Blackout 2016

Fans buy the bling boys’ horribly overpriced jerseys, $3 cokes, $5 hot dogs, opera priced seats and Pay2WatchPlay TV.  How else can an owner pay a 3rd round, 3rd stringer KaePrick to SIT on his sorry ass more than the national product of ten 3rd world countries, $10 million? Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially for that single mom hoping her son doesn’t grow up to be like KaePrick and the other American dissing thugs.


Meanwhile the “legends in their own minds” concussion magnets buff every girl they can, play rapper and gangsta to be great role models for our young; Vick has become a verb referring to dogs.  Vin is the antidote to stupid.

Fans watch baseball as a “past time” and football because, i have no clue why anymore.

But, watching “boys” and “cheerleader squads” disrespect a country, despite its foibles, that is the greatest nation on God’s green earth, is not their role. Worse, these useless bullies steal money from their owners, time from their fans and opportunity from the disadvantaged black teen whose single mom is working two jobs to keep him out of the gang and IN school.  What a pitiful lesson they leave the young; the young they could make a difference helping in the inner city neighborhoods.  But this involves getting off their sorry asses in between the 60 minute field work.

We have plenty of sorry asses dissing America on our dime; the number one will hopefully vacate the white house come Jan 20 2017.  And the footballers can show grateful, honor and respect once again: just not holding my Soros sponsored climate changing CO2 laden breath.

Only one Vin.

My masters in biz admin, marketing says this much: insulting the customer is just not the smartest thing to do. TY Vin for 67.

When attending Mass before games, Vin knows what’s important. “I don’t feel like I haveflag-with-cross-in-the-starsone foot in heaven, but I think I can see it from here, especially at Mass.”

And this gem, smelling the fresh cut grass, a gift to KaePrick, the Rams’ Britt and others:

“All I know is that I’m profoundly humbled and grateful to the Lord for the gift of being able to cover baseball for practically my whole adult life. When the time comes to sign off for good, I’ll look back with joy.”    Paraphrasing Shakespeare: “the evil that men do oft lives after them; the good Vins do oft are interred with their bones”.  Maybe this is the miracle that proves this wrong.  KaePrick will be a footnote, though the damage will continue for a long time.  Tragedies happen, cops are not evil, ever hear of 9-11 and Sully?  Jose Fernandez, the Marlins of Miami ace, was alive last night.  Today, he is gone at 24 from a boating accident.  The Angels lost a rookie pitcher at Lemon & Orangethorpe, broadsided in a car.  We need to throw our best pass, pitch, put our best foot forward at all times.  Include having faith in the Living God, because God owns your stop watch. Not you.   Nor I, unless I am an abortionist and you are a baby ready for life, looking to become the next sports star or just live life after birth.

KaePrick who?  But, every Dodger game you will see Vin’s emblem in the hall of champions pictured in the left field stands.  A man who gave 150% to the job, from prep to the 9th and beyond.  He knows it’s all about the fans AND the game, not the individuals self-worshipping.

He calls em as he saw em.  One thing is obvious, if you look deep. He loves our God, this country, his wife, the fans.  This man is ready for heaven; we just aren’t ready to hear his mic go dark.eucharist-angels-watch

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