The modern Civil Riots Movement. He knows us each by name is why all lives matter.

rams-are-anti-cop-poor-role-modelsThe new and improved NFL:

No Fans Like unAmericans anymore.  A reflection of the modern Civil Righots Movement.

Ben Shapiro said something recently that has stuck in my brain about cops using blacks as target practice.   The main reason we know white & black cops kill blacks by the thousands can’t be true in reality and intuitively is:

“We know their names.”     Think about it.  Do you know any of the 1.88 billion dead kids from abortion so far?  Or innocent black or white kids killed by black thugs in Chicago, home to 700 murders so far in 2016?

Wow!  How simple the truth.  But, what WAS born was the modern 21st century Civil Righots movement

The compliance division of Soros’ Black Lives Matter retail industry, in tandem with the Reflexively Regressive Leftist media automatically give us first and last names for EVERY black killed by cop. Within minutes; at most hours.

70% of the Charlotte looters arrested were out of state Sorosians.  Hmm. Which means Soros’ Soldiers mobilize by bus, train, car and plane to get to each entrepreneurial opportunity for Black Fri-anyday consumer products acquisition and disposal…quickly.

And get this: the Rams’ Britt’s fave charity, HandsUpDontShoot again was shown to be the lie of lies.  “A federal judge has tossed a $41.5 million lawsuit filed against police byferguson-arson-squad-blm-black-lives Black Lives Matter activists in Ferguson alleging their civil rights were violated” hat tip Federalist.  Obviously, the judge must be wrong.  Black lives know it all.   Black Lives Matter are the volunteer fire departments,  arson division, for every new incident.  For example, these law abiding citizens, pictured here:

The thugs sued the Ferguson cops for trying to stop them from Barbary pirating, pillaging and burning down a civil city. Gee, how cuteis that?  The Modern Civil Righots Movement

Ferguson, North Carolina, never Chicago, easy Baltimore.  The list is finite but long.  Smash & Grab, Empty the Shelves, Find & Fence, the new marketing plans implementation of the modern Civil Riots movement.  Move over Socialism and other isms: we have Riot Consumerism.

Targets: WalMarts, Autozones, Best Buys, McDonalds.  Anywhere easily fenced consumer products can assuage the white American guilt with electronics, jewelry, auto batteries, all freebies on top of EBN Gift cards.  Christmas giveaway every day Soros beckons.

Meanwhile, as black retail biz owners are destroyed, never to rebuild.  And working two job single black mothers lose places to shop since retailers stay away from consumer war zones.  Walmart and McD’s don’t rebuild while the thugs rule the streets and various city councils.

Parallel and immediately, SharpTongue, Jesse & Spike LLC set up shop to chase city coffers for more ea$y money: asset forfeiture by tyranny.  The victimologists never miss an opportunity to shake down cities like Baltimore and Ferguson over the colors Brown and Grey. If not the looters and arsonist anarchist tantrum throwers, black mayors like Balimayor Giveaway: $3 million to Freddie Grey’s family, even though the drug using dealer did himself in.  Proof?  None of the B&W cops were convicted.  Will someone prosecute the mainly black leader machine in Baltimore for the giveway that is nothing compared to the CCS shakedowns, but destructive?  No, just more ideas for the next targeted cop icome redisty opportunity.

Maybe, to MLK’s dismay, it is the Civil Riots industry.  Who needs the truth; or educashun and jobs britt rams  hands up dont shoot.jpgwhen you can roam like bands of Barbary Pirates from city to hapless city.

You keep your EBT cards in your pocket for essentials like beer and pizza; pick up a few essential flat screens for the mancaves.

Take 6 foot 5 inch football great Michael Brown; soon after he assumed room temps, we knew he robbed a store, pulverized a clerk, assaulted a cop and grabbed a gun.  His main mistake?  He wasn’t in the NFL yet where you can do the crime (a little suspension,  unless you are Brady, for dog and girlfriend fights) AND the time, and get back on the field quickly.

But, his friend michael-brown-robberyand co-criminal Deroy Johnson founded the modern Civil Riots Movement by claiming (refuted by eyewitnesses of all spectral colors) he was a pussy cat.

 Hands Up, Don’t Shoot! Total BS, total lie by a criminal that ignited an industry and rampant anarchy.  WWIII in the Syrian~Iran~Russian alliance in Eurasia; WWIII on our streets by maurading bands.

MLK was interested in character qualities; the Civil Riots movement is interested in Soros- pleasing anarchy and the color of money for a fenced HiDef TV or laptop. The guy boyhandling the clerk above should be brutalizing offensive lineman on the six, not six feet under.  What a waste.  He could be one year away from playing for the St Louis~LA Rams in the second or third round.  Instead, feeding the worms.  What a tragedy; he was killed in the line of duty, that is, the duty of officer Wilson to stay alive.

It is a cancer, a virus that is infecting inner cities and the (No Fans Love anymore) NFL’s Mr. Roger’s Gameboys equally. Why, with the labor nonparticipation rate in the Obama non-recovery, is at its worse since the great Recession.  The one industry where blacks get mallard-and-anthemrich and shine is the one they are trying to destroy for a lie.

68% of the NFL are black athletes, five times their proportion in the population; no EEOC call will come;  unless some white wimp chess collegians file a civil rights lawsuit for employment discrimination.  So what, whites can’t jump?  Make the NFL put tenth stringers on for half the plays so 150 pound weaklings can play.  It’s only fair, after all. And the private sector solution to doing stupid and unAmerican is well underway: fans hate it, so TVs are staying dark and alternatives to the stadium, like washing cars and watching grass grow, in high gear.

Take that excellent pass receiver, the Rams’ Kenny Britt.  The most memorable use of his hands is not a shoestring one hand nab in the St. Louis endzone but two hands straight up,  lying to the fans and the world in missoura.  Today, he tests deodorant effectiveness for Johnson&Johnson (Mr. Brown’s associate asshole criminal) while 80,000 fans honor the country that gave them their opportunity.

Michael Brown shoulda been in pictures, NFLkenny-britt-national-anthem highlights. But he waived his rights to being drafted in four years by being a bully and doing stupid. AGREED?!  Look at the shop clerk and Brown grabbing him, the picture that spawned a revolution of civil riots to replace MLK’s stupid dream: that there is ONE race, the human one, something i believe with my whole human heart.

But we knew his first name, Michael and sur Brown, like Freddy Grey and the other 25-30 or so a year black males killed by officers.  Out of a population of 30 MILLION blacks.

And the majority of them, unlike EVERY black baby killed by domestic terrorists at Planned Parenhoodlums, LLC, were NOT innocent. Do the 2nd grade math:

One in a million for innocent and guilty blacks shot by cops each year.

One in three blacks killed by domestic terrorizing abortionists who severe blackheads without a dermatologist license and sells them to YaleMed for $715 a slice.  TexMed only pays $150 for hearts.  These are things athletes can do: stop black kids being killed by doctors who shove sharp knives up black mothers to harvest babies in salable parts.

But, will never make the news.  When the NoFansLove goes bankrupt, and the 68%ers are out of a job like the 50% 18-35 unemployed blacks not on NFL teams, someone might wake up.  Not Kenny.  Certainly not KaePrick.  His sorry ass will be out of football by then;  KaePrick is like a legal welfare queen: he gets $10 mil to be less than the best.  Sure, he plays better football than 99.99% of the world’s males, but instead of being grateful for his blessings and owner paid welfare, he complains and blames the elusive “man”.  That man must be 200 years old for all the times he’s pulled out to play the victim and not be victorious.

Think about it:30 a year.  700 Chicago, one city, Obama’s hometown, murders occurred in the first 3 quarters of 2016.  700, the majority being black murderers killing unarmed blacks.  How do we know this?

Give yourself the test:  name 5 of them.  Just 5.  See, the leftist regressive media refuses to identify a black thug killing a black thug in chicago; more fun, is naming a cop shooter within nanoseconds of stopping a criminal.

Meanwhile Britt,Quinn, KaePrick test their deodorant while the country is honored in song as the greatest nation on earth.  Instead of using their black power to help and change; they exude stink from their armpits, black leather sheathed phillangies.   The fans are speaking up.  NOT watching, NOT buying jerseys, NOT wasting time watching grown boys beating each other up in Mr. Roger’s fantasyland.  The owners won’t tell you.  I will: it is costing them millions$$$$$$$.  

So, using the BLM logic, black thugs killed by different colored officers matter MORE than innocent black teens killed by black thugs.  We already know this about domestic terrorism, abortion division, where 58 million American citizens in waiting were killed near birth. So far.

The problem is, a civil society needs adults to act like adults.  Cops to be cops. Athletes to perform well. Thugs to rot in jail.

Obama is not an adult; Slick W is a seriously serial woman trafficking predator. Both get away with murder.  The latest report is a 12 year old daughter of a Clinton campaign worker abused by the sexvert.

Kathleen Willy, Paula Jones, etc., targets of the Bimbo Eruption division of the Hillinsky Clinton Crime Syndicate, chartered to keep Bill in babes for his personal use.  Hear about the active duty Air Force One woman, he manhandled, married with kids?  She just asked for an apology, not wanting to join the BimboCorp.  And pardon me for calling Slick William Jefferson Clinton a man in ‘manhandler’.  He’s a prick, perv, piece of dirt maggot.

Speaking of America dissing KaePrick…

In fact, already the NFL has turned over the private business’ decision making process to Soros and his Black Lives Matter domestic terror movement.  Even though less than one a month may be the actual amount of questionable killings, the brainless sit on their hands and incite stupid in the inner city.

KaePrick still sits on his useless $10 million sorry ass defaming the land that gives him his opportunities because he lacks the Grey Matter to understand the Grey AND Brown matters are riddled with lies and fraud.  All lives matter, not just those black boys and girls sequestered in the black only UCLA Democrat enclave dorm.  Or the 1000 a day killed off to please Sanger and others who don’t like inferior contributions to the gene base.  Heather MacDonald proves the War on Cops IS a war on America.  Britts and KaePricks don’t need cops like black grandmothers who can’t walk down their streets because the cops are demonized, leading to the demons thinking every day is Halloween.   Civil Riots is ALL about tricking the populace and treating themselves to freebies.

planned-parenthood-domestic-terror-cellsYES, even one innocent black death is too much.  But where’s Jesse “abortion is black genocide” Jackson and BLM pounding the pavement outside Tustin Ave@22fwy  PP in Orange, rioting and ransacking the kill mill for sharp currette knives, laptops, computers etc.?  My goodness, we don’t know even ONE name of the severed black heads sold to YaleMed for $715 a slice.  Not EVEN ONE!  But, important point.

God knows.  He knows how many hairs on our head, severed or not, # of sparrow feathers etc.  He knows with perfect certainty how long we will live.  Soros the Ghoul does not.  Nor BLM.

Meanwhile the bullies, starting with the lameduckling on Penn Ave, are destroying the civil society in this renewed modern Civil Riots movement.  The godfather of same is Mr. Johnson, Brown’s boy Friday who lied.    A year ago, that noble org BLM said this:  “Every 28 hours, a black person is murdered by police,” Black Lives Matter activist Cherno Biko told Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly. Where’s Heather MacDonald when you need the truth.  Facts are inconvenient bedfellows with dumb statements by regressives.

Let’s see: 8766 hours in a year.  Divide by the BLM societal scientist Biko’s 28 hours means an innocent black person is murdered by a cop 313 times every year.  

But, since EVERY dead black by cop is a new payday, we should know 313 names for the

ferguson michael brown pic.jpg

What a tragedy.  Instead of pulverizing footballers on the six, Michael Brown is six feet under.  No thanks to NFL blackletes

last 12 months.

Brown, Grey…

Problem is, it is less than 5 (murdered) annually. AND YOU CAN NAME EVERY ONE BECAUSE BLM, the state controlled media and the racist pimps immediately identify the dead black person IF a cop is involved.

 Immediately.   Like all good leftist radicals, Mr. Biko, honoring the Bobblehead Bimbo Hillinsky, Rodham, lies.  And lies.  One guesses this is why Soros endowed this fine group with $130 million.

The Logical Conclusion would be, since 1000 black kids die every day by domestic terrorizing abortionists:

ALL ABORTIONISTS ARE COPS.  Preposterous?  Aren’t all black deaths due to cops?

Frankly, the adults need to reclaim the role of leadership in America. The real black leaders given half a chance to lead.  SCOTUS Thomas, Sowell, Williams, Ms King…problem is, any time a black leader talks smart and doesn’t toe the regressive leftist Democrapian line, they are labeled “Uncle Toms” or “Aunt Thomasina” and derided by Regressives.

Science, technology, truth, politics.  And if the NFL wants to still have owners outside bankruptcy and people watching, they need to grow a couple.  After all, the EEOC can’t complain: 68% of NFL players ARE black, in this color blind but politically corrupt America.  Probably because white men can’t jump.  Or hold their hands up as high as Britt can.

scalia-and-ferguson-brownDo you realize the end of life of Michael Brown was scrutinized infinitely more than a sitting Supreme Court Justice, 3 to 0

Mr. Brown had three different autopsies, with same result.

Mr. Scalia had ZERO autopsies in a very suspicious death.  Apparently, some black lives DO matter more.

And Martin Luther King is indeed ashamed at his Civil Rights victories turned into the Civil Riots Movement.   Pray for our blessed land.  Pray hard.

No, HilLIARy, we are not implicitly racist Americans.  We just don’t like crooks. Black or white outside, we all still flow red blood and 46 Chromosomes on our genomes.

The Civil Rights Movement is NOT dead and accomplished much, especially with Republican help; but there is a bizarro facsimile that I call the Civil Riots Movement that is gaining steam.  Their leadership, the Democrat Party of Slavery continues unabated.

Father God knows EVERY name, first and last, of the full 9 billion on earth. How many head hairs and years All of us will have before birth.   He wants us to live forever in heaven by following His Son, Jesus.  BLM, SharpTongue, Jesse the J, will be less than dim memories long before God is done with us.

But, IF black lives mattered to black lives matter, the already 1.88 billion kids killed at Jill&Bill kill mills would get their attention.   Not pillaged and burned cities using black thug deaths as the excuse.  Yes, innocents do die that shouldn’t; proof is the 1000 vulnerable black kids who die everyday while BLM pillages and loots for the lies they live.

But Soros, HilLIARy, Kamala NEVER blame the domestic terrorizing doctors; they blame cops.

Britt proves, he is clueless, brainless and ignorant.  I hope he wakes up and actually learns the easily retrievable kaeprick-and-a-real-herofacts while he and his 68%er blacks and 32% non-black athletes, members of the one human race, still have jobs.  As for me and my house, we will not watch ungrateful ingrates who insult my country for stupid, non sequitur reasons.

Ask Mallard.  The state controlled media does not own the NFL. We just try not to patronize people who hate America with their limp gloved hands in the air.  Or, sorry assets glued to benches warmed by jerseys bottoms.

As to the 3rd string sorry ass KaePrick, i am not sure the $19 million benchwarmer will ever have a clue how much he is costing his owners and the fans, let alone the No Fans Love unAmericans anymore league of useless.   the NFL    The rich spoiled boys league of sad excuses for men of character.  Even the NFL commercials are trying to show football stars do good things in the communities; yup, a little here and a bit there.   Problem is all the fans see are KaePrick butts, Britt gloves held high and knees on the ground while real Americans honor our flawed but great land.

American does NOT need KaePrick; he needs America.  The world still looks to this land as the place to desperately get to, whether across borderless boundaries, via ship, air or land.

We already have our own domestic abortion terrorists who kill 40 black kids an hour, 1000 a day, 365,000 a year, so ISIS will always be in second place.  But the inner city youth could use a little help here, because few have the talent to fist pump or sit their sorry asses for millions in front of dwindling millions.   Otherwise, Britt & KaePrick help black lives matter morph Martin Luther King, the Republican party and others’ dream of a colorless Civil Rights movement into the new Civil Riots movement, under the guidance of Soros and the Democrapians, the party of slavery for over 150 years.

The Modern Ferguson Deroy Jackson Civil Riots Movement~ Anarchy Incorporated.  Fueled by blackletes and Sorosians everywhere.





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