St. Francis and faulty science… The Catholic androgenic climate change wars

Subhead: Seven Catholic institutions plan to divest from fossil fuels. OCCatholic 10/9 Quick read:being financially irresponsible due to a lie about God’s miracle biochem CO2

How much CO2 is out there?  My fave saint is still St. Francis of Assisi.  As a research scientist, father of 11, retired Scoutmaster & cradle Catholic, I love his belief that God created an amazing, intricate and infinitely complex world for man to steward.  Brother Sun, Sister Moon, love of outdoors…he loved animals, the trees, nature.   And nature’s God.

As Bishop Barron pointed out in an article, science was greatly advanced by inquisitive Catholic religious down through time; so many advances.  Unfortunately, my Church is snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, joining the androgenic climate change wars despite the scientific evidence.  Yes i am a contrarian, but read and hear me out.

We insult God with our ungratefulness.  Recall, (my Katie thinks i was there when Dino and Flintstone hit the earth), God started with the simple stuff: billions of stars and planets.  After the galaxies, He created trillions of insects, plants and animals, and the millions of photovoltaic and biochemical processes necessary to keep the earth humming.  Continuing the simple to more complex, He created huMANity: a man we call Adam.

God’s last act of general creation was a 75 trillion celled woman, THE most complex creation in the known universe.   Though i think atheistic evolution is a big zero like what atheists believe in, God did create “HyperEvolution” in that a married woman can take a single cell and in about 280 days evolve/change it into a noisy but beautiful vulnerable baby.  Normal uniformitarian evolution takes billions of years; a mom, a mere 9 months.

We insult God thinking He doesn’t know what He is doing.  How to design, to build, to sustain (love these words sustainability, fossil fuels etc. we concoct) His universe.

Take His amazing gift of food and air, specifically photosynthesis and carbon dioxide.  Demon CO2 FINALLY got back to 1 molecule per 2500 other molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, 2500marbles pic on desk w donna bground.jpgargon etc.  1/2500.   After anarchist Soros invested $30 million in the Algore “puny man destroys God’s world” project, we went from 1) man made CO2 to 2) man made global warming to 3) man made climate change.  These three stages are like the 3 card monte or the three cup shyster table top con game.  When at first you fail, keep on failing; don’t modify your biased presuppositions.  Note, the claim is MAN is responsible for creating 3% of the air-borne carbon di: 3% of 400 per million, if math is still acceptable to use, yields 12 man made CO2 molecules for every ONE MILLION air: 12/1,000,000.  Do the intuit: my Catholic buds want me to believe man is more powerful than volcanoes; that 12 CO2 molecules are”stretched” over the earth for every 1,000,000 atmospheric molecular units to keep in the heat.  Uh, folks, the Son of God and the Sun of Earth have something in common: they alone provide Light and life.  We ignore solar Maunder Minimums, sun spots, volcanic activity and now that we have morphed to “climate change”, we give man CREDIT for destroying terra firma.  Sorry St Francis!

To help the laudate si shuffle, I searched and found the world’s largest greenhouse gas trapping structure to show what the Regressive pseudoscientists are preaching.

Hand it to them.  The Regressives are INGENIOUS.  Instead of Sun Warms, Light Shines, Wind blows, when there was ZERO average planetary temperature increases alongside the increase of polar ice over two decades, they morphed from GW to something that has happened since God’s 6 day war against nothingness: Creation.  Can’t blame them: there are billions of dollars in government grants dependent on believing the lie.  FTMoney.

The Regressive Left Luddites claim CO2 is burning up our 6,000,000,000,000,000 or 12 septillion pound earth by forming a greenhouse around the earth.  Heat is being trapped by the devilish polluting CO2, even though it is a benign trace gas critical to the sustainability of life.  In case you missed 4th grade science that day, here it is:

6CO2 + 6H2O ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2. Sunlight energy.

Carbon Dioxide (is sacrificed) and water become food and oxygen, with a little help from photosynthesis and aerobic respiration.jpgchlorophyll and a lot of help from our planetary star.  I know, the Supremes call God’s wonder chemical molecule “pollution” but that makes about as much sense as believing CO2 is causing the non-existent super hurricane increases (Matt was the first in 11 years for Florida) and other anecdotal “chicken little” pronouncements that God is stupid and man changes climate with his Harry Potter wand.  God created a balance world; other than full scale nuclear war, we have as much inpact on the climate as a gnat decreases the gas mileage of a tanker truck as it hits the windshield.  We don’t have that power!

Jesuit Bisson mimics the CC party line: “Climate change is already affecting poor and marginalized communities globally through drought, rising sea levels, famine and extreme weather.”   Sorry, the sea levels are NOT rising, once you look at the empirical data.  And he’s right:  climate changed, as it does every day, to impact poor Haitians dispropotionately; Haiti is in the middle of the water, and like East vs West Berlin, economic and construction standards have led to increase propensity for devastation.

CLIMATE CHANGE RULE#1:  Climate has always changed.  Without it changing, you don’t have the seasons, which means the earth’s tilt and the 700 million tons per second of hydrogen converted to helium on the sun for heat and light doesn’t happen.  Think God is big enough to make billions of suns, but too small to perfect atmospheric processes? At one time, before Luddites could Luddite, CO2 concentration was 4000 parts per million.  The earth is still here. It is NOT the Industrial Revolution that is the problem.

California is a desert; deserts have droughts.  The number of super weather events (hurricanes and typhoons, tornadoes) have NOT increased over this decade.  The reason the variable paths of hurricanes like Sandy (a tropical storm), Katie and Irene make them “super” storms is an easy answer:  we notice them when they cross heavily populated areas.  New Orleans is BELOW sea level; gravity still is a scientific law.

Famine happens when excellent agricultural management and cheap fossil natural gas aren’t exported and used in 3rd world countries to help grow more, sturdier, food crops.  As it is, we dump cherries by the ton for antiquated USDA marketing orders, and convert high efficient corn to low efficient gasoline additives, increasing famine, to please eugenics loving Susan and Warren Buffet’s ethanol industry.   Photosynthesis takes CO2 and water to create worldwide useful food to convert it to inefficient coefficent car fuel?  How does this make any sense at all?  Lower fuel efficiency, means buying more gas to go the same distance, ruining engines, all in the name of believing the Big Lie.

Calling something “fossil” does not make it evil; my Katie, the last of our 11, thinks i am one because I existed before the new millennium.  Scientifically, most of the world’s fossils are long gone, compressed into the oil and natural gas deposits.

If you want to see transitional fossil to fuel, go to the LaBrea Tarpits in LA.  Otherwise, thank God for His generous supply of energy that can power the world, while we Luddite ourselves away from San Onofre and the gift of nuclear energy.

Truth be told: The MMCC worshippers want to stop earthly progress, economic growth and stability, and production by shutting down 3rd world countries drilling for water or moving sewage, so they can be awesome climate change ambassadors.

Marx tried but we continue to innovate.  Thanks to God’s gift of fossil fuels mid-eternity during the worldwide Noahic events euphemistically called a “flood”, we have trillions of cubit feet of looooow polluting natural gas (which helped Moonbeam’s AB32 target met early only to be replaced with more oppressive SB32).  Coal, oil, from which 6000 products result.   It’s like calling prolifers “anti-choice”, the Regressives push their BHO “cultural revolution” a la Mao with 1984/Brave New World speak.

Take the oft parroted lie in the article: “up to 97% of climate scientists have attributed climate change to man…”  It is way less than half and science, frankly, is not a popularity or consensus game.  It involves hypotheses, theories, observations, testing as part of the apparently heretical “Scientific Method” to the Cultural Revolutionaries.  In fact, we will apply the scientific method below.

Problem is, there is no greenhouse.  Ask any reputable atmospheric physicist not on the government grant dole and he or she will tell you.  Nada.

Article’s pap continues:  we must prevent “economic interests” dictating our “energy model” based on fossil fuels’.   The poor’s economic interests dictate us innovating WITH existent natural resources.

 Blame God; after 120 years of the Noah Ship Building Co., God eliminated all but eight humans and generated continent changing massive geothermal pressures to make NatGas, oil and coal from the organics…for OUR good.  And the good of the poor.

Yes, we need to be wise: realize techno innovation means we don’t need smog knives around Bishop Barron’s LA home anymore.  It’s not the energy that is the problem; it’s the Luddites and imbecilic environmental radicals who make it difficult for us conservational environmentalists to do our jobs.   My home is an environmental research “lab” to wisely use all of God’s gifts.

Take Aaron Mair, prez of Sierra Clubbers Int’l.  Ted Cruz had to explain the Sierra Club term the org had invented (The Pause) to Aaron in congressional testimony.  The Club concocted Pause to mean the two consistent decades of no avg global warmth increase was just a “pause.”  They can’t even keep up with their own lies and pseudoscientific laws.  Their point is: stop energy use and improved standards of living for their mailouts.

But, inexpensive, high energy coefficient “fossil fuels” HELP 3rd worlders come out of the 7th century to enjoy things like quality sewage processing, refrigerated food (I think Food Air Conditioning might be ok for my Pope since it saves the poor’s lives) and drinkable water.  EQ resistant dwellings.

We don’t need to BBQ birds by the thousands in the Mojave Solar generation plants; cooking the same birds, after shredding by the wind farms.  Fossil fuels are “renewable” and more reliable than solar, wind, biomass etc.  If is ok to supplement the energy coffers with these, but they are expensive…and unnecessary

The Israel haters are pushing divest and marginalize Israel.  Must we do the same for God’s gift to mankind as well?  The 7 Holy Catholic divestitures frankly are violating their fiduciary duties by their lack of scientific courage.  Fossil fuel stocks perform well because they are on the cutting edge of sustainable jobs;  hundreds of billions and bankruptcies have resulted from the corny crony capitalist Obama money laundering to solar and wind projects.   Frankly, solar panel tech is decades old, just like the oh my! fracturing tech used to extract natural gas.  NatGas is our friend and pleased the Moonbeam and Lowbeamer Legislayers in the Blessed Sacramento castle; though they will never admit victory.

Forced “alternative” energy projects  don’t fail just because they are poor science; they fail because they don’t make sense IF your goal is leave God’s gift of natural gas in the ground.

 Should all hospitals be hooked up to windmill generators during brain surgery?   Should the pumps for a wildfire be attached to solar panels?  Hydrogen fuel cells may be great, but will never provide the plastics to make surgical tools to save lives in hospitals.  We need a free and open market for ALL energy sources and heavy scrutiny before “subsidizes” are forwarded.  To date, the Obama TARP money has been squandered on mainly failure or premature corporate cronies that have gone BK.  Money laundering and other sad stories of failure.

Think about it.  Instead of wasting a trillion yes trillion dollars a year on Algore’s atheistic snake oil recreating God’s world with all this climate change fraud, that money could actually help the poor countries thrive.  After despotic tyranny, depriving poor families of cheap energy is evil.  Electricity generation helps, cheap processed vehicle and machinery fuels improve, lives in the Sudan as well as Seattle.  Low Polluting coal works, even if the HilLIARy Kill Koal Kompanies Kampaign is not derailed on November 8.

For years, i have dialogued with the climate change ambassadors who worship at the androgenic climate change temple.  I have battled interfaith groupings insistence on primitive scientific conclusions.

Maybe the Crystal Christ Cathedral, the worlds largest greenhouse gas trapping model, can change your mind about God being useless in the sustainability realm.  It should at least cause you to realize the truth:

Greenhouses are GOOD things and there is no atmospheric version leading to mankind’s destruction.  If you want to see an example of tech innovation using a greenhouse model that isn’t a remolded Catholic Cathedral, watch a little of this:


Galileo the Observer vs  Gore the Gasbag.  In the 17th century, the Church embarrassed itself with the Coperican~Galileo debates, though the real story is not the usual urban legend. Details for another time; but whether the earth (and man) was the center of the universe or that solar ball 93 million miles away is more an ego/man is supreme thing when compared to the impact of wasting trillions on declaring “climate changes” and putting unelected and elected governmental leeches worldwide attached to family economic progress under the Algore “man makes carbon dioxide & burns the earth” total lie.

Ironically, the idea that man is all powerful “center of the universe” is the centerpiece, only in a false narrative we can change nature adversely.  We are TOO PUNY, folks!

Our Church is MUCH better than this; Tycho Brahe, Copernicus & Galileo had much less sensitive technology than today, yet we, for the love of money, believe the fraud of CO2.

God IS the Chief Scientist.  He knew what His world would need in the first days after creation as well as the 21st century and created accordingly.

Astronomical Science in Genesis.   Honestly, I don’t care if God took six 24 hour days or billions of years to help the atheists waste our time on AEvolution; either way, He didn’t raise a sweat.

But, God even gave us a hint before ground optics were invented and installed in a telescope in the 1600s to confirm His astronomical pronouncement that there were millions, not just 1063, stars.  Since the Talmud, the Chief Scientist gave His beloved children on earth the truth about just how expansive the universal sky was.  From the first science book of Judeo-Christianity: Genesis 22:17:

“I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies”

A little inductive reasoning using the scientific method.

Hypothesis: God told us there were billions of stars in His heavens thousands of years, not just 400 years ago.

Theory statement (above) Genesis 22:17

Observation: Walk the middle eastern sands and a handful is thousands of sand pieces; Newport or Huntington Beach have billions alone.

Correlation & Conclusion:  As numerous as the sands AND the stars; using the easily quantifiable (at least orders of magnitude) sand (before the telescope) as the yardstick, there must be billions of stars.

Debate:  as late as early 1600s, Tycho Brahe, a Danish nobleman believe there were only


Tycho’s geo-solar system surrounded by fixed stars

about a 1000 fixed stars.  Proof that throwing trillions in the sewer to demonize God’s miracle gas, CO2 does nothing, Tycho had an observatory, sextants and much more expensive facilities; he was not Copernican (sun centered planet system) but he proposed a “geo-heliocentric” system in which the Sun and Moon orbited the Earth, while the other planets orbited the Sun.

Most of us think it was either helio (sun) or geo (earth) centric; Tycho’s was neither.

The simple then happened.  Once, Galileo had a working improved telescope, Tycho’s 1000 became billions of stars in clusters called galaxies.   Not visible to the naked eye but visible always to God and finally to the aided eye.  And written down in chapter 22 of Astronomy I.   The Truth is…the Truth!  Science just observes God’s handiwork and tries to understand it; that miraculous three pounds of quadrillion dendrite connections between our ears is there to be used, not just fill a between-the-ear” void.

Just as we will look back in a few years to realize just how horribly foolish we in the Church were to buy the unproven lie about CO2 and man warming the earth, technological innovation sans ignorance and bias will win out.  It did in Tycho’s day when his contemporary proved it.   For the record, technology is not my God, God is.  But, the “gifts” of our Father are not just spiritual: they include genius at man’s level.

Galileo, like today’s climate change worshipping ambassadors, had so many scientists who DID NOT want to look through the eyepiece, because it would alter and disprove their biased presuppositions.  The evidence is all around us.  Read Tycho’s reasoning not to violate Aristotelian physics, Aether and Quintessence:

“According to Tycho, the idea of a rotating and revolving Earth would be “in violation not only of all physical truth but also of the authority of Holy Scripture, which ought to be paramount.”   (WikiP)    Minor problem: he didn’t read Genesis 22:17

It’s not Tycho’s fault he wasn’t God Who saw over the fence; all he had was a knothole the size of a pinhole to see the amazing universe God created for man.  Unfortunately, follow the money:  massive governmental grant grabbing (35 billion annually plus) requires you tow the Regressive leftist Luddite lie and line: man alters the universe of the atmosphere.

Progress nor money are not evil, just the lustful obsessive love of the $$$. Climate changes ALWAYS just as progress and the bank of scientific knowledge. But, our mortality sin is prostiticians marry pseudo-scientists, academia and Aaron Mair’s Clubbers in a “quad a trois” of crony capital confiscation that could save the world and stay in poor families’ budgets.  For luxuries like food, water, shelter and clothing.

Progress.  Oil fueled lamps until the internal combustion engine transformed the world.  Natural gas, from the ground or cow farts (now regulated by Moonbeam down to 40%: more grass fed coming since corn fed beef leads to methane that doesn’t pipe into our ovens easily), is powering a revolution of energy use AS LONG AS the meddlers keep their Algorian paws off of families’ futures.   Fat, Algorian chance.  Lies repeated have a habit of becoming law, scientific and otherwise.

When California’s citizens, the chained serfs outside the Blessed Sacramento Moat of Moonbeam and Regressives, exceed the CO2 standards four years early, due to fracked and increased use of natural gas for electricity generation, what happens?

Our reward is more carbon taxes (over 77 cents per gas gallon) and NEW standards to destroy more California industry and help more California businesses move to the Houston~Galveston diocese.  Tycho’s Moonbeam, a true Luddite governor, hates cars and California serfs having freedoms.  Our Jesuit trained leader may think he’s doing the right thing, but he is destroying with his Lowbeam Legislayers, a great state.

He may not realize this, but Bishop Barron’s LA area parishioner families already are paying an evil 65.3% gasoline fuel sales gas-two-dollar-65-3-tall-signtax rate in the tarnished Golden State; do we want the scofflaws of the one party state of corruption having even more access to family budgets via “carbon taxes”, a pure naked royal money grab, “per mile taxes” etc?  Sacramento, like DC, does not have a revenue problem;they have a toxic spending one.

The last thing we need is the Church to buy into this pseudo-scientific ignorance any more than we already have.  CO2 is NOT a component in pollution OR heating the earth.  It is a helpless gift from God to feed the planet and help us stay alive.

St. Francis would be embarrassed for a lot of reasons if he were on earth today.  One big one would be the Church sided with the agnostics & atheists who doubt God could create an incredible biochemical molecule that yields food by the megaton and energy by the tankful.  Climate change has ALWAYS disproportionately effected and affected the poor, because improved living standards and techology, like ACed tomatoes and clean water, good construction standards etc. are better in America than EQ ravaged Italy or drought riddled Northern Africa.

Take, Israel: it is the example of what innovative people, who battle just to survive their human enemies, can do in a desert to survive relentless nature.  They created an oasis after WWII.  Israeli water desalinization technology is just one example close to home here in SoCal.   Instead of celebrating a step-brother’s success, all the Arab and Farsi countries want to nuke Israel out of existence.  

We have a people problem, Houston; not a problem with the energy gifts God has given us for this time in history.  We are soooo gifted with opportunities worldwide once we get a dictator despot vaccine perfected.  In the meantime, if the culture does stupid, accepting ancient and recurring Luddite and uncivilized maxims, that’s one thing.  But the Church? longstanding source of charity and hope for the poor before it was ceded to LBJ’s War.

And people problems, like evangelizing lost souls, can be corrected with much work and more patience.  Tycho was alive to see the error of his ways, which was not error but the scientific method in action.  Will we be alive, when that 97% consensus lie is universally refuted with the truth.  Only God knows and time will tell.    The terrible truth surrounds us.  For example, Buffets get rich converting high food source corn to terriflying energy inefficient ethanol based on this lie.  Less food worldwide and higher family energy costs.

Please undestand.  As the managing director of the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research Lab, I love my Church.  We are the stewards of the known universe as God’s human kingdom.  We are NOT a part of the animal realm, nor the insect phyla, plant species etc.  God, the Infinite Designer and Creator, is well, infinitely capable. We INSULT Him by us puny creations lying to each other than the miracle gas, one of millions of biochemical processes, is evil.  Yet, He, as the Loving Father sees His children wasting millions of hours and trillions of hard earned dollars on a lie foisted by fools.

And my beloved Church is complicit in this primitive ignorance, but too many prelates, cardinals, bishops and even my current pope who took Francis’ name, are duped into wasted trillions that could directly help the poor out of the dirt.  Learning “how to fish” and receive “fish” (tech innovation and charity) married to improving the world conditions for Mother Teresa’s beloved ones.  The Church, not the government, the individual not the corporations, are called to be the primary source of charitable giving to the truly poor; it is despotic leaders more than big bad evil corporations that lead to desperate poverty.  Catholics ARE generous people, but we MUST be fiduciaries with all aspects of our lives.  Seven Holy Catholic Institutions are not practicing the Seven Gifts of the Spirit, when following the lies and like shorn sheep, divesting their fiduciaries and their portfolios of funds that fuel jobs in the fossil fuel industry AND increase value to their clients.  In the end, God took a sinful world and turned His megatrillion tons of organic organisms into oil, coal and natGas.  Let’s not insult Him further by leaving it in the ground and not HELPING the poor.   I’m just asking for no repeat of the 17th century Galilean mistake; the Galilean of Mary knew what He was doing.   Look through Galileo’s eyepiece, people, and SEE the universe as it is.

Got CO2?  If you DON’T, you die.

Len Beckman

Managing Director, the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research Lab

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