Selling slaves by the piece part method. Hearts & the organ 4Profit resale business

An article in the OCRegister regarding DaVinci’s profitable organics business featured the Isaias’ extended family and their involvement in making money from the baby parts trafficking industry; things like severing blackheads (without a dermatologist license) and selling them to needy customers like YaleMedfor $715 or discounted to UTexMed for $150 or $25.

BREAKING NEWS: the Hillary~Ecuadorian refugee connection & angle

 Kudos and thank yous to our DA Mr.Tony  Rackauckas, and his DDA Kelly Ernby for doing important work in trying to prosecute the selling for “profit”  of human organs and body parts.  Not from cadavers or DNR patients, they emanate from higher yield, later and bigger the better, abortions; but the human carrion industry is much more corrupt than this excellent first step and current lawsuit against the DaVinci Bio organ profiteers.  Now the plot thickens as if blood is thicker than a wad of Iranian hostage cash.
Maybe Stem Express, evidence’ly’ ignored by our state AG running for the $enate, should be next if another prosecutoring agency can be found in Northern Cal near Placerville.  Instead, Kamala Harri$ sends her 11 goons to Irvine.

I know a bit about the organs donation system.  Thirty years ago, my beloved sister, Catherine experienced a massive heart infection that forced her on to the donor list for a new heart.  In time, one was located after a tragic accident of a 12 year old Seattle newspaper carrier that was a perfect match; the exchange happened in Minnesota to a beautiful California native.  Small in stature and different sex, age and gender are no arbiters nor dividers as to suitability of organ donors and recipients.

  If bid at auction, the heart could have fetched thousands of dollars, even in the 80s, which would have had the side effect of a dead #2 out of 11 kids.  I didn’t learn my parent’s lessons well: my Donna and I have 11 kids as well and both have carried Organ Donor cards. My wife, unfortunately no longer needs hers.  She was promoted to heaven.

Catherine is alive today, due to the integrity of the organ donor system.  It may not be perfect and some believe adding profit to the organ transplant business is a good idea; however, two things would happen: homeless who wake up missing kidneys or lose her liver and never see another day, way tooo often.

As it is, Catherine built a relationship with her lifesaver’s Seattle parents that is beautiful and a healthy understanding of life; it gave them closure.
Mothers who abort purposefully, even though they most often are forced into abortion by significant others who prefer the convenient to being responsible, will never be able to thank their organ donors this side of heaven.  They receive nothing for the organs and, as study after study has shown, never shed the physical, emotional and spiritual ramifications of her decision.

This is why the OC DA’s filing a $1.6 million “excessive profits” suit against Yorba Linda’s DaVinci Bio is such an important and critical start, since it is very rare with planned parenthood having a stranglehold on the Democrat party of slavery, academia’s Regressive left professors and the national “confidence” con business which thrives on making vulnerable women more defenseless. Mom’s do it for the children: other people’s kids.

With certain reason, if there is “profit” in selling babies’ severed heads, scalps, hearts and livers, there is a natural human incentive to get more; follow the money, as usual.
Under the radar, harvesting hair follicles from baby scalps is a growth industry, no pun intended, as men age in the baby boomer era, for example. Never heard about this?

Like with my still alive sister Catherine, America has a long heritage of organs being gifted at or near death, not purchased; but the insidious truth is, with abortion mills, the patients are not on life support but simply waiting for mommy support, the future maternal breast nourishment and love, following the natural act of birth and daylight.

Their DNR is retroactive, especially when born alive in Albuquerque NM, the late term abortion capital of the Western World..  Better called DNLL: do not let live.  OR DNB: do not birth.  At least, do not birth alive and intact.

Most have heard/seen a TV show of skid row inhabitants waking up missing a kidney or found dead missing a liver. Fact or fiction? Who knows.
 Yet, under Freedom of Information Act squeezed out truth, Yale Med has been caught, unquestionably, paying $715 for foetus/baby calvaria; foetus translates “living thing”.  Calvaria becomes “heads”.  UofTexas Medical Branch, $150 each for something.
Think about it.  Scofflaws love to disguise their grisly work, especially the death industry, which loves Latin as a natural defense from Spanish and English indictments and native tongues.   This abuse is not just in California.
Again, thank you to Orange County assistant district attorney Kelly for the effort.  But, irrefutable, exculpatory evidence exists that planned parenthood DOES sell parts.

In the Houston area of Texas: PP is actively lying and can’t deny that it didn’t “sell” parts.

Pictured here are FOIAplanned-parenthood-utmb-po documents of planned parenthood gulf coast (PPGC) charging $150 per ‘consent’ to the university of Texas Med (UTMB) purchasing department, their way of disguising exorbitant pricing for what Mr. Rackauckas states: “The patient must first sign a CONSENT form”.  Now, that they’ve been caught, yes. Probably buried in a pile of paper when a woman is most distraught.  $150 for each signature sounds more like an Iranian ransom payoff than shipping and handling.  Look closely: the PO totals out at $7350 because it combines two batches hidden within.
Like the Veritas “Demo thugs for hire” Trump violence caught by candid recordings, the TexMed PO is a double blind, calling out two invoices but no detail to hide the pay4parts scheme in the master purchase order (#413760)pictured here.
Dr. Theiler worked for UTexMed AND planned parenthood later.  One could speculate that she may have even ordered the same parts she extracted from living beings that she bought in her Dr. Jeckyl/Hyde role, through her TexMed buyer Christine Bradford.

What did Christine know and when did she know it is anybody’s guess.

 Matters little: the PO proves the dreary PP lie that it only charges for shipping.  Under “Freight Terms” one sees ‘FOB Dest’ which translates to Free On Board Destination. Purchasing people, help us out here:  TexMed did NOT pay for shipping;  PPGulfCoast did.  TexMed only paid $150 per baby heart or liver or $25 for a fingernail, depending on the coded “consent payment” translation to $150 (or $25)per slice.

planned-parenthood-invoice-closeup-on-150-bucks-eaFOR THE GREATER GOOD LET US KILL.  Sadly, this recent development is one more insidious effort by PP to protect its main product line, abortion; by grooming the mother to “feel better” about letting them kill and dismember her child.

Before the ultrasound and med lab markets developed and demand initiated, the child was worth maybe $300 or whatever MediCal paid, then incinerated, not harvested.  The cancer~Alzheimer scam, which it is, didn’t yet exist at the time.  It didn’t need to.

And, if paying for shipping, not parts selling was happening, why different prices ($25, $150, $715) for different “consents” show up?  A pound of flesh doesn’t cost $25 or $715 to ship.  Look at the companion invoice from PPGulfCoast.When the DDA does the research, “Consents” will not be listed in any fetology or physiology texts that i know of, as the English or Latin translation for any human body parts.  Nor, “Consents Payment”; what is that the femur and consents the tibia?

planned-parenthood-utmb-invoice-1The begrudgingly released TexMed PURCHASE orders and PPGC invoices are irrefutable evidence of harvesting by Dr Mary Gatter (LA PP abortionist) to buy Lamborghinis.  Like she’s caught on candid camera dreaming about.
Mary is no Prius imagineer.  Arrest me red or look at me Yellow V12.

All one needs to do is watch the dozen David Daleiden videos to connect the bloody dots.  But this is difficult for the Regressive left media and planned parenthood fans to do: experience the truth.

Odd straw man, this Mr. Consent and Mrs. Consent Payments. Actually, who IS consenting anyways?

During WWII, the “patient” was the vulnerable target of the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935, the Jew; and today’s one out of every three child, is incompetent or unable to consent to his or her own demise; most babies would love a chance at 80 years or so.  But, children, even on their day of birth, have a 1 in 3 chance of becoming a severed blackhead.  For science and $715 from the last of the Ivy League schools, Yale/Med.
Just as those herded at the cattle calls and onto the boxcars destined for Poland’s massive rail yard in Oswiecim would have loved not participating in the Axis war effort as targets.

What possesses a human to believe taking another’s life, no matter the size, location or age, is ok?  I have one helluvan answer to that one.  And it is NOT heavenly.

 Speaking of Poland, in 2005, as part of a pilgrimage, I visited the Auschwitz-Berkinau (German name for Oswiecim) planned-parenthood-utmb-invoice-utmb museum and walked passed huge bins of unopened suitcases and harvested hair; the gold from Jewish teeth obviously was long gone, highlighted by John Goodman’s barrel of teeth scene in the movie ‘Monuments Men.’

Poignant was that 55 gallon container filled to the brim with kosher dental gold exemplified by a Goodman hand scoop at the top.  No organ donation program in Germany at the time; gold was melted and whatever usable body parts recycled.

Note, another anatomy lesson: Dr. Theiler’s “consent obtained” has a quantity number 32 and come in the paltry $25 each.  Quantity discount after $715 and $150?  God and the devil only knows.  But if it’s just for shipping and handling, there’d be no times multiplier.

mengele-twin-gypsies-sewn-togetherDr. 1940s Dr.Mengele wasn’t much for high volume harvested baby parts, like planned parenthoodlums today; especially the Tel Aviv born San Franciscan Dr. Sally Salas who travels to the Land of Enchantment’s 25 & 40 Hwy weekly to kill large Albuquerque babies brought there inside moms from around the country; even from outside the US.

The international Salas target patients definitely do not become anchor babies, though some are born alive.  Legally, since it isn’t rare for a live baby to present itself on the Plaza Inn motel toilets, you have an American citizen anchor child that is killed after birth. But…Never a death OR birth certificate, both of which could help the Demo rumored voter rolls.  Voting early, often, and in the case of the newly born offed kid, dead.

Mengele preferred, in his fiendish, diabolic selfish mind, to experiment on twins, never getting consent of the long dead parents or the twins themselves: even the ones sewn together.  Gypsies were right up there with Jews, Hungarians, handicapped, Poles and anyone else Margaret Sanger, PP’s founder, and her student Adolf felt less desirable.

Unknown to most, Sanger visited Germany with her “racial hygiene” poisonous ideas that influenced the master racist ideologies expressed in Hitler’s major person to property morphing of Jews at Nuremberg in 1935.

Like Berkshire Hathaway’s Susan Buffet, her hubby; Zuckermans post Max and the rest of the billionaire eugenics club, Hitler practiced what he preached: eliminate ANYONE you don’t like and is not Aryan white.  Kind of like a “White Lives Matter Only” mid Europe.

Note, neither of the gypsies pictured above have the DNR or organ donor cards.

Ever hear of multiple conception thinning abortions?  It’s where one twin is killed in utero, because the family only has room for one crib at home.  Same Mengelian idea: he would use one identical twin as his “control”, kept alive, while he tortured the other.  Yes, babies of all sizes feel pain.  It would be just as easy for mom to go to term and adopt out one and keep, Solomonic style, the other.  Ironic how Dr Ben Carson spent 22 hours separating baby twins conjoined at the head; Mengele conjoined gypsy twins at the hip to see how they’d survive.  Different worldviews; Mengele’s is shared by HilLIARy, obviously.

Legally, due to Roe and Doe, you can kill a child up to the birth moment for sex selection, “imperfections”, quantity in multiple births, etc. like one gets a mani-pedi or tummy tuck at an outpatient surgery center.

Since PP doesn’t do cancer screenings or mammograms, maybe they should promote, using our tax dollars, their “One Stop One Hour Surgical & Weight Loss Center”.  Lose 10-12 pounds IMMEDIATELY from your growing tummy (abortionists never take anatomy; it’s called a “uterus”), then have your nails done.

Historically, Holocaust Hair was shipped to the DaVinci or StemExpress of the day, the Axis ally Italy’s tailors, to recycle the raw material, strands of flowing head adornment, into salable vests.  A story circulated in the 40s about a groom dying on his wedding night after wearing a wedding vest fashioned from Auschwitz processed hair.  I am sure the bride was thrilled with the results of environmental recycling of head protein.

How?  Remember, the Jews and Gypsies got a cyanide shower before they were harvested and incinerated.  The groom received a fatal dose of that special chemical that Hitler and Eva used on their last day on earth in 1945.  On the hair, in the vest, into the man.  Voila!

Fatal Digoxin, from the Foxglove plant, rarely hurts the mothers today, unless the abortionist misses the kid’s heart and inserts through the uterine wall. In the syringe, through the uterus, into the baby’s head or heart, whichever is closest.

The non-harvested parts of the Jews’ and Poles’ bodies were incinerated, something Stericycle, Illinois did this century until caught. Now the midwest company claims they have severed relations with planned parenthood’s severing and it’s severed body waste disposal.  Similar to a 5 year old’s hand in the cookie jar caught by mom?  That is, if mom let junior live long enough to grab chocolate chips.

FULL DISCLOSURE: i do not advocate charging mothers with murder, just the domestic terrorists practicing Which (kid do i kill?) Craft that rivals ISIS for quantity and grossness.  They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

Like DaVinci Bio, conveniently, Stericycle claims it has parted ways with planned parenthood; but this does not change their past actions.

Would the Sierra Club, who are fans of population control/eugenics visible at their website, have given blue ribbon awards to Dr. Mengele and the Nazis’ for their excellent harvesting and recycling hair before they burned up the useless human bodies?

This century, Stericycle and med labs separate humans like they were destined for bins of yard waste, organic recyclables and incinerator trash.  Susan Buffet worked hard to have childbirth declared a disease after Texas leadership questioned the evil actions of our national acclaimed kill mills in the Lone Star state.  Next thing you know, childbirth kills will be considered a public good, pleasing the bloodthirsty baby hating billionaires club.

It is important to note, harvested babies, as a profit center, developed long after Harry Blackmum saw penumbras in the Constitution about abortion.


Auschwitz Post Harvest Incinerator Last Century’s Stericycle

1970s abortions were 100% medical waste, buried in land fills or incinerated; the quantity of human waste became another problem for the “out the patient” surgery industry.

Over time, dead black kids (1000 a day) became more valuable dead than alive, as med tech advances paralleled the amount of abortions explosion; demand rose for usable baby parts to make money and lower landfill and incineration costs for PP’s biohazard materials division.

In Albuquerque, the full size baby killing capital, after baby hearts are lethally injected, the mothers are moved next door to the Plaza Inn.  Two days later, when the child is born alive or dead, no 9-1-1 call goes out.  He or she is flushed into the sewer system that feeds the processing plants at the Rio Grande; since there is no evidence the child is transgendered,lethal injection abortion sign.jpg let’s assume it is a human pronoun.

Don’t bother calling the ACLU: they are too busy protecting those poor mass murderers’ tender forearms from intravenous lethal injection to object to a Digoxin push with a cross-uterine syringe into a vulnerable beating baby heart.

So AbortInc, never one to miss a profit opportunity, realized in the late 20th century that baby hearts, except those lethally injected with the aforementioned Foxglove off label heart medicine, Digoxin, in Albuquerque, became valuable commodities; foetal livers, the same. And rarely mentioned, scalps are useful natural resources for our “civilized” tastes about baldness.  Two things a body doesn’t reproduce: nerves and hair follicles.  God loads them up once before birth.

Money, Money, Money.  When Kamala Harris took $81,000 campaign dollars from planned parenthood, was she pressured to pay it back, at least intimidate the ‘other side’?  Follow the evidence.

Possibly:  like a scene from a Disney Caribbean movie, our beloved land pirate raided the tiny private Irvine apartment of David Daleiden, mentioned in the OCRegister article, for “evidence”; apparently, eleven armed taxpayer subsidized investigators were needed (SWAT was probably at the curb as well as the enforcement unit of the DMV for fake IDs), one for each seven square feet?

What was Cap’n Kamala BlackFear’d the Pirate thinking?  The videos were already out there.  Was she trying to show her campaign spokesman Obama and Moonbeam how tough on crime she is?

 Daleiden is a peaceful investigative journalist whistleblower simply revealing, in their own abortive words, deplorably barely redeemable barbarians chopping up kid parts for a living.  In their own words.   In every Leftist media outlet, this was parroted, like a bird on Cap’n K’s shoulder:
Edited edited edited edited Edited severely edited edited edited Edited edited edited edited

Yet, the only edit slices were the severed livers and blackheads meticulously scalpel jigsawed into diced, sliced, tagged and bagged harvested parts put in plastic on ice.

Cap’n BlackFear’d attempted to intimidate peaceful information gatherers, under prosecutorial abuse of voter elected authority, something an impaneled grand jury could investigate.  The woman who brags about prosecuting human trafficking perps while favoring the trafficking of recently de-parted/harvested babies to DaVinci and Yale.

But grand juries get direction, so just like Harris County, would the domestic terrorist abortionists who supplies her campaign cash, using sharp currettes, not scimitars, to sever blackheads for YaleMed’s $715 purchase order line items, even get a minor role?

  What was not taken by the BlackFear’d “Raiders of the Lost Parts” crew, according to news sites, was exculpatory evidence that PP darling Cate Dyer, CEO of Stem Express, bought and sold human parts with a vengeance.  Odd way to hide the truth; Dyer already self-incriminated herself, no matter how often Mother Jones, Huffers, CNN and the Regressive left media parrots the “severely edited” line.

The lawsuit has a very narrow focus (profits), which should help its success,  but maybe SOMEONE in our state or local government will have the courage to pick up the gauntlet for the deeper corruption.  Hopefully, our excellent DA.

Video evidence is such a nuisance: Cate is caught putting in a verbal market order for 50 baby livers a week.  Not whales or chickens, but baby humans; after all, Kamala is a friend of and protects the animals, according to her website.  Just not mini homo sapiens sapiens.

 Why would trained investigators covering at most 50 feet each of apartment, ‘accidentally’ leave exculpatory (for David) though inconvenient StemExpress incriminating evidence behind?   I certainly hope the DA and the DDA interview Mr. Daleiden for the suit before Harris’ people trump something else on our Orange County resident.

We will never know, unless a DA or judge steps in;  but when Harris retroactively charges Daleiden under AB1671, we will see that the abortion industry is just as coordinated as the Democrat~Abortocrat~MSMedia is.  Reasoning is simple: no good deed goes unpunished in the abortion industry, and Harris is smack dab in the middle in this one party state of corruption; there is no “grandfather” protection for someone like Daleiden perform Pulitzer level, true whistleblower work.

Every dollar counts to incompetent surgeon~aborters.  Every thuggish act of intimidation too, showing NAF and PP crony capitalists she’s tough on those RICO candidates in the peaceful anti-abortion movement.  Racketeering Influenced Corruption Org

Was our $enate candidate avoiding a “smoking StemExpress gun” and evidence of human body parts trafficking for political purposes, even though her site brags about her human trafficking successes?  You tell me.

Maybe she learned from her Houston DA colleague/friend, Devon Anderson, who took $25,100 from her abortionist attorney friend, Chip Lewis, getting Douglas “the head twister” Karpen off with not a jugular scratch despite his employees iPhoning his barbaric actions.

Anderson apparently prefers to indict and/or jail innocent witnesses of evil; she recently jailed a sex assault victim for 27 days in the general Harris County jail population; adding insult and injury to total violation, the criminals thought she was a sex assault rape-victim-jailed-daleiden-anderson-houstonperpetrator; imagine the further abuse she received prior to the sheriff catching wind and releasing her.

Anderson is running unopposed but apprently might be  impeached following her

re-election due to malfeasance in office, accepting funds from  Lewis which is tantamount to a bribe and other issues.  And the abortionist who played Baby Twister with unsuccessful abortions that left kids alive, post-op and post-birth caught ON iPhone video?

He’s expanding,  reopening and going strong, something Chip Lewis is happy about and thankful to his friend, the widow Devon.  You can’t make this stuff up!

She should have recused herself, especially being close friends with Karpen’s barrister.  Again, well above this serf’s pay grade as to how the story plays out.

Kamala is much more successful at facilitating her part of the 58 million American kid kills so far; comparatively, only enough to replace the current populations of 30 of 50 states.

I guess the more baby humans you traffic in dead, the more successful you are running in a Democrat controlled state with a fella female rabid pro-abort named Sanchez.    But then, I’ve only been in California 60 years as a native son.  What do I know?

The answer about KamalaGate is way above my pay grade, as this hardworking father of

Comparisons between April 5, 2016 in Irvine and June 17, 1972 in DC

11 kids who were NOT sacrificed for science and abortionists’ 401k’s. 

A DYER Consequences REQUEST.  IF, a big IF, one watches the dozen CMP videos, the Stem Express CEO is quoted as saying “I need 50 livers a week” to satisfy demand.

“I need 50 livers a week”.  Parse the phrase: Capone or the Godfather couldn’t order a hit any more smoothly.   Simple statement; no edit.  Mr. Daleiden didn’t nefariously delete “cow” from the statement “I need 50 cow livers a week”.  Nope.  the human harvest middlewoman succinctly asked 2500 women to get pregnant this year so she can supply UniversityXMed’s Phrenologists raw baby materials.  2500 per year, just one market order.

Do the science:  when i took anatomy, tent city skid rowers, black lives matter members, assistant or deputy district attorneys, and even small babies equally only were created with one liver each, since all are members of the one race, the human one.   Another nuisance reality: ALL lives matter.  And PP loves ’em near birth, of any sex and color: the Equal Opportunity Human Harvesting Profiteers.

So, Dyer (homonymic last name) was putting out a marketing order for 2500 moms to get pregnant so she and her demons, excuse me, efficient medical professional suppliers  could shove domestic terrorist knives up women’s vaginas, kill the kid, sever the blackheads without a dermatologist’s license, and cut out 50 livers per week using their James Bond 007 card “legally” to kill.

You quote DDA Kelly in the article stating “…but planned parenthood did not collect money for fetal tissue.”  Hmm.  Maybe, not provable at this juncture in Yorba Linda.

But in Ivy League YaleLand or Texas and Devon Anderson’s territory, where PP charges for parts, as the invoices and POs prove.

PP’s Dr. Mary Gatter is quoted as hoping for a Lamborghini for Christmas; she’s an LA area Californian.  Auto parts for baby parts, quid pro quo; money is fungible but Lamborg DiabloII V12s are just fast.

Other PP abortionists on the reality recordings openly discuss better profit margins, getting more bang for their slice and dice wet work, using ultrasound electronics for their most important purpose: like sonar, to seek and destroy the enemy, a defenseless child inside a vulnerable mother, positioned for better quality human parts specimens.  And speciwomen.  The oddest truth is when my eleven were ultrasounded, like millions of babies, the tech joyfully showed us the imagery on screen and gave us the pic with a smile.

Hiding the hidden ultrasound images.  Planned parenthood and other NAF kill mills NEVER show the 3, 5 or 7 month along mother the image on the screen NOR the cute baby photograph.  No smile on the PP tech.  No evidence, exculpatory or otherwise, the child is human.  And the machine, according to the reality recordings, is reserved for positioning a kid for the optimum kill shot.  Sick.

UNDERSTANDING THE SCIENCE.  For the record, embryonic stem cells have proven to be wastelands for med research, despite the Terminator Guv’s $3 billion infusion of our taxpayer’s blood.  Scientifically, the less differentiated, “raw”, cells are too unpredictable to use, a problem not unlike latent breast cells abandoned by an abortion in the mother’s system, that explode later in life to lead to a reason for Komen’s annual fundraiser, Race for the Cure.  If someone bothered to cross reference aborted mothers with breast cancer incidence, a remarkable fact would be unearthed.  However, as politically charged and lucrative as harvested body parts via abortion is, no way this century will sound science verify the anecdotal evidence.   Aborted mothers get breast cancer at a much higher rate than those who did not.  Recall Angeline Jolie’s concern she would get breast cancer that she had them removed to protect her health with no evidence they were cancerous; but AbortInc, supposedly a medical org, refuses to engage in these systemological data studies that ANY OTHER disease are welcomed to find a cure.

But, note, adult/mature stem cells (which include prebirth babies near term) ARE valuable due to real success.  But, for these, you don’t need to harvest inconvenient babies at term.

The death industry is all about making money; no other explanation makes sense.

THE CURES RUSE.  We’ve morphed from babies being blobs of cells, to women’s rights, to products of conception, which translates to organic products to be sold to the highest bidder.  Frankly, the “branding” changed as the Acuson medical device discoveries of the 1980s gave us more focused images of the thumb sucking mommy kickers in the bag of waters.

I can testify to this improved imagery, having a beautiful wife bring 11 kids over two centuries.  The 80s images are not the same as those early in this century.  So the PP sales pitch of a “blob of tissue” no longer worked when you could see a heart beating not long after the period was missed, and fully formed kid soon after.

To continue the ruse, the pitch became “woman’s health” or “woman’s right to choose….”   Choose what?  Death for David or Denise?

As Cate Dyer demonstrates, empty contracepted wombs have zero profit margins for harvesting parts middlepeople…and planned parenthoodlums.

Is this important?   You tell me.

The marketing spin changed as computed ultrasonography disproved the lie babies are blobs until they descend the birth canal; in fact, legally, personhood and life IS defined by proximity to a woman’s vagina since Roe&Doe, even though there is zero difference between a grown DDA and a prebirth baby that time, age and size doesn’t explain.  Or as that esteemed pachyderm anatomist, Horton, Dr. Seuss’ able assistant, puts it: “a person’s a person no matter how small.”

Dr. Pasteur answered the spontaneous generation mystery centuries ago; today’s, fetal2baby spontaneous generation via the birth canal slide canard will someday be shown the fraud when we become civilized again.  Hopeful.  There is no pixie dust in maternal vaginas that instantly creates a living baby as it makes contact on the way out.

And, heere’s the real rub: there is something horribly unseemly about deceiving and conning women with ‘you are killing your child “for the children” advances in med science’.  

PP already lies about mammography machines in every PP (they own one for


One of those ironies of life.  This author sold electronics to the innovative computed ultrasonography pioneer, Acuson.

commercials) and cancer screenings WHILE they help women increase their requisite breast cancer risk with every surgical or chemical abortion. Epidemiologists know the truth.

I am not sure how those transplanted hair follicles into old guys so they can chase hotties, fits into this morally superior equivalency argument convincing mothers to kill their kids for science.

Davinci Code Black’s lawyer, St. Michael Tien states: “Their scientists worked day and night to discover cell-based medical treatments and improve the quality of life for patients, suffering from cancer…”  How noble of the brothers.

Dr. Mengele worked night and day to see how twins tick in Hitler’s labs.

Meanwhile, epidemiologists warn that abortion increases the breast cancer incidence considerably.  When Dr. Mengele sewed twins together or used one as the control placebo while he hacked up the other twin alive like a deranged serial killer, did this justify the 40s chief medical officer for Hitler’s aberrant Special Victims Unit/Criminal Minds love for practicing on twins?

You know it as:The dead ends justify the live baby means.  Thank you to the DA’s office for proceeding with their pay2play baby slave selling lawsuit; until Rep Blackburn’s House committee expands the crminal legislation with specific criminal penalties, the lawsuit must suffice.

A companion issue:  when they get a moment in their very busy DA office, even though AB1671, the “David Daleiden Payback Act” was signed by Kamala’s boss, the DA might try and protect one of Orange County’s citizens who made the mistake of revealing the public comments of people who made hitherto hidden profits from hacked up kids. 

Hell hath no fury as a conflicted $enate candidate half way through her term.

CHOICE IS NOT THE ISSUE. No matter how you weigh in on choosing to kill or not kill kids in our neighborhood ‘domestic terrorist’ kill mills, this single purpose anti-whistleblower civil journalist Sacramento Legislayer law 1671 was enacted because the human carrion industry was caught with its pants down.

And hands caught up the 8 months pregnant mothers’ vaginas, precursor to the non-profit organ placement/parts reclamation business extracted from mothers’ wombs, profiting from organs in a system that battles to keep it needs based, on a list, without profit.  And i am a free market American loving non-socialist not feeling the Bern.

Daleiden is the bad boy for recording 75 trillion celled abortionists speaking in their own words discussing things like ‘what body parts are in demand’, ‘how to turn the kid inside the mom to maximize an intact head’, ‘getting a Lamborghini Diablo II’, etc.

I thought we had “whistleblower” and “freedom of the press” protections still in America.  Oh, and that we were civilized, too!  Irony is on the PPGC~UTexMed transaction, the MedBranch has a federal whistleblower clause.

Of course, not all DA offices are honorable like our Orange County professionals; Houston DA candidate Devon Anderson took $25,100 from the exonerated abortionist’s attorney, Chip Lewis; recall she ignored employee iPhone videos and swapped out “twisting live baby head aborter” Karpen with the cameraman, indicting Daleiden on a felony II for using a fake Calif ID (since dismissed). Felony II.

Classic blame the messenger and ignore the evil message.

One wonders if Lone Star beer sales plummeted after Daleiden’s indictment.  God love her: protecting all those Texas teens from Daleiden flying in from California to purposefully help them buy Lone Star beer using his citizen journalist investigative reporter tool.

BIPOLAR HUMAN VALUES   The oddest thing, trying to BUY Houston baby parts only amounted to a misdemeanor.  Wow; how strategic, protecting the baby parts industry yet again!  DAD.A. laid the groundwork for TexMed employees only being charged a misdemeanor when, not if, TexMed procurement specialist Christine Bradford faces charges for buying human organs, apparently only a hand slap misdemeanor.

Like a remake of the movie ‘Soylent Green’, black lives matter more AS the harvest, not picking cotton AT the harvest on those quaint 19th century plantations.

Today’s glass and brick plantations emotionally enslave mothers to give up their kids “for the greater good” and dot inner city street corners with members of the National Abortion Federation’s evil empire outposts of misery.

PP only does 330,000 plus surgical abortions a year, of the 3000 a day national kill mill kills.  They use the “we are only little devils” 3% fraud that it’s major money laundering/making operations for substandard incompetent doctors shows abortion a teeny tiny part of their altruistic business.

Meanwhile that are 100 times as many women health free clinics in every state that does everything PP claims but without killing kids and harvesting severed blackheads; Berkshire’s Mrs. Buffet can cook the data and studies all she wants, but plenty of free clinics belies the lie that Texas hard line has led to more births.  Bear with me as i repeat that: Texas hard line has led to the most terrible abortion complication: more live births.

What’s a dying, low birth rate world to do?

PP doesn’t do cancer screenings (someone tell debater HilLIARy) or mammo’s ma’m, because they only own one mammogram machine.  And it is used for photo ops.

What about Uterine Partsell Service shipping illegal parts?   UPS Red, for the color of money bloodied by a corrupt industry protected at all levels; hoping our DDA holds sway to prove that “Money can’t buy EVERYTHING”.

Even baby parts disguised as “consents” on university medical buy orders and invoices from our taxpayer supported death merchants.  It takes courage for our OCDA to proceed, if one notices the level of national corruption being exposed in this election; thank you to Mr Rackauckas and DDA Kelly Ernby.   The timing of AB1671 from this one party state capital shows intimidating the truth the SOP; and whistleblowing citizen journalists will not be tolerated by AbortInc and their friends in state government AND the complicit media. 

But,.I am sure the DA’s office has already seen the planned parenthood documents shown in this post.  If not, it will strengthen their case with more than circumstantial evidence of fraud, cover up and parts4pay in the industry.  There is evidence planned parenthood OC HQ on Tustin Ave at the 22 freeway worked with DaVinci, not on his Last Supper painting, but their body parts profiteering biz.

Harri$ can run interference for her friends, specifically PP & Stem Express, by sending 11 goons to beat up on a young David who is similar age as that 27 year old whistle~blower Seth Rich.   He died from natural causes caused by two shotgun blasts to the back in the East after recently leaking to WikiLeaks.  But the truth eventually comes out.

Everything abortion and its profiteers touch reeks of death. Everything.

I would worry for his safety.  Maybe, Daleiden needs physical protection from the Planned Parenthood~DaVinci labs~UnivMed labs continuum, because he will never receive a Pulitzer for Pulitzer level reporting.  Though he deserves Secret Service protection and the journalist’s prize.

An industry that puts out a federal law violating price list for vulnerable baby parts would not hesitate to permanently silence its competitors; if you can kill a defenseless kid and manipulate her mother, you can kill an adult just as easily.   The truth is out there.

And, abortion mills, better known as incompetent doctor money laundering operations rarely appreciate when the light of day shines on their diabolic actions.

Think about it: how often do pediatric neurosurgeons like Ben Carson moonlight at planned parenthood for the easy money. It’s the medical low lifes that take on the noble kid killing profession after failing anatomy, fetology and other subjects; a six year old sees in an ultrasound pic what a 60 year old abortion is clueless to admit: that squirmer IS a baby.  A low life like the Planned Parenthood Chicago abortionist who killed Emanuel Reaves at 11 then abandoned his 20 something mother, Tonya Reaves at a nearby ER with no chart or explanation, to let her die half a day later.  The so-called “twofer”.   Not every one of the 700 murders this year in Chicago can be attributed to black gangbangers banging at other black teens.  Yes, Tonya Reaves was black and by genetics, her child was the same.  Color is just a political football of this demonic problem.

Yellow Lamborgs aren’t cheap.  But LIFE is!

Goliath cannot continue to imitate Hitlerian Body Parts Processing, Inc. without oversight. TY to our DA’s office for the courageous effort.

…Even if PP’s using its wholly owned prostiticians in Sacramento generate truth squelching specific laws to hide what was said over salad and wine by the beneficiaries of liver auctions and scalpel scalps shipments.  Truth matters.

Whether mature hair from Jews in Auschwitz or hair follicles from baby June from an Orange abortuary (remember PP Orange was connected to DaVinci Code Death, the scalp scalpers not the painter) in Anaheim, hair recycling is still big business.

Think about Old West meets New Scalpers:  today, instead of sheathed knives used by head scalpers riding horses in the Old West, currettes and scalp scalpels are used on DaVinci/StemX/ lab trays today.  Without the whoop, holler and horses or John Wayne in the credits.  It’s hard to distinguish the real savages from the Hollywood actors.

I lost my wife Donna, who bore our eleven children, five years ago when she was 49 days short of 49 years old; her heritage will live on forever in our children. Yes, i am biased for truth and life and have disgust for the practitioners of death, no matter the excuse and weak justifications.  And nothing but willful help for mothers who are lied to and deceived into allowing ritual Which (kid do i kill today?) Doctors subbed by $500 million federal dollars.

 For the record, it took 20 YEARS to bring these eleven to daylight on earth; that singular PP brick building on Tustin Ave@22 freeway, kills that many in LESS than 20. HOURS. 

Never discussed is the geopolitical social devastation that 58 million dead American almost citzen kids (so far) and 1.88 BILLION worldwide over four decades, has on history.

Twin killings.  Norway just announced selective thinning of twins for all of Scandinavia, probably to make room for those Islamist gauntleteers who practiced sexual assault on the ladies at the national music festival in Sweden this year.  No prejudice, just facts.  Nature abhors a void; and abortion creates a void nature and sociopathic DC prostiticians fill with unvetted “pushed to the front of the line” ‘refugees’.

If ‘black lives matter’ really believe human black lives do, they’d be picketing modern PP plantations where 1000 black kids are harvested every 24 hours to put money in Cecile Richards’ coffers, co-mingled with our tax $$.  Lamborghini Diablo II’s aren’t inexpensive, after all.

michael-brown-robberyCertainly, the STL/LA Rams’ ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ deception regarding a sad gentle giant Michael Brown, who assaulted a clerk and cop, robbed a store and grabbed a gun, could be replaced with “All black lives matter, especially the innocent vulnerable inner city children”.  A little long but the truth.  Soros wouldn’t smile, because anarchy is his ghoulish lifeblood these days, but lives could be saved and the inner city Renaissance (the time the real DaVinci lived) commence.  Imagine fathers AND mothers equally welcomed in inner city homes to raise this generation; instead of fodder for the money grubber crony abortion capitalists.

 It’s the little evils that lead to the big:  50 countries are one generation away from extinction due to no or low birthrates, with zero neutron bombs landing in populations centers.  All thanks to planned parenthood’s international tentacles.

Some good news: A quick read of the internet, shows accolades for our DA’s office:

From millennial Lila Rose of LiveAction: “I commend the Orange County district attorney, and I hope this sets a precedent for prosecutors and law enforcement across the nation. Abortion is a barbaric and cruel practice, and it should come as no surprise that those callous enough to profit off killing defenseless children in the womb would allegedly profit off selling their organs piecemeal.”

Troy Newman, a board member of CMP:  “This lawsuit against DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics is a huge break for all pro-life Americans, in particular for Operation Rescue and our allies.The DA has already stated this is “about a clear violation of the law” and “not about politics.”

FINALLY, there is someone within government who sees what we’ve been trying to prove all along… this is about CRIMINAL activity.

The man is right: profiting off selling harvested severed blackheads from the modern plantation is not politics, but heinous, inhumane and barbarian.  With or without dermatologist licensing.

“Dr” Regan’s been a busy lass abortionette.  To be fair to both sides, not everyone agrees that the truth should be out there, including planned-parenthood-utmb-150-consent-paymentharvested parts invoice signatories like Ms. Farrell, who is the “research director” for PPGC.  Chew on that: research director for an abortion ‘medical clinic’….

…or from  Melaney Linton of Texas:

“The people behind this fraud lied and broke the law in order to spread malicious lies about Planned Parenthood to advance their extreme anti-abortion political agenda,” said Melaney A. Linton, CEO of  Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. “It’s become totally clear that the only people who engaged in wrongdoing are the criminals behind this fraud, and we will allow the court to hold them accountable.”

Amen to that as she describes her colleagues; it’s just the jurisdictional change necessary, moving it out of Harris County, is not a simple matter, to further indict AbortInc for their bastardization and ruining the organ donation system.

Tell that to my sister Catherine and any other sick person desperate for a solid organ donor and recipient system maintaining its integrity with carpetbaggers and taggers profiting from USDA choice fresh meat sold to the highest UnivXMed campus labs.  Like the misuse of Digoxin to destroy not heal baby hearts, misusing the organ donor system is a travesty of monumental proportions.

The court dismissed the frivolous charges against Ms. Merritt and Mr. Daleiden, by the way.  Still, Kamala Harris has NOT returned the personal property taken from Mr. Daleiden.  Probably too busy campaigning for her next job after serving two of her four on the current.  Or lifting her other thug boot high enough to squash Daleiden, thanks to that famous music group, Moonbeam and the Lowbeam Legislayers convenient new single purpose law.

Just as troubling: if our state, and others, FURTHER incentivizes the parts being more valuable than the whole baby, as the indirect effect of Moonbeam suppressing medical malpractice exposure by signing AB1671, death will continue to be one growth industry that stays in business unfriendly California.

No Uhaul trucks needed; just plenty of single use plastic bags for UPS to transport in their refrigerated baby parts trucks to all points east.

It is important to note Kermit Gosnell needed truth exposure to be found the murderer he is; if AB1671 goes national, the Hannibal Lechters of Politically Protected Surgeries will stay free to maim and kill.

And rarely mentioned is the stat rapist “Stay out of Jail Free” card PP provides 22 year old male perps who impregnate 13 year old girls, who then take them to the nearest PP weight reduction facility and find another early teen to groom and gore.

Not all boyfriends or rapists want their penile targets’ babies kept to term.  Messes up their harem of nubile hotties they have ‘friends with benefits’ access to.

For example, this September.  “Police documents revealed the pair were sitting in a car when 24-year-old Memphis, Tenn. Juan Lee told the woman she needed to get rid of her baby.  The woman responded by saying whether or not she got an abortion was up to her and got out of the car.  That’s when Lee allegedly began hitting her with his fist and began choking her.”  At least, Gennifer Flowers complied with Sick Slick’s request to abort his love child, Chelsea’s step-sibling.  For better or worse.  But, only God knows, will choking pregnant women become as acceptable as Pete Singer’s idea that babies aren’t human until two years old.  The National Man-Boy Love Association, with its “sex before eight or it’s too late” moniker,  is working the ‘normalization’ of PP’s fave customer base, the sexual assault crowd.

Perps absolutely LOVE planned parenthood; it makes their thuggery and ‘girlfriend in name only’ abuse so much easier.  Of course, BLM and rappers have less stellar names for their ladies of convenience that i will not include here, such as the letter “B” followed by something you need to scratch.  But leave it to Michelle, who invites them to the White House;  she can get you copies of their lyrics, if you need to see them.

Market NEED and profit incentive GROWS FOR BIGGER HARVESTS.   What, will mothers be encouraged to keep their babies longer and let planned parenthood sever the larger livers, hearts and heads to get more valuable and marketable parts and higher prices?  You tell me.

Money is fungible and the baby parts too valuable today, not to find other methods to compensate.

Hilter realized the practical human value of the intermediate step; requiring gold teeth and hair be removed, from the useless detritus of humanity before the ovens and after the cyanide showers.  Planned parenthood realized, somewhere in the last four decades, something identical: an amazing profit line item, salable parts, that presented itself as med technology advanced, such as computed ultrasonography to position the child for max parts condition, and lethal injection planned parenthood abortion.pngmicrosurgery, to use tissues extracted from organic property some people still call human children.

Curious world we have.  When the ACLU fights against lethal injection for San Quentin, California death row mass murderers, but the ACLU stands up for Albuquerque Southwest Women’s Option’s lethal injection of innocent full term death row 9 month old baby hearts or heads, have we met the enemy and it are us?

The Quentin death chamber resembles Auschwitz, and red brick Auschwitz resembles 700 Tustin Ave  Orange in lethal-injection-and-san-quentinremarkable cold, callous precise ways.  Without the barbed wire, of course.  After all, we have a free country.

I hope some day, we grow up and go beyond imitating ISIS neck surgery in our domestic terrorism mills; this is an amazing country, still the greatest land on God’s green earth.  We will wake up some day and realize that using parts procured from conscious baby extractions is born, not in heaven, but hell’s kitchen.  There IS a real world, moral difference between baby, appendix and teeth extractions, even though all remove living entities and are still legally equivalent. But making money off sliced heads sold to Yale Med for $715…?  And abortion


Planned parenthood’s severed blackheads are done in private prior to sale to YaleMed

remains the only politically protected medical and chemical procedure that 99.999% of the time results in death for the kid and too often the mom.

DaVinci’s Code of Misconduct, notwithstanding.  Currently in the hands of our able DA office.  thank you.

Let me conclude with a hope and a thank you from the life loving universe.

“The abortion industry has been stonewalling, they’ve failed to comply with subpoenas, and they’ve stalled every way they know how to avoid answering to Congress.

But the D.A. in Orange County couldn’t be fooled by their charade, and finally they’re going to be held to account for the illegal activities!”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who’s been tasked with leading the Congressional investigations against Planned Parenthood, hit the nail on the head last week about this lawsuit against the abortion industry:

“For nearly a year,” she said, “critics of this Panel’s fact-finding investigation have repeatedly called for it to be disbanded, saying there’s nothing to see here.”

The smoke rising above Stericycle’s environmentally friendly human incinerators indicates there is fire.  Lots of it.  Let’s just hope Gatter isn’t singing “I want a Lamborghini for Christmas” outside a penitentiary cell for too much longer.


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