ObamaScareCalif scam offers to kill mother of four for only $1.20! Hell loves those bureaucrats that ration humans.

STEPHIE’S CHOICE 2016: Where’s this mother of four’s “woman’s right to choose”?  Or is that only for Democrat abortion clinic owners and FOCecilia to decide?  Tell me now, elections have consequences.

Many years ago, Brian Packer was in my youth group at the Christ Cathedral predecessor parish, St. Callistus.  Years later, Brian is married to an incredible woman and mother of four, Stephanie Packer, who courageously and simply wants to spend as much time on earth as she can, to see her kids grow, to live life as best she can, to love her man, to teach us.  Imagine that!

When I worked with Steph at Holy Family Cathedral, the proto-cathedral for the Diocese of Orange before Crystal Cathedral was purchased, she was incredible, full of life, awesome with the kids in youth ministry, hard working duo with Brian chairing the festival and so much more. Over time, Lupus and now the Scler-curse, through it all, guess what!  She wants to live as long as she can.  Never give up, never say die.   Just like the oppressed aliens who saw Tim Allen’s historical record in Galaxy Quest.

Life isn’t a convenience, it never was meant to be; even though convenience is the usual reason to off and harvest a kid at the neo-plantations, planned parenthood: life is a JOURNEY, a blessing, for better and the worse.  But, those who only see organic tissue and 75 trillion cells salable to the highest bidder, don’t frankly give a damn about life.  Just dispensing 120 pennies worth of suicide pills, the co-payment for a beautiful life.

Moonbeam and his Leftist Lowbeamer LegiSlayers, and Obama, can just go to hell, for all I care.  The Soylent Green party of corruption.

You might have seen Stephanie, adorned with an OxyTube, black rimmed glasses and the brightest smile one can imagine;  sharing with the national media, the pro-life media,


The Packer family

Chicks on the Right, LifeNews, WashTimes and other means about something we have in common:  LIFE.

Heroes most often don’t set out to become heroes.

Some, are just thrust into the role.

I call it the “Right for Post Birth Abortionists to Kill Big People.” bill.

Others call it “Death with Dignity”.  After their 25 years of trying, the death merchants extended their diabolic target.   At the DwD website: California’s physician-assisted dying law, ABX2-15 (AB-15), the End of Life Option Act, took effect on June 9, 2016.

I posit there is no dignity in rushing death, wherever on one’s time spectrum; none.

Playing God is something we’ve become accustomed to since Jan 1973; to date, ‘physician assisted homicides’ Indignant Deaths toll is 58 million on American soil (some of whom are American citizens at death when killed after being born alive: ABQ) and 1.88 BILLION worldwide.  Whether you believe in life or a woman’s right to choose death for her child, emptying 30 of the 50 United States of all its people has gravity.

This wholesale genocidal small “h” holocaust has change the socio-economic geo-political landscape of the world forever: with 50-75 countries at zero or low birthrates, their cultures collectively are one generation away from extinction. Gone. German chocolate and gay wedding cakes will survive.  But, happy to fill in the nursery gap are plenty of cultural morphing refugees either escaping oppression or practicing their faith: Hijrah.  And Hijrah works best if you have as many kids as I do.  And Steph, a MMMom (multi-munchkin mom) and Brian, an FOMBC (Father of Many Beautiful Children).

But, good news, ghouls and death culturalists, now, we can off a mother of four for 120 copper coins, Abe Lincolns.  Less than a Declaration of Independence $2 bill.

Others call it “Physician Assisted Suicide”, an odd moniker; the results of Moonbeam and his Lowbeam LegiSlayers always at the ready to further destroy the Golden State’s people and family’s survival.

Abort means simply “to end.”  You abort a Latte order or abort a child, both valued about the same; human life’s valuation is bi-polar and arbitrary.

 STEPHIE’S CHOICE: THE MOVIE.  Take Stephanie: there are two types of chemotherapy and under ObamaScam; recall, we got snookered:  you were supposed to pay less and keep your doctor and your plan.  Now we know the Star Chamber plan of the avaricious human feeding state: dead moms.

No emotion or thought, maybe this isn’t what improved health insurance was supposed to be.  Sane minds and I warned rationing and death squads would supplement the current domestic terrorists resident, knives at the ready, in modern plantations on inner city streetcorners near black and mexican baby parts suppliers: PartsRUs planned parenthood.

Before the HMO dawn, health “insurance” was families collectively helping each other (something MediShare does today) survive major medical procedures by combined fees.  Today, walk across the border or go to college, you get free health care by finding the nearest ER.  Except, the oppressive government demands you buy “insurance” for Addadictomy and other “every medical issue and procedure must be covered”.  One size fits all, except for interstate insurance competition.

Stephie’s Choice, so compassionate.  In traditional chemotherapy, the chemicals still injures the body but the purpose is to heal and give the patient more years; it costs a chunk of change, in the thousands.

The other cool, efficient, less expensive form, is better called cyanotherapy: for a mere $1.20, you can kill a mother desperate to stay alive for her four and hubby, like she’s a secret Hydra agent caught by Captain America at the getaway submarine.  One cyanide pill and then the morgue.  Oh, yeah; toss in a ceremony or wailing women, but get on with it.

Sarah Palin promised us “death panels”; what further proof this prophecy is fulfilled.

Stephanie talked to a “death panelist” on the phone and was informed “Hey, no big deal, mom.  We won’t do the safer chemotherapy regimen but you can off yourself, spare your kids seeing mom get sicker and be done with it.”   Health care meets the Cheshire’s Queen of Hearts.  “Off with her head”.  Some damnable, uncaring bureaucrat rolled the dice and said Stephanie’s life is just not worth extending.

And teach us, Stehanie has.  The reluctant spokesperson for living life and not giving up, so the death mongers can celebrate was interviewed by the Washington Times, LifeNews and others.  The legitimate Times paper from DC shared this, beginning with question Stephanie asked about secret agent cyanide tooth capsules:

“And she says, ‘Yes, we do provide that to our patients, and you would only have to pay $1.20 for the medication,’”Mrs. Packer said.

Stephanie Packer believes that legalizing assisted suicide creates an incentive for insurance companies to deny terminally ill people coverage. Packer stated:

“As soon as this law was passed — and you see it everywhere, when these laws are passed — patients fighting for a longer life end up getting denied treatment, because this will always be the cheapest option,”

The attitude also changed in her support group:

After the right-to-die movement began garnering national attention, Mrs. Packer said she noticed a change in tone at her support groups for terminally ill patients. While the meetings were formerly positive and encouraging, she said the specter of suicide now hangs above them like a dark cloud.

“And people, once they became depressed, it became negative, and it started consuming people,” she said in the video. “And then they said, ‘You know what? I wish I could just end it.’ “


Patch Adams, a role played by Robin Williams, adamantly talked about humor and a positive outlook as critical to a palliative or healing protocol for all types of maladies.   Once “suicide is painless” was preached, a healthy positive outlook turned to depression and then resignation.  10,000 boomers a day are retiring right now.  What does that have to do with assisted suicide for terminal patients?”

This much: ALL of us are terminal; one day closer to death.  First you have a 29 year old brain cancer victim setting her death date.  Next you have more terminal patients resigning to killing themselves as the best option.  Soon, you will have more heirs coaching mom or grandma that:

“Nana, you’ve lived a long and blessed life.  Aren’t you tired?”

“Yes, i am, kids”

“Don’t you think you’d like to control your life by picking when you leave, so you won’t end up in lots of pain.  Everyone eventually experiences pain.  Do it on YOUR terms.”

Then, they pull out the ace in the hole: “Grandpa is waiting for you!”.  The same chutzpah of an abortionist telling a mother “killing her kid allows us to harvest her parts so other children will live.”   You can’t buy a Lamborghini on $8 a month Walmart sexpills or pap smears, faking mammograms and pretending to care more about women than money.

Nana, like many seasoned citizens,will have their offspring counting their inheritance early and hoping for the asset forfeiture to happen quicker so they can vaca or remodel the house, or buy blow…whatever the reasoning and excuses.   The idea that pain cannot be controlled is a massive lie.  Yes, we have stories, but pain management continues to get better.

What can’t be controlled is greed or fear Nana will spend her money on her healthcare and the kids will be left with nothing for their “needs” which more often than not are “wants.”  Entitlement is a four letter word best served.  Never.  “But we had to put up with Nana for two years living in our house” before she died.  Your Nana had to put up with your  poop and tinkle, incessant needs for 18 years…or 30, for too many underutilized millennials still not in a career.

As to Stephanie’s wants, all she wants is to stay healthy as long as she can.  And making vulnerable people feel more helpless, not encouraged, and a “burden” comes from hell’s kitchen, not heaven sent.

Obamascam or ObamaScare has ruined this one party state of corruption; originally, planned parenthood hacks were chartered to get Covered California going.  Therein lies the rub: the most evil corporation in all of human history in charge of health care.  The inflated lie about 20 million uninsured, with some minor tweaking, could have been put where they belong: on MediCaid or MediCal.

As it is, today, we have everyone paying Platinum level health insurance rates and only getting major medical/catastrophic care insurance; families and communities are being bankrupted so that arrogant asshole in the white house and the Bisexual Bobblehead Bimbo with her Pedophile Isle Sick slick husband can force us into single payer socialist insurance after Jan 20, 2016.

All they did was add an expensive and useless bureaucrat level of paper pushers and screwed all of us.  Reagan called it:  government IS the problem; more government, catastrophe.

Including lessening Stephanie’s chances and time.  And four kids who want their mom around as long as they can.  It’s crap that little kids can’t handle death; the problem is our culture doesn’t understand life, eternity and God.

We used to be a Christian nation.  God is the Author and Finisher of Life; He is in charge of our start and end dates, and the size of the hour glass in between.   Planned parenthood charges $300 to kill a perfectly healthy kid and doubles down on the dice and slice charging Ivy League Yale Med $715 for the severed blackheads, less for hearts and livers of kids.

The Moonbeam Grim Reaper crew now charges $1.20 to do what Hitler did to his dog and wife Eva in 1945: poison a wife, kill a mother, to keep that Grubby Massatwoshits MIT wackjobber’s Obamascam inventor stats in balance.

Sowing systemic, country wide depression is evil.  The Elderly are NOT burdens; seasoned


Thank you, Moonbeam, for unleash ing the demons on your Golden State residents.  Some recall how another Stephie, less mobile but perfectly sentient, Terri Schiavo Schindler was deprived of water and food for 13 days.

terri schindler schiavoNo, she wasn’t in a Siberian gulag prison; she was in the sunshine state, Florida.  Her divorced husband wanted her dead, after getting a million dollar medical malpractice suit for something he may have caused.

Her parents wanted to take her home to love.  This, my reader friends, was a pre-Palin “death panel” that involved governor, president and the world.

Terri had made the Death Mongers ‘Schindler List’ of targets: she had no terminal disease, just was unable to communicate verbally as well as others.  How different is this than a marriage, where the man grunts “ok, dear, errr um” after a 5 minute monologue about something other than football from his wife?  Is continuous grunts from a clueless husband during a HandsUpDon’tShoot Rams game, sufficient grounds for a wife to lock her hubby up, shut off the chips and beer, food and water for 13 days like evil people did to Terri?

Communication is not a proof of life; nor is it justification for playing AlphaOmega with human lives that get only one shot: sorry, my Hindu friends, we don’t reincarnate as a Clinton to get a second shot at life, fame, fortune and corruption.

But Terri, emaciated and dehydrated, died a horrible death, extended by three times receiving the Eucharist, which many believe extended her life those miraculous 13 days, a number beloved to Jesus and His mother.  Pope Saint John Paul the Great saved the day, but that’s a story for another time.

It was deplorable and inhumane, like every time death is accelerated, whether by a black Chicagoan gangbanger killing another mother’s black teen son; or Karpen twisting off a kid’s head at Abort Inc.  Or $1.20 worth of poison from Covered California’s Death division’s actuarial profits department.  It is cheaper to kill a kid via incompetent money grubber abortionist doctors vs paying for a legitimate OB/Gyn delivering her alive.

Same thing with older humans: secret agent rat poison beats chemopharmaceuticals for time and cost, every time.  Rationing and weighed lives the new normal.

Stephie has no “woman’s right to choose”;  the death clerk stamps the file “Terminated & Closed” and shouts to the department of diabolic death decisions at Moonbeam Central’s star chambers:  “Next!”

God does tremendous things during the last hours, minutes, days, weeks of a person’s life; shortening it mocks God’s will and hope for us.  We don’t understand it completely.

steph-and-brian-and-the-kids On Christmas day, 2010, we discovered my wife Donna’s appendicitis was actually fourth stage colon cancer.  After chemo and some alternative therapies, she realized, especially at a healing mass, that she would not be physically healed.

But spiritual peace and healing came; she offered the rest of her nine months between discovery and death for the prayerful good of others, in purgatory and on earth.  Our 11 kids were not shielded Hollywood youth only style, from death and life; they had the blessing of Donna being with us as long as possible; we didn’t hide her in a cold facility but in the LIFE room, the living room.  Almost all the family were around her when the time came. Fr. Doug had anointed her the day before, Mary Shaw, Bernadette and other friends joined us.


Colette never saw her grandmother.  Similar to the fate of 1.88 Billion (so far) worldwide due to Planned Parenthood Int’l  Hell on Earth division


But on that Friday, Donna left us peacefully, to Mrs Pendleton singing, all of us praying.

Life is tooo precious to end it early at birth or early at the end.  Death panels belong in hell not on earth.  The miracles surrounding Donna’s path continued almost immediately and a special one the day after her funeral attended by 1100.  But, for a mere cafe latte or McD cup of coffee’s cost, Donna could have seen the angels early 2011.  We would have missed so much; our last anniversary Mass on July 31st, said early with family, friends and young adults at Holy Family Cathedral.  Trying for the cure, showing Donna she was valued even when handicapped by severe illness.   She offered her pain for the needs of others, something no wackjobber Covered California planned parenthood trained death hack would even conceive.

Steph’s Choice made by death merchants of the state: column A, $10,000 for alternative chemo therapy.  Column B, 120 pennies for Hitler’s medicine of choice.

Of course, Column B: “next ration file” shouts the ‘health rationing bureau hack’.

This barbarian culture wants moms to pump out babies so Cate DIEyer at Stem Express’ marketing order for “I need 50 livers a week” can be efficiently met.  Or pump them out to join the indoctrination machine at age 3, only to be released after the Regressive Left profs have sufficiently filled the “young skulls of mush” with crap.

Damn you, death merchants, from Obama to Moonbeam’s “It’s time to die” laws, unfeeling death insurance companies.

Death is only a transition, but suppose God wants to reach out to someone who doesn’t know Him and we speed up the process to cash in life insurance policies and sell the house to go to Europe, if it is still safe to do so.

Interrupt God’s will for our selfish envy.  We don’t even value His gift of life, carbon dioxide, for the life affirming and selfless giving us food and breath it brings; instead, we fraudulently fist God for climate only He controls; same with Life.  We puny humans know better.  At least, we should.

donna 100_face5

Donna and Rosie.  They miss each other in different ways

525,600 minutes, how do you value the life of a mother?

$300 to ISIS a kid in our domestic terrorist cells called planned parenthoodlum LLC.  Return on Investment or ROI: $715 or $150 per harvested part. $1.20 to kill a mother of four.  Life is precious and worthless at the same time.   Health insurance became HMO became health care morphed to Obamacare and now Life goes to the cheapest bidder for big people, highest for harvested baby scalps (for their hair follicles), heads, livers and hearts.

Mrs. Stephanie Packer deserves better.  Her husband, Brian and four excellent kids as well.  They don’t deserve what these prostiticians and life hating death mongers are shoveling. The Obamascam architech, Jonathan Grubbie Grubner, MIT’s worthless, arrogant, lying sack of refuse, should be stocked in the public square with a big L for loser liar spray painted on his face.

 But, even his worthless life has value, though no merit.

Leave the cyanide pills to Hitler, Eva Braun, Auschwitz, and Hydra agents.  And allow a mother who loves and wants to live to have access to any means possible to live.  The money is there, actually was there, before the death care system orchestrated by fraud, Democrapian and illegitimate Franken votes;  and bizarre Roberts ruling, came into being: the Obamanation Corrupt health insurance fraud.

Sarah Palin saw the death panels long before Tina Fey pretended to see Russia from her asinine SNL studio set.   So, it’s time…

Repeal the nonsense.  Make Stephie’s Choice the right one: allow her to live.

While we are at it, retire the Islamist in Chief and the Clinton Crime family; they’ve done enough and cost us enough of our American heritage and soul.  They never met an ambassador or lover they couldn’t kill, believing they were terminal to their lust for power and money.

If you don’t think your life depends on a revolution of sanity, note this: a government that hillary-and-death-dead-rich-sethcontrols your toilet flow, size of your parking places, ingredients in your food, quality of your life, regulates everything, this government, when allowed to control lives at ALL stages, can both corruptly protect your life.  And MORE corruptly, just as easily take it.   And it’s Regressive Agents of Change leftists are busy.  Very busy.

Does ANYONE really believe a 9 month old human baby girl being wants to die?  Gave consent?  Exercised her fundamental woman’s right to choose life?  Come on.  The party of slavery is ready to take your life, whether or not you disagree with them.  Whether for $300 MediCal or Medicaid dollars at planned parenthood; or you taking $1.20 copaid for Hitler Hemlock at home.

HilLIARy, the unindicted felonious crook (FBI just reopened the email investigation on St. Jude, the patron of lost causes feast day Oct 28th.  Even dir. Commie can’t hide the latest) believes there are NO planned-dennis-miller-hillary-abortionrestrictions when an abortionist can ISIS a kid better than the mob, sever her blackhead and sell it to YaleMed for $715.

All without a dermatologist license.  Frankly, the only one who has the 007 card, a license to kill, is God.  And He loans it very carefully.  Certainly not to Pedophile Isle’s Sick Slick and his wife.


Stephanie, you ARE loved.  We will work to overturn this idiocy and extend your life.  As long as God wants you here.  The culture of death doesn’t deserve you and the life culture continues to fight.

Your four kids and husband deserve EVERY moment God has planned for you.  Every one.

  And this I know, Mrs. Packer.  It was a pleasure working along side you at Holy Family Cathedral in youth ministry; where IS your Church today on this issue?

You served, as so many who hear “social justice” like the words are intricately linked as PB&Y, have served “at will” until someone believes you were no longer relevant, necessary, even if so many wanted you, a mere parish business manager’s line item on the budget.

Like $1.20 a dose, look at the money we save owning a $150 million international worship center, while those nuisance $15,000 a year workers are terminated.  But then, I have real estate clients and 11 kids to take care of, so I need to close this piece.

Until we meet agains, the best to you and your five.

By the way, Donna is praying for you from heaven; many of us are praying for you from the carbon dioxide oppressed planetary orb, earth.










One thought on “ObamaScareCalif scam offers to kill mother of four for only $1.20! Hell loves those bureaucrats that ration humans.

  1. Len, thank you for your message and your dedication to share truth and light no matter the cost. You are absolutely carrying on the work that was entrusted to Donna. Meeting and knowing Donna was one of the greatest blessings that I have ever been given. Through Dona, and Susan Dean, I believe wholeheartedly that I have walked along with and embraced Saints. When around these women, it was clear that I was in the presence of something or someone great! When I was with either one of these women, it was very clear to me that I was in the presence of Christ and our Blessed Mother. These two women lived their lives in a way that showed everyone that they were women after Gods own heart. They dedicated their lives to the service of our Lord as well as drawing so near to our Blessed Mother that simply being in their presence would let you know, sense, and even smell the beauty and grace that was surrounding them. It was an honor and a treasure to call these women my friends. Thank you for sharing your beliefs, your heart, and your precious memories of your beautiful, strong, and gentle Donna. We love you all!

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