Do you love your family? AlwaysBarackClintons, America & NeverTrumpers

sunflower of loveHow many more cops must die?

THANK A COP TODAY…TWICE.   5 assassinated in Dallas, 2 more ambushed in corn country, Des Moines, like “black lives matter” and Soros are moving through the alphabet to have the police we love targeted by useless cowards hellbent on anarchizing America.  Every cop has a Barack~Hillary~Lynch blood red target on their backs; because backs are where groomed killer cowards direct their weaponry.  Recall, that black thug bully, Michael Brown, thanks to main stream morons in media, was the lied about HandsUpDon’tShoot con that got this Democrat anarchy going.

How much more collusion and corruption before we drain the swamp off the Potomac and retake the 121beckman-hobbitt-family-shot royals on the Blessed Sacramento? Two ongoing FBI investigations of the successor to mail fraud indicted Capone, the ‘world’s largest money laundering scheme’ per Cotton; and 650 THOUSAND modern letters, eMail, from Muslim Brotherhood veteran Mrs. Huma Abedin Wiener and her pedophile hubby.

How many more suspicious murders can we tolerate? For the millennials, Hillary’s lover, Vince Foster was one of 90 hillary-and-death-dead-rich-sethsuspicious deaths in the 90s. Today, they outdid themselves, including age 27 Seth Rich, died from natural causes, gunshots to his back after leaking DNClinton secrets.

Al Capone ran the Chicago Outfit for about seven years, before his run ended.  It wasn’t the St Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929 that did him in: it was mail fraud and tax evasion.

The clinton crime family is being investigated for these very same things: eMail fraud and tax evasion, foreign money laundering, operating a charity for personal gain (even Chelsea was concerned about “appearances”),  selling State Dept access for $1/2 a billion.  The list is incredible.

 Thugs at the trump rallies simulate demo violence that rivals the violence they perpetrate on innocent children and mothers by domestic terrorist abortionists; of course demo supported kid killing tops the list!  Meanwhile, she destroyedben-ghazi-non-voters the Middle East while she conned millions out of foreign potentates, ripped off Haiti and don’t forget her campaign step on Ben Ghazi.  She stepped on the throats of four Americans, to hide her ISIS gun-running and help obama keep up his anarchy.

Chelsea knew it was a con, the video scam, like many foreign dignitaries while we were lied to by the Machine.  I disagree with the adjoining picture: these four WILL vote and vote democrat, against their will: after all, they ARE dead which guarantees a vote for the party of slavery and regressive voting practices.

I love my family, large as it is.  I believe you do too!  It’s time that we go Constitutional again.  56 signers did NOT lose life and fortune for “People…of the government, by the government and for the government”.  It was the exact opposite: citizen part-time legislators, and back to building families, wealth and helping each other.

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” is not what is happening.

ebtThe Founders roll in their well-earned graves over this sick oppressive lifelong welfare class of quasi-guvlooter rulers who, like engorged leeches, devour DC and Sacramento.  It was “Provide for the common defense”, not force the people to locklip on giant DC hogs’ breasts multi-million teets, lined up for the next EBT card.  This actually sucks the life out of black teens, single moms, college coeds, the human sense of initiative, thriftiness, save to accrue and for the future, entrepreneurship. Welfare and charity needs to be messy, even dirty.  People need accountability partners when they are getting “free money” from others.  Not receive it on a slick card that resembles most credit (ie death or mortcards) cards in size and destructive ability.

There’shuma-kasich-kasuck-kaeprick no “advantage” in taking from others who are in real need.  Only KaePrick gets away with sitting on his sorry ass for $10 million while insulting the long dead founders of this covenant land we hold dear.

The Founders didn’t want us to found foundations to  sell access for millions at SecState to oil sheiks, connected cronies, canadian uranium gurus, sociopathic conscienceless Democrapians, etc.  PROMOTE the general fare well: do well but not take other people’s money.  If you want to Bern, go to eastern europe in the 50s and 60s or Venezuela today.  Proof that taking other people’s money makes EVERYONE poorer.  If you don’t work for something, you rarely appreciate its value.  Frank Justy, canadian, paid $100 million to Hill&Billy to leverage OUR Uranium.  Is this your vision of America?

If you are a dad, a mom, a friend or client, family IS important to you.  Think about these things as you vote early or next Tuesday; frankly, i never vote early, because sometimes the FBI might indict my corrupt, colluding crime candidate days before the election.

The Constitution sets the date; even my daughter’s St Norbert’s YM/Confirmation values the day for this sacred duty by giving the teens the night off.  But do it informed.  Just don’t vote early, often, dead or foreign unless you are active duty. Please read the issues carefully.

Almost $2000 a month for sickness insurance; Like you, i pay TOO much for the governmental confiscation of health care: BarackClinton Care.  Bankrupting premium levels with deductibles sooooo high we effectively don’t have insurance unless I get what Donna got.  Ben Affleck’s The Accountant is similar to Jonathan Gruber”legend in his own arrogant mind” The Architect of Sick, this shot-less but lots of blood takeover of America’s success story, health care.  BarackClintonCare needs to go, SOON, before more people lose everything, paying MORE for health insurance, alone, more than your mortgage.  Hmm, mort means ‘death.’ And the massive GruberObama lie, keep plan, doctor and spiking out of sight premium bills.  I can’t afford to get sick and I can’t afford to pay for “well”.  This chronic bipolar is due to that MIT scum Gruber.

Speaking of insurance, MB Huma calls her 650,000 now in FBI hands as her “life insurance” policy.  Like taxes, her hubby’s penchant for highly sexualized 15 year old girls seeing his limp thingee (not as crooked as her boss’ business marriage partner’s)

Private Sector JOBS.  In California, its been 2 weeks since the DMV computer went down; i’ve been back to AAA three times with no success to register vehicles.  Yet, Moonbeam & his Lowbeam LegiSlayers team have plenty of time to invade private homes with Kamala’s 11 goons to play pirate to take videos already in the private sector.  Instead of fixing the confiscatory high DMV fees and computers, Moonbeam brags about shutting down more businesses over carbon dioxide and shipping jobs east.

hillary-hysterical-its-my-turnHillary, like Obama, hates people working and not dependant on government doleouts.  She wants to shut down low electricity generating light polluting coal because she’s a XXXXX.

Fill in the X’s.  Obama arrogantly said CO2 from coal is too much because he’s chief scientist and walked the Exit glacier in Alaska.  He NEEDS to exit without destroying Israel, his plan during the inter-regnum.   Like Obama, she hates America strong dependant on her middle east client’s oil.

Hillary hates Catholics, Christians AND, to quote Ma Clinton, those “F#$%#$ing Jew Bast_rds”.  She loves money more than her open marriage partner loves lots and lots of sex with anyone HE wants to get it from.  Why would ANY Catholic vote for her OR him?  Or as Hugh Hewitt puts it: “you have to be dumb as a rock to vote for a democrat”  And this writer used to be one of them, confession.  Hillary does not tolerate a god couple different than her family.  Obama is the third in this unholy trinity that supports the unholy triad (Iran~Syria~Russia) below.

Two examples.  Iran~Uranium~Israel.  Hillary has sold America out. Repeatedly.

She helped Iran get billions in ransom dollars, the #1 terrorist regime outside of planned parenthood in the world, starting with 1.4 billion in unmarked, multi-currency bills on the AyeYaToleYou KillMany’s driveway.  Clinton Global arranged for Russia to buy 20% of our uranium IN THE GROUND.  So, follow this: Iran will use American ransom $$ to buy via Russia OUR uranium to load their nukes and fire them at California (meanwhile demanding MORE ransom since the Islamist in Cheap folded to cover his plan to give $$).

What’s an ally like Israel to do?  That socialist anarchist community agitator early on, returned the Al Capone_in_Florida.jpgChurchill bust and doesn’t believe in Jesus as Jesus; he HATES Jews more than the middle easterners.  He hates Bibi because the Israel PM is an actual statesman, just as Putin is a real man, not happy with being accused of interfering in America, whether he is or isn’t.

While lamelame duck obama demonizes Israel between nov 9 and jan 20 via the UN BDS and historical revisionism, Israel will continue to prepare to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities. It will be Bibi who will shoot down Iran’s intercontinentals.  Not the excessive AF1 golfer, who will “retire” from being on vacation to his DC mansion not built by slaves.

Do you love your family?  The clinton racketeers must go.  RICO was created to take down the Al Capone types.  Hillary and her Regressive leftist thugs used it on Joe Scheidler’s Chicago prolife activities, demanding people that save lives stop saving lives via collusion.  She hates the competition.  Racketeer Influenced Corruption Organizations.

Not herself OR Capone?   You tell me. Example #2.  Everyone knows planned parenthood sells severed blackheads without a dermatologist license for $715.  Did you know how deep your clinton crime family is involved in selling baby parts.  Out this morning at 4am from OpRescue:

planned p dc national holocaust museam.jpg“International fugitives who were aided by Hillary’s State Department are now being sued for the illegal sale of baby body parts for profit.

Hillary’s government lackeys pushed through the immigration status of a wealthy Ecuadorian family, including three brothers who have been convicted of stealing millions from a failed bank.

These international mobsters are the owners of DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics — the company with criminal ties to Planned Parenthood that’s currently being sued by a California District Attorney for the illegal sale of baby hearts, brains, and lungs.”

It’d make a great whodunit or international spy novel if it wasn’t so real, destroying our families.

“Meanwhile Ohio’s KaSuck votes early for Sen McCain”  Please realize: if you vote for Johnson or use governor KaSuck’s 2008 ballot, you are tossing your vote TO the crime family.  I know that young whippersnappers Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krause love being a NeverTrumper, but math is math.

If you vote for Hillary, you are a never trumper.  If you vote for Jill and Gary, you are a never trumper.  But as a NeverTrumper, you ARE a fan of AlwaysBarackClintons; you give HilLIARy the nod.  You become a defacto AlwaysClintons.

Hillary IS obamacare.  She IS corruption, collusion, selling out America, killing kids for profit, hating you.  Hating me.  Loving money as much as the Sick Slick Pedophile Isle guy loves sex with anything that moves.  Even Gary Johnson voters are running to Trump to hopefully end the Hillary run.  Trump doesn’t see America as an easy piggy bank or that we are deplorable and irredeemable; he works hard and desires a strong America. KaePrick is Hillary to the No Fans Left league; 350,000 ESPN subscribers just disappeared because America is a land of citizens who work hard, fend for themselves and help others.

In the King’s English, we are not a land of rushing immigrants who walk over those in line and demand free everything as they anchor birth themselves in the lower 48.  This is the lie: millions are IN LINE to get in, yet the Democrat Voter Creation team doesn’t give a damn about order, fairness, only anarchy and corruption. We are both a blessed country of FORMER immigrants, and…

Yes, we ARE a nation of citizens, who are generous, understand right from wrong, that welcomes immigrants but not getting millions forced across unvetted borders to become Democrat Utopian voters.  Democrap voters, for short.

Collusion, corruption, death…sounds like hell.   Actually, like the Alinsky clone Hillary is.

At least, give Pence a Chance.  He’s prolife, Trump has prolife leaders ON his team, promises SCOTUS nominees that can replace Scalia, whom too many believe died under suspicious circumstances; well, being found with a pillow over your face can happen to anyone.  It’s like Seth Rich’s natural causes death after Demo Nat’l Committee leaks.

If you love your family, continuing the clinton crime syndicate run is not an option.  Like Al’s Chicago Outfit, the RICO family will be under indictment for years, unless Comey gives blanket immunity to anyone who knows Hill&Billy. Stranger things have happened.

eucharist-angels-watchI LOVE MY FAMILY; please love yours enough to end this swamp on the potomac, and work toward cleaning up the sewage on the Blessed Sacramento river as well.

Please VOTE!  And thank at least TWO cops today.  They run TO the problem,the mayhem, no matter who creates it…whether in those dying Democrapian strongholds like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and yes LA.  You CAN hope for a better America; but you can’t get it with HiLIARy, named for Sir Edmund 2 years before anyone knew who he was.  What a revelation: she’s been lying since she’s been two.

Go see Hacksaw Ridge.  And Hillary’s America.  Then your vote will be obvious.

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