Rerum Vitae: an Encircular of a loyal lay Catholic Christian

Have you seen this natural beauty before?

All is not as it seems in our world today. 

It’s time to reassess the facts of life; we need a Revolution of Truth to counteract systemic fabrigation, degradation and incivility now a part of our blessed land and infecting our blessed Church.

This author is 68 years a native Californian and American citizen, 37 years the dad of 11, 35 years a domicilic pedagogist,  35 years a lay minister including DRE & YM, and 32 years a real estate broker; ask the actuaries, at best, my life is just decades from ending.

Please understand: I feel blessed, yet this is:

Rerum Vitae #1: God’s Gift of each other:  “Life is precious, we only get ONE!”  When our time is up, it’s up.

We certainly can define ourselves by race but not like the race pimps do; in the real world, the facts and things of life that matter, we MUST realize there is scientifically only this: ONE HUMAN RACE.  ONLY one.  

Not 1619 different ones.  Note bene: any division from there, from God’s created humans, and/or how to separate the 9 billion on the planet, is man made. 

All the excuses, the victim pleas and whining can be summed up by an illiterate single mom’s comment: “She never made excuses, and she never accepted an excuse from us.” Any excuse was met with Mrs. Carson’s “Do you have a brain?” She told Ben and his brother, you could have thought your way out of any problem. What John or Mary did or said to you doesn’t matter.  What did Ben Carson do by loving books and NOT watching endless TV, he because a pioneering pediatric neurosurgeon who separated twins AT the brain.

Genetically, God installed 23 chromosomes each in the two distinct gender/sexes that become parents; they can be found in blacks, whites, short, tall, African, European, Antartican even AntiFAstan humans.  Good or bad, evil or honest.

‘Critical Race Theory’ like ‘Systemic Racism’ believes if you are white, you are a white supremacist.  White is evil.  This nonsense, as Dr Carol Swaim and Candance Owens, to name a few, peg it: it violates the “equal protection clause” of the 14th amendment, whether you are white, black or some other superficial difference.

BLM Inc., for example, is a Marxist anarchist organization extorting tribute from feckless corporations and allied with AntiFAstan militants; they, like Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground, exist to infuse FEAR not progress.   And the NYTimes “journalist” claims his 1619 is fiction, not history; even though many public schools are adopting its guts for their kids.  Actually, for the parents’ kids they have access to.  Proving yet again, choice is more than a woman’s with her squirming baby inside: we need SCHOOL CHOICE to escape the enslavement of the petrified public indoctrination establishment.  You can’t graduate 78% of the kids with 35% math & English proficiency, and claim success at LAUSD.  Especially since each public “ed” classroom gets $720,000 PER 180 day YEAR, Zoom or Live.  This is criminal, a whole generation abandoned to developmentally disabled status.

And IF you don’t know what the 14th amendment is, it’s a part of God’s inspired founding documents called the Constitution and the 20 something amendments and bill of rights. 

Law and order, like natural law, is essential for a society to exist; California, whether the early Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on, needs to return to God’s design that killing, stealing, lying and the seven deadly sins are evils to be avoided. 

Return the sanctuary to celebrating the bloodless sacrifice of the Eucharist, not coddling criminals of all types.  We can help the immigrant, but giving a Monopoly “Stay out of Jail forever” Card to murderers and rapists defies God’s design.  How did we get to this place where cops are evil while 700 black mainly young are killed by mainly black young in Chicago in 2019.  While complaining 9 blacks were killed by multi-color cops last year: 7 WITH weapons like knives, cars and bats.  

Voluntary associations are good things, when we associate into countries, or parishes, into neighborhoods, or the prime building block of life.  Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, is the primary essence scientifically of human life, God’s Design; but His prime foundation remains what religious call the “Domestic Church”: the human family.  We need intact families now more than ever to thrive as a nation and do great things for God, the Church and the least and lost among us.

Expect the best from each other. Don’t settle for 2nd best.

 Man was designed to be FREE, to enjoy a secure life, liberty and property/pursuit of happiness.

This reflects how God designed and built His universe.  In fact, 600,000 people died to free the physically enslaved blacks on Southern Democrat plantations, only to have the Dem slave party of 1854 swap for new plantations over time.   The most current plantation enslaves & harvests (63 million so far dead kids) preborn and JUST born black & white kids; parts, like hearts and livers, sold separately of course.

Incredibly, today, we have black college “separatists” coddle ‘easily offended’ to black only dorms.  Now, Thomas Aquinas College has the right idea, separating the sexes for healthy, morally good reasons, but not to feed the black supremacy movement. 

Whatever color supremacist you are, you are wrong.  Equality of opportunity does NOT guarantee equality of results.    Candace Owen’s book “Blackout” is a must read on this.

Think about how God filled his 553 sextillion mile wide universe: He made trillions of insects, including cockroaches and ants; billions of stars, planets, plants and animals.  AFTER billions of angels, not visible to the unaided human eye.

Yet, in His omniscience (His ALL knowing Science), God elected to make His great creation, human beings, one at a time. And rely on US, not the Godhead, to populate this amazing gift of earth. 

Adam and Eve (it’s ok, smart person, they did exist; if you don’t like the name, do the Dr Louis Leakey and call them the first couple from Mesopotamia) WAS the 1st couple:  we did NOT have 12 or 1619 first “couples” to populate separate human races. )

Nope! Rerum Vitae readers, we have the family histories and geneology trees to prove these facts of life.  The first humans lived almost a millennium, up to 969 years old, and quickly we grew to a large number, though dispersed with the Babylonian Tower diaspora.

Yes, sadly we were pruned down to eight at the ReCreative “flood” during Noah’s time, but at 9 billion, we have caught up.  But throughout time and on all continents, the family building block, not the village, is the most important and God ordained.  And families, since the removal of the water vapor canopy (first rains first rainbow after 120 year Noah & Sons yacht building project), our life spans decreased from 700-900 years to around 100 years following the introduction of direct solar and cosmic rays.  But, at 80-100,there’s plenty of time to raise and educate great kids and do great things in Christian Service.  And say what you want, the optimum remains man and wife, husband and lady: not 158 other “preferred sexual and non sexual” gender ideologies.  Yes, we are considerate of other peoples’ choices (unless choice involves killing like the preborn at PParenthoodlum Central); but when 160 genders are used as weapons for illicit gain, we need to draw the line of truth. For THEIR sake.  Sexual relativity, like moral relativity, is evil.  NOT a good way to live.  But it takes people of courage to speak the truth in love.  And our bishops as well to challenge the usurpation of God’s inalienable rights and American citizen duties.

Rerum Vitae #2  “God’s gift of fossil fuels” are just that: gifts. 

Dear Bishops & Enviro Justice Leaguers:  We WON the CO2 battle: it’s levels and concentration are DOWN. Former Catholic Xavier & Newsom can FREE Californians from evil carbon taxes.  Did Anyone notice?

Yet, the misery merchants (as I call them) are mocking God in so many ways.  But, unpack this: in California and the US, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) is going DOWN quickly because the mix has changed: we can choose fracked natural gas instead of burning wood (except in Newsom’s Calif.) as fuel for heat like the caveman did.  Why do so many in the evolved Democrat slave party demand fracking stop?  Because it HELPS American families thrive.  They HATE America almost as much as they LOVE black girls hacked up for parts.

Choice works in the energy world well:   We choose WHICH fossil fuels (as the godless call them) to use. Let’s say the Novum Green Dealers take power as in take over American governance; they are clueless that:

Fossil fuel crude OIL leads to 6000 necessary products like plastics used throughout the civilized world. 6000 consumer products… AND

Fracked fossil fuel natural gas is extremely low polluting, high energy coefficient for heating homes, powering cars and in its best use, generating electricity, it REDUCES CO2 in the atmosphere. 

You won’t hear this from the anarchists like Algorean Heretics or Biden Bernie AOC’s $93 trillion anarchistic greenprint to blueprint the return to the Stone Ages.

Think critically rerum vitae readers: with technological super advancement, ZooMeets in the Covid19 days for example, we keep discovering amazing things but the misery merchants hate progress.  ANY progress.  And they lie to protect their Luddism.  They claim CO2 is poison gas, even though by the way it is in every fire extinguisher to extinguish fires!

How will blowing winds or shining sun replace plastic saline bags on hospital stands, plastic face shields and thousands of other products that make efficient use of God’s gift of oil to mankind? What idiots these Luddites are, who want to bring back horse pooper scoopers.

For the first time ever, America is energy independent. Which means FAMILIES can be independent from POVERTY.

No more OPEC 1970s gas lines because we are enslaved to the Middle East.  And CHEAP ENERGY is Godly because it helps families thrive: we can serve each other BETTER without the GMan taking more of the family’s income, taking his 50% cut for governance and then giving crumbs to the truly needy.

Bishops and lay alike: Christian service, helping others and succeeding as a family is dependent on LOW energy costs and available Food, decent jobs, the things Trump had going.  Meanwhile, the godless Newsom, Gov of California, is using the Algorean Heresy as justification to steal more and more of the family budget, read our private sector income, for his frivolous programs. 

Using this persistent lie that fossil fuels are evil, Newsom and former Catholic Xavier Becerra have us paying a 67% gasoline sales tax rate.  Yes, 67%! today.  Easy proof is standing at the California/Arizona border on the 10 (highway) and seeing a mile away gas prices $1.20 less than in San Bernardino county. Same air, same world, dotted state border between you and cheaper fuel.

Sadly, there is NO green in Toddler Newsom’s Covid Crayon Box. He will never lift the house arrest.

Until Covid19, Bishops didn’t have to worry as much about shuttering parishes to make up the massive artificial donation deficit, like many of us private citizen business owners are facing.  Minor fact of life: parishioners and church goers, when church doors are locked like on Pentecost AD33, the donations plummet.

We all know this unmentioned truth.  While mainly Democrat governors continue to keep us under house arrest: notice in toddler tyrant Gavey Newsom’s four color covid Crayon box…

…there is NO GREEN Crayola! Illa est: FREEDOM for CaliFamilies once again to thrive.

Green means GOOOO!, something Emperor Newsom will NEVER do: he is drunk with unelected illicit power to enslave (there’s that word again) us families.

Ironically, the tech revolution has surfaced and protected unnecessary public sector jobs (needing to be pared);  continue as the revolution in efficiency and productivity continues.  Every public sector job is paid is expensive; too expensive IF not eliminated when it’s time is up…paid for by the income of the private sector humans; but not EVERY government bureaucrat job is needed anymore.   WE need to reduce bloated fat government bureaucracies: we can’t afford them nor do we need them anymore.

But, we need police (sorry Antifa BLMers) and the military to fulfill the most important aspect of governance: protection from enemies foreign and domestic and to maintain a civil society civil with law and order.  But no longer buggy whip tanners. or pager manufacturers.  So much, with miniaturization and smart phone centralization of apps, has occurred to eliminate the need for various functions. 

The Plague of Xi the Merciless has shown this: NYC is emptying out, commercial property values plummeting, because companies now realize many functions like work, can happen in their employees’ homes.  But the outlandish, criminally large public pension levels for ex librarians and others no longer needed are STILL on the books.  Proof? Current $2 trillion demand by Newsom’s Auntie Nantoinette (“Do as I say NOT as I Hairdo”) for mismanaged states, mainly Democrat left led that have squandered their wealth.

It is the STATES’ responsibility to solve by cutting pensions not taxpayers.

Rerum Vitae #3  God’s gift of climate change is HIS, not ours to control.  Misunderstanding this rerum vitae is dangerous and expensive.

Hints for the 2500 air sample quiz

Bishops and laity: despite the Supreme Court calling it “pollution”, CO2 is our necessary friend, not demonic like planned parenthood.  Do the science before you follow it: 1:2500

There is ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 other air (nitrogen, oxygen&argon) molecules. CO2 IS a trace air gas, not a heat sink destroying the 3rd rock from the sun.

Yet YOU believe man is miraculously changing the weather by somewhat manufacturing 12 CO2 molecules out of every million.  Why??

Certainly, you can sit back idly and watch us get ripped off further.  According to the Algorean Heresy (that man not God controls the weather), 3% of the carbon dioxide is man and woman made.  IF this is true, then the amount we can control by destroying our economies and ALL going poor, is 12 CO2 molecules for every ONE MILLION (3% of 400PPM). 

Look closely at this as you listen to misery merchants like King Emperor Newsom, with his REPayrations insanity, climate change and house arrest maxims, tell us NO gas powered cars by 2035. 

What an insolent miscreant petty tyrant; who the heaven does he think he is?

I know, i should write my real opinion of him.  He thinks he is Chief Scientist, Chief Parent, Chief of Private Commerce and Jobs…basically, God on the West coast below Oregon.  He is NOT!

12:1,000,000 CO2 (manmade) molecules are used to enslave us.  Slavemaster Newsom has moved us off harvesting cotton on the Southern Democrat plantations to the plantations of Taxifornia.

This scientific nonsense is codified in the Indoctrination Centers, formerly know as Public Education; it seeps into parochial unless checked at the border, the principal’s office and curriculum committees; and buttressed by the DeMedia (ABCNNBCBS, the big four networks of Democrat controlled media) and deviant academia.

China not California has smog issues.

Take Mr Newsom’s recent tantrum: climate change creates wildfires. 

Chew on it; just because he says it does not make it science.  Truth is out there: changing from 70 degrees to 71.5 degrees, or 100 to 101 degrees Farenheit, does not make fires go wild.  Paper burns at 451 degrees not 100.  AND, terrible forest management (leaving dead wood and brush on the forest floor, and standing deadwood matchsticks) is too much temptation for the fire bugs among us.  And lightning.  ALL wildfires are preventable, it we end the androgenic climate change BS.  Blame the tree huggers, the environmental cases for the loss of 4 million acres just this year.  Not the clear cutting loggers, or unused grid management tools available to adult leaders.  As a scientist, I abhor this kind of ignorance: there are good strategies for protecting the environment, starting with protecting preborn children; unfortunately the Sierra Clubbers have the toddler tyrant Newsom’s ear.

Yes the CLIMATE changes; in fact, if rain didn’t follow sunlight or winter follow fall, no crops, no food.  Without CO2 we die due to NO food.  Without climate change, we suffer.

Global warming happens locally at dawn and continues through most of the day, even in winter; but we don’t need the defrocked snake oil salesguy, Algore, to whine about it.  His and other climate change ambassadors’ lies have been proven false.  Polar bears, Algore’s famous infomercial, was a fraud photo op.  Polar bears endangered?  There are five times as many today.  Seas rising to ObamaNation’s Cap’n Hussein Barack’s claim Mt McKinley 21,000 foot level BS: there is NO systemic rise worldwide

Global cooling every night, sounds silly, but it’s true.  But, hand it to them, what the misery merchants have done is genius. 

When global warming didn’t materialize over three decades, instead of giving God credit for building a radiative atmospheric heat exchanger, just change the mantra.  Admitting the lie a non starter for the leftist Regressives.  Never satisfied until they have ultimate power.  Over you.  And me.

Instead of manmade global warming based on CO2 levels, call it ‘climate change’.  Have the Indoctrination Centers, Leonard Decraprio, ABCNNBCBS and conflicted paid off “scientists” harp and hawk the same message: man must stop making things ie destroy the economy to curb CO2.  As if MORE CO2 is a bad thing.  The atmospheric chemical that PROMOTES plant growth in REAL greenhouses, is evil IF man supposedly creates it from nothing.

What the misery sellers missed, is due to fracked natural gas changing the mix of energy, especially electrical generation (except in Calif where Newsom cut 8 gigawatts of methane generated to honor his guv predecessor, Brown outs), carbon dioxide is gone LESS, obsoleting the Paris “Screw developed nations” Accords forever.  The solution is not dark ages wood burning making a comeback, but Godly men and women standing up for truth, scientific integrity and ending the suppression of the scientific method: ANYONE can get these simple facts, but be prepared to be nah nahed as “climate deniers”.

What stupidity: no one denies climate, nor that it changes.  But unlike toddler Newsom who misdirects from the real problem, adults seek the truth.  Not political fiction.  As it is, bishops and laity, Dr Valentina Zharkova and other actual experts, solar physicists, are discussing the resurgence of the Maunder (now Dalton) Minimum where sun heat energy is decreasing precipitously this decade.   NOW there is a problem worth investigating and mitigating.  Maybe even time to reverse the 67% gasoline sales tax rates the oppressive enslaving SacraDEMento is doing to CaliFamilies.

Wonder why no temp increase over 20 years even tho the Algorean heretics lied to us about non-existent massive global average temperature increases?

Sunspot activity is reaching a three cycle super low; and from 6th grade, solar science, sunspots signal energy exported from the sun.  Story for another day.  Another rerum vitae.  But trillion$$ are being wasted on needless demonization of God’s energy gifts to us: yes, we control and must continue to reduce pollution but by shifting to less polluting sources.  NOT bring back the horse buggy whips, equine pooper scoopers and poverty, misery and death. 

Recall this when Gov Recall Newsom is gone in 2022…or before.  Instead of ZooMeets over what’s the best salad or over white privileged fragile supremacists are about.

…There are real coming issues.  We need to help 3rd worlders deal with shorter growing seasons and less arable land, NOT contemplate ivory tower environmental justice navels. Bishops, THIS is what honorable Christian service is about: not the band-aids but helping prevent actual food deficits worldwide as the earth actually cools. Cold not heat is the more dangerous conundrum of life.

Rerum Vitae #4  God’s Gift of Photosynthesis.  And Aerobic Respiration.

The circle of life isn’t just on Lion King

It is sad this must be written, but the trinity of God’s gifted chemicals and energy, is NOT pollution.  He mixes water, carbon dioxide and sun energy to FEED the WORLD.  Photosynthesis creates food; you learned this before the social environmental justice preachers took over and distorted the truth in 4th grade science. 

And that food is consumed by the companion equation of aerobic or cellular respiration.  But when misery merchants build on the little lie to create the BIG lie of Algorean Heresy, truth gets pummeled by the din of toddler noise.  Yes, toddlers who don’t listen to the facts or want your opinion.  This is why adults need to take over again.  The anarchists, the misery merchants have had their time.




Rerum Vitae #5  Vote for good not evil.  Understand that in the US, WE are the government & we hire public servants to serve the public.  NOT themselves.

  This Fact of Life speaks for itself.  We the people ARE the government, not the governed.  We HIRE by vote those we employ like Trump or Newsom, Pelosi or Whitmer, De Santis or Cuomo.  Some turn out good; others not so much.  Cuomo should be up on manslaughter charges for the unnecessary 9500 Covid Elderly deaths in his 593 NYC nursing homes.  He KILLED them with love: loving to keep the free hospitals, field and ship, empty while infecting the vulnerable with Covid+ patients.  But, if you want to vote for a con man president with a 4 month, not 4 year term, leading to President #47 Kamamalala the Knife, vote Dem. 

Trump proved he cares about God, His Church and the American people, but people don’t seem to embrace forgiveness for a president’s past. Even with 320 undeniable successes in so many areas.  Yeah, he gruff but he has a heart of gold; and charity is NOT to be broadcast, tho Catholic Charities, Food for the Poor do good work at times.

He’s married to a devout Catholic name Melania who has influenced him for good, and he became a true pro life advocate with his actions. Vote DJT then and avert the destruction of America as we know it.  America was NOT designed to be communist and run by an all powerful central Fed government and the ABCs of tyranny: Algore, Bidenfam & Clintonmob.  Tech and blessings are for good; not to end plane travel, fossil fuel use, waste trillions more and ignore the gifts right in front of our privileged, spoiled eyes and  lives.

Vote for whom you believe would be God’s choice, not the misery merchants.  FREE is the most common word out of the prostitician’s mouth.  Don’t buy the Algorean Elixir.  OR AOCs.  But vote once.  Not early, often or dead like our Dem friends prefer.

Rerum Vitae #6  Look with Christlike eyes: Search for the Truth.  Then STAND UP for it.

God created ONE human race, one human family.

Two sexes, male and female; not 160.  The alternate genders and sexualities are chosen not genetic.

Three Persons in ONE God, the ultimate family for eternity.  Learn to BKind  4Give B4Given   Help1Some1-2day and more if you are able…the real Charity of Catholics is one on one, personal.

The Family is the fundamental building block of America, not the state.  NOT AOC or the communist miscreants; not Marxist revolutionary BLM Inc nor Antifastan soldiers.  To prosper, follow God, go to Church IF and WHEN we tell Crayon Boy Newsom to pound sand, help others, do great things.  Practice life, liberty and property pursuit of happiness in a free land where there is room for EVERYONE to do well IF they are willing to work.  Sucking on your mother’s breast ends usually before age two; sucking on the government welfare breast should never become a habit beyond the same age.  God designed the family to accomplish His plan.  NOT Schumer’s or other prostitician’s dastardly deeds.

Notice that the misery merchants, yes a lot of Democrat leaders LOVE to rewrite words and use abbreviations.  There must be a leftist’s lexicon etymology convention weekly.

Woman’s right to choose has a suffix:  choose to kill her child for parts.

Climate change we discussed.  It’s suffix is Marx, Karl: “control the means of production (ie CO2) and you control the people”.  Even when success has occurred and CO2 is DOWN.

Racist.  Ignores the reality America is the most non racist country on earth.  But, the victocrats, the race pimps will have none of that.

Social Justice Warriors: moral absolutes no longer apply; what I see as injust makes it so.

Family…must be banned.  By Marx and by BLM, AntiFAstan and the corrupt.


Rerum Vitae #7  God’s gift of eternal joy.  Not everyone’s cup of tea… It IS free.

Your choice, not mine.  God gives you the true woman’s right to choose, not what to wear, but where you will be…forever.  And man too!

  Do you want to live forever in bliss and harmony or join the misery merchants with their high priest, the devil, in the hell.  Jesus talked of hell and money, as much as love.  We must learn to use money as a tool and NOT join lucifer’s leaders forever and ever in pain and yes misery.

This rerum Vitae, this Fact of Life, though is forever.  To INFINITY and beyond.  Don’t mess it up.  Jesus came that we might have LIFE…following Him is healthy, not impossible.

As we began this Encircular (Encyclicals are via bishops), I repeat WE need to be the adults and take over our world with a revolution of love; otherwise there will be no earth for my 15 grandkids and a civil society.  Like the first picture, hat tip to Pat Madrid, all that might seen to be beautiful may just be superficial.  Proof is this beautiful nature scene picture is really a closeup of the top of a rotting fence post.

True beauty, like scientific facts and the real world, is more than the superficial.  That, my bishops and laity, my fellow friends, is one necessary Rerum Vitae. 

God bless your day.  Len

Help1Some1-2day.  Don’t leave it to an anonymous or famous group; make a difference, YOUR difference.

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