Abortion kills a mother’s spirit AND child…but help IS out there



For 40 days, daily I visited planned parenthood’s Auschwitzesque brick building on Tustin@22fwy in Orange. Spontaneous, 75 vivographs of everyday people defending life emerged.

The most humbling thing has been meeting many beautiful and courageous mothers who have lost, for whatever reason, a child at the hands of an abortionist.   The mother in crisis does NOT kill her child; the abortionist, whom i call “abortogods” did the killing.

Yes, she can take the pill of destruction; but a supposed medical professional coerces her into the step.  If the mother had the full picture of what was happening, the help that is available and the future of her torment, she would run like a deer from pp.

 The abortogod, he or she killed the child; she did not. Did we blame the twin’s mothers when Hitler’s Dr. Mengele’s experimented, operated and killed them? Then, don’t blame the moms in desperation. We bear the responsibility of a nation to end this. We must pray and help.  And ACT!

Some, like Tanya, a mother and Beatrice, a grandmother have suffered the loss of children/grandchildren and have gone public. Others remain confidential for whatever reason a mother does. WE MUST MAINTAIN THEIR ANONYMITY for their safety.

The main reason is, unlike the slick PP marketing, abortion puts mothers at risk long after their child is gone.

Life’s issues and circumstances do NOT just go away as she is driven out the driveway, past the sidewalks of life; they must be dealt with and handled.  Look what she starts out with after the worst day of her life, that of losing her child:

Physically, there is perforated uteri, damaged tissues, incontinence, inability to have another child and so much more including death.  Another Tanya, Tonya Reaves died 12 hours following her child’s death July 2012: she was abandoned by PP staffers comatose, no charts, no professional med explanation at a local ER.  A real hospital for healing.  Not a cash and carry out mill like PP.  PP is NOT a medical facility; they are a cash business that rips off everyone that walks in.  Everyone.

Emotionally, mom’s issues run the gamut and the mother runs the gauntlet.  Fear of discovery, shame, disgust, anger, dirty, betrayal by her man, ruined relationships are just a few.  These last years~sometimes for life.

Spiritually, there are real consequences; most immediately feel a dread or sense of oppression; do not right this off, people, as “just an emotional woman’s issue”…it’s her hormones or time of the month.  It is not…she has been changed for a lifetime. But hope endures.

These mothers feel spiritual remorse that idle talk betrays. She is in bondage; evil does not quit after the procedure; it tries to saddle the mother with a lifetime of regret and blame her for “killing her child”.  It is not the mother’s fault.  Yes, she “allowed” it.  Well, if being desperate and vulnerable, handled and hustled by men, “friends”, “family”, is her fault than go ahead:  revictimizer her and throw her back to the pavement.  PP knows what they are doing and how to push the woman’s buttons.  Give her a break: hope for the future and a chance at healing.  Plus the dads/husbands, grandparents, abortion workers ALL need to come to God.  He is waiting with open, merciful, forgiving arms.

Abortion does NOT happen in a vacuum either: there are a boat load of life issues that surround the death of the child that are not cured.

And frankly, it’s none of our business the whys; we all make mistakes. Aborted moms need love, kindness, compassionate and patient help.  The how for healing is below and much more important.

Moms instinctively know it’s a child…someday.  Some know it the same day they lose her or him.  Others it is revealed in a dream or even seeing a stroller with a young child will set her off.  These are not blobs, even if after 12 years of schooling an abortogod (a false god who chooses who and when to kill or let live) claims they are sub or non-human.

What a fool he must be; must have got “F’s” on his -ology classes.  Things like fetology, embryology, anatomy, physiology, biology…even maternity.  But, God even desires the salvation of men and women, in California doctors, nurses and midwives, who kill His children.  He wants all to live forever happily.

Imagine this:  God sent us letters explaining when a kid is a kid.   He called out Jeremiah this way: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.  Before you were born I dedicated you.”  Jer 1: 5-6.

God knows ALL the circumstances that yield a pregnancy and still allows us to exercise free will; He doesn’t cede His power, though.   Look at the most famous unwed mother who could have been stoned: the Virgin Mary.  “When (her cousin) Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leaped in her womb…”    Blobs don’t leap, products of conception do not suck their thumb or breathe (yes, preborns breathe).  Elizabeth continued: “Most blessed are you among women (Mary).  and BLESSED IS THE FRUIT of your womb.

A mother is a blessing, a woman is a gift.  Men, we mess up.  Chivalry is arising; like God, it is NOT dead.  Even and especially in a boy toy world of porn and objectified sex, familial destruction, there is hope.  Soon to be saint John Paul the Great said it perfectly:

 “Christ ‘assigns as a duty to every man the dignity of every woman’ ”

~St. John Paul the Great, Theology of the Body// Angelus monologues

Guys, it is OUR responsibility to protect her.  Defend her dignity.  Who?  Every woman.  And, please be a man, don’t pull the “Eve made me eat it” routine.

Aborted mothers need love, counseling, help, patient listening and good counseling.  The kind that Becky & her team confidentially provides through the OC branch of Project Rachel known as Hope and Healing at  800-722-4356.  Becky and her team long have been a defender of women; she helps intercede for rape victims at hospitals.

Here is the insidious truth: Every woman is violated, every aborted woman was raped by the abortionist since he or she is not practicing medicine. She was “groomed” to that moment: horrible and inadequate counseling, lies after lies.

How can sticking knives inside a woman to kill a kid or lethal injecting poison into a six month (same age as John in Elizabeth’s womb who leaped for join) child be considered good medicine?  It is a tax payer supported cash and carry out business.  Nothing more.

And don’t give me this rot they do mammograms; Dr. Joel Brind, China and Indian studies prove a direct, causal and logical link between abortion and latent breast cancer.

All planned parenthood does is create another product and service to make money on: referring out for screening for the disease THEY CREATE in the first place.  That’s like rewarding the firemen for putting out the arson fire they set in the first place.

Every abortive mother needs help, not to mention their co-dependent enablers…and handlers.  They so often desire intensely to pay for their “sins”, make up and repair by reparation, and  help other women not make the same mistake.  Very commendable but if this is out of control, the abortive mother can “revictimize’ herself, by becoming so obsessive that she cannot move into a better place in her life.  I have suffered personally this  type of “messiah” gotta save the world complex too often.

I am so humbled by one courageous, smart and beautiful woman who is suffering through this, that i wrote a song to underscore what really goes on between mother and child…if only mom gets the chance to listen to her heart.  With her permission, some day that song will be available to show post-abortive mothers the truth.  But not until that time it is prudent.

Other than the rare Tanya and Beatrice, total confidentiality is a MUST to protect both the mother AND her family.  And frankly, even when they feel the need to come forward, it may not be the best for them to speak out too soon; they have the hope but need the healing.  Unfortunately, so many people can be insensitive and cruel to a post-abortive woman precisely when she needs the help and healing the most

Abortion solves nothing; it only increases the vacation fund of abortogods, who need to know the truth, repent and start doing real medicine.  11 year old Dr. Isaac already proved with little medical training that something that swims and moves like a baby, sucks her thumb like a baby and silently screams like a baby when facing medical grade assault weapons that have killed 1000 million so far.  Is a baby.  Not a blob, choice or convenience.  There is absolute proof a mother connects early on, if not immediately after conception.  It’s more than hormones and emotional ties: God designed her that way, with instincts to love and protect.  And serve.

God does NOT want vulnerable, post-abortive mothers to carry 1000 pound ankle balls through life.  He, the Divine Mercy, wants people to step in.  Each life is different; each woman’s circumstances.   Each solution is different.

It really tears my heart thinking what a mom must go through; there is little relief at the loss of a child. Male pressure, false expectations appearing real (acronym for FEAR), concern for abnormalities, wrong sex of the child, financial pressures etc. The reason doesn’t ease the pain, nor bring him or her back.   Results include dysfunctional relationships, better chance of not bonding and divorce, inability to have children, depression.

Bishop Kevin, the ordinary of the diocese of Orange has held more preemies in his HAND, singular, than I have held eleven brand newbies minutes after birth in two.

You might think it is an obsession being prolife for me. Well, if fighting for the moms and their kids is obsession, count me in.  And if defending and helping post abortive mothers is obsessive squared, count me in twice.  Someone needs to because this is not going away.  It is not a wart to excise or a cold to get through.  It is life for millions.   Uhm, based on LifeNew’s recent report, billions.

As of  April 2014, latest estimate is 1720 million or 1.72 billion.  Adjust for multiples, you have the largest victim group in history that needs help today.  What, maybe 700 million living mothers (minus those killed on the table)

Church wake up!  Think about this: the excellent org Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust (survivors.la) is based on this reality:

EVERYONE born since 1973 is missing one third of  their friends and families.  The death of this one third of humanity is a dying business and line the pockets of planned parenthood and Abort Inc.  They are dead.  Which means one in three women in the stores, at work and school, IN THE CHURCHES, are post-abortive.  And need help.  They walk and live among us; and we with them.

Fr. Stephen Imbarratto, a passionate prolife pastor of Sacred Heart in Albuquerque allowed a twin abortion to occur.  Similar to my and my bishop’s experience holding life, Fr. Stephen watched it pass away.  He has that singular focus to help every woman.

So, today, he talks direct to the congregation that we know you are out there, and confidentially we have and want to help.  That’s putting Walk (for Life) to the Talk.    Don’t give me another committee or schedule a meeting at 2020 lookahead strategizing sessions UNLESS we are willing to be active 365 and wise in defending life.  Off the sidelines, on the sidewalks AND for those who have been victimized by a society Pope St. John Pault the Great called “the culture of death”.

Post-abortive women need help.  NOW! So does her spouse, whether or not he is still around, and others touched by this evil.

One stat says 25% of aborted kids are Catholic; which means 25% have Catholic moms. Our churches and schools must realize this is not going away. If we shut down every PP in America today, we have a whole gen, millions of moms living with their loss, mostly in secret, for life. They need not grieve alone. Help is near by: Project Rachel/Hope and Healing at 800-722-4356   The team will give you compassionate, individualized follow up care.  It IS essential; if you know someone who is post-abortive, give them the number.  Someday they will thank you.

Every abortion has consequences: 50% of the customers are dead, plus a few moms. Every adult customer (this is not medicine, folks) lives with the emotional, spiritual and way too often, serious physical effects of abortion.

mother and invisible born child

“Mom, i forgave you the day i left the earth!”


It doesn’t matter if it happened at seven weeks or seven months, there is an eternal connection between mother and child. Size has NOTHING to do with it.
Abortion is cosmetic surgery of the heart, soul and spirit of two beings.   It is disingenuous and flippant for people to slough it off, like “oh get over it” as if abortion is a tummy tuck, breast reduction or hang nail removal.  It is a life taken at will; the most powerful force in the universe (far outstripping the three major physics forces) is the bond between a mother and child.  It is like breaking the bond of an atom when it happens to a mom, millions of times a year, worldwide a million a week are killed by this evil.

Don’t suffer in silence; like the picture sculpture shows, your child has already forgiven you. For Catholics, confession is available to start the process but you need another human to walk this path with you. Call 800-722-4356 and leave a confidential message if you go to voicemail. Moms, like many, i have fought for women’s rights for years. The right to a joy-filled life and not be abused, the right to seek help, the right to wholeness. The right to be loved. The right to chivalrous men. We can work on this last one for i will never conceive a child.

Good news: Every mother can be restored in time. Everyone. Nothing is beyond God’s power to remedy. With good care and lots of considerate people in a mother’s life.

31 months ago on the 9th, Donna returned to heaven. I guess i have real sympathy pains for aborted moms. I suffered while watching her suffer for nine months, trying everything to get her healed; i was more stubborn than she, because she knew the spiritual healing came midyear, but the physical healing was not to be.
But an abortive mother suffers all of her life at different levels, physical, emotional and spiritual; all we can do is provide encouragement, solace, silence, listening, love…and get her free help.  Abortion is hell’s answer to creation and life.  How much longer must we serve hell’s managers?  How many more Tonya Reaves must die, abandoned at the ER by planned parenthood Chicago hours after killing her Emanuel child, comatose and without med charts or explanations?

I will ask Donna, the consummate mother,  to pray for each and every one of you: you know whom you are. Don’t suffer alone; if you know someone, give them the number. I gave it out today to someone who needed it; so should you.

Men,please join me in becoming better about and sensitive to this megapandemic need.  Close to a billion worldwide women suffer in silence needlessly.

I for one will not abandon, nor desert, someone who needs our help.  Post-abortive mothers are women, uniquely and most complexly created for great purposes by a Divinely Merciful God.  Let us act accordingly.

On some occasions, I save some of the soil from the graeside when a friend or loved one is buried and at least a year into the future, i present them with a tiny small garden using it.  Not to be morbid, but a reminder of the fact they may be gone but they are still important parts of our lives.  Sometimes i do the same for women facing this silent and debilitating suffering, find in some physical way that their child is still precious, in heaven.  And that they, the mother for life of this little life, are important too.

Who will speak up for the little ones and their mothers in grief?  I, for one; won’t you?

Len Beckman

Ladies, there is hope; you can be healed.

Hope & Healing after abortion: Call 800-722-4356.  You ARE worth it.  We are patient.

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